I'm Still Here

A Dog's Purpose Forever

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Pub Date Sep 10 2024 | Archive Date Sep 10 2024

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This richly illustrated book reveals a comforting narrative told from the point of view of a loving angel dog, who wants you to know, “I’m still here . . . But I’m also there where all the animals run free, with no pain, waiting for you, watching for you, loving you, and guiding you.”

Losing one’s dog is one of the most difficult experiences we go through and it’s hard to find solace. However, the profound, four-legged narrator of I’m Still Here has nothing but good news for humans. The free verse is equally rhapsodic about the eternal nature of our souls and the amazing sound of crinkly wrappers that means cheese is about to be sliced. This very good dog proclaims that love never dies, that we will meet again, and that if you ever doubted that humans are magnificent creatures, look no further than the humble ball.

There is nothing to fear, because it is this dog’s purpose to pull you (like a bad dog who doesn’t know how to do “leash”) toward joy, and to remind you to relish all the naps and treats life has to offer.

Author Cathryn Michon co-wrote the blockbuster hit film A Dog’s Purpose. Elegant, full-color watercolor paintings by award-winning artist Seth Taylor make this sumptuous volume the perfect gesture of compassion for anyone who has ever said goodbye to a dog (or person) gone too soon, because it’s always too soon. It turns out that the best way to honor those we’ve loved and lost is to be here now, until we meet again.
This richly illustrated book reveals a comforting narrative told from the point of view of a loving angel dog, who wants you to know, “I’m still here . . . But I’m also there where all the animals...

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We regret this E-galley is not available for Kindle viewing.

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Featured Reviews

“I’m Still Here” is one of the sweetest, moving and heart healing books I have ever read. For anyone who has ever lost a dog, or any loved one for that matter, this beautifully illustrated book is a balm for their grief. With simple phrasings from the endearing point of view of a dog, we realize that the souls of our loved ones never leave us and are waiting ‘there’ for us to join them. The narrator reminds us to live life with joy by experiencing it and spreading it to others. Buy it for the messages OR simply because the drawings are SO beautiful.

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This is a heartwarming book that will charm readers of all ages, especially those who have ever experienced the heartbreaking loss of a beloved dog. Equally enjoyable for those who have never endured that loss. Perfect for people who just really enjoy dogs (in other words, for all mankind). Total sweet spot for dog whisperers like me. (Animal magnetism, what else can I say?)

Riding the irresistible wave of warm, fuzzy feelings first set in motion by author W. Bruce Cameron’s fan-favorite novel A Dog’s Purpose, the lushly illustrated I’m Still Here (A Dog’s Purpose Forever) is blithely narrated by an angel dog from the great beyond. In the afterlife, this dog fervently wants the same thing he wanted when he had his dog body here on Earth, which is to bring comfort and joy to his humans. Written in free verse and “all-smalls,” I’m Still Here puts a cute, quirky spin on that somewhat unconventional literary device of exclusively using lowercase letters, because naturally, dogs do not care one whiff about capitalization.

(Advertisers like all-smalls for its breezy, casual, hip feel; the Gen Z/Gen Alpha tribes use it in their text messages and emails to convey the degree to which they cannot be bothered to press the shift key.)

The angel dog in this book apparently chose to invoke the all-lowercase element because when he still inhabited his dog body, he observed humans too often being caught up in worrying about trivial things and feeling generally stressed out. One of his key messages is to remind us that we ought to spend more time focusing on the good stuff life has to offer, like being joyful, taking naps, eating chicken, forgetting about capital letters, and of course, avoiding the dreaded “b” word (bath, oh the horror) at all costs.

Seth Taylor’s watercolor illustrations of the angel dog and other dogs in the book are magnificently evocative; the expressive eyes, in particular, convey pure, unadulterated adoration.

This angel dog was modeled after one of my favorite dogs IRL, Tucker, whose “voice” I could absolutely "hear" in my mind as I read the words in this book. (Don’t act like you don’t assign to your dog a voice you can practically hear when he or she is looking at you with those big, beautiful, pleading eyes, willing you with their telepathy to yield to their Jedi mind trick and do their unspoken bidding.) Tucker, we are totally simpatico, buddy.

Except I LOVE the bathtub. =)

(Editorial note: I did, in fact, format according to the proper MLA Style Guide rule stating "titles of books, plays, films, periodicals, databases, and websites are italicized," but, regrettably, my italicization did not remain intact throughout the copy and paste process.)

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Tear jerking book for animal lovers.
Short and sweet message from dogs written in poem form (not necessarily rhyming words but short stanzas).
I read this on my phone and the illustrations took my breath away. I can only imagine how beautiful they would be in a physical book format.
Definitely would purchase as a keepsake and as a gift for a person who had a dog pass away.

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Well, as someone whose dog just ''crossed over'', this book was pretty emotional. And as someone who firmly believes in the beyond and reincarnation, it was just what I needed to read (I still do hear, smell and feel him). It describes really well how canines come into our lives to teach us so many things that sometimes our busy human brains can't notice. But the most important of all is their unconditional love, because is forever. Just like the soul, it never dies. It's still with us. Just like they, somehow, are still here with us.

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A beautiful, sweet, soul-healing book for dog lovers.

Losing a dog is one of the most profound and difficult experiences to go through, and this book of poems makes it a little easier to think about and remember. Dogs are always waiting for us on the other side.

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Such a cute poem filled book told from the point of view of a dog who’s with Jesus. I am also excited for two other books from Bruce Cameron coming out this fall. They are titled “Riley: Fire Station 5” hitting shelves on August 27, and “My Three Dogs” hitting shelves on October 29 just in time for the holidays. I wasn’t planning on buying this one because I thought it was a kids book, but because it’s W Bruce Cameron, maybe I should by it when it hits shelves on September 10.

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This sweet, gorgeously illustrated book is a love letter from a dog who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge to his/her beloved owner, to let them know they're not alone, that a dog's love and spirit will forever be with them. It's uplifting, it's funny, and it hits you in the feels in a good way. Here's a quote from the book to illustrate my point:

<blockquote>maybe another reason
dogs don’t live as long
is so we can show you
how to
*cross over*
from here to there
so you can see
it’s no big deal
we go first
so we can guide you
dogs are good at that
you always act
like you’re walking us
good one!
we’re actually walking you</blockquote>

If you've ever lost a beloved dog, this book will act as a comfort, a ray of hope, and encouragement to share your love with another dog who needs a family. The book is more than 100 pages, but can be read in one sitting, so you can return to it over and over again.

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As the premise states, losing one’s dog is one of the most difficult experiences we go through, and it’s hard to find solace. However, the profound, four-legged narrator of I’m Still Here by Cathryn Michon has nothing but good news for humans. This dog featured in the story proclaims that love never dies, that we will meet again, and that if you ever doubted that humans are magnificent creatures, look no further than the humble ball.

I cried throughout the book, but it also made me smile and gave me hope. The story included beautiful illustrations and wording. I may even buy the book because of the illustrations and to have it on hand to re-read.

I miss my two dogs that I recently lost, but I feel them with me. This book provides encouragement.

#ImStillHere #NetGalley @AndrewsMcMeel

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As someone with a senior dog, one who is without a doubt my soul dog, I believe this book is a must read for anyone who harbors any fear about the grief they’ll face once their pup crosses over. While Michon does an excellent job with the writing, often making me laugh from how relatable and realistic it is, the illustrations just melted my heart. I don’t think there will ever be a way to prepare yourself for the kind of heartache that is mourning for your dog, but reading this book was equivalent to that supportive hand squeezing your shoulder reminding you that you’ll meet again. And the wait will absolutely be worth it.

Thank you to Cathryn Michon and Andrews McMeel Publishing for providing an Advance Reading Copy via Netgalley, giving me the opportunity to read I’m Still Here A Dog’s Purpose Forever!

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Gosh. I remember loosing our beloved dog almost a year to the date. This book had me in tears 5 pages in. I had to take a lot of breaks since it’s very much a sensitive topic for me, still to this day.
There’s a lot of wholesome moments and little healing tidbits in this book.

“ maybe a reason why dogs don’t live as long is so we can show you how to crossover”.

This book is awesome and will most definitely be there to comfort those going through a hard time. Honestly, If I was given this book as a gift, freshly after loosing our dog, I wouldn’t have made it through to finish to the end. However, I can see how this book can also be great for children trying to navigate their feelings as well,

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I'm Still Here made me cry! I've recently lost a dog and I think this book would be a great balm for anyone experiencing pet grief. It was so heartwarming and comforting, reminding us to enjoy our times on earth. I loved the illustrations and the message.

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I got an ARC of “I’m Still Here,” A Dog’s Purpose Forever,” and I’m so thankful that I did, because this not only illustrated with beautiful watercolors, it also is a book that every dog lover needs to hear! This book book has meaningful messages to dog lovers like, “dogs don’t need words because we can smell things like happy or sad,” because it’s like they know when we need their comfort, and the best thing dogs can do is just be there for us. And another one of my favorite lines in this book was, “I do know dogs don’t live as long as people it could be because people don’t do joy as much as dogs.” Dogs live moment to moment, and how much better would our lives be if we just thought of every day like it was the best day ever? The most important message that this book has for us dog lovers though is that even after our dogs go to the rainbow bridge, their spirits are always with us, love never ends, and we will meet again Thank you NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for this ARC.

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I know the saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover” but I could not resist this beautiful painting and the eyes begging me to respond. I’m so glad I did! Every picture was just as beautiful! And the voice of the angel dog matched perfectly. The thoughts were simple like you’d expect from a dog then suddenly very profound. “Taking my own leash and walking myself home” made me smile in recognition when I first read it thinking about dogs “here” but it took on a deeper meaning as applied to dogs “there”. Also touching, was the urging to love another dog, and not to ignore “things with wings” as both being sent with love from your loved ones “there”. I’f this was a children’s book, it would be one that adults would put on the top of the “tuck in stack”. And it would be lovely for that purpose too! But as a gentle reminder that the end is not the end - particularly for grieving pet owners: this will be a wonderful visual reminder that love never ends. This is the message we are desperately hoping for when we lose our pets. I would expect this book will be given to grieving pet owners at a scale akin to how “I love you forever” or “goodnight moon” are given to new parents. What a beautiful gift.

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There are not enough words in the human language to express how much I loved this book!!!

I could easily close my eyes and hear so many of the dogs that I've had saying these words. We always have that one special one, yet they are all special in their own way.

Dogs bring nothing but pure joy and unconditional love to their people. I believe that's what they come to this Earth for and obviously the author feels the same way. The illustrations are beautiful. Having cared for many hospice animals I absolutely love that the author included images of disabled dogs.

I believe this book would be appropriate for children to help them understand what going to the rainbow bridge means and that it's not something to stay sad about. I recommend this book for anyone any animal lover dog, cat, any animal lover will get a smile and warm feeling from this book and enjoy the sweet images. Thank you #netgalley and the publisher for providing a free ARC for an honest review.

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This book found me at the perfect time. I have read W Bruce Cameron a few times before but was scrolling goodreads and saw his review of this book today. Today happens to be the one year anniversary of having to say goodbye to one of my dogs. Thank you Alfie, I needed this.

Was this review helpful?

This is a lovely, emotional message from the dog you loved so much who crossed over the rainbow bridge and is awaiting you (when it is your time) so you can be together again. The text is well written and light in tone and the illustrations are very beautiful and endearing. If you are a dog lover, and who isn't?, if you have lost a dog, if you think about what comes after death, then this is a very comforting and lovely book. I am very touched and moved by it.

Was this review helpful?

This is a lovely addition to the “Dog’s Purpose” series. “I’m Still Here” is a beautifully illustrated, beautifully written book with a beautifully comforting message. The book itself would certainly appeal to children—the pictures are engaging and the words are simple and easy to understand—but the underlying message is 100% for more mature audiences. Having recently lost my own dog, I was bawling by the end for sure, but it brought me comfort and reminded me of the happy times I had with him.

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“It’s a dog’s purpose to love people. That’s how we’ve made.”

This book found me just when I needed it. A few weeks ago we had to say goodbye to our old 15YO friend, and we are getting ready to open our hearts again in a few weeks for another adventure with another companion.
I think I cried from start to finish. The watercolour illustrations in the book are gorgeous and depict perfectly the models’ personalities. They accompany a very delicate text that takes our hand through our grief process with a lot of sensibility (no matter your beliefs on the subject). But it goes way beyond that. The true subject of that book is the relationship between dogs and humans. I loved how it was told, and it aligns perfectly with my own vision. I liked to “hear” the dog’s voice, to be surrounded by scents (*you smell* made me swoon more than once), and love. A lot of love. How training was mentioned was also a great part in the book which made me laugh for its reliability.
Yes, it’s a book about how to overcome the loss of your dog. But it’s also (and mostly) a book about hope, and about the unconditional love that bonds dogs and humans. Just the (short) read I needed.

Thank you NetGalley, Cathryn Michon and Andrews McMeel Publishing for this ARC in exchange for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Absolutely beautiful and the perfect book for the the situation. Gave me all sorts of feelings as I currently have a senior dog and am terrified of what is inevitably going to happen. This book is perfect in every which way. Thank you

Was this review helpful?

The most adorable loving and wonderful book about dogs who have crossed over and are still with us. The illustration alone will make you laugh, cry if you need to and just be SO Happy you had this wonderful companion with you for as long as you've had them.
I read this book in about one hour and I could only think how wonderful it would be to give it to someone who has had the wonderful experience of loving a dog and having to let them go. The book made me laugh and sigh and made me hopeful that on the other side of the Rainbow bridge I have a lot of friends waiting for me.
I've had three dogs of my own and I've been a pet sitter for twenty years so there are a lot of wonderful dogs that have past through my life and I have loved them all, and this book lets me remember all the funny things dogs do, and I don't know what my life would have been like without them. And I like that this book confirms my belief that they are still with us and that they let us know they are there. in little way.

I want to thank Andrews McMeel Publishing and NetGalley for an advance copy of this book about our wonderful dog companions that we love.

Was this review helpful?

My beloved toy maltese died almost two years ago, so I gravitated towards this book. It's a little over 100 pages and contains lovely dog illustrations. It only took about twenty minutes for me to read this. It kind of looks like a children's book, but it's for us adults. It's beautiful, gentle, a tear-jerker. It falls under the "self-help" genre, and I can see why. The deceased dog narrates the book talking about how even though physically he's not here, his soul is still with you. He still loves you, but he's also happy there....over the Rainbow Bridge...and he's waiting for you. And there are little signs where he sends you his love from above. There's a whole lot more, but I don't want to give this special book away-except to someone who is grieving over their dog. I would definitely buy this book and give it to a doggie angel mom or dad. It encourages adopting another dog, which is something I greatly support.

Thank you to Andrews McMeel Publishing who provided an advance reader copy via NetGalley.

Was this review helpful?

This was a cute story, that can people a different perspective when grieving the loss of their dog. It had great illustrations and it is a great gift for people who have lost a dog.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for my review of the book.

Was this review helpful?

Ahhh! Such a sweet, sweet book! I can see myself buying this to give to friends when/if they lose their furbabies. People who get it, get it. Your dogs are more than dogs - they are family. They love deeply and purely and once you’ve opened yourself up to that love, you never forget it! If you love your furbaby, buy this book!! It’s hope after loss.

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