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The Book of Cold Cases - Simone St.James
Shea Collins used her past experiences as the basis for her own True Crime blog, where fans were able to communicate and share theories. When the opportunity to interview the Lady Killer presents itself, Shea jumps at the chance, but wonders why Beth Greer agreed, to her of all people. 
Upon meeting Beth, Shea begins to form her own opinions on whether or not Beth was the Lady Killer, and has unexplainable experiences within Beth's house that leaves her with even more questions. Could this stone cold woman have murdered those men? If it wasn't be Beth, does she know who it is? Is she covering for someone? 
Wow. If I could leave my review at that, I would because it truly says it all. This book wow'd me in the best possible ways. I loved both Shea and Beth and their dynamic. You know they connected on a deeper level due to their sinister pasts, and I absolutely loved Shea's character development and watching her work past her issues. I had an inkling in where the story was headed which pushed me to read faster as I just had to know (finished in a day for the record). I can't read to go back and read Simone's previous novels and will be waiting not so patiently until she writes more. 
Thank you SO much Netgalley for the amazing ARC! I know it's a ways away, but mark your calendars for March 15th, 2022 and make sure you grab a copy!
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I was so excited to read Simone St. James' new book. She's really got a knack for buildings with their own spooky sense of style. This novel caught me from the very beginning with all the eerie pieces of two women and their lives. I really enjoyed the link between those who are true crime enthusiasts (murderinos, for some) and the stories of those involved. I got a little lost in the end about figuring out what was really happening in a very pivotal scene, but figured it out fairly quickly. Can't wait for more from Simone St. James!
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When Shea Collins meets Beth Greer by chance, she knows immediately she must interview her for her website, The Book of Cold Cases.  Beth Greer was infamously charged as The Lady Killer, a murderess who, in the 70s, shot two men point blank, leaving them on the side of the road.  When Beth's lawyer has her acquitted of all charges, the case quickly goes cold.
After surviving a traumatic event as a child, Shea has become an avid blogger with her website.  When she asks Beth for an interview, she is surprised when Beth agrees.  As Shea begins to unravel the truth, she begins to understand the truth of what really happened.
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Thank you to NetGalley for an advanced copy of The Book of Cold Cases.

I am a huge Simone St. James fan. I love how she mixes mystery and spookiness to create a perfect mood. 

The Book of Cold Cases was full of ghosts and mystery and was a super easy read. It was the perfect book for a lazy Sunday, and I was intrigued at where the story was going. It had all the elements for a True Crime lover like me- a blogger, unsolved murders, a possible serial killer, and a haunted house. While I enjoyed it, I didn't love it, and I'm not sure why. I adored the characters, I enjoyed the storyline, but I felt the writing was a bit choppy and that something was missing.
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Simone St. James is quickly becoming a go to writer when a reader wants smart, scary titles. This one is no exception. Featuring the current fascination with true crime, the story takes place over two time periods, and St. James controls the pacing beautifully. There is simply no one writing this sort of horror/suspense as well these days.
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Ok - so full disclosure, I love Simone St. James. She could write shampoo bottles and I would read them. I love how all of her books truly have a supernatural element to them and it’s not kitschy. This is one is no different and had me up until the wee hours of the morning reading. It also had me hearing all sorts of things that go bump in the night …so maybe keep the lights on!
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A book with twists and turns that leaves you questioning your assumptions about people. Whois good, Whois bad, why do people do what they do?
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In 1977, two men, seemingly random, were murdered by the same gun-a note left behind indicating that the killer was a lady. Could Claire Lake, Oregon, have a serial killer on its hands? And, a female one, at that? 

Police arrest a beautiful but mysterious young heiress, Beth Greer, who was seen fleeing the scene of one of the crimes, but she is acquitted. 

Did she get away with Murder? Or is she a Victim who will be forever haunted by this crime?

Shea Collins was Girl A-a child who barely escaped becoming a Crime Victim, at age 9. Now a receptionist by day, but a true crime blogger by night-her website “The Book of Cold Cases” is actually a collection of posts and articles about unsolved crimes. 

So, what’s a girl to do, when the infamous Beth Greer, walks into the Dr’s office where Shea works? She tries to get answers of course. 

Surprisingly, Beth agrees to be interviewed but only if Shea comes to her mansion-because the house is going to help tell the story.  Nothing has been changed since Beth’s parents resided there-not the furnishings-not the bills on her father’s desk, or the clothes hanging in her mother’s closet.  And, a PRESENCE seems to be making itself known, helping to whisper the secrets which have been kept behind closed doors.

Along with the SPINE TINGLING supernatural elements we have the ever present Oregon rain. The gloom of gray skies, drizzle soaked mittens and numb fingers, the tell tale path of footprints in the snow.  

YES, the scene is set for another CHILLING read from Simone St. James whether you are inside the mansion or outside in the elements. 

The story unfolds in TWO parts, about equal in length. I would have preferred to have been kept in SUSPENSE  a bit  longer because once we reach the second half the pace slowed a bit for me, as we learn much of what actually happened in the PAST, before Shea does. Once she catches up, the pace ramps up again, and it circles around to a satisfying conclusion. 

The “Sun  Down Motel” sits on my my FAVORITES SHELF and while that remains my top book from this author-this is still a book definitely worthy of your time!  AVAILABLE March, 15, 2022! 

Thank You to Elisha at Berkley for the gifted copy! It was my sincere pleasure to offer a candid review!
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Thank you so much netgalley for the ARC! I have loved Simone St. James since I first read one of her books. She doesn't disappoint with this book. While some of the twists I saw coming, they were all still interesting and played out well. I just can't say enough about how much I love this author and this book!
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I am a huge fan of Simone St. James and her newest book didn't disappoint. I usually describe her books as ghost stories with a strong female lead and a bit of romance mixed in. The Book of Cold Cases was no exception. True crime blogger, Shea, finds herself swept up in the mystery surrounding Beth Greer - a woman acquitted of two cold case murders in Claire Lake, Oregon. As the story continues, more is revealed about Beth, the tragedies of her past, and the unsettling nature of her childhood home (where she still resides).

I read a lot of thrillers and mysteries, but Simone St. James's stories have a heart and soul to them that really set them apart. The endings feel meaningful and often make me tear up. The Book of Cold Cases holds up in this way.

Thank you for another winner, Simone.
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I received a free digital ARC from Berkeley Publishing Group via NetGalley. Shea is a blogger for her website The Book of Cold Cases. She also works in a doctors office and is a survivor of a childhood abduction with her own anxiety issues. Shea is intrigued by the Lady Killer cold case, when who walks into the doctors office, but Beth Greer the most likely suspect in the Lady Killer cold case. Now Shea is wrapped up with Beth, her sorted family history, and interviewing all those previously involved in the case.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Sun Down Motel and I enjoyed this as well. Simone St. James is very good at balancing two characters and time hops. We alternate between present day Shea and 1970’s Beth. Slowly, the stories come together and the reader fits pieces together. Beth’s home, Greer Mansion, adds a nice atmospheric level that elevates this mystery. James is nuanced in adding the ghostly bits that make her stories paranormal.
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This is a hard book to review. First of all, I love Simone St. James's work. I loved her broken girls and the sundown motel. She presents every story as a thriller with a paranormal touch to it. The book of cold cases has a great premise. I was so eager to get to it as soon as I saw this on netgalley.

The story alternates between Beth, an alleged serial killer in the 1970s and Shea, a true crime blogger. Beth in 1977 was the suspected lady killer who killed at least 2 men, but was acquitted later. After her acquittal, she stopped public appearances and retreated to her mansion.

20 years later when Shea meets Beth randomly on a clinic, she asks for an interview (for her blog) and Beth agrees. As Shea starts interviewing Beth, she cannot determine whether she is really innocent or a manipulating liar.

This book started so well. Beth's charisma, the creepiness surrounding the Greer mansion, shea's own dark had all my attention and a " twist/reveal" happened.
Personally for me, the twist did not work at all . After all the premise, it just made the story too ordinary. Even after that disappointmentI was expecting something more till the last page but it ended on a flat note.

In my opinion, its a book with a bad twist/reveal.

3ish Stars!
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Simone St. James has had more than one literary career it seems, and at the very least one hell of a nom de plume.. As for her foray into American GasLit, this is by far the best one. Is it because I also dress like it's 1977 all day? It's possible. I thought this was leaps and bounds better than The Sun Down Motel at the very least.
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St. James is easily one of my favorite authors out there right now. All of her books have had the right amount of mystery and spookiness, and The Book of Cold Cases was no different. I am a big fan of haunted house stories and this one was subtle enough to keep me hanging on and speeding through to reach the climax of the story. Not to put any spoilers in, but the villain of the story was a nice little twist and I loved to hate her. Fans of St. James will eat this story right up!
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Believe me when I say, no one is sadder than myself about giving the new St James two stars 😭😭.
From the start, this book just didn’t work for me. It is slow, anticlimactic, jumbled, contrived, and nonsensical. While the creepy parts brought the chill factor, they were few and far between, and they weren’t compelling enough to carry the story. I had so many questions at the end - so many things felt illogical and unexplained…
Having loved The Sun Down Motel and The Broken Girls, I know Simone can write a BA ghost story. But sadly, all I wanted during this book was for it to be done 😭🥺.
Thank you to NetGalley for the arc!
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So great! I've been a fan of all of Simone St. James' books and this one did not disappoint. I really liked the back and forth in the 70's. It was fun to see her explore a new time period!
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I flat out loved this book. After St. James’ “Sun Down Motel”, I was curious what her follow up would be. “The Book of Cold Cases” was everything that I could have asked for. A wannabe true crime writer? Check. A potentially unsolved set of serial murders from the 1970s? Yes please. The thin line between reality and the paranormal? You got it. The characters were so well flushed out and the pacing was so right on. I’ll definitely be suggesting this title to patrons and friends…and I’ll be eagerly awaiting St. James’ next novel.
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💫 Shea is a receptionist at a doctors office by day and obsesses over her true crime blog, The Book of Cold Cases, by night. Shaped by her own traumatic childhood experience, her blog is like her therapy. When Beth Greer, the reclusive acquitted suspect of The Lady Killer murders walks in for an appointment Shea decides to follow her. When Shea is caught by Beth she asks to interview her about the case. Beth agrees to talk but only if Shea comes to her mansion on a cliff overlooking the ocean, and the house has its own story to tell.

Okay, hear me out. This book gives me Evelyn Hugo vibes, but set in a haunted house and make it all extra murder-y. The atmosphere of Greer Mansion is like a character itself that will leave your skin crawling. It’s told from both Shea and Beth’s POV and skips between the present in 2017 and the 1970’s when The Lady Killer murders took place. If you’re a fan of this authors previous works then I’m sure you will enjoy this one as well. I really liked the two of hers I’ve read and look forward to picking up her others. Thank you to @netgalley and @berkleypub for an eARC of this book. 4.5 stars from me
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Another ghost story/thriller hybrid from Simone St. James. This seems to be her niche at this point. For people who love her previous works, they'll likely enjoy this one. For me, it was a little longer than necessary, the plot stalling completely in the middle where the main antagonist rehashes her whole history, and the character studies didn't pull me in the way I needed them to for it to be a page-turner. I enjoy a good true crime story, and that's the arc St. James seemed to try for. It just fell a little flat for me.
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Simone St. James is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. 
The Book of Cold Cases in an intense thriller with supernatural aspects. It was creepy and atmospheric in a good way. 
The protagonist, Shea Collins, is a medical receptionist by day and a true crime blogger by night. She's investigating the Lady Killer murders in which Beth Greer was acquitted of in the late 70's. But there is FAR  more to this story than she originally thought. 
Highly recommend for fans of St. James and/or books with supernatural elements.
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