The Inside Innovator

A Practical Guide to Intrapreneurship

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Pub Date Mar 12 2024 | Archive Date Mar 22 2024
Greenleaf Book Group | Fast Company Press

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Are you a changemaker who wants to achieve, grow, and build more within your organization?


If you’re like many people, when you think of innovation, you think of entrepreneurs.

And gifted entrepreneurs have written countless books for go-getters starting their own businesses. But what if you’re a visionary who wants to innovate effectively within the framework of your larger organization? Far too often, you’ve been left to reinvent the wheel, over and over again.

     Until now. In this inspiring, yet practical primer, award-winning intrapreneur and author Louis K. Gump shines a light on the efforts that occur behind the walls of almost every organization—from global business titans to local market leaders; from charitable nonprofits to government entities; from educational institutions to informal community groups and beyond; these are the places of the in-house innovators, the explorers, the intrapreneurs. And what is an intrapreneur?

     An intrapreneur is someone who

• leads change within a larger organization,

• creates value through innovation and growth, and

• develops new products, services, and businesses that shape industries.

     The Inside Innovator is the playbook Gump wishes he’d had years ago while he and his teammates experimented, problem-solved, and ultimately learned how to be successful intrapreneurs. Full of insights from interviews with industry leaders and essential tools that Gump has learned through decades of experience—this primer will help you achieve more, build stronger relationships, and increase personal fulfillment through intrapreneurship.

Are you a changemaker who wants to achieve, grow, and build more within your organization?


If you’re like many people, when you think of innovation, you think of entrepreneurs.

And gifted...

Advance Praise

“Louis Gump was one of the first people to talk to me about expanding access to information by giving people news on their mobile devices. While it is commonplace now, at the time it was transformative. He brings those same types of insights in his new book, The Inside Innovator. He also demystifies the term ‘intrapreneurship’ and makes the process accessible to people who wish to excel as leaders within larger companies. Whether you are a neuroscientist like me or in a totally different discipline, this book can help you harness your natural talents.”

—Sanjay Gupta, Associate Chief of Neurosurgery, Chief Medical Correspondent, #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author

“Drawing from my own global experience in nurturing intrapreneurial talent, Louis' book is a powerful tool for any leader seeking to drive innovation, growth, and success within their organization.”

—Ralph de la Vega, former Vice Chairman, AT&T

“As a former colleague, I watched Louis lean into mobile products long before anyone could imagine the products or benefits. The Inside Innovator offers unique insights to empower you to create meaningful change within a company!”

—Wonya Lucas, former President and CEO, Hallmark Media

“The Inside Innovator is full of excellent, practical advice on how to be a more effective intrapreneur, regardless of the stage of your career. Even with forty-five years in the intrapreneuring field, I still learned new ways to move ideas forward and manage setbacks. Louis Gump writes in a style that is clear, succinct, and graceful, which makes his years of experience in both intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship shine brightly to deliver lessons that are profoundly practical.”

—Gifford Pinchot III, coiner of the word "intrapreneur," author of Intrapreneuring: Why You Don't Have to Leave the Corporation to Become an Entrepreneur

“The time is right for this book. The faster things change, and the more disruptions we encounter, the more urgent it is to constantly adapt, rethink, reimagine, and rewire. Intrapreneurs are the people who make that happen. They’re always asking, ‘Is there a better way?’ Organizations need to ask themselves, ‘How good are we at creating intrapreneurs?’ Those that promote a culture of learning rather than knowing, encourage ownership at all levels, and develop leaders with the skills to nurture these inside innovators are the ones that will shape the future. Thank you, Louis Gump, for showing us a workable path forward.”

—Quint Studer, author of Rewiring Excellence: Hardwired to Rewired

“In The Inside Innovator, Louis Gump uses his experience as an intrapreneur to create an incredibly relevant and insightful guide. Having worked closely with Louis and witnessed his remarkable skills in navigating the corporate landscape, I can attest to his profound understanding of intrapreneurship. His strategic thinking, coupled with his innovative spirit, has consistently driven growth and success in several large organizations. This book encapsulates his valuable wisdom and serves as an essential resource for anyone wishing to spark innovation within a corporate setting.”

—Lisa Chang, Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer, The Coca-Cola Company

“Sometimes we look at the newest leadership books with a jaundiced eye as we reluctantly consider someone’s new take on the same tired, old ideas. Louis Gump’s outstanding new book is different. The Inside Innovator is a well-written, insightful, and engaging guidebook on the leading-edge concept of intrapreneurship that will inform you, challenge you, and open the aperture of your thinking as you take in the valuable ideas and best practices he offers in this excellent work. This is a book you will carefully read, want to share with friends, and refer to repeatedly in the years ahead. I highly recommend it!”

—Randy Hain, President of Serviam Partners, executive coach, author of Essential Wisdom for Leaders of Every Generation and Upon Reflection: Helpful Insights and Timeless Lessons for the Busy Professional

“Building new growth initiatives inside a global media company presents a whole host of challenges, which requires skillful navigation, future focus, business acumen, integrity, and a generous dose of optimism and zeal. Louis infused a sense of possibility mixed with practicality while he led the transformation of CNN’s mobile business during the evolution of our digital platforms. Louis is an unusually self-aware leader, knowledgeable and comfortable in sharing his values, with the ability to rally a multiplicity of stakeholders around the mission. In The Inside Innovator, he draws on his experiences to provide a uniquely valuable perspective on how to really get innovation done.”

—Susan Grant, Executive Vice President, CNN News Services (retired)

“Louis Gump has put his finger on, perhaps, the only hope organizations have to thrive in the future. Thanks to rapid change, cultivating innovators within established organizations will no longer be a luxury but a necessity, and this book shows you how to do just that. Employers beware: More than seven in ten teens plan to be an entrepreneur after graduation. If you hope to hire and retain them, you’d better create a place for them within your team.”

—Tim Elmore, Founder, Growing Leaders, President, Tim Elmore Inc., author of more than 30 leadership books, including A New Kind of Diversity

“It’s amazing that this book has not been written until now. The Inside Innovator is a comprehensive guide to creating new lines of business within an existing company. Drawing from his own experiences and a wide network, Gump works through the many factors that determine whether a new venture is successful. He is especially insightful in discussing when and how an intrapreneur needs to act differently than an entrepreneur in a corporate context. This is not something you read about in the business press, and thoughtful readers can learn a lot from the lessons he and his collaborators have learned through their wide-ranging experiences. Companies need successful intrapreneurs to evolve and grow—and often these opportunities are the most fulfilling and rewarding part of a career. Finally, we have a book that focuses on this essential process!”

—Joe Fiveash, VP Strategy and Media Solutions, Watson Media and Weather, IBM

“Louis thoughtfully and uniquely elevates the concept of intrapreneurship to its rightful place alongside entrepreneurship as a driving force of innovation and growth in our economy. His work will bring inspiration and confidence—as well as a comprehensive playbook—to those working to keep established enterprises at the forefront of their industries.”

—Cannon Carr, CEO, CornerCap Wealth Advisors

“Through Louis Gump’s insightful and actionable book, I am reminded of my early days pushing for innovation in seemingly rigid structures. His strategic approach to intrapreneurship provides not just validation but also an arsenal of tools for those ready to take on the challenge.”

—Anne Schelle, Managing Director, Pearl TV

“Intrapreneurship demands resilience, innovation, and a balance of risk-taking and strategic alignment. As intrapreneurs, we navigate corporate landscapes to ignite change, blending entrepreneurial spirit with the resources and scale of larger entities to forge impactful innovations. In The Inside Innovator, Louis Gump has given us a guidebook to do this in a way that creates lasting change within established organizations, while creating a magnifying effect within industries and the people who benefit from the innovation.”

—Greg Stuart, CEO, MMA Global

“Louis Gump was one of the first people to talk to me about expanding access to information by giving people news on their mobile devices. While it is commonplace now, at the time it was...

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Featured Reviews

The intrapreneur is not the same thing as an entrepreneur, the author explains it well.
He indicates how you can craft critical skills to have success, you can innovate from within the corporate business world,
become an explorer even. The author takes us through different concepts, personality traits, principles, etc.
I recommend to anyone who’s ambition is to make a difference, create greater value to his business life.

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This was a wonderful book. I probably read it in twice the time it would ordinarily take me because I was intrigued and wanted to absorb it completely. The writing wasn't bad either.

Was this review helpful?