Echoes of the Past

The Lobster Cove Series

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Pub Date 09 Dec 2015 | Archive Date 31 Aug 2016


In 1692, Isabeau Munier cast a spell to flee Lobster Cove and escape burning at the stake for witchcraft. Instead, she’s trapped by a curse that tosses her through time whenever she attempts to leave the small town. With her curiosity shop and Great Dane familiar, Isabeau has finally found her place in time. When her landlord’s sexy nephew moves in, she thinks she may have found Mr. Right as well.

Grayson Wright’s intrigued by the beautiful Isabeau, but a friend’s accusations make him worry Isabeau took advantage of his beloved uncle. Gray’s determined to learn the truth, even at the risk of losing his heart.

Can Isabeau prove she’s not the gold-digger Gray fears and that her love for him is true? Can Gray learn to trust his heart, which tells him Isabeau’s the perfect woman for him? Or will Isabeau’s curse take the chance away from them both?

In 1692, Isabeau Munier cast a spell to flee Lobster Cove and escape burning at the stake for witchcraft. Instead, she’s trapped by a curse that tosses her through time whenever she attempts to leave...

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time travel, fantasy romance

time travel, fantasy romance

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Isabeau Munier is a witch that in 1692 was going to be burned at the stake so she cast a spell to escape the fire but while she escaped she ends up cursed. The curse has trapped Isabeau to forever remain in Lobster Cove with each time she’s tried to cross the town line she gets sent to a new time but the same town. Over the years Isabeau became friends with Grayson Wright’s uncle who knew her secret but now that he has passed away Grayson has come to town to finalize his affairs. Isabeau and Grayson find themselves attracted to one another but will Grayson ever believe the secret that holds her in this small town? Echoes of the Past is mostly a romance read with a touch of the time travel and witch aspect to it. I would have liked to have seen more of those but with this being novella length I can understand why there wasn’t more expansion to the story. It took me a while to warm up to the romance side of the read while I was hoping to touch on the witchcraft and time travel but after it got going I found myself still enjoying this book and the characters. I think fans of romance will probably enjoy this romance novella with a bit of a twist. I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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I received this book from net gallery for an honest review. In 1692 Isabeau was going to be burnt at the stake until she cast a spell which saved her life but took her forward in time. The curse has trapped her in Lobster Cove: if she tries to leave the town lines, she gets sent into a different time. Isabeau meets Stan when she finds herself in the twentieth century. He helps her find a job and home and they become good friends. However, when he dies his nephew Grayson, makes an unexpected visit to her shop. Will Grayson believe the rumours about Isabeau being a gold digger? Will Isabeau's ever be free of the curse that keeps her trapped in Lobster Cove? This was a short, romance book with a small aspect of time travel and witchcraft. This was an enjoyable read and I liked the characters. I loved Havoc - his bond with Isabeau was definitely unique and sweet.

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Awesome read! Unlike anything else i've read! Great characters on top of a story that hooks you right from the beginning! 100% recommend!

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Who doesn't love time travel? Isabeau has been stuck in time for over 300 years and she has tried everything to move on but she is stuck in Lobster Cove no matter what she tries she always comes back. Grayson has come back to town after been away for many years, this town only holds bad memories for him. The only light was his Uncle Stanley who took him & his sister in when they were younger. Now he has to settle up all his uncle's affairs and he is in for a surprise as he is about to meet Isabeau for the first time and she is nothing like he was expecting. There is a secret there and he wants to find out what it is. Isabeau can't tell anyone as who is going to believe her crazy story, Stanley did and he looked after her for many years. Will Grayson believe her or will she lose him for good as her old friend is back and she wants her to pay for the pain that Isabeau caused. Will love win this time or will she be stuck back in time where they tried to burn her for being a witch? A great story never a boring moment.

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a nice read if you like time travel give this a go well worth a read

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