Dreaming of Mocha

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Pub Date 15 Nov 2016 | Archive Date 28 Nov 2016


"van Lindenhuizen’s charming, naïve-style illustrations add great appeal." - Kirkus Reviews

Florence wants a dog. It doesn’t matter what kind of dog. Just any dog. To take care of, and to pet. To run with, and to play with. If she gets a dog, she will NEVER whine again and she’ll always be good. That’s what she promised Mom.
One day there’s a little dog in Florence’s garden. He came out of nowhere. “Mocha” it says on his collar. Mocha and Florence become the best of friends. But then Mocha’s owner is suddenly at the door. And he is a very nice man. What will Florence do now?

An endearing picture book about loving animals and loving people. For pet lovers ages 4 and up.

"van Lindenhuizen’s charming, naïve-style illustrations add great appeal." - Kirkus Reviews

Florence wants a dog. It doesn’t matter what kind of dog. Just any dog. To take care of, and to pet...

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I adored this book. I work with ELL students that are at varying levels of spoken English proficiency and this is a great book for them to express themselves. Some students may only be able to say dog, girl, while others can share sentences about the story. I will also be able use this for higher level students to discuss what happened, how the girl felt, how they would feel etc. I can even use this for setting, characters, etc. This is a book that will make my students smile and the book itself will differentiate to the ability of the child. No matter the background or 1st language of the student, all can relate to this. I can't wait to add a physical copy of the book to my classroom.

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Ages 4 & up. Florence is desperate for a dog, so she's thrilled when she finds a homeless dog wandering around the local park. Florence brings home the dog and bonds with it, but one day the little dog's owner shows up at her door! How will she let go of her new friend, Mocha?

The illustrations are very sweet. Mocha's playful personality comes across in the drawings. My favorite scenes were the ones when Florence is hiding the dog from her mother! I was a little sad at the end when the man just handed his dog over to Florence. I wish there was a reason why he couldn't take care of Mocha anymore or that Florence learned how she could come to love another dog just as much. I can't complain about that too much though, because I think children will love that ending very much!

A sweet book for little animal lovers!

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Dreaming of Mocha is a delightful little picture book. The illustrations by Eline Von Lindenhuizen are bright and appealing to children. The story itself evolves around a girl who finds a dog in the park, lost and lurking in the bushes which she takes home with her. The parents seem initially oblivious, even when the sausages go missing. However, the ensuing chaos and muddy footprints everywhere eventually lead Mum to detect the dog. The dog becomes a playmate to the little girl and finds its way into the hearts of the parents. A trip back to the park ends all the fun, when Mocha rushes over to an old man, who is the true owner and very pleased to have Mocha back.
Whilst this book will definitely appeal to the younger child who can interpret the illustrations and 'read' it themselves, it would also present a great talking point for primary readers who could focus on the dilemma facing the girls and her family when they find the dog. The growing bond between dog and family could also be a great point for discussion and the feelings of the old man before and after he found his pet. It would make a great story opener for children to write what happens next.
I shared the book with a small group of 8-9 year olds who all loved it and then chatted animatedly about various aspects in detail afterward.

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A wonderfully sweet book about a little girl who finds a dog and wishes to keep him. I'd recommend this to anyone with small children.

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This adorable story is about a little girl named Florence. Florence's biggest wish is to have a dog. She isn't particular, any dog will do. Florence's mom and dad are worried about the mess and destruction that comes with a dog though. One day, when Florence has all but given up hope, a furry brown dog comes running into her yard. Insta-love! At first, Florence tries to hide Mocha (his name is on his collar)from her parent. Of course she is found out and her parents agree to keep the dog but only until the original owner shows up. Mocha becomes Florence' best friend, but what happens when and if the original owner does show up?

This story is very simple, yet very sweet. It is drawn simplistically, but with cute images that young children will understand and enjoy. It is definitely aimed at a very young audience as a read aloud book, I believe. The typography is very original and current. It flows beautifully with the illustrations. Florence is lovable and most children will instantly relate to her desire for a pet as a best friend.

I would definitely recommend this book to the preschool and younger crowd. It is simple, yet perfect!

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Cute little book about animals and the people who love them for small ones. Illustrations were wonderful!

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Dreaming of Mocha is a picture book written by An Swerts and illustrated by Eline van Lindenhuizen. It is currently scheduled for release on November 15 2016. Florence wants a dog, any dog. A dog to take care of, to run with, and to play with. One day there’s a little dog in Florence’s garden. “Mocha” it says on his collar. Mocha and Florence become the best of friends. But then Mocha’s owner is suddenly at the door. And he is a very nice man. What will Florence do now?

Dreaming of Mocha is a wonderful little book with illustrations that will capture the interest and attention of readers while connecting them to the story of Florence. I like that children, and adults, can understand Florence's desire for a dog and the depth of which she wants one. The discovery of the escaped Mocha and the lessons Florence needs to learn about responsibilities, friendship, and doing the right thing are handled with a perfect balance of fun and sweetness. Florence's escapades of trying to keep Mocha hidden are great fun, and made me glad not to be the one cleaning up the dirty paw prints when all was said and done. My favorite part of the book is the lesson that not always getting what you want is not a tragedy, but might lead to different good things, like unexpected friendships.

Dreaming of Mocha is a funny, sweet, and entertaining picture book that will likely become a repeat request from many animal loving youngsters.

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Florence wants a dog so bad... Any dog. It doesn't matter if it is fat, or thin. Quite or wild. Florence would love to have a dog to play and take care of. Mom and dad don't think it is a good idea, so Florence dreams of finding a homeless dog. And the way sometimes happens, her dreams come true. One afternoon a sloppy dog appears in her own garden! His name is Mocha, and it is love at first sight...
At first Florence tries to hide Mocha in her bedroom, but mom finds out in no time. After that she boycotts her parents' posters in search for Mocha's owner. She changes the phone number, and even draws eyeglasses and a mustache in Mocha's picture in order to disguise him. But despite all her efforts Leon appears one day at Florence's door looking for his dog, and he is nothing like her imagined he would be. He is not a despicable person who frightens Mocha away. He is actually a sweet old man happy to find his dog, and Mocha evidently loves him. What is Florence suppose to do now?
Loving story which crushes your heart, but finally leaves you with a big smile in your face. Florence is like any other kid, and her feelings are the main theme in this book. She goes from hopeful to happy, and from nervous to sad, and even confused and guilty.
The illustrations are gorgeous, with an ideal balance between white and color, and focused in all those feelings and in Florence and Mocha relationship. Dreaming of Mocha is a book made for read and reread.

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All Florence wants is a dog. When she finds a friendly one named Mocha without an owner--but there is an owner on account of the dog tag--she's in heaven, even if her parents don't approve. This is a sweet story about a girl and a dog. There's a happy ending, too. The illustrations are fantastic.

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