The Search for Good Wine

From the Founding Fathers to the Modern Table

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Pub Date 07 Oct 2014 | Archive Date 16 Feb 2016


A series of amusing, practical essays on how to enjoy and afford good wines by the author of Thomas Jefferson on Wine

The Search for Good Wine is a highly entertaining and informative book on all aspects of wine and its consumption by nationally-syndicated wine columnist John Hailman, author of the critically-acclaimed Thomas Jefferson on Wine (2006). Hailman explores the wine-drinking experiences and tastes of famous wine-lovers from jolly Ben Franklin and the surprisingly enthusiastic George Washington to Julius Caesar, Sherlock Holmes, and Ernest Hemingway among numerous other famous figures. Hailman also recounts in fascinating detail the exotic life of the founder of the California wine industry, Hungarian Agoston Haraszthy, who introduced Zinfindel to the U.S.

Hailman gives calm and reliable guidance on how to deal with snobby wine waiters and how to choose the best wine books and travel guides. He simplifies the ABCs of wine-grape types from the delicate pinot noirs of Oregon to the robust malbecs of Argentina and from the vibrant new whites of Spain to the great reds (old and new) of Italy. The entire book is dedicated to finding values in wine. As Hailman says, “Everyone always wants to know one basic thing: How can you get the best possible wine for the lowest possible price?” His new book is highly practical and effective in answering that eternal question and many more about wine.

A judge at the top international wine competitions for over thirty years, Hailman examines those experiences and the value of “blind” tastings. He gives insightful tips on how to select a good wine store, how to decipher wine labels and wine lists, and even how to extract unruly champagne corks without crippling yourself or others. Hailman simplifies wine jargon and effectively demystifies the culture of wine fascination, restoring the consumption of wine to the natural pleasure it really should be.

John Hailman, Oxford, Mississippi, has worked as a wine consultant, nationally syndicated weekly wine columnist, and as a regular wine judge for over 20 years. He is also a retired federal prosecutor at the U.S. Attorney’s office in Oxford, Mississippi. He is the author of Thomas Jefferson on Wine, and From Midnight to Guntown, both from University Press of Mississippi

A series of amusing, practical essays on how to enjoy and afford good wines by the author of Thomas Jefferson on Wine

The Search for Good Wine is a highly entertaining and informative book on all...

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“Searching For Good Wine” a book by author John Hailman is about everything you need to know about wine. John Hailman has a remarkable flair for making the history of wine come alive without making it feel like a boring history class. As an avid wine lover myself, I was intrigued not only by the history of the wines, but intrigued on how those who made history, had a great passion for wine as well. The author takes you around the world and gives you insight on choosing the perfect bottle of wine, all the while answering those questions that we wine lovers always wonder about. For example, do white wines ever go with red meats? Or what would be the best first-cold weather wine as we say good bye to summer? As we explore for the answers to these questions and more, one thing’s for sure, whether or not white wines go with red meats…. “Wine goes with everything, Even Food That’s Bad For You.” This book was educational, as well as, humorous. There was not a chapter in this book I did not enjoy. If I had to choose a favorite chapter, hands down it was “Finding the World’s Worst Wine”. I thought it was hilarious that the author even came up with this idea in the first place. What was even more hilarious is that he proceeded with his idea despite the fact that his friends refused to join him and his wife and daughters refused to watch. If you are looking for a fun but educational way to learn about wine, this is definitely the book for you. “Wine is a healthy, cheerful subject, but can get pretty fancy is the wrong hands” and John Hailman definitely has the right hands for this subject. This book was gifted to me by the “University Press of Mississippi” and I was not compensated in any way for my review. This review expresses my personal opinion about this book “The Search For Good Wine.”

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