Match Point

an enemies to lovers tennis romance perfect for fans of Wimbledon

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Pub Date Jun 20 2024 | Archive Date Jun 22 2024

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Summer in London can only mean one thing: tennis.

For two weeks Wimbledon hosts the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world and this year everyone is talking about player Kieran O’Sullivan, the infamous bad boy of the sport with one last chance to win a Grand Slam.

Everyone, that is, except Flora Hendrix. Flora might live in Wimbledon, but she’s renting out her flat for the summer while she explores the fresh start that she’s longing for. Except when Flora's plans unexpectedly fall through, the last thing she expects is her house guest to refuse to leave. Especially when it’s none other than Kieran O’Sullivan.

Thrown together for the summer, sparks fly between Flora and Kieran. But they’re not going to let a few sparks distract them from finally following their dreams. Are they?

A brand new spicy sports rom-com, full of sizzling chemistry and epic romance for fans of ICEBREAKER and THE FAKE OUT.

Summer in London can only mean one thing: tennis.

For two weeks Wimbledon hosts the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world and this year everyone is talking about player Kieran O’Sullivan...

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Featured Reviews

When Flora Hendrix rents her Wimbledon flat for the month during the open, she doesn't expect to find her tenant is the irascible Irish tennis star Kieran O’Sullivan AND that her Lake District getaway had a roof collapse so she's stuck sleeping on her own couch.

I loved the chemistry between Flora and Kieran. They just sparkled and complemented each other like strawberries and cream. Flora won't take Kieran's diva crap, while Kieran fiercely defends her against her gaslighting and cheating ex boyfriend, all while supporting her art. I also liked the backstory with both character which was nicely woven in, like Flora's lack of confidence from being undermined by her ex, and Kieran dealing with grief from his tennis star brother's death and his demanding tennis dad.

I stayed up 'til 3am reading Match Point as I just couldn't put it down. It was well paced and plotted. If I had any quibbles it would be the epilogue reveal as I think it over egged the pudding for me (but this is just me and so minor). Overall this was a sweet and sassy summer romance that is my idea of perfect escapist fiction.

Thanks to Aria & Aries and NetGalley for the ARC.

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Katherine Reilly serves a funny and sweet romance between a grumpy tennis player and lost artist in Match Point.

Things have gone from bad to worse for Flora, from being cheated on to having the roof collapse on her holiday, she now has to share her one bed flat with the grumpiest player in tennis.

I’m here for all the new sports romances popping up recently and who’d have thought tennis could be sexy? A fun read to enjoy with your strawberries and cream this summer.

Thank you NetGalley and Aria and Aries for the ARC.

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Match point mixes together a sweet romance with all the fun of a forced proximity trope.

Flora Hendrix is at rock bottom after losing her job and her boyfriend, and now is being forced to stay in her flat with the bad boy of tennis: Kieran O’Sullivan. Over the course of the tournament, the two learn that maybe they have more in common than they thought, and if they work together they can both achieve their goals in life and love. The two characters have such a fun dynamic that seems so realistic and is really enjoyable to see play out.

I loved Kieran as a character, he was all hard outside and gooey inside. His backstory was tragic, but it felt like he has real growth throughout the story especially in his relationships with other people. Flora was just adorable, she was so likable in every way and I found myself routing for her from page one.

This was a quick read, I sat down at noon and couldn’t stop till I found out the ending. I think the writing had plenty of humor and some slight spice to break up the plot points, and I genuinely enjoyed the small bits of tennis. Overall, in the world of sports romances Match Point is a must read. #matchpoint #netgalley

Thanks to Aria & Aries and @NetGalley for the ARC.

Read if you like:
Sports romance
Forced proximity
Some spice
Enemies to lovers

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I thoroughly enjoyed this sports romance based around Wimbledon/tennis. It had that kind of slow burn and enemies to lovers, as well as being forced to share the same space trope, and I feel that set it up really well. As the 2 get closer and closer, you can really see they become each other's biggest advocates and support each other wholeheartedly which is a really sweet aspect to the story.

Would definitely recommend, I got lost in this and didn't want to put it down!

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I don’t know what it is lately but I’m on the lookout for sports romances as of late andI the least sporty person I know. March Point by Katherine Reilly hit all the right spots. Flora and Kieran chemistry was off the charts. I loved their love hate relationship and how it blossoms throughout the course of the novel. So well written me full of charm and just the right amount of spice Match Point is a grand slam.

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Thank you Aria & Aries for the eARC of Match Point via @netgalley

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I really loved this book, I read it in one sitting I just couldn't put it down I don't even like tennis but I think I do now. Flora and Kieran's story doesn't get off to a great start when they find themselves having to share a 1 bedroom flat. The banter between them was hilarious I found myself smiling and giggling like a child. The romance was sweet and heartwarming I loved every minute of it.

This book has everything you need for a romance, an easy and enjoyable summer read with lovable characters

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ARC via NetGalley

"I can't believe...'re mine.
...we're here.
...I'm falling."

"I was an absolute idiot who got caught top in the forbidden romance and I fell for a guy who didn't exist."

📚forced proximity, flatmates
📚he falls first
📚he is a celebrity grump
📚finding yourself again
📚fixing parental relationship

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Title: Match Point by Katherine Reilly

Release Date: June, 20th, 2024


Get your champagne, strawberries and cream ready! There is a new tennis romcom is town!

As Wimbledon heats up with the prestigious tennis tournament. Kieran O'Sullivan, the sport's infamous bad boy, is chasing his last shot at glory, while Flora Hendrix plans for a fresh start, renting out her flat. But when her plans flop, she's stuck with an unexpected house guest—none other than Kieran himself. As sparks fly between them, they must decide whether to let their budding romance derail their dreams or embrace the unexpected connection between them.

I devoured this book in one sitting—it was just too good to put down. The chemistry and spice between the characters is great, and the tension keeps you on the edge of your seat. It was also realistic which is what made this a great read.


Grumpy meets sunshine
Romance based in London
Forced proximity
Fake dating
Sports romance

If you're looking for a quick and enjoyable read that hits all the right romantic and spicy notes, "Match Point" is the perfect match for you!

Thank you to The Publisher Aria & Aries | Aria , The Author Katherine Reilly & NetGalley for an advanced reader copy (ARC) in exchange for my honest review.

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This was just so cute! Who knew that I would come to care about tennis? Kieran blowing his bubbles will forever win my heart. I like how these characters grew together in such a short period of time. As someone who lives so close to Wimbledon and never checked it out, I feel that this book is great advertising for the strawberries and cream. VERY tempted to go watch a match just for those.

Moral of the story, if you want a feel good sports romance look no further! Although there's nothing exactly original or ground breaking about this book, it's a great safe comfort read.

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Match Point follows Flora and Kieran, a professional Tennis Player - strangers who suddenly find themselves living together. Set in beautiful Wimbledon, we are immersed in a world of Tennis and 'Strawberries and Cream' - a typical British summer. The pacing is perfect and allowed me to fly through the book in one sitting, constantly turning the page and wanting to know what happens next - a perfect summer, feel-good read.
Katherine Reilly balanced the Romance to 'Spice' perfectly without it being overly cliche leaving you feeling 'warm and fuzzy'. The use of the setting of Wimbledon was done so cleverly and has left me dying to visit.

Overall a very well-done romance, I thoroughly enjoyed and I can imagine that many others will do too!

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I am a huge Wimbledon fan and I enjoy a sports romance, but can't say I have seen many revolved around tennis, so it intrigued me to finally read a sports romance that I actually understood the rules for. The book revolves around the two characters Flora Hendrix and Kieran O’Sullivan. After Flora loses her job and find's her boyfriends of three years cheating, she decides to take time away from the busy city of London to the lake district to focus on writing her graphic novel and rent her flat out as it was near Wimbledon, however, Flora's plans don't work out and her travel plans don't work out and she needs to stay at home, but, the person she rented the flat out too turns out to be tennis star, Kieran O’Sullivan, who is rude and has a diva attitude and refuses to leave, long story short, the two are forced to live together and feelings start to develop.

I loved a forced proximately and enemies to lovers trope, and let me tell you, the banter in this book was SO good. When I tell you I could not put this book down, I literally couldn't, I finished this book in twenty-four hours. It was so fun and light-hearted and the spice was 10/10. I am telling you, tennis romance beats hockey romance.

I would highly recommend this book, it is the perfect summer read and you will have a new book boyfriend in Kieran O'Sullivan.

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Read if you like: Family drama, forced proximity, enemies to lovers, sports romance, OM drama

Flora Hendrix is forced to share her flat with bad boy tennis player Kieran O’Sullivan. Stubbornly they both refuse to move out, so they bicker and rile each other up to try force the other person to leave.

Flora and Keiran’s bickering was so funny, it was setting up for a great enemies to lovers romance. Honestly I was fully on Kierans side, Flora was literally causing all the issues and she kept blaming him 😭

Their first kiss was absolutely perfect. I loved their unwavering support for each other, the drawings, connection, character growth, and their chemistry. Their romance developed at a good pace, I loved that they actually got to know each other and spend time together (I forget that it’s only 4 weeks of knowing each other because it felt longer)

Also Iris is the best friend in the world. She goes above and beyond for Flora and I love her so much. I really hope she gets a book.

If you want a sweet sports romance I would give this a go! 💚

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Let me start by saying that I am not a fan of tennis. I do not find it interesting. I've never watched Wimbledon. I barely understand the scoring system. However, this book sounded fun and I'm so glad I requested it.

It's the sort of book that, when you reach the HEA, you need more HEAs immediately.

I loved how the characters were written and even found that the bits about tennis caught my interest.

Flora and Kieran are fabulous and flawed and I love them both. The side characters are well formed and the relationships between all of the characters was very comprehensive.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book and read it in one day.

I would definitely recommend this book, for lovers AND haters of tennis!

• Forced proximity
• Fake dating
• Sport romance
• Grumpy x Sunshine

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Love all. Not much to fault with this ace of book.

Enough with the tennis puns! I really enjoyed this Romance. Flora hasn't been having a good run when she decides to rent her flat in Wimbledon during the tennis championships. It's rented by tennis bad-boy Kieran and when Flora's alternative accommodation falls through, they are forced to share the one bedroom flat.

The set up was classic Rom-Com material, but I really appreciated the depth to Katherine Reilly's character work. Flora and Kieran, both share heartache and hang-ups from their family situations and past relationships. They work through these things and grow together in very tender way. They're was a good amount of tension and considerable chemistry and spice between them.

Thanks to Netgalley and Aria & Aries for the opportunity to read this ARC

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"Match Point" is a sport romance written by Katherine Reilly. A light, effervescent and fun novel characterized by fantastic grumpy x sunshine and excellent forced proximity! A super cute book that made me laugh, smile and swoon repeatedly, giving me a few hours of total joy!

The story follows Flora Hendrix, a woman who is going through a difficult time after being fired from the magazine she worked for and discovering the betrayal of her longtime boyfriend. Longing for a break and a fresh start, Flora plans to spend the summer away from London, renting her apartment in Wimbledon in anticipation of the prestigious tennis tournament. However, the last thing she expects is for tennis player Kieran O'Sullivan, a notorious bad boy with a grumpy temper who has apparently rented her apartment for the tournament, to show up at her door. That is until, at about the same time, Flora receives a call that throws a wrench in all her plans for the summer, forcing her to stay. It couldn't be worse, or maybe it could, since Kieran, with his cocky, spoiled attitude, refuses to leave, suggesting to Flora an alternative accommodation paid for by his team. But Flora refuses and this leads to a sizzling forced cohabitation made up of spite, ironic banter and paparazzi lurking outside the door. However, the longer the forced cohabitation continues and the tournament approaches, the more Flora and Kieran begin to get to know each other, leading to unexpected developments.

Flora, protagonist with her only first person pov, convinced me! Sunny, ironic, determined and talkative, she always tries to face life head on, hiding behind a smile. Marked by a difficult family situation, which adds to the sentimental and work situation, Flora actually feels deeply inadequate, wrong and a loser. A lone person, to the exclusion of her best friend, who loves to draw and has the desire to create a graphic novel. On the other side is Kieran, a tennis player as skilled as he is unsteady, marked by a declining career, who seeks redemption at Wimbledon. A grumpy, proud, quiet and reserved man, tormented by his own personal problems. Flora and Kieran could not be more different in appearance, so much so that initially their forced cohabitation is a disaster. However, little by little, the two begin to get to know each other, becoming friends, confidants and perhaps something more. I loved the evolution of their relationship, made up of jokes, wry banter and sweetest moments, with sizzling chemistry and a spicy that made me swoon hard!

Thank you to the Publisher and NetGalley for giving me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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After losing her job and discovering her boyfriend is cheating on her, Flora is at rock bottom. She decides to rent out her flat during summer and go write her graphic novel. By when the house she chose to stay in become unavailable, she’s left in a predicament as the person she rented her flat to has arrived. And he’s the grumpy and hot tennis player, Kieran. He’s in town for the Wimbledon tournament.

This is a cute strangers to enemies to lovers, forced proximity sports romance that will leave you wanting strawberries and cream, and wanting to attend a Wimbledon match.

Flora and Kieran have a fun dynamic, leaning on one another and giving the other all the emotional support they need. His history is riddled with sadness, and you can’t help but feel for him, and it explains his grumpiness well. But he’s a complete softie for her. The tension, drama and steam all play out wonderfully, and the tennis drama is perfect.

Thanks to @itskatherinereilly, Aria and Aries, and @netgalley for the e-ARC of this book. A wonderful, well written and easy read.

This book is to be published 20 Jun, just in time for Wimbledon.

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Rating: 4/5
Spice Rating: 3/5
Tropes: enemies to lovers, one bed/one flat, forced proximity
Release Date: June 20, 2024

Overall the story of Flora and Kieran is a delightful summer romance that was easy to read and indulge in the world of tennis, with a wonderful friendship between the FMC and her best friend.

Flora and Kieran were a wonderful pairing of typical enemies to lovers brought together by unusual circumstances. As goes with all enemies to lovers romances, the relationship between the two main character is loveable with some wonderful banter. Flora overcomes her previous relationship betrayals as well as losing her job to become a writer. Kieran, as the theme of Tennis suggests, continues his own personal battles to try and win Wimbledon.

Flora is a little annoying in the beginning due to her attempts at getting Kieran to leave and blaming him for all the mishaps, however, she gets better as the relationship falls into a truce.

The one thing I did not like about this book was the epilogue being rather cliche, I feel it could have been left out and it would've ended beautifully.

<spoiler>"He has the body of a Calvin Klein model, he has an Irish accent and there's only one bed in your flat. Obviously you fell for him." </spoiler>

WARNING mentions of:
<spoiler>alcoholic parent, death of family member, off screen drug use/overdose</spoiler>

Thank you to Netgalley, Aria and Katherine Reilly for providing me this arc in exchange for my honest review.

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I LOVED this book!

Flora is an aspiring artist who has plans to rent out her place in Wimbledon during the tennis and go on holidays to work on her graphic novel.
When her holiday rental falls through last minute, leaving her with nowhere to go and the man renting her home in Wimbledon (Tennis star Kieran) refuses to find elsewhere to stay.

✔️Enemies to Lovers
✔️Forced Proximity

I can’t wait for this book to be released. It made me cry, giggle, scream and everything in between!

Read Time ⏱️ 4 hours


“It's easy to believe someone's opinion about you when you already think it about yourself.”

“When you're in the room, Flossie, there's no one else.”

“Life is short, bitch, wear the dress.”

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4/5 🌶️🌶️🌶️/5
🎾Forced Proximity
🎾Grumpy x Sunshine
🎾Enemies To Lovers

Do I like tennis? No. Do I love this book? Yes.
Flora is going through some big changes, she lost her job and her boyfriend (who we hate) so the natural thing for her to do is to escape to the Lake District to work on her graphic novel because things can only get better, right? Wrong. Plans fall through and long story short Flora is stuck in her flat with her tenant who is none other than the bad boy of tennis, Kieran O’Sullivan.

Flora is figuring her life out and is trying to make her dreams a reality, Kieran however has the dream, is living the dream and just wants one last win, Wimbledon.
The chemistry was unstable and I loved Flora and Kierans dynamic a lot, they were electric together. Flora despite Kierans grumpiness, keeps showing up for him in the ways that matter and I found the way she led Kieran to some profound self discoveries admirable. Kieran is rough around the edges but over the course of the book I may have also fell in love with him.

I really hope we get a spin off with Iris because my goodness, I loved her character so much and really enjoyed the way she kept pushing Flora to do the things she loves ( yeah the girls).

Thank you to NetGalley and Aria & Aries for the opportunity to read the ARC I was up until 2am because I simply had to finish it once I started.
This was such an easy read and it dragged me out of my weeklong reading slump.

Was this review helpful?


Match Point - Katherine Reilly

🎾Wimbledon 🎾Pro tennis X Artist
🎾Forced proximity 🎾One bed 🎾Enemies to lovers

Firstly a big thank you to @netgalley & @itskatherinereilly for the ARC 🫶🏻 I absolutely loved this! I'm a London girl myself so really appreciated the setting & British slang 🤭 I absolutely loved Flora as our FMC, after all the heartbreak & trauma she's endured she's so strong & determined. She's got such a cutesy personality I can really relate to her! Also love her relationship with her bestie Iris - what a babe!! Kieran - oh my! Looks like a CK model & he's an Irish pro tennis player 🥵I loved the forced proximity aspect and their banter! Kieran has his fair share of trauma baggage but I loved how they both came to lean on each other, overcoming their own hurdles - bringing out the best of each other. Their chemistry & the spice 🥵🔥EVERYTHING!! Loved the tennis player trope & Wimbledon setting, really enjoyed the tennis side of things & the strawbs and cream 🤌🏻loved it! I want to go! The ending was straight outta a romcom! I was OBSESSED!! The bubbles 🥹 utter perfection & that epilogue everything! Would love to read Iris' story next 👀🤞🏻 would highly recommend this beaut story, I couldn't put it down! Currently in my tennis era!!😍🎾

Releases - June 20th 🫶🏻🎾

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Was this review helpful?

The story follows Flora Hendrix and Kieran O'Sullivan. Flora rents out her flat in Wimbledon as she is wanting a fresh start after losing her job and going through a breakup with her ex. She plans to go away but this falls through so has to stay in her flat with her tenant.....Kieran O'Sullivan. Kieran is the bad boy of tennis. He is wanting to win the grand slam at Wimbledon.
If you love a sports romance and forced proximity, this is for you!
The story itself was a light read of a summer romance and really easy to follow even if you aren't a tennis fan! Flora is a little annoying at first but it does get better as the relationship develops between her and Kieran.
I liked that it covers Kierans own personal battles which I can imagine most athletes go through.
It also covers a few topics such as death of a family member, alcohol abuse etc so please be aware of this!
At some points, I couldn't put the book down! This is a great summer read!

Many thanks to NetGalley and Aria & Aries for my ARC in exchange for an honest review. Views are my own.

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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for this eARC of 'Match Point' by Katherine Reilly.

This is SO SLUSHY and I'm here for it. It is being dubbed as an enemies to lovers but honestly, it is more of a mild dislike to lovers. Following tennis, family, friendship and love, this book basically reads like a slushy tennis themed Hallmark movie and sometimes that's exactly what you need on a warm sunny day.
I loved the writing style so much, it was bubbly and fun and made me get immersed to the extreme. Fabulous.

Was this review helpful?

Sports romance
Forced proximity
One bed

I adored this book. I’ve never really been in to tennis or Wimbledon as a whole but I may have to watch it now.
The characters were so relatable with their struggles through life and love.
Good amount of spice in this story and the banter between the MMC and FMC had me laughing hard at times. Other times got me feeling sad and I could feel the heartache the characters were feeling.
Great book overall and can’t wait to have a physical copy

Was this review helpful?

Recommended for people who enjoyed Icebreaker, (me!) I couldn’t wait to read this. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite in the same league, but I still really enjoyed it, I loved the way the forced proximity trope was used here. Sometimes it’s unrealistic but in this case it worked. Great banter and spice. A quick, enjoyable read that has me craving strawberries and cream! Thanks Netgalley and the publisher.

Was this review helpful?

Overall thoughts:
2.5 🌶️
386 (kindle edition) 📖
Release Date - 5th July 2024

‘He called me Flossie. I liked it.’
‘He’s going to kiss me. I want him to kiss me. Please kiss me.’

Tropes: Grief, Sports Romance, He Falls First, Nickname, Grumpy/ Sunshine, Forced Proximity, One Bed, Protective MMC.

It’s all going wrong for aspiring artist Flora Hendrix, that is until the quick tempered pro tennis player Kieran O’Sullivan takes up residence in her little one bed flat. With meddling ex’s & the relentless paparazzi can they make it to the final?..

I had sooo much fun reading this book! I love a good sports romance, especially tennis! 🎾
This book was well written with great characters & amazing banter. It had me laughing throughout! It’s a classic style feel good romance & it’s very cute.

I also loved that the tennis was heavily focused on & integral to the plot, it really got me hyped & invested. The author really captured the atmosphere of Wimbledon, it was great.

Really the only thing I’d wish there was more of is spice! This book is an open door romance but really doesn’t get into it too much.

Thank you to Katherine Reilly & NetGalley for the ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

I wanted to get more into sport romances and it didn’t disappoint. However, I wouldn’t call it enemies to lovers but more dislike to lovers. We have force proximity and spice! I

Was this review helpful?

Adored this. SO MUCH.
It's very refreshing to finally read a sports romance that isn't corny or typically all cutesy.
I felt like this book was relatable in the way it was written, the dialog was great and how the fmc spoke is how i imagine the voice in my head would be written.

Huge thumbs up to Katherine Reilly! Also it's so great to read a sports romance that isn't hockey (lol) Tennis was super fun to learn about and a great sport in general.
Am very excited to get this on the shelves in the shop when released.
4.75 stars from me!

Was this review helpful?

I haven't read a Tennis sports romance before and Match Point was my first and I am so glad that it was.
I really enjoyed this book, the slow burn and flirty banter was great and even had me giggling at some points.
Keiron is the perfect grumpy, protective love interest and Flora's humour had me hooked.

I will definitely be reading more from this author

Was this review helpful?

🌟🌟🌟🌟 - 4 stars.
Having recently watched Challengers I was excited to read a tennis rom-com, and this certainly delivered! This cheesy, cute and fast paced rom-com had me hooked from the beginning and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Both Flora and Kieran were excellently written characters and their development throughout the book was very cute. It didn’t take me long to read due to the short chapters and fast plot. The tennis scenes were very well-written and I adored the sunshine x grumpy and one-bed trope (although I wouldn’t say they were enemies to begin with per se…). It’s not quite 5 stars for me (but not far off), although Flora was a great character she did annoy me slightly and to make things even better a duel POV would’ve been great as I would have loved to read Kieran’s story too!
Overall, loved it - very on theme as summer is finally on the way!The perfect holiday read! Thank you to Netgalley for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

- Enemies to Lovers
- Forced Proximity
- One Bed
- Sports Romance
- He Falls First

I absolutely loved this book. It was sweet, it was fun and the chemistry between the main characters was perfect. I love a good sports romance but I have never read one about tennis and let me tell you,tennis romance is going to be my new favourite thing to read. When you pick this book up you will not want to put it down. This is a great read for people who want a feel good summer romance.

Thank you NetGalley and Aria & Aries for providing me this Arc in return for an honest review

Was this review helpful?

Match Point is a book set in Wimbledon during the annual tennis tournament. Pro tennis player Kieran O'Sullivan rents out a private flat for the upcoming completion as he wants privacy from the press. Flora, the owner of the flat is due to go to the Lake District for a few weeks to concentrate on crating her graphic novel. Sadly the flat falls through and these two end up flat sharing when Kieran refuses to leave.

In the synopsis the book is described as enemies to lovers romance. But they are not exactly enemies as they have only just met and get off on the wrong foot. The pair are friends within 72 hours so I think this might be a little misleading. As it is just a romance.

Being from the UK, and living very close to the Lake District I liked the locations of this book. and can confirm that Rydal Water is indeed the perfect place for a picnic. Wimbledon is a massive thing every year here in the UK and most of the country become engrossed in not just the players but who is attending and what they are wearing. It is one of the social events of the year. So, I really enjoyed the setting. The author didn't delve too much into the sport or specifics of the game, but I enjoyed the tennis angle of the book.

The book was every easy to read and the characters very easy to like. I actually read the book in one sitting and would definitely read other works by the author.

Thank you to NetGalley and Aria Publishing for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

I love sports romances, but, I mean who doesn’t? Plus, I wanted something that gives real summer vibes. So, when I saw a sports romance about tennis, set during summer and covers the Wimbledon Championships…I knew I had to read it!

The book follows Flora, who decides to rent her apartment during the Wimbledon. However, what she didn’t realise is that the person who rented her apartment is none other than the world-famous tennis player Kieran O’Sullivan. Kieran is also known as a bad boy in tennis and doesn’t follow the rules at all. Flora’s summer plans fall through, and she is now forced to share her apartment with Kieran all the way through Wimbledon. Emotions and personalities clash, but who will take the match point?

I am glad I did read Match Point, as it was fun, easy, cute and fluffy, yet covered some more heavy topics too. I loved how tennis and Wimbledon weren’t the main focus yet are featured just enough to give this book a great balance between romance and tennis. At times this book reminded me of Carrie Soto is Back by TJR, which I adore. Writing was addictive too, I got so immersed in reading that I finished the book in a few hours.

I adored the main heroine, Flora. She grew as a character throughout this book and from a quite shy character became fierce and brave. I also enjoyed the growth of Kieran, but I felt I wasn’t as connected to him, since there weren’t any of his POVs in this book. I also loved the setting of this book, since I am a huge fan of tennis.

The only negative thing about this book, at least in my opinion, was that it wasn’t enemies to lovers. It didn’t feel that the two main characters ever hated each other. Yes, their first impressions of each other might not have been the best, yet I couldn’t see the hate. Additionally, I wished there this book had Kieran’s POV. I think their friendship and romance would’ve been much more believable if it was also seen from MMC POV.

Overall: A perfect summer read, best consumed with strawberries and cream and in the sun. Honestly, now I want more romances like this in my life.

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I enjoyed the novel 'Match Point' by Katherine Reilly. Having lived in Wimbledon Village myself years ago, the atmosphere she describes in the way the city buzzes during tennis season is totally accurate and makes it come alive!
It follows the story of Flora Hendrix, down on romance after a real 'Sliding doors' moment of being sacked from her job and finding her long term boyfriend in bed with the neighbour. 6 months down the line, she's ready to rent out her Wimbledon flat for the tennis tournament and head to the Lake District to pursue her dreams of becoming an artist, something her boyfriend always discouraged. When the roof caves in on the holiday cottage she rented, she's forced into proximity with the moody but super hot tennis star Kieran who unceremoniously arrives in her flat before she can make alternative plans.

This is a fun and slightly steamy romance, exploiting all the heightened emotions of a celebrity crush paired with the high stakes of a Grand Slam tournament. Reading with a glass of fizz and some strawberries and cream would make it pretty great too!
3.5 stars rounded up to 4.

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‘Match Point’ by Katherine Reilly is a fun, summery tennis romance that captures the magic of Wimbledon, the butterflies of love at first sight and the importance of self-belief. Telling the story of aspiring artist Flora, who ends up co-habiting with fading tennis star Kieran as he takes his last shot at the Championships.

Flora was a relatable and loveable character - her lack of confidence following a troubled childhood, an absent father and a cheating boyfriend was understandable, but I loved how even when she was at her lowest there was a spark of fire inside her. Kieran was an ‘ace’ leading man, with layers of complexity and an endearing earnestness despite his bad boy reputation. I also adored Flora’s best friend Iris who was hilarious and pivotal to the story.

The novel employs an entertaining strangers to enemies to lovers trope. While the premise takes some suspension of disbelief (I think if you’d rented your flat to a pro tennis player and your plans fell through, you’d just have to make yourself scarce, right?) it provides a convenient backdrop for a lot of forced proximity. The insta-love aspect of this book, with Flora supposedly becoming the most important person in Kieran’s life in a matter of weeks, was a little bit unbelievable, and is not usually my favourite feature. However, just like Flora I got caught up in the chemistry and the jubilance of early summer, Pimms, grass courts and strawberries and cream!

As a huge tennis fan and a resident of South West London, I really loved the way the author described the excitable atmosphere in Wimbledon Village across the fabulous fortnight (green and purple everywhere, tennis window displays, the hope that you might spot a sporting star in the Dog and Fox!) I’m a pretty picky reader and so the fact I wasn’t sighing at the tennis references is a good sign, with the tour events mentioned and scores listed broadly accurate.

All in all, this was a 4.5 star read for me and will surely get a re-read when tennis fever hits London in a few short weeks! If you want something light and wonderful to read on a beach, a plane, or on the grass of Wimbledon Park next to your tent as you join the oh-so-British tradition of queueing, I’d really recommend this one.

I received an advance Digital Review Copy of this book from the publisher Aria & Aries via NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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Matchpoint was magical, I got transferred directly into Wimbledon whilst I was reading. The atmosphere was colourful and joyful. It’s a beautiful setting and really set the tone of the book. The romance in this book was like a classic romcom. It felt authentic but also still was fun and full of banter. Kieran and Flora are a perfect match. They suit eachother, bring out the best in one another and are so supportive. Flora was ambitious and lovely and I really enjoyed that she was an artist. It was so interesting. Her best friend Iris was such a fun character! Kieran was that moody, rebellious sportsman but we got to see his layers and him being a softie. His story was heartbreaking. The ending has me on the edge of my seat and I could not wait to see how this ended. Flora finally got her Lake District holiday. Their story was so romantic and genuine. The final match was tense but I couldn’t have been happier with the ending🫶

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If you think you don't need to read a tennis romance this summer, you do... and its this book!
I loved this so much. I loved the characters and was so invested in their relationship. The writing was so good, and made the book so much fun to read.

I find with sport romances, there is never enough of the sport or its hard to follow when you do get to read about it. But this was the PERFECT mix of sport scenes and non sport scenes. The author does such a great job at making those scenes easy to understand as someone who doesn't follow tennis in real life. Actually, it the made the scenes so fun to read about and I was looking forward to those scenes!

Those last few chapters really had me so emotional, and I loved the confession of their feelings. I truly loved these characters.

Would 101% read more of this authors books. Truly, truly loved this.

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I really enjoyed this and it’s a perfect Summer read! I’m pretty clueless when it comes to tennis but I loved that that didn’t matter. The characters are so likeable and I really enjoyed their chemistry, so I was just rooting for them the whole way through. It’s really nice to read a book that gives you the necessary backstory to certain scenarios as well! I just didn’t really get an ‘enemies-to-lovers’ vibe, which is how this is advertised

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This was a really sweet book, that made me eager for a hot British summer.

Flora is down on her luck in many ways at the start of the book, but mostly because she doesn't believe in herself, and I'm walks Kieran with his grumpy, mean attitude just as she's dealt another blow. The story starts with them at loggerheads but they do start to be home friendly and that's when the book really takes off.

What really grounded the main characters and their relationship is that both Flora and Kieran have self doubt and internal struggles, but it is nice to see them subtly help each other with through them and become more confident in their abilities. They also had super cute and funny moments throughout the book that had me laughing out loud.

For someone who isn't a massive Tennis or Wimbledon fan, I really enjoyed that aspect of the book, to the point I was trying to but Wimbledon tickets! It really captures that essence of how lovely a summer in London can be when it's hot, beer gardens are open, everyone is drinking pimms and you can sit on a grassy hill and enjoy the day.

Thanks to Net Galley for providing me with an ARC of this book. This is my honest review.

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Flora has had a rough go of things lately. She gets fired and finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her. She works hard to get her life back in order and decides that she needs to take a break from everything and go on vacation to start writing her graphic novel. She has it all sorted out. She will leave for 4 weeks during the Wimbledon tournament and rent out her apartment to visitors. Until, her vacation property is suddenly no longer available and she has nowhere to go. Unfortunately, the guy renting out her apartment for the tournament is none other than one of the rudest, sourest, and flippant tennis players that she has ever met. And she hates him. Luckily, he agrees to let her stay on the couch so he can get his beauty rest. This is all fine and dandy, albeit inconvenient, until she starts to notice that he's smoking hot and not nearly as arrogant and awful as she thought. And he only has eyes for her.

This was stinking cute! I love Flora and Kieran together. Normally, I would give a book in this genre a 3⭐ rating for having a good time and move on. But these characters were so much fun and so memorable, I couldn't help myself. And tennis is way sexier than hockey. #NormalizeHotTennisRomance

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This was such a fun sports romance read! The characters are incredibly cute together, and their chemistry leaps off the pages. They bring out the best in each other, and their interactions are filled with understanding and unwavering support. The development of their relationship is heartwarming and authentic, making it easy to root for them from the beginning to the end.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this book is the classic enemies-to-lovers trope, executed perfectly with witty banter and undeniable tension. The forced proximity scenario only adds to the excitement, creating moments that are both humorous and heart-fluttering. The dialogue is sharp and engaging, keeping me hooked as I watch the characters navigate their evolving feelings.
Overall, this book is a delightful blend of romance, humor, and sports, with well-rounded characters that I couldn't help but fall in love with. Whether you're a fan of the genre or just looking for a light-hearted, feel-good read, this book delivers on all fronts. Highly recommended for anyone in need of a charming and entertaining romance!

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A delightful read, full of angst, romance and heapings of humour!

After a sudden end to her relationship and job, Flora decides to pursue her dream of writing a graphic novel, hoping that a stay in the Lake District will be the peace she needs to get her creative juices flowing. However, nothing goes as planned, and Flora shockingly finds herself reluctantly cohabiting with the ever-so-attractive tennis star, Kieran.

This book had me gripped right from the beginning. I loved the premise, and having recently visited Wimbledon, I could picture it all so clearly in my head. Flora wasn't afraid to put Kieran in his place, and Kieran's character developed so well under her down-to-earth influence. The balance between humour and emotion was very well done, and this book was easy and enjoyable!

Sparks, as well as tennis balls, fly. Their blossoming attraction could be the making of this failed star, or could they be just another distraction?

Tennis may not be my favourite sport, but I now find myself wanting to head to the nearest court!

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Thank you NetGalley and Aria & Aries for the ARC.

I'll be honest. The only reason I requested this ARC was specifically because of 'Challengers'. Please, no judgements. And I wasn't disappointed at all.

Katherine Reilly's 'Match Point' is a charming book about enemies to lovers Kieran and Flora, a professional tennis player and a recently fired slash aspiring graphic novelist who end up living in the same house due to unforeseen circumstances.

I'm not an avid reader of sports romances, but I was hooked from the first chapter. I really loved Flora and Kieran's chemistry. There's a lot of angst and lots of humour. I do think, however, that is a lot more of a grumpy boyfriend sunshine girlfriend trope than enemies to lovers trope. But it was quite enjoyable and the trope was written very successfully.

Match Point was just incredibly cute overall. Loved every bit of it.

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🎾Wimbledon just got hot(ter)🎾

👟Forced proximity
👟Pro tennis player & aspiring artist
👟He falls first
👟Enemies to lovers
👟One bed
👟Wimbledon 🎾🍓

Flora is having a rough time of things. She’s just lost her job, she’s found out her boyfriend of 3 years is cheating on her and then her plan to escape for a month fell to pieces (literally). Enter hot, brooding pro tennis player…

I really enjoyed the banter between Kieran and Flora. It was a hilarious journey to read, although very fast paced. I adored all the nods to Wimbledon and the tournament. Tennis definitely needs more romances written about it!

Favourite quotes:
<i>”You are so, so beautiful…When you’re in the room, Flossie, there’s no one else”

“I’ve never really felt like I mattered to anyone, but you’ve changed that. So, really, I should be thanking you. Not the other way around” </i>

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This was a delightful book with witty banter, grumpy x sunshine, some enemies to lovers, forced proximity and spice. I really enjoyed the story, the way Flora comes out of her shell and fires up with Kieran. Both main characters have suffered loss and heartache with walls around them but together they help each other take them apart and build each other up. I love the gestures made by Flora that are beyond money but full of sentiment and heart. Kieran is more than his moody, temperamental facade. I laughed out loud at some points and really felt the adrenaline during the high stakes tennis matches.

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I loved this so much. I loved the characters and was so invested in their relationship. This was the PERFECT mix of sport scenes and non sport scenes. The author does such a great job at makes those scenes easy to understand as someone who doesn't follow tennis in real life. Actually, it the made the scenes so fun to read about and I was looking forward to them!

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4.5 stars
This was such an addictive and fun read that I didn't want to put down. I'm a sucker for a forced proximity romance trope and this one hit the nail on the head. I loved the whole premise of this one and I really enjoyed watching the two navigate around each other while also getting to know each other.

Flora and Kieran were amazing characters and I absolutely loved their banter, their chemistry and in turn the spice! I loved watching them grow and chase after their dreams while also allowing their feelings to grow for one another. While this is enemies to lovers I would say it's definitely more grumpy x sunshine!

Honestly this was such a great romance that had me feeling all sorts of emotions. The tennis scenes were so detailed that I felt like I was at Wimbledon watching these matches. I definitely recommend picking this one up if you love sports romances!

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