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Under a Croatian Sun

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Bill B, Educator

Last updated on 11 Sep 2017

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Haven’t you ever wanted to sell your place, quit your job, and move to your paradise?  Be honest now! Wasn’t it Monday morning? Or was it Sunday night thinking of…Monday morning?

Sometimes you find someone who does just that. Take Tony Stanhope and his wife, Ivana. They fell in love with the tiny island of Vis in the Adriatic Sea between Croatia and northern Italy, and decided to sell their London place, sell their business and leave the city for this small island, their heaven.

What follows are often hilarious attempts after attempts to fit into a daily society of those who are wary of strangers, had lived under Communist bureaucracies and restrictions for years, but curious about this new couple.

Tony tries different schemes – helping neighbors, visiting bars, trying to plan a restaurant serving ‘English food, starting a Cricket team, and starting a vineyard, to be accepted while his wife, Croatian by birth, is savvy to their town’s inner spirit.

Want to escape your daily grind? Need some good laughs? The join Tony and Ivana as they try to settle in their island paradise among a town that may – or may not – accept these outsiders as fellow islanders. You won’t regret it!

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