Reverse Your Diabetes in 12 Weeks

The Scientifically Proven Program to Avoid, Control, and Turn Around Your Diabetes

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Pub Date 18 Oct 2016 | Archive Date 01 Nov 2016


A groundbreaking program to avoid, control, and even reverse diabetes through diet and exercise.

The research of Dr. George King, chief scientific officer of Harvard Medical School’s Joslin Diabetes Center, is widely recognized in the medical community as the gold standard. In Reverse Your Diabetes in 12 Weeks (previously published in hardcover as The Diabetes Reset), Dr. King transforms the center’s cutting-edge research—including the discovery of brown fat and how it enhances the effects of the body’s own insulin—into a program of eight proven strategies.

Foremost is diet—but the real surprise is that the diet that actually works, a modified “rural Asian diet,” derives 70% of its calories from carbohydrates. Dr. King disentangles the myths and confusion surrounding carbohydrates, fats, protein, and fiber, and shows why not all carbs are bad and why sugar is not the root of all evil. Losing weight is also key, but in a very doable way—significant changes happen with a 5 to 7% reduction of body weight. He emphasizes the importance of exercise—it increases the muscles’ glucose-absorbing ability—and gives an easy-to-follow program of aerobic and strength exercises. And he shows why diabetics especially need those seven hours of sleep a night—chronic lack of sleep causes insulin resistance.

A twelve-week plan shows how to put all of it into action—to take charge of blood glucose levels and significantly improve your health.


A groundbreaking program to avoid, control, and even reverse diabetes through diet and exercise.

The research of Dr. George King, chief scientific officer of Harvard Medical School’s Joslin Diabetes...

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With the diabetes epidemic becoming a world wide problem, this is a really informative book full of information. Not just for the ones at risk of diabetes or the diagnosed diabetic, it has clear, informative information that can be applied by anyone looking to loose weight and improve their lifestyle. There are samples of meals, exercises and relaxation techniques. There was a lot of information but it was easy to follow. Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for a copy to read and review

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Asia, especially India, has a diabetic epidemic. Change in old dietary habits, work ethic and profile, and reliance on factory-made processed food has severely impacted life. The book helps us understand the scientific reasons why our lifestyle changes have led us to type-2 diabetic problems. And, the solution is to adopt a proper low-fat diet, healthy physical exertion, 8-hour sleep, de-stressing and mental fitness, and overall balancing our lifestyle. While none of this advice is unique, the essence of the holistic lifestyle, scientific principles behind the advice, and the promise of a healthy, diabetes-free life is unique. While reversal from type-2 is the guiding principle for writing the book, for many others, like us, we can recraft our lifestyle and avoid diabetes all together.

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Diabetes runs in my family. My grandma had it, my mom has it. If you don't count genetics as predisposition, I have two of the other large factors: I'm obese and physically inactive. Add that to my stress level (the mental illnesses attached to my name), and I am diabetic waiting to happen. So when I saw this book on NetGalley, I knew I needed it. Since I finished the book, I already started making some changes, urging my mom to do too. The book is filled with an enormous amount of information, but it's very easy to understand and incorporate in day-to-day activities. It also offers relaxation techniques, exercise examples, all incredibly helpful. I recommend it to anyone who has diabetes, is at risk, or is afraid of it. All you need to know or do is written down in this book.

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