Jacqueline Ann DeStefano-Tangorra

An avid writer, technology consultant, inspirational mentor, and faith-driven creative, Jacqueline Ann DeStefano-Tangorra takes many titles because these are the facets of her that bring her tremendous joy to share with others. She has always shared an interest in public service, whether it be serving her clients as a business intelligence consultant, or publishing her first poetry collection, Water Lilies (2018), intended to inspire, heal, and guide many of her readers through the trials and triumphs of life. Water Lilies provides a sense of hope to those in need of love by sharing personal experiences of healing, growth, love, suffering, and faith. Since her initial debut as an author, Jacqueline Ann has continued to use her social media platforms as a community where she not only shares her poetry with her fans, but experiences the impact of hearing their reactions, and how it has helped them navigate through their own personal circumstances. As a result of dedication to her passion, her Instagram account has grown exponentially within the last year, pushing Water Lilies to secure #2 on Amazon’s Best-Selling Kindle Books under Christian Poetry and #40 under Poetry in October of 2022. Her page shares messages of motivation, self-awareness, love, compassion, humility, and faith because that is an immense part of her core being that drives her purpose. Jacqueline started her professional career at the age of twenty-two years old when she became licensed as a certified public accountant in New York State. After spending five years as a financial statement auditor, she switched into technology consulting to align with a growing passion she had for business intelligence, data analytics and reporting. Jacqueline is always searching for ways to bring her creativity to the table—creating unique solutions for her clients and stimulating perspectives for her readers to consider. Through ai can feel, Jacqueline has found a way to connect both parts of her life that trigger her passion—an impassioned writer and technophile, proving that she doesn't have to pick one in order to live in a world that she loves.
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