Butterdragons Publishing

Butterdragons Publishing is the love child of a wife and a husband, both avid readers, who decided to turn that passion into a book publishing business, using their experience and their integrity to produce great works. Although fairly new to the industry, we have successfully published numerous books internationally in the past year. Under our imprints, we have delivered a wide variety of genres including contemporary fiction, fantasy, horror, and poetry. We offer traditional publishing contracts to our authors and provide equal opportunities to both new and established authors. Each of our departments is solely dedicated to our authors and their expertise will ensure that your work is taken care of, from production through to marketing, and is of the highest possible standard. To ensure our high quality of work, we release only a limited number of books each year to ensure full attention to detail for each manuscript so that we bring our readers the best possible stories. For more news you can subscribe to our Newsletter https://butterdragons.com/cms/Newsletter/
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