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Podium Audio is an audio-first entertainment studio and independent audiobook publisher that finances, develops, produces and distributes immersive audio content.

Podium gained international notice for turning unknown author Andy Weir’s e-book The Martian into the most successful science fiction audiobook in the world. The first fiction audiobook Podium Audio published, The Martian created a strong foundation for the business, going on to become a top box office, award-winning film directed by Ridley Scott, starring Matt Damon. Podium Audio remains at the forefront of discovering new literary and voice talent, focused on supporting, nurturing and discovering independent authors and narrators from the U.S. and around the world.

Data-driven, Podium stays on the bleeding edge of what’s trending in the audio world. It is an industry leader in the audiobook genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy and a pioneer in bringing the popular sub-genres of Gamelit, LitRPG, Wuxia and Xianxia to the fore. Additionally, Podium publishes mystery/thriller, young adult, romance and non-fiction genres.
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