World of Rot

Learn All about the Wriggly, Slimy, Super-Cool Decomposers We Couldn’t Live Without

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Pub Date 03 Sep 2024 | Archive Date 03 Sep 2024
Storey Publishing | Storey Publishing, LLC

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World of Rot takes readers on a deep dive into the process of decay, from the science behind it to an up-close and personal look at the organisms that do the dirty work to make our planet livable.

With a touch of humor and quirky full-color illustrations, kids will learn about the life-recycling system happening all around us—in the sea, in the soil, and even inside our own bodies. Profiles of decomposers such as hungry fungi and familiar worms, poop-slurping butterflies, and slimy banana slugs offer something to pique the curiosity of every kid. Readers will also learn the heroic role decomposers might play in fighting climate change and eating plastic. 
World of Rot takes readers on a deep dive into the process of decay, from the science behind it to an up-close and personal look at the organisms that do the dirty work to make our planet livable.


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Featured Reviews

“World of Rot” tells the story of the helper organisms that break down matter. Author Brittany Leigh Crow-Miller provides an overview of decomposition and rot in the natural world and gives the reader an introduction to all of the organisms that help make our world not so stinky. The text is enhanced by delightful illustrations and commentary.

This book reminds me of some of the Klutz Press books in the early 1990s. The tone is playful, but is imparting serious and complex information. The back of the book contains ideas for experimentation so that the reader can learn about rot through personal observation.

This book is great for kids of all ages interested in the natural world. This would be a great addition to an upper elementary classroom library or as an example of a high-quality non-fiction picture book in a high school classroom library.

I received an advance review copy for free from NetGalley and Storey Publishing, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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I had to read this based on the title and it is just as gross and fun as it sounds. It's also highly informative, easy to read, and gives readers great ideas about how they can learn more on their own by doing simple experiments.
I do think my favorite part was how in the beginning, you go through your house and look at your own body so you will never stop thinking about how much decomposition is happening all the time. My next favorite part was the explanation on why not to mess with giant whale corpses.
I highly recommend this for kids or adults who want to think about the natural world
Thanks to NetGalley for letting me read this

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This read was so incredibly detailed and much more scientific than I could have imagined. While it was absolutely jam-packed with information, the book keeps a light, and often humorous, time between its the short blurbs found on each page amidst the main text and the colorful and imaginative art style.

This book begins with a portion explaining the science of rot and decomposition, moves on to a section of amazing facts and stories, and ends with an in depth exploration of several decomposers. The very end of this book even includes a few experiments to try in the classroom or at home.

Bonus points for mentioning one of my all time favorite oopsies - the 1970s Oregon coast dynamite explosion of a whale carcass. Let’s say that plan to quickly decompose large matter didn’t go as planned. Oops.

I highly recommend this for upper elementary age readers.

Thanks NetGalley and Storey Publishing for a copy of this ARC.

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This cover, overall art style, and topic drew me in right away and kept me reading! World of Rot is a great book for kids ages 8 and up. There are quite a lot of words and a lot of pages, but the vivid art, diagrams, and humor make it much less intimidating than a typical non-fiction book might be. Several topics within the overall "rot" theme are discussed like foods, animals, and why rotting is important to our world. It is a book that could be read for the art alone too. The color scheme, quirky art style, and macabre nature of the book are so unique.
Publishes on: 9/3/2024
(Thank you to the publisher for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.)

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World of Rot has wonderful artwork and accessible educator for learners reading around 4th grade. It explains how decomposition works, examples of rot, and how important it is for life. It is a great book for nature-lovers, especially your little worm gatherers or fungi nerds.

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This book is perfect for my class and our school library. It engages the reader through great colours and illustrations of rot. My students will love learning about all things rot, decomposers and decomposition inside their bodies. The rotten explorations and activities will be a huge hit.

Was this review helpful?

My second grader and I loved this book! We read a few pages at a time at bedtime.

I would say it would be more appropriate academically for an upper elementary kiddo, and as an adult, I learned some fun facts too! For my second grader, she loved the many fun facts and humor throughout. The scientific names and higher level scientific explanations were beyond her level, but the humor and amazingly weird and colorful illustrations kept her attention and helped me explain the processes.

Sections include general definitions and explanations of the decomposition process. Then examples of decomposition in the world around us (with some great facts about millions of mites in our house around us, exploding whales, fermentation vs rotting, etc. The next section goes through a bunch of examples of types of decomposers, and finally a few easy at home science experiments.

Overall an amazing book! We reviewed an e-book advance copy from NetGalley and Storey Publishing. We will be adding a hard copy to our shelves as soon as it’s out! My daughter is very excited to add it to her shelves!!

Was this review helpful?

Ahhhhh, YES!! I always love a book about yucky stuff so I was excited to see this one. The art is fun and beautiful, the facts are awesome—I know a lot about this stuff and *I* learned things from this book. Cannot wait to get this one out to the kiddos and beyond.

Was this review helpful?

Okay, this book is SO COOL!! Thank you NetGalley for the chance to check this book out. I absolutely adore the illustrations just as much as the wildly interesting information given. This is such a fascinating topic, and Britt Crow-Miller 100% nailed it!! Not only did I learn a ton of new things, but my kids have now learned how things decompose all over the place 😳😳😂. A great pick for anyone wanting to learn more about our world in an easy digestible (see what I did there!) way.

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Fantastic nonfiction picture book! Perfect for kids that like gross stuff, the information about each thing is given in bite sized pieces. The illustrations remind me of color blocked prints. Some school aged kids will love digging until this book. I also love the experiments and activities at the end!

Was this review helpful?

The most beautiful book on decomposition! Super informative while staying interesting. The illustrations are fun and eye catching. Can't wait to hold the physical copy in my hands!

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Using colorful illustrations, this delectable nonfiction book teaches us all about rot and decomposition in the world. Broken down into three parts, this book begins by focusing on describing the what, when, where, how, and why. Then, it dives deeper into the amazing facts behind decomposition and then the last section is dedicate to the who—all the amazing creatures who help with the decomposition process in nature. The end of our book includes experiments to see rot happen in real life and ends with a helpful index.

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I am in love with World of Rot. I digested it in less than a day and wanted more! The illustration are amazing and the description/information are easy to understand and comprehend. This would be wonderful for advanced elementary school kids or teachers to add to their school library. Even as an adult, this book was entertaining and the humor kept me wanting more. As a biology graduate from college, I would definitely recommend this book to any parent that wants to entertain and educate their kid at the same time. This would be wonderful to read together!

And as a bonus it has at home labs at the end of the book!

Was this review helpful?

A really well done book about the animals and organisms that help keep our world neat. It is a longer book and might be best for older elementary school children. For those who are a bit squeamish, the pictures are illustrations rather than photographs. There is a lot of text, but it's broken into sections with a table of contents for reference. It's also attractively laid out.

A great choice for children who love the ick factor but want to learn about lesser known creatures.

Thank you NetGalley for the ARC. I will purchase for my library.

Was this review helpful?

I just read World of Rot by Britt Crow-Miller. The book was easy to read, and the information was very well presented. The book informs you of the what, where, how and why of Rot. It also explains how and why things decompose, and examples of different types of rot and how they decompose. The illustrations were absolutely beautiful. I am recommending World of Rot to our school librarian and hope we can add it to our library next fall when it releases.

Was this review helpful?

This was a fantastic resource for both young readers and adults alike. I thought the illustrations were charming, but still demonstrated some challenging subjects in a way that was accessible to children. As an educator, I’m looking forward to purchasing this book and utilizing it with my students!

Was this review helpful?

The first thing that attracted me to this book was the colorful pictures and quirky introduction by the author, a self-titled "former kid'. I think this would also attract kids in grades 3 - 5. I liked how the first few pagestakes the time to define an important word in the text, for example, "compose" and to give examples of how the word could be used in different ways.

The illustrations throughout the text help the readers to see exactly what is being described and I enjoyed seeing how the words used in the text do not baby the readers. Actual scientific terms are utilzed and defined when needed. Describing compost as a "recipe for rot" takes an ordinary scienfitic process into and turns it into a fun activity for the kids reading the book. I especially involved the pages on how we use "rot" in our foods uch as blue cheese and tofu.

I would recommend this book to any curious child or teacher of science.

Was this review helpful?

Such a great book for kids as it is informational and entertaining all at the same time! It teaches kids how decomposition works and makes it a fun experience!

Was this review helpful?

Delightful book about the creatures that help to break down rotting materials. Beautiful illustrations, fun and interesting scientific facts for kids and adults, along with cool experiments. I learned a lot about organisms I often see, such as slime molds and snails, along with others I learned of from the book, such as snow fleas. Recommended.

Was this review helpful?

This was a pretty cool book.

It’s more for late elementary/middle school children. My 12 year enjoyed the book. There were parts where he was squeamish, because boys, but outside of that, he enjoyed the book a lot.

There was a lot of info in this book, even down to how decomposition happens in more than just nasty/gross places. The depictions were pretty awesome too.

This is def a book I’d keep on the book shelf.

We volunteered to read this ARC through NetGalley

Was this review helpful?

I very much enjoyed reading this book! Other readers will enjoy it as well, especially if science and nature are appreciated.

As the title says, the book is all about rot and how it is decomposed with help from so many animals and insects. I promise it will make you think twice about what is happening the next time you see roadkill. This is a wonderful book to read out loud to kids. The illustrations are colorful and detailed that will draw in attention to see what the author is telling in the facts.

As a homeschooler, I can see this book becoming a full unit study because of so many topics. I noticed at the beginning of many of the paragraphs there are questions asked, which allows for thought and engagement from young readers. I can tell that the author wanted to mention as many decomposers as possible with meticulous factual information. It was done so greatly and everything was easy to read and understand.

A definite recommendation!

Was this review helpful?

who would have thought I'd be describing a book about decomposition as cute!

the illustrations are just so awesome and quirky. such an informative and fun book that will change the way young children see the world around them

Was this review helpful?

A great book for kids that want to explore how things rot! It was surprisingly scientific which was great as I thought it was going to be more surface level. Both me and my kids learned new things! The illustrations were also brilliant and fitted the theme so well.

Was this review helpful?

Beyond impressed with this children's nonfiction book. Kids who are interested in "gross" stuff like worms, mold, and bugs will want to check this one out, and kids who are grossed out or even have a phobia of these things would surely be comforted to learn about how the gross parts of nature are here for a reason - to break down nutrients so new life can grow. The illustrations are both beautiful and fun, and the text is brilliantly written to help kids understand complicated topics. I actually learned a ton from this book myself! I would 100% recommend for a children's library or science class.

Was this review helpful?

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. This book is amazing. Thank you to NetGalley and Storey Publishing for an e-arc to read and review honestly. I went right away upon finishing to pre-order a hard copy.

The illustrations are so beautiful! They're a wonderful, whimsical balance between realistic and artistic. I love, love, love that this book doesn't shy from death or the gross in the art, but is still in a beautiful color palette and drawn to encourage awe and wonder and respect.

It's easy to read, easy to read-aloud with kids, and well organized. My 5 and 7 yr old boys LOVE books like this, even though it's marked for an older age group. This would make a wonderful addition to the homeschooler's library! I get so excited about kid's books that are a delight for the adult who purchase and teach them, and this book is a perfect example of what that can and should look like!

Was this review helpful?

Like other reviewers, I was drawn in by the title as my current class are fascinated by all things disgusting.
As an adult, I learned so much from reading this book. It is jam packed with interesting information which is carefully broken up into short, digestible chunks. I was intrigued by the amount of decomposition which happens all around us without us even noticing! The illustrations are charming and will certainly appeal to an wide audience base.
I can't wait to share this!

Was this review helpful?

This is a super childlike and clever way to explain to them the process and backstory surrounding decay and decomposition! It’s a fun educational outlet for kids who like the unique. Plus the illustrations are lovely and so abstract!

Was this review helpful?

Extremely well done! Great colourful design, with a wink. Perfectly understandable, bite sized informations that feel complete but not overwhelming. Including a wide range of critters, fungi and bacteria, as well as processes, newest scientific research knowledge and even fun experiments to do. Not only great for kids but also grown ups. 5 out of 5 stars!

Was this review helpful?

The World of Rot is a gross book in all the best ways. Its focus is on decomposers in every environment from sea to land. Some decomposers made me squirm a bit, but it’s wonderful to know that every living organism has an important job to do keeping our planet clean.
I think this book is great for the late elementary to high school. It has a variety of vocabulary that can be used for classroom discussions.
I also enjoyed that the author provided some experiments for the extremely curious crowd. I would recommend this book and use it in my own classes and publish the experiments for students to do with their families.

I would like to thank #netgalley, author and publishers for providing me an ARC

Was this review helpful?

This absolutely fascinating and beautifully illustrated book tells the reader all about the creatures that live among us - from dung beetles and slugs, to crabs, pill bugs and sea cucumbers. Presented in a wonderfully interesting manner that will appeal to any curious individual from childhood through to old age. Every day is a school day, and this book even provides some experiments for seeing how things that help rot/eat rotten things work and change.

Was this review helpful?

This book was super cute! I have a young daughter that I will definitely be sharing this with this spring. I think it's a great teaching tool for both parents and educators. Illustrated beautifully, this book is a really great choice for an informative look into composting. While this is geared towards younger kids, I think this is consumable by many. Thank you for letting me read this arc! :)

Was this review helpful?

I really enjoyed the book, it's perfect for any nature lovers and anyone interested in biology.

The illustrations are beautiful for the subject matter. They are bold and easy to catch your eye especially for younger audience. My favourite part was the 5 different stages of an animal decomposition.

This book brought back memories of my university days, when I was studying for my photography degree. One unit I had to create a project based around a letter, I was using a paint balling one. This lead me to the idea of pain and then onto the idea of death. Where I decided to photograph decaying animals (roadkill, I should point out) which for my final pieces I was photographing taxidermy and styled to look like paintings.

I would have definitely would have loved this as a child. As it has always been a fascination of mine about life and death. This book suddenly doesn't shy upon the theme. Death needs to spoken about a lot more with younger people and make it more normal rather than being viewed as a taboo. This is nature and this is what happens. Rot is one of the most important things for our ecosystems. It's natures way of recycling. To help make everything grows, stay health and to get food that everyone needs. This book is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about decaying and a very good book to have in libraries and schools.

Thank you Netgalley and Storey Publishing for a copy of the book for an honest review.

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