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I was not in love with this book. I truly feel bad for Margret as a character. To feel like you must hide yourself within one of your sisters’ personalities and not figure out who you are as a person makes me incredibly sad. As a reader I did enjoy the growth all the sisters have by the end of the book, but the getting there was a bit bumpy, and I personally didn’t love the journey.
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Cute, but a little shallow. It reminded me of teen Disney TV shows. Margaret's outright refusal to be happy and be her own person felt forced, bizarre, and entirely frustrating. That coupled with the shallow nature of hers and her sisters' concerns and us not really knowing anything about the characters except for their love of Mamma Mia made the book repetitive—there's only so many ways with the letters of the alphabet you can say Margaret is afraid of love and of being her own person. 5/5 for setting and 1/5 for characterization, so I landed in the middle at 3/5.

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Three sisters on a cruise ship for the summer makes for a sweet read.

I had a bit of a hard time connecting with the characters, and finding the premise believable. I wasn’t the most fond of the main character, and her sisters didn’t give me any more reason to become invested.

Overall, I think this could be a better, lighthearted read for someone else. But for me, it was lacking.

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Margaret Dashwood has always found herself pulled between her two sisters. Sensible Elinor and romantic Marianne seem pretty black-and-white to her. When Marianne unexpectedly crashes the cruise that Elinor and Margaret had planned, Margaret worries that she will find herself copying the wrong sister. Margaret hatches a plan with a friendly crew member named Gabe to find her sister a date. Sister chaos and cruise ship dating shenanigans ensue!

Amanda Quain has a gift for modernizing Jane Austen stories. I enjoyed this contemporary take on Sense & Sensibility. Margaret finds herself haunted by past mistakes and wants to try and take care of her big sisters for once. Margaret and Gabe have a very sweet romance, but my favorite part was definitely the relationships between the sisters. Readers who enjoy Jane Austen retellings, complex sister relationships, and a sweet YA romance should check out Dashed. I’m looking forward to seeing what Amanda Quain writes next!

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Cute and creative Austen retelling. Not particularly memorable but a pretty good time.

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Review: Dashed by Amanda Quain

A sweet, coming-of-age modern retelling of Sense & Sensibility.

Do you ever wonder about Margaret’s experience in Sense & Sensibility? Look no further. This YA contemporary romance and coming-of-age story follows Margaret Dashwood 5 years after the tragic passing of their father and the fateful events of Marianne’s whirlwind romance.

I thoroughly enjoyed following Margaret as she learned how to find her own unique voice and identity in this sweet story. Highly recommend for a summer read.

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This book is touted as a contemporary update of Sense and Sensibility. I'm not familiar with the plot of that novel, so I can't speak to it's connection to this book.

I chose to read this because I'm a cruise lover and obviously I have to read everything I find that is set on a cruise ship. So I had really high hopes for this one going in.

Unfortunately, my high hopes dropped fast. While I really enjoyed the beginning of this novel and was excited to read - I quickly realized that the characters did nothing for me. I wasn't a fan of any of them, except maybe Brandon, poor guy! And it's hard to get into a story when the characters are just so unlikeable.

I also felt like a lot of what was happening in regards to life on board the cruise ship seemed a bit unrealistic and was a stretch to believe.

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Margaret is going on a cruise with her sisters the summer before she starts college. She learns a lot about her sisters and their personalities she didn’t really understand before. Now she’s trying to find out who she is by herself. Cruise ship, beach settings, a little romance. It wasn’t my favorite, but it doesn’t mean it won’t be someone else’s and it was a cute read overall.

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📖 The Details:
Dashed by Amanda Quain

⏱️ Quick Summary
Margaret and her sisters, Marianne and Elinor, embark on a summer cruise for Elinor's husband's job. As they board, Marianne announces she broke up with her long-term boyfriend, so Margaret makes it her mission to find a new guy for her on the ship, enlisting the help of a new friend, Gabe, who also works on the cruise.

💁‍♀️ My Take
Not a huge fan of this one. Maybe I was in a mood, maybe it's because I had never read Sense and Sensibility, which this is based off of, but I just didn't vibe with it at all. The writing was ok, the characters were meh, the storyline just didn't interest me. I had a lot of questions for the characters, mostly, why?? I think it's probably a great read for someone who enjoys super cheesy, easy YA and has probably read some Jane Austen. 2 stars, sorry! ⭐️⭐️

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This was a cute summer read, and I especially loved that it took place in a cruise ship. However, I found Margaret to be annoying at times, which is why this rating is only three stars. The role that her family played in the book was an interesting one to see, since in so many young adult books, the MC’s family are just minor characters. In this book, I’d definitely say the family element is the main theme of this book, with the romance as more of a side story, which was nice to see.

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Dashed is a modern reimagining of Sense and Sensibility. I feel like the author did an outstanding job of capturing the essence of the original characters and putting them in a contemporary setting. Margaret has one more summer before she heads to college. She will be spending the summer on a cruise ship with Elinor and Edward and it seems idyllic. That is until sister Marianne unexpectedly turns up freshly out of a relationship with Brandon to throw the summer into chaos. Margaret vacillates between being like her controlled and in charge sister Elinor and trying to be like free spirited romantic Marianne. With the help of Gabe a member of the crew, Margaret tries to find a new romance for her sister Marianne. Of course, she wants no part of her growing feelings for Gabe, because love is messy and hurts people.

There were many parts of the book that I really liked. I think the ending had potential but didn't quite make the mark for me. I appreciate the sentiment that was being reached for but I needed it to feel more authentic. I still recommend this delightful YA romance as it is a enjoyable read.

Thank you NetGalley and Wednesday Books for the advanced reader copy. This is my honest review.

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It seems like ages since I started and completed my project of reading the 5 Austen novels I never had. P&P is my favorite, but I thought Northanger Abbey was fun, so I reviewed and enjoyed Ghosted. That led me to try this newest novel in Quain’s set of retellings.

I had a long break in the middle of reading S&S, so I’m not as familiar with that one. I couldn’t even remember that there was a younger Dashwood sister! Because of that, I can’t say whether Margaret’s characterization felt accurate. I appreciated Quain’s strategy of using her to highlight the differences between Elinor’s sensibility and Marianne’s passion. It was definitely a more modern approach than following the elder sisters’ quests to land husbands.

This might be intended as a retelling, but it’s also a story of summer love and finding yourself. This was more clearly a romance novel than Ghosted, and I don’t read many romances, but there was enough character and plot to keep me going.

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I really loved the overall idea behind this book. The story is about sisters Elinor and Margaret Dashwood who book a cruise specifically without their sister Marianne. Marianne has other plans and needs this cruise to get over a recent break up. I enjoyed seeing a cast of characters I loved and admired so much in Sense and Sensibility, but got sort of tired of the relationships and did not finish reading. This book would perfect for avid Austen fans and retelling fans! It just was not my typical genre and I would encourage anyone to read it to form their own opinion.

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Take Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility and set it in modern day and on a cruise ship, and you’ll get this fun rom-com read!
In Amanda Quain’s Dashed, we follow Margaret as she has a summer filled with adventures, family drama, love, and finding out who she really is.
Highly recommended!

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Emotions. That is the word that resounded throughout the book. Sisters feelings, love emotions, and even in-law emotions. I like the whole cruise setting. The story is a bit quirky and fun too. But when it comes down to it who can you count on to look for you in a storm? How we perceive other peoples lives isn't always the real story. An entertaining book

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Amanda Quain knows her primary source material, and I'm a huge fan of her reimaginings of Jane Austen. I studied Austen fairly in-depth in college, and one of my papers was about Margaret Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility. She is the youngest of the Dashwood siblings, and there's a fairly significant age gap between Elinor (sense) and Marianne (sensibility) in the novel. She seems to be a superfluous character with no real purpose in the novel. I concluded that she does have a purpose. Marianne's sensibility, untempered by sense, sets an example that puts Margaret's future in doubt should she choose the path of the middle sister. ( I could get into some Jacobin vs. Anti-Jacobin politics too, but I don't remember much about it). Austen, however, drops the Margaret Dashwood ball. We are left to merely infer that she will be okay because Marianne's romantic nature has been tempered at the end of the book by her marriage to Colonel Brandon.

Enter Amanda Quain, who picks up the ball and runs with it. Time and place are updated to a modern cruise ship (love that for a quest of self-discovery) as in Margaret's age. She is now 18 and about to leave for college. She has been modeling herself on her always prepared, safe sister Elinor and her equally stable husband Edward Ferrars, a minister. Margaret has seen the hurts, both physical and emotional, that her sister Marianne's emotion-driven lifestyle has incurred and is determined to live a careful, planned life. As a graduation present she joins her brother-in-law and sister for six weeks on a cruise ship where Edward will be serving as the chaplain. Immediately, a hyper-emotional Marianne shows up unannounced to join the trip, wounded from a recent breakup and wanting to be around her family. At first, Margaret attacks the problem of Marianne like she thinks Elinor would- sensibly and logically. She wants to prove to Elinor that she has become a capable adult. To her consternation, Marianne is a force that blows past the boundaries of anyone's plans and, even worse, sometimes, it's actually a more fulfilling and enjoyable way to experience life. Margaret finds herself untethered because the life she had planned isn't working for her, but she also knows the dangers of only following one's heart. Eventually, Margaret starts to realize she isn't Elinor OR Marianne and will have to figure out what it means to be Margaret herownself. Like all Austen's heroines, romance with a suitable young man is also at stake in learning who she really is. Will Margaret get it together in time, or will her hopes be dashed?

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After her second book, Amanda Quain had become a must read author for me... and Dashed did not disappoint.

I actually went on my first ever cruise this year, so I was extra excited to see Jane Austen characters reworked into a modern setting on a cruise!

I also love the idea of taking a character I tend to forget even existed (Margaret Dashwood) and making her the centre. And as a fellow Margaret who is affectionately called Mags... that thrilled me as well.

The romance is sweet and once again I found myself rereading passages because they were just so delightful.

Most of all, though, I really enjoy how the author treats Edward. It felt like an excellent capture of his character and was a reworking/modernization done perfectly - in my opinion.

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I thought this was a great book. It discusses how grief and love can change the way you view your life. I also liked the setting of a cruise ship because it made things seem more chaotic and fun! I like Amanda Quain’s writing style. She knows how to craft a story that’s fun but also full of hope. This is a great book for young adults and adults alike!

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This book is perfect for Jane Eyre lovers - a modern Sense and Sensibility!

This was a story about Margaret and her sisters as they battle loss and try to find love. It was set on a cruise ship which is just SO fun to me. Margaret is preparing for her final summer before college and gets to join her brother in law when he works on a cruise.

Getting to cruise all summer would be a dream - and with your siblings?! It was so fun to watch these sisters grow and understand each other better!

I really enjoyed Margaret and Gabe. They had a very innocent and sweet “first love” relationship feel!

It’s definitely written for the YA audience - if you are looking for a cute summer read, this was very entertaining!

Thank you Netgalley and St Martins Press for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Boats, beaches, sun, summer and a reboot of a classic? This was so fun! A fun take on Sense and Sensibility and overall a really enjoyable summer time read.

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