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"This book brings new understanding of the great effort it takes to overcome the long-lasting effects of such traumas and the importance of support that sometimes comes from even the most unlikely sources." - GiGi2, Verified Purchase Amazon Review

"A beautiful book about hope and recovery for sexual abuse victims." - Dr. Patricia K. Martin, Clinical Psychologist, Verified Purchase Amazon Review
"Gripping Tale of Healing with a Dose of Humor." - GranJan, Verified Purchase Amazon Review
"Complicated and hard to put down." - SusieS, Verified Purchase Amazon Review
"Expertly written." - meg, Verified Purchase Amazon Review
"Wonderful book - written from the Heart!" - Laurel E., Verified Purchase Amazon Review
"Prepare to cry." - quilter 218, Verified Purchase Amazon Review
"Want to experience sunshine after the rain? Read this novel!" - YZPat, Verified Purchase Amazon Review
"A great explanation of the effects of rape and post-traumatic stress." - Edna A., Verified Purchase Amazon Review
"Sensitive Approach to a Traumatic and Difficult Topic-- Particularly as the First Time Book of This Author." - Sheila, Verified Purchase Amazon Review

From the author of "Hard-Hitting Fiction, with a Dose of Healing-Humor" comes a serious yet laughter-filled healing story of one's woman journey to reclaim her life, find inner-peace, and stumble into love...

For the past decade, Matty Bell has lived safe in a self-made monochromatic life of work-eat-sleep-survive. Living vicariously through her best friend Claire's perfect life wasn't the plan, nor her ideal. However, Matty learned long ago that it's easier to run and hide from life than to deal with the pain of the post-traumatic stress she’s suffered from since being raped at sixteen.

When Claire announces her family is moving, she asks Matty to come too. Having grown up Navy, Matty’s no stranger to picking up and starting over. However, moving half-way around the world to play nanny to Claire’s children doesn't sound like the new beginning Matty yearns for. Nor does she want to leave without first confronting her fears and coming full-healing-circle. She can’t let another decade slip by before she’s able to trust again.

Endorsed by Award-Winning Director and Survivor Advocate, Angela Shelton, WAITING FOR PAINT TO DRY is a late coming of age story of what it takes to save and find yourself again.
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