After the Fire

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Pub Date Aug 01 2024 | Archive Date Aug 02 2024

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This is the story of girl meets boy.

And then everything goes wrong . . .

Ever since they first met at university, Beth and Nick have circled in and out of one another's lives: supporting each other through grief, marriage, divorce, career crises and family dramas.

Fourteen years ago, when they were on the cusp of adulthood, they both survived a devastating fire that sent their lives in different directions. And they’ve been running ever since: from the pain, from the memories, and most devastatingly of all, from the guilt.

But no matter how hard they try, there's something else they can't run from. The inescapable, terrifying truth: they’re in love with each other.

But how can they move forward, when neither of them can stop looking back?

This is the story of girl meets boy.

And then everything goes wrong . . .

Ever since they first met at university, Beth and Nick have circled in and out of one another's lives: supporting each...

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EDITION Paperback
ISBN 9781804540053
PRICE £9.99 (GBP)

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Featured Reviews

This is the story of girl meets boy.. And then everything goes wrong. And I've never wanted everything to go right in such a long time! Heartbreaking and full of longing and chemistry - it's a captivating story and a pitch-perfect romance. I adore Beth and Nick.

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Beth ambitious, beautiful and talented, missed freshers week thanks to glandular fever! She shares a bathroom with Nick her new flat mate - the loveliest guy ever! The Magnetism between them is unveiled.
A fire starts in their halls, theres a face at the window! Torn apart - they never got the chance to explore what might have been!
The story spans over 15 years, where they learn to live with the trauma.
Found myself totally routing for Beth and Nick the whole way through the book. An easy 5 stars from me!

Perfect for those who enjoy:
- Unfinished romantic endings revisited
- Fans of ‘One Day’ by David Nichols
- Dual timelines
- A story about star crossed lovers
- Girl meets boy and then everything went wrong

With thanks to Aria & Aries and Netgalley for an ARC copy in return for an honest review.

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I really enjoyed this dramatic and gripping love story between Nick and Beth. I loved the bombshell moment near the end which made me gasp aloud. It's written in sections "before" and "after" the fire. I liked how the plot emphasises family values and how parents/grandparents play an important part in influencing Nick and Beth's behaviour. Entertaining and compelling this is one not to be missed.

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Another enjoyable book from this author!
Romance and drama. Love and accident and a classic question: will they make it in the end?
I love the style the author brought the main characters to me as a reader. A book you get into easy.
Solid work.
One star less because at times I‘d have shorten the book. But it probably goes to another proofread anyway.

Thanks for providing a copy!!!!

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Read and reviewed in exchange for a free copy from NetGalley. This was a fantastic read, well written and engaging. I was invested in the characters and Rixon wrote the dual narrative well.

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This was a real tear-junker. The burning push and pull between Beth and Nick had me sat on the edge of my seat. Plus, it was so well written you could feel their tension in every word. Plus, I enjoyed their character’s development too.

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Nick and Beth meet at university and fall for each other pretty quickly, but just as they're about to embark on their future together a tragedy devastates them both learning them apart.
The story follows them over the years, through new relationships, family troubles and career highs and lows. Never quite letting each other back in, but always in each other's lives.
I loved this story so much, it had me hooked from the start.
Fans of Rixons debut novel The One That Got Away won't be disappointed with this offering. If you loved One Day, you won't go far wrong with this.

With thanks to Aria &Aries and Netgalley for this ARC.

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After the Fire is a dual timeline read of love and loss. Nick and Beth meet at university and quickly fall for each other, but a tragedy tears them apart just as they are starting their lives together. The story follows them over the years, showing their ups and downs in relationships, family, and careers while they never completely let each other go.

I would recommend this read to fans of romantic dramas and contemporary fiction, particularly those who enjoy stories about enduring love and personal growth. An engaging and thought-provoking read.

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I really enjoyed Charlotte's previous book The One That Got Away so when I came across the chance to read and review After The Fire, I jumped.

I was gripped from the first page, Nick and Beth have a very "will they, or won't they" dynamic, and I loved that the book was written in different sections. They come together quick but just as things start to settle a tragedy rips them apart, this book tells us the aftermath over the years and it's very thought provoking.

This book covers themes of loss, domestic violence, mental health and grief, but Charlotte expresses them in a way that adds to the book in a sensitive manner. I enjoyed the moments we go through with the MCs in After The Fire, thinking back I always find something new to admire. I'll definitely need to reread it again in the near future.

I can wholeheartedly recommend picking this book up if you're looking for something real, raw and compelling all the way through. I loved the journey this book took me on and I'm so excited to see what Charlotte may do next.

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Girl meets boy, likes him but steers clear as he is in some sort of a relationship and then because tragedy separates their worlds before feelings can be heard. Spanning over a decade of choices, relationships, occasional contact and deep seated fear of the past the friendship between Nick and Beth will have you screaming inside for them to just talk, be honest and get it together!
A lovely cast of supporting characters, particularly the parents, bring depth to the will they-wont they situation as the years pass.
a great read!

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After the Fire is a story that delves into the complexities of timing and fate. The story opens before the tragedy of the fire at university, where the Beth and Nick, first cross paths. This initial meeting lays the foundation for a profound connection that will shape their lives in unexpected ways.

The story masterfully transitions from the early days of Beth and Nick's acquaintance to the years following the devastating fire. Then it explores the deep friendship and unspoken bond that ties Beth and Nick together, despite the passage of time and the scars of tragedy. Their annual reunions around the anniversary of the fire serve as a poignant reminder of their shared past and the enduring nature of their connection.

Character development is a standout feature in After the Fire. Beth and Nick are intricately developed, each embarking on their own personal journeys of healing and growth. Charlotte Rixon paints a really vivid picture of their individual struggles and triumphs. Beth's resilience and determination to rebuild her life are portrayed with sensitivity and authenticity, while Nick's own path is marked by moments of introspection and a search for meaning in the aftermath of the fire.

Their enduring friendship, despite the years and distance, is beautifully depicted. The recurring theme of finding their way back to each other year after year adds a layer of depth to their relationship, highlighting the power of fate and the indomitable human spirit.

It's a beautifully written story that explores themes of timing, fate, and the resilience of the human spirit. This book is a must-read for anyone who appreciates a well-crafted narrative filled with emotional depth and compelling characters.

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Oh my goodness, finally I read something that I enjoyed and was engaged with emotionally. The thing is that whatever I tell you about this book it won`t do it justice. Here: it`s about friendship, family, love, trauma, timing, loneliness, longing, distance, and domestic violence. How does it sound? Not great, right? But it is great! This is a beautifully written story about finding yourself and the one and only at the right time, plus all of the above. It still sounds messy, but honestly, this book is worth your time. It`s not perfect, but it`s gripping, immersing, sad, yet hopeful. This is not another stupid romance, it`s so much more.

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I love stories that span over many years, and I love them even more when it's paired with a will they/ won't they scenario, just like this one.

There's lots of heavy, serious topics throughout. And I applaud the author for highlighting male domestic abuse because it isn't something that I see very often in books. It was difficult to read in parts, and I found it really emotional but I was also glad it wasn't shyed away from.

After the fire was authentic, relatable and heartbreaking. I honestly didn't know how this was going to end for them both, and that's why I love relationships that build over years. They were flawed, made huge mistakes, but the love they silently held for each other gave me hope.

The only reason this wasn't 5 stars is because I wasn't always a huge fan of the MMC. He had alot going on admittedly, but his behaviour towards our FMC wasn't always justified.

Fans of One Day will absolutely adore this book, as did I! Thank you netgalley for allowing me to read an early copy of this.

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I loved After the Fire. It follows Beth and Nick who meet at university and their relationship over the many years After the Fire. It was great, I didn't want it to end!

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Meeting as Freshers at university, sharing they same halls of residence. Nick and Beth are at the start of their relationship, then tragedy happens.
Both deal with it very differently. Losing touch and moving on with careers in very different directions.
They reconnect at different stages of their lives. A case of never the right timing. Will they ever overcome the past to make a future?
A heart breaking and reaffirming story that your soul mate is out there

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After the Fire is emotional, heart-wrenching and very engaging from start to finish. I agree with other reviewers that it'll really resonate with fans of One Day. Highly recommended!

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