The sensational psychological thriller

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Pub Date Mar 04 2024 | Archive Date Not set

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The unputdownable debut psychological thriller about a seemingly perfect crime

Sarah has four identical daughters. Rose, Daisy, Violet, and Poppy wear coloured ribbons to tell them apart.

Unless, of course – girls will be girls – they have a bit of fun by swapping them. Without their ribbons, not even their own mother knows who is who.

One day, when the girls are four years old, Sarah is threatened. A jealous, childless woman wants to take Daisy. Her mother has no choice but to give her up.

Years pass and she is almost forgotten. Until the kids are accused of a shoplifting and one of them identifies as Daisy.

It won’t be the only crime. Soon it escalates to murder. But which child is the killer?

WHICH CHILD is the debut psychological thriller novel by Australian author Shane Spyre.

If you like mysteries that keep you guessing, you’ll love this creepy, unsettling novel.

The unputdownable debut psychological thriller about a seemingly perfect crime

Sarah has four identical daughters. Rose, Daisy, Violet, and Poppy wear coloured ribbons to tell them apart.


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This book is on pre-order for 4th March 2024. We'd delighted if readers who enjoy the ARC would post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads etc., and help this talented debut author get off to a flying start.

This book is on pre-order for 4th March 2024. We'd delighted if readers who enjoy the ARC would post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads etc., and help this talented debut author get off to a flying...

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ISBN 9781804621776
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Featured Reviews

I read this book in one sitting. It kept me up last night. Don’t miss out on this book. I highly recommend this to Thriller lovers.

The book is so messed up, unputdownable, mind blowing and unsettling. There are four Identical sisters and Mrs Greene had to give one of her child to a childless woman. Daisy was only four years old when Mrs Greene asked her to sit in a strange woman’s car. Since then she is keeping a secret from Rose, Poppy and Violet. Now seven years later, detective comes and tells her that two of her daughters were found shoplifting and one is the killer among them and one is missing. Since they are identical, it’s hard to figure out who is the killer and who is missing. But the mystery gets deep when Lily comes from nowhere. It makes their parents think If there was a fifth daughter.

The narration is gripping. The writing is compelling. In the midst of lies, deception and secrets, It’s becoming hard to differentiate between truth and a lie. The book has twists and turns. This book kept me on the edge of my seat. After reading each one of their confession, It became chaotic for me but one of my assumption was right. The ending was so messed up and unpredictable.

Thank you Author, Publisher and Netgalley.

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"Which Child" by Shane Spyre is a gripping psychological thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. With its intriguing premise and expertly crafted twists, this debut novel delivers a chilling narrative that keeps readers guessing until the very end.

Spyre's skillful narration keeps the reader hooked from the first page, weaving a complex web of deception, suspicion, and betrayal. The characters are vividly drawn, each with their own motivations and secrets, adding layers of complexity to the story. As suspicions mount and the stakes rise, the true identity of the killer remains elusive, leaving readers guessing until the final, spine-tingling conclusion.

Definitely a must-read for fans of psychological thrillers who enjoy being kept on the edge of their seats. With its eerie atmosphere, clever plot twists, and immersive storytelling, this novel will haunt you long after you've turned the last page.

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I really wasn’t sure how I felt about this especially at the beginning I thought what is going on. So glad I stuck with it cause it turned out to be a great read. It was rollercoaster of a read once it got going I thought it was written well with well developed characters and will definitely be encouraging people to read this. Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for my advanced copy.

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This was a very unique read, so many secrets and lies and filled with creepy characters. It was a really great debut psychological novel.I felt like I was on a rollercoaster, and boy, did I enjoy the journey.
I am looking forward to reading more from this exciting new author.
Thanks to Netgalley and The Book Folks for the ARC.

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summary: this is a tale about four sisters. one of them is missing, and one of them is a murderer. can you figure out which one is which?

footnotes: this book is broken up into six sections, and has a multi pov style. the sisters are daisy, rose, violet and poppy. all of the sisters wear flowers in their hair to tell themselves apart, because otherwise they are identical. of course, the sisters can tell each other apart, right?

thoughts: I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH. the plot was full of twists and turns, and i could never guess what was going to happen next. the process of reading this book quite literally consumed my entire being. as someone who can usually figure out the plot of thrillers, this book was absolutely shocking to me, i could not for the life of me figure out what happened. all of the sisters were extremely developed and had their own personality. each side character that was brought in felt like a main character because they were given time in the plot as well as major character development. i could relate to each and every character in some way or the other. the writing of the book overall flowed together really well, and it was super quick to get through. there were more nuanced and complex themes woven into the book, and the author did so with care, and real writing talent. the ending left me absolutely baffled, and i'm still trying to piece together what happened, days after reading it.

would 100% recommend to someone who wants a thriller that will keep them up at night, and has themes of family, and sisterhood woven in.

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There was definitely a lot going on in this book but it built up to have so much suspense and tension that it kept me reading as I didn't want to put it down.

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I have no words
This book is crazy gripping intense and a little intense at times. I couldn’t put it down
I don’t want to ruin it with spoilers so let’s just say it’s a brilliant mystery full of twist with so much going on it will keep you interested till the very end

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Wow! I don't even know if that's a good wow or a bad one hahaha. This book has soooo much going on it made my head spin! I loved the premise, it was so original and I was so intrigued to see how the story would play out. It's well written and certainly well plotted out. The twists and turns just keep on coming. This isn't a book you skim as you're multitasking, you really need to focus or you'll end up super confused but I was so invested that absolutely everything else could wait! It's just..... wow!!

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Okay, this was twisted as hell. Not only each chapter reveals something, but also every character is interesting and suspicious as well. Not to mention the triplets, quadruplets? quintuplets? Well, a real whirlwind. Highly recommended!

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This stunning debut psychological thriller is an absolute belter. It amply compliments the recent boom in top notch Australian noir. I envisage it finding a place on lots of 'best reads of 2024' lists.
Every so often a writer comes along who completely rejuvenates a tired or over crowded genre. Colin Dexter did it with the Inspector Morse novels. More recently M.W. Craven did it with Washington Poe and Tilly Bradshaw. Now, Shane Spyre gives us the most original and compelling psychological thriller in living memory.
The characterisation is clever and crafty, and the plot twists and turns at a relentless pace of shock and reveal.
What an amazing curtain raiser for a literary career. I can't wait for Shane's next book.

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Wow what a ride!!! This cover says it all!

Was full of twists and turns and every chapter left you like 😱😱😱😱

If you like creepy and just hell of a ride add this to yout TBR! you won't be disappointed!

Thanks NetGalley for letting me read and review

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" Four Identical Sisters. One is missing. One is a Killer."
5 ⭐ Wow!!! This book was so good!! I am still in shock and will likely be thinking about this book for years to come. This book has twists on twists, unreliable characters, sinister/creepy children, messed up adults, and so many lies/secrets.
This book follows the lives of 3 identical sister's (Violet, Rose, and Poppy) and there lives after their other sister, Daisy, was taken. We then learn one is a killer, but which one.
There were so many turns to this book that kept me guessing the whole time and really engaged. There are some trigger warnings. that I don't want to divulge because it may give away some spoilers, but please look them up prior to reading if they will bother you.
Overall, I really liked this book and will be reading more from this author to come!!!

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Thank you NetGalley for giving me the chance to read this book ahead of time in exchange for a review. You should read it!

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I really enjoyed the overall concept of this book, it had a strong psychological thriller going on. The characters worked well in this universe and had that tense atmosphere that I wanted based on this book. I thought it was a strong concept with 4 sisters and one's missing and one is a murderer. Shane Spyre has a great way of telling the story and I was hooked from the first page.

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