A Dream of Blood and Magic

Spirit Marked series

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Book 1 of Spirit Marked
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Pub Date Jun 12 2024 | Archive Date Jul 06 2024

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A forbidden love, rivals to lovers, high stakes, slow-burn gothic contemporary fantasy romance with Underworld meets Kingdom of the Wicked vibes.


When a mysterious crow crash-lands through Avery Jaxon’s Brooklyn apartment window, awakening the elemental magic dormant in her veins, Avery soon discovers her entire life has been a skillfully woven lie, and that even her new avian friend holds secrets of its own, including the answers to her shrouded past.

But pulling back the veil is only the beginning. An ancient prophecy has been set in motion, thrusting Avery into a centuries-old supernatural war between witches and vampires.

Seeking to harness Avery’s rare and ancient power, the most notorious dark arts witch hive in the world is on the hunt to find Avery before she’s captured by Kane, a vampire sworn to protect humankind from the next Spirit Marked—a foretold witch with such immense, raw magic, it will threaten to destroy all life on Earth.

Now, to save humanity and protect her friends, Avery must learn to control her potent magic, all while building an alliance with the warrior vampire sent to seize her. Their destinies are more entwined than either could have ever foreseen. But despite the magic that binds their paths and the enigmatic attraction growing between them, Avery struggles to trust the man born to be her enemy.

However, Kane’s not the only vampire thirsting for the honeyed taste of Avery’s blood... someone else also seeks to wage a war against her heart.

In the end, Avery must not only grapple with the painful truth behind her family’s past, but she’ll need to accept the journey laid out before her. For not only do the lives of those she loves depend on it, but so do the lives of every mortal and immortal creature alike.

Intended for audiences 18 years+ 

A forbidden love, rivals to lovers, high stakes, slow-burn gothic contemporary fantasy romance with Underworld meets Kingdom of the Wicked vibes.


A Note From the Publisher

A Dream of Blood and Magic is a gothic, contemporary fantasy romance intended for audiences 18 years+.

Please see below for the full list of content/trigger warnings:

Blood and gore, death and graphic violence, explicit language, some sexually explicit content, stalking, abductions, mention of young girls being trafficked for blood, mention of mental illness and emotional childhood trauma.

Reader discretion is advised.

Additional tropes/content: multiple POVs, forced proximity, found family, ancient prophecy, supernatural war, elemental magic, vampire & witch lore, bratty FMC & broody MMC, spirit-animal shifters, time and space bending powers, dreams and visions, villainous twin, portal magic, traveling between realms, and fast-paced action.

A Dream of Blood and Magic is book one in the Spirit Marked series and is not a standalone novel. .

Ready to join Avery on her magical journey toward self-discovery and epic love? Then let’s go! Your adventure awaits….

A Dream of Blood and Magic is a gothic, contemporary fantasy romance intended for audiences 18 years+.

Please see below for the full list of content/trigger warnings:

Blood and gore, death...

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Featured Reviews

Wow! I finished this book in one day, completely captivated by its blend of witches, vampires, mystery, and action. The story had me crying, laughing, angry, and sad as I followed Avery Jaxon, who discovers her dreams are more than just dreams. Her reality is turned upside down with the arrival of a mysterious crow, thrusting her into an enigmatic storyline. Initially, I picked up this book on a whim, intrigued by the blurb, but it far exceeded my expectations. Vampires, witches, and magic—what’s not to like? I loved every single word from beginning to end. I'm already eagerly anticipating the next instalment. Highly recommended!

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This book sucks you in from the very beginning!

This was definitely one of the best reads this year. Although A Dream of Blood and Magic is much less romance focused than I usually go for, I was hooked from the very beginning. This is how you write a great plot driven and real slow burn fantasy/PNR romance!!!

The world building was done perfectly. The way the author incorporated different worlds and timelines was done very seamlessly. No info dumping for sure. The world was beautifully described and I know we’re gonna see much more in the future books.

The characters were extremely well developed. It’s a multi POV and although the focus is on our FMC Avery, all the side characters have depth and you can truly understand their motivations.

The twists and turns just kept coming and I can honestly say it’s been a while since I’ve been so invested in a book!

The tropes include:

✨ witches and vampires

✨ a hundreds years old war

✨ ancient prophecy

✨ slow burn (not yet romance but the tension was sizzling)

✨chosen one

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Olivia has done a phenomenal job building an entire world (multiple even) with vampires, witches, elemental spirits, and more.

We are introduced to over a dozen interconnected characters and given just enough information about them to develop an attachment or spark and maintain interest. I ended up creating a character web so I could go back and look at everyone and I would really recommend it! I definitely have favorites so far (hello Avery, Shadow, Pyra, and Rayne) but I am SO excited to learn more about everyone else.

It really feels like we have just scratched the surface of this universe. In the author notes Olivia describes A Dream of Blood and Magic as ‘the foundation that sets the stage, introducing you to the game and the players’. I couldn’t have said it better myself! I can’t wait to learn more in the second book coming (hopefully *fingers crossed*) soonish? God I hope so!

I would definitely recommend it, this was a fun read!

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This book had me in a chokehold from the very first page. Gripping action in the first two chapters that left me with questions just begging to be answered.

I was briefly prepared to become impatient waiting for those answers, but this story just cascaded onwards, taking me along for the ride.

Boothe brings a whole new meaning to writing well, the world building and complexity of the characters being naturally incredible. There were no points in the book where anything felt forced, it flowed excellently, and I’m excited to see where the story will go in the next instalment!

Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for sending me an EArc, all opinions are my own.

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“She was... more than a witch I wanted to drain of her blood. She was a woman I wanted to claim.
That fire she'd sparked in me flared inside my chest and my protective instincts began to surface, to win over my need for the kill. I didn't want to hurt her. I couldn't hurt her.”

"These moody vampires are going to be the death of me,"

A five stars book!!! My goodness !! I so needed something like this!! Vampires, witches, covens, incredibly strong but hidden powers, dream walkers and a past that links Avery to a world she has never known. She is Spirit touched and she is hunted. But she has had visions all her life. Imagine what happens when the main vampire men she met in her dreams suddenly knock on her doorstep (well not really). I sure know what I would have done. And when I met Kane … readers like me, have to fall in love with this brooding, morally grey, grumpy vampire lord who is ready to do anything in his power to save the people under his rule … and then some. Connections sparkle, truths are revealed and bargains are signed. And underneath it all, a complicated plot that gives such an interesting twist for the possible outcomes. This story has such potential, I find myself more than a little bit interested in the future of it!! I sure thing feel like I need more since I devoured this book in one sitting !!!
And even if it was the beginning so some parts were not clear, it is so be expected. It felt actually like a great choice to leave some questions hanging and some wounds still open. More room in the future for new explanations and action!!! Enemies to lovers, forced proximity, constant tension and vampires primal senses … oh, I so need the next one today !!!

“But you know what drives me crazier than human blood? Witch blood-that's the fucking curse your contemptuous foremothers placed upon me.
"You are a walking, breathing temptation that threatens to unravel me thread by fucking thread. I came out here tonight to feed on that saints-damn pig because my hunger for you blasted through me like a hurricane, determined to wreck my bones until only rubble remained, to destroy everything and everyone I love.”

“My self-control is on a precipice, my honor ready to burn to cinders... all because of you.”

Was this review helpful?

5 stars - a slow burn urban fantasy with vampires and witches.

Averys life is turned upside down when a bird crashes through her apartment in Brooklyn. As her dormant witch magic awakens, she is thrust into the long standing feud between witches and vampires. Avery turns out to be a special witch called the spirit marked, who can unlock a portal into the witches original homeland but in doing so, cause irrevocable damage to our world. The witches have also freed a decades old Vampire Azreal who was captured by his brother Kane who Avery has been unexplainably dreaming about. Tensions fly when Avery and Kane meet.

I absolutely loved this one - the world building and plot was phenomenal and captivating. A slightly slow start but once it got going I was hooked and it was hard to put the book down. The romance is slow burn and only begins to heat up towards the end of the book as the author teases more tension in book 2, that I can’t wait to get my hands on.

I felt Averys confusion and heartbreak as she learned more about the true world that had been hidden from her. I loved her relationship with her spirit guardians and I hope we get to see more of shadow in the next book.

Mostly dual pov between Avery and Kane but we also get to see Azreals pov which I enjoyed and I have the feeling her will be more ally than enemy in future books.

Would highly recommend for fans of serpent and the wings of night or kingdom of the wicked.

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Olivia Boothe's 'A Dream of Blood and Magic' is a captivating blend of fantasy, romance, and action, weaving a tale that feels both fresh and familiar. The story follows Avery Jaxon, a seemingly ordinary Brooklynite who discovers her life is anything but. From the moment a mysterious crow crashes through her window, awakening dormant magic within her, the story takes flight. Avery finds herself thrust into a hidden world of witches, vampires, and ancient prophecies. The author adeptly builds suspense, keeping the reader hooked as Avery peels back layers of deceit to uncover her true identity and the secrets of her past. Boothe masterfully constructs a compelling world with its own intricate rules and complex factions. The clash between the witches and vampires adds a layer of intrigue, while the threat of the Spirit Marked, a witch with the power to destroy the world, raises the stakes considerably. The romance between Avery and Kane, the vampire sworn to protect humanity, is a highlight. The author explores the complexities of their relationship, a forbidden love built on mutual respect and a shared destiny. Despite Kane's inherent danger, the spark between them is undeniable, their connection a powerful element that adds depth and emotional resonance to the narrative. Overall, the story is an engaging read for fans of fantasy and paranormal romance. Boothe's writing is crisp and engaging. The story's themes of self-discovery, destiny, and the power of choice resonate throughout, making for a truly enjoyable and thought-provoking read.

Was this review helpful?

wow.. this book took me completely by surprise with how much i loved it. im a sucker for forbidden love and rivals to lovers so i jumped at the chance to read this book. the world that the author created felt so rich and fresh in it’s portrayal and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t usually love urban fantasy, but here it just worked perfectly.

Avery is a strong willed and relatable character and i grew fond of her so easily. the conflict with the witches and vampires felt sturdy in the stakes and the elemental magic was fascinating too. i loved how Avery’s magic was tied directly to her emotions and even though she lost control, it never felt like she was incompetent. if anything, it showed how realistically someone in her position would react. I’m interested in both Kane and Azrael — im wondering what role they’ll play in the next book and im desperate to know what’ll happen with Shadow.

my only issue was in the very end with how abrupt and rushed it seemed, compared to how much time was given to every aspect of the story leading up to it. but i can’t shake how immersed i was while reading this and i am eagerly awaiting the sequel and the further development of the romance!

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I can see how this is going to turn into an epic paranormal romance series. This first book laid all the groundwork for this next book to be so spicy and exciting. There were a few times where I was wondering when the action was going to pick up but I think the effort the author put into building the backstory will end up being worth it.

Kane is the perfect morally grey male lead …but we also have Azrael and what about Shadow? I could see this next book throwing some curve balls at us readers and I can’t wait!

I haven’t read a paranormal romance in a bit but I love this vampire vs witches set up. Avery is a strong female lead who really grew on me as the book progressed and I was officially rooting for her by the end.

The spice was pretty tame but I know the author has said the next book will bring more and I think the readers will appreciate that.

Very glad I got to read this one and will be checking frequently to see if the next one is added to NetGalley!

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I absolutely LOVEDDDD this book. I was so interested in the world. The world building was fabulous and it was creative to show us Kane before we even met him in current times.

I am so interested to see where this story goes. What is Luther going to do next? Are they going to Scotland to find her? What is her mother going to say about her deal with Kane?

I can't wait to learn more about WHY her mom faked her death and to learn about what happened to her dad.

Routing for Kane 100% - please tell me they get together in the next book!

Can't wait for book 2 - a must read!

Was this review helpful?

This book had me hooked after the first chapter.. I may or may not have finished this in one day because I couldn’t put it down. If you like vampires, witches and morally grey characters this is the book for you. I’m a huge fan of paranormal/paranormal romance and this book hit all my marks. I enjoyed the multiple POVs and writing style. There is a fair amount of world building but it was well thought out and entertaining. Looking forward to the next book!!

Was this review helpful?

Wow. Now THIS is how you tell a story!

Unpredictable, mysterious, riveting and elegantly seductive.

What a great start to this action-packed Urban Fantasy Romance about vampires and witches, that had me guessing the entire time. I cannot wait to get my hands on book 2 (no release date yet). The romantic tension just gets going towards the very end, leaving the reader wanting more. Such a tease! A complex world waiting to be discovered, with so many interesting characters.

What a thrilling ride! It is so beautifully and eloquently written, with the imagery, action, and emotions, all in perfect balance. It was very hard to put down. World building is complex but is written in a way that makes it accessible to the reader.

I also loved all of the characters (even the evil ones). Avery, our MFC is 21 years old, living in Brooklyn. Despite her young adult age, she’s been forced to mature fast, having been orphaned at a very young age. She’s a fighter with attitude. The two MMC’s are millennia old vampire brothers who’ve been at war for centuries. One of them seems to be more on the heroic side and the other more on the villainous side but I guess time will tell. Both are sexy and alluring. Although by the end of Book 1 the romance seems to point more towards one brother, I’m going with the “anything can happen” approach.

📚 Series: Book 1 in the Spirit Marked series (definitely not a standalone)
🎬 Ending type: To be continued… no shocking cliffhanger but the story is definitely not over
🏷 Genres / Tropes: Urban Fantasy Romance. Witches, Vampires
👫 POV / Tense: Triple POV (Avery, Azrael & Kane), 1st person, past tense.
🌎 World building: Set in present time, there are flashbacks to events that happen in other realms and other centuries (even other millennia), creating a complex history between witches and vampires.
🌶 Spice: 1 out of 5 for Book 1 which was perfect in my opinion, seeing as it would have been out of place at this stage in the story. There is exquisite tension build up with some teasing naughtiness towards the end. Author mentions that the heat cranks up in book 2
🤦🏻‍♀️ Issues: Absolutely none. I loved EVERYTHING about this book
⚠️🚩 Triggers / Warnings / Audience: Author says it’s intended for audiences 18 years+. Blood and gore, death and graphic violence, explicit language, some mildly sexually explicit content, stalking, abductions, mention of young girls being trafficked for blood, mention of mental illness and emotional childhood trauma.

Was this review helpful?

It's hard to believe this is the first book in a new world, usually the intricate world-building feels heavy handed in order to provide enough context, but this felt smooth to read background as Avery discovered at the same time. I kind of liked that it was unclear if Kane or Azrael would be the love interest initially, although it was clear by the end. Avery's determination to get back to her friends were admirable, but I wished she had more than just CJ/more of a life to leave behind, it felt a little one-dimensional. Looking forward to the rest of the series!

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