The Science of Cleaning

Use the Power of Chemistry to Clean Smarter, Easier, and Safer-With Solutions for Every Kind of Dirt

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Pub Date 14 May 2024 | Archive Date 22 Apr 2024

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Countless cleaning hacks for every kind of household dirt may vie for our attention, but how do we know which ones really work and which ones will only leave you with a sticky mess that doesn’t actually do the job? Scientific evidence comes to the rescue, as chemistry professor Dario Bressanini teaches you everything worth knowing about cleaning agents and processes (and dispels plenty of myths, too). He answers all of our most pressing housekeeping questions:

  • Is it more efficient to wash dishes in the sink or in the dishwasher?
  • Does bleach remove dirt?
  • Which cleaning supplies should I buy, and which can I make at home?
  • Can vinegar and baking soda actually unclog your drain?
  • How can I most effectively tackle different types of stains?
  • What can get rid of that stuff on my showerhead?

Bressanini covers subjects like these by digging into chemistry basics such as solubility, pH, and concentration, bringing them out of the classroom and into the real-world chores that we deal with every day. Laundry, dishes, sinks, bathtubs, counters, floors, and more—no matter what you’re cleaning, this book explains how to choose the right tools for the task, save yourself unnecessary effort, and stay eco-friendly by avoiding waste.

The Science of Cleaning reminds us that science can be both useful and exciting. With Bressanini’s help, you can keep your home, your belongings, and yourself clean—with the confidence that only centuries of advancements in chemistry can provide.

This file is NOT currently available for Kindle. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have difficulties with downloading, please email us (at for...

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Featured Reviews

The Science of Cleaning
Use the Power of Chemistry to Clean Smarter, Easier, and Safer
*with solutions for every kind of dirt*
Dario Bressanini, PhD
Translated by Denis Muir, Victoria Weavil, Ailsa Wood, and Marinella Mezzanotte
The first chapter of this book is used to define Clean, Wash, Deterge, Deep Clean, Disinfect, and Sanitize. There are all kinds of products that promise to clean or remove dirt from our homes. But which product will do the job depends on what we want to accomplish. Sometimes we want to remove a stain, sometimes it’s dirt and sometimes it is grease; each stain, grease and dirt must be analyzed to decide what will treat it. “If you think about the many types of dirt and the different properties of each, it’s no surprise that cleaning is such a hugely complicated business that needs to be addressed on a case by case basis.”
Author Dario Bressanini, PhD seeks to educate readers concerning techniques for cleaning their residences while exposing common folklore. He does this through his specialty of chemistry. I have often used a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to clean a variety of things; Dr. Bressanini discusses their use. He also discusses bleach. I found the discussion of the difference between sanitize and disinfect.
“No one product can clean everything—before you choose a product, you need to think about the type of dirt you want to remove. A product’s pH tells you a lot about what it can and can’t clean, but that’s by no means the only criterion we need to consider.”
From getting rid of limescale to the history of soap to a discussion of detergents to the history and use of bleach which brings us to hydrogen peroxide; all are discussed in great detail. The next discussion is on laundry and how to keep your whites white and your colors bright. What role does fabric softener play in your laundry. The next discussion is on washing dishes. One of the most important discussions is on disinfecting. We can stop the spread of many illnesses by disinfecting our homes. It is so important to wash our fruits and vegetables by running water over them but do not soak them in water.
This is a fantastic look at cleaning. I found it very educational. I could only touch on some of the things discussed in this book.

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If you enjoy getting tips and tricks to make cleaning your home and things you own easier and better, this is the book for you. Its also a great read if you, like me, find yourself scrolling social media and seeing tips that swear they will work to clean things like new but seem unlikely. This clarifies why some cleaning tips and recipes work and others are...little more than water or WORSE.
Its a colorful text though the illustrations are loud and cartoonish - not my cup of tea but they didn't detract from the text itself.
Highly recommended reference book for homemakers and anyone who has ever struggled to get a stain out.

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I am always looking for tips and tricks to clean things. I enjoyed this book and loved learning the science behind the tips. This is a longer book that was an interesting read.

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I have been cleaning the wrong way for over 40 years! After reading Dario Bressanini's book, The Science of Cleaning, I now understand the purpose of various cleaning chemicals and how they are best utilized. He provides the history and science of cleaning and information to clean your home effectively.

Dr. Bressanini's book is a colorful and easy to read guide to cleaning. I loved the boxed information that highlighted key pieces of information. I found this especially useful when reading about doing the laundry. I loved the graphics and product spotlights that highlighted key information about common household cleaning products.

This is an informative, fun and useful guide to cleaning. I will refer back to it often and use this as a trusted resource for home cleaning.

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If you think your house is clean, read this book. You will never think of your dwelling the same way again. And you will be better and healthier for it.

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Perfect for the cleaning or science enthusiast in your life, this book is filled with detailed information and historical facts about cleaning that I found fascinating and engaging. I would gift this to anyone looking to know how and why cleaning works, and also to new adults who may not have cleaned much themselves before. 4.5/5

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Really interesting book. Definitely more to my tastes than a lot of cleaning books. I love learning the science behind why we do things a certain way or why some products work better than others. Highly recommend.

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Oh this was super helpful. It's written in a way that's easy to understand. Obviously it gives the science behind cleaning-products and dirt etc. It offers tips for how to clean various materials with the reasoning for why the method will work. As someone who deals with hard water in my home, I especially liked the chapter on managing issues caused by limestone.

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If you're someone who takes cleaning seriously, then I highly recommend checking out this book. It's packed with helpful advice on how to clean, wash, disinfect, and sanitize different things around your home. As someone who suffers from OCD, I found it particularly useful that the book explains why certain products are better at cleaning specific surfaces than others.

While it's not a how-to guide, it does contain plenty of tips and tricks, as well as colorful graphics and product spotlights that highlight key information about common household cleaning products. You'll learn a lot from this book, and it will become your go-to resource for all your cleaning needs.

So, if you're looking for an informative and useful guide to cleaning and removing dirt, then look no further than this book. I highly recommend it, and I'm confident that you'll find it as helpful as I did.

Lastly, I want to thank NetGalley for providing me with a temporary digital copy of this book for review. Don't hesitate to grab your copy and start cleaning like a pro today!
#TheScienceofCleaning #NetGalley

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