Hatter Madigan: Ghost in the Hatbox

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Pub Date 19 Apr 2016 | Archive Date 05 Jul 2016


An exciting new adventure featuring a teenaged Hatter Madigan, one of the most popular characters from the New York Times best-selling The Looking Glass Wars trilogy by Frank Beddor!

Combat training! Secret society initiations! Self-serving rivals! Welcome to Wonderland’s prestigious Millinery Academy: where those born to protect the queendom train to become spies, assassins, and bodyguards. With all that to contend with, not to mention following in his popular older brother’s footsteps, just getting through Imagination Class seems impossible already.

And that’s before he starts seeing ghosts lurking in the corridors…

When students begin behaving strangely throughout the academy, Hatter and his fellow cadets must unlock the mysteries behind the ghosts, and the headmaster’s suspicious behavior, before the entire student body finds itself possessed!

Join Hatter and his fellow cadets on their first adventures in Wonderland. Let’s just hope it isn’t their last!
An exciting new adventure featuring a teenaged Hatter Madigan, one of the most popular characters from the New York Times best-selling The Looking Glass Wars trilogy by Frank Beddor!

Combat training!...

Advance Praise

“A triumph of imagination.” – School Library Journal

“Beddor makes ample use of Carroll-esque humor and wit.” – Publishers Weekly

"Beddor gives familiar characters new life and introduces interesting new ones …this comes to a satisfying cliffhanger that leaves the reader looking for more.” – Kirkus Reviews

"Fantastic battle scenes, plot twists, character interest and slow-burning love make this an ace read for both sexes." – Guardian

“A triumph of imagination.” – School Library Journal

“Beddor makes ample use of Carroll-esque humor and wit.” – Publishers Weekly

"Beddor gives familiar characters new life and introduces interesting...

Marketing Plan

- Ten-city national author tour, including Seattle, San Francisco, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Chicago, Denver, Austin, Kansas City, Newark and New York

- National and local morning show appearances. Author has appeared on: Good Morning America, The View, Good Day Atlanta, Good Morning Texas, CBS 2 Salt Lake City, KOMO 4 Seattle, Fox 10 Phoenix, Fox 5 San Diego, and Fox 9 Minneapolis

- Massive social media video campaign, including a webseries of The Looking Glass Wars cosplayers, video from author's comic con panels, and behind-the-scenes footage from the hit Vimeo series Con Man featuring author Frank Beddor and his book series, and a one-of-a-kind VFX book trailer

- Multi-week promotion—including contest and giveaways—in the Wonderland Portal, a weekly newsletter for over 30,000 Looking Glass Wars readers

- Promotional Hatboxes that include the book, caterpillar threads, a magnetic hat, and other Millinery Academy wonders beautifully packaged, will be sent to key social media influencers, book bloggers, and mainstream media outlets

- Extensive digital promotional assets—including The Looking Glass Wars soundtrack—available for booksellers, librarians, and bloggers

- Author featured at comic conventions across the country, including San Diego (130,000 attendees), New York (150,000 attendees), Salt Lake (70,000 attendees), and Denver (100,000 attendees)

- Wide ARC mailing with distribution at ALA Midwinter Meeting 2016

- Pre-Pub and ongoing social media buzz campaign featuring LGW characters interacting as themselves across Twitter & Tumblr

- Ten-city national author tour, including Seattle, San Francisco, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Chicago, Denver, Austin, Kansas City, Newark and New York

- National and local morning show appearances. Author...

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Hatter Madigan begins his MILLINER training as a cadet. As with any coming of age story, there are ups and downs. Hatter wants to be the best, but first must learn to control his emotions. It doesn't help when he stands out among his stoic peers as emotional and prone to outbursts. All he wants is to become a Spade, a spy in the service of her Majesty, but his actions lead him to become a Heart, the bodyguards of the realm. Strange things are happening in the Hatbox, a new training building devised with the uncertain new field of science. Hatter finds himself drawn into these strange events as he strives to excel at the academy. Fans of Beddor's Looking Glass Wars will enjoy this addition to Hatter Madigan's backstory and fans of stories about young boys who go to schools to learn to use their special abilities will enjoy this story too.

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Fantastic - can't wait to share this with our teens here at the library. Great for fans of Cassie Clare and Holly Black's Magisterium series. Looking forward to the further adventures of teen Hatter.

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*Thanks to Netgalley for an ARC in exchange for a review!* Authors Frank Beddor and Adrienne Kress explore the life of a teenage Hatter Madigan as he begins his training at the Millinery Academy. Readers have grown to love Hatter throughout his role in the Looking Glass Wars series as well as graphic novels. Ghost in the H.A.T.B.O.X. delves into the first phase of his training. Hatter feels the pressures to live up to expectations set by his parents, his highly successful older brother, Dalton, and other new cadets. A mystery unfolds as ghosts seem to be lurking in corridors and other cadets begin behaving strangley. Hatter and a group of cadets must unlock the mystery of these ghostly characters and their connection to their new training device, the H.A.T.B.O.X. before it is too late! I've been a fan of Beddor's for a while now starting with the discovery of The Looking Glass Wars. I adored the trilogy and its imaginativeness. Despite being hard to physically get a hold of, I also sing the praises of the Hatter M centric graphic novels (The Looking Glass Wars, Mad with Wonder, The Nature of Wonder, Zen of Wonder, Love of Wonder). Those who know me best aren't surprised that I'm a sucker of anything inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Beddor's work is outstanding with unparalleled creativity and high visual appeal. Kress is equally talented and if you haven't read her steampunk adventure The Friday Society, you are missing out! This series debut is ideal for middle school readers or as an addition for fans of the other books. The story is fast paced and creative and adds just enough of Carroll's classic to delve into an exciting reimagining of the original. The Mad Hatter as a highly trained and lethal bodyguard/spy who wields his hat as a weapon by the power of imagination is just too cool! I love all the other Wonderland references as well as the heirarchy of the card suits and their specializations. Despite the surface retelling, there is great depth in the themes which will hold appeal to multiple readers. This is a coming of age story. Hatter is searching for his own identity and creating his own story. Another key theme is bullying. Wonderland sets up a class hierarchy with the 'elite' looking down upon others. Hatter hasn't grown up with this thinking and surprised by other cadets' behavior has to adjust and decide how he will behave for himself. Ultimately, he allies himself with the underdogs and calls out those who do the bullying. Final rating: 4 out of 5 stars Follow the authors: @frankbeddor @AdrienneKress #HatterMadigan #LookingGlassWars #AliceInWonderland #YAlit #netgalley #teen #books

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The book starts off with giving readers a bit of his family history on how he and his brother, Dalton, ended up growing up at the Academy. Hatter's growing years starts to unfold as a cadet; moreover, Hatter must learn to keep his emotions in check. Readers will go through all the ups and downs of this young cadet's life. Many things a teenager experiences (well, of sorts, anyways), we will see that with Hatter Madigan...and how he handles it and himself. Moreover, to add to the trials and tribulations of a teenage Hatter, there's a mystery that he and his fellow cadets must solve. I absolutely loved their writing. Mr. Beddor and Ms. Kress created a very descriptive and unique world of imagination through the eyes of a teenager. Their character development created these unique and imaginative personalities whom of which are relatable and memorable. This collaboration has brought together an adventurous tale that middle grade readers will enjoy...I think all ages would enjoy this read, just like The Looking Glass Wars trilogy. A coming-of-age story filled with memorable experiences and all the teenage angst that goes along with it in the world of imagination. This is only the beginning for Hatter Madigan.

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Hatter Madigan has spent his entire life at the Millinery since the death of his parents, but he is just now entering as a student. Hatter wants to fit in, but can’t seem to get the hang of sewing or controlling his emotions. His first group of friends are popular boys led by Rhodes who rule the class through intimidation and bullying. When he finally has enough of them, he falls into a group of misfits that includes blind Newton and emotional Astra. He also meets Arlo, who alerts him to the fact that everything is not as it seems at the school. The new HATBOX that combines Imagination and Technology to help with their training is also a depository of stolen souls. The group discovers a plot to implant the souls in the students and take on the Queen of Hearts. None of the adults believe the kids so they are on their own to free the souls and stop the evil plot. It has been a long time since I read the Looking Glass Wars series, but I have always enjoyed the Wonderland stories. Hatter is such a fascinating character who tries so hard to fit in. He has to resolve his desire to fit in with his conscience and doing what is right. I also really enjoyed getting to know Astra and Newton. This book has a bit of steampunk Harry Potter feel to it with the school and the different class levels. I think this is going to be a fun series for fans of fairy tales, steampunk, magic and fantasy. I did think it was just a bit long and could have been edited down a little. The middle seemed to drag just a bit. But other than that it was very enjoyable. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and Baker and Taylor. Thank you!

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An incredible new title in middle grade. This story is amazing, hatter has to start the academy, and with it bullies come along. It's a great story that takes you on a fantastic adventure with a favourite from Wonderland while he deals with the ghostly figures. Frank Beddor and Adrienne Kress are such a talented authors who brings wonderful characters and this fantastic world to life. I highly recommend it.

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Hatter Madigan: Ghost in the H.A.T.B.O.X. is a brilliantly imaginative spin on Wonderland, and does much to set itself apart from the many other retellings of the classic Alice in Wonderland. The collaborative team of Beddor and Kress do an incredible job creating a captivating world with compelling characters, and their writing flows smoothly and seamlessly. The story perfectly blends fantasy with science fiction while including real life lessons on peer pressure and bullying that readers of any age will relate to. If you're a fan of The Looking Glass Wars trilogy you're definitely going to want to read this first book in its spinoff series. If you're like me and are new to this magical world created by Beddor, after reading this you'll find yourself wanting to go back to read the original trilogy while impatiently waiting for the next book.

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What can be said when you are handed the coming of age story of your very favorite character in the Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor.... you do a little happy dance and you read this book in one night. I love Alice in Wonderland and I thoroughly enjoyed the Looking Glass Wars and its following books and comics. This book embraces the story of Hatter M before he was the bodyguard of the princess and the tortured hero. He began as a kid who wanted to do his best and to be one of the greatest to graduate from Wonderland's Millinery's Academy. He faces older competitive cadets, teachers who expect him to be perfect, and a weapon that could destroy the very fabric of Wonderland. As with most of Hatter's adventures, there is lots of action, much angst, and of course a ton of scary monsters and bad guys. If you are a newcomer to the Looking Glass Wars, this is a great book to start with and will give you a new look at Wonderland that will have you reaching for the entire series. Come meet the Hatter as you have never seen him before!!

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