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LOVE LOVE THIS! So beautiful. Judah will go down as one of my top book boyfriends. The family dynamic, the self love, the real conversations that the main characters had. The communication was great. The friendship with Yas, Sol and Hendrix will forever be one of my favorites. Love to see Josiah and Yas living their happy ever after. This book series gives all the emotions, the feels, the feet kicking and heartbreak at the same time

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absolutely brilliant. Kennedy Ryan NEVER misses! this is a must read. I literally read this book in one sitting - I could NOT put it down! Soledad and Judah are beautiful and I love them!

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This was my first time reading a book by Kennedy Ryan and it was incredible. I loved the character development, plot line, and perfect amount of spice. I immediately put Skyland Book 1 on hold at the library. Thanks for the opportunity to read and review!

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I absolutely loved this book. I could not put it down! I have been (not so patiently) waiting for Soledad’s story, and it absolutely did not disappoint. It checked all the boxes. The delicious angst, the tension, the flirting!! the way Judah falls first, and SO FREAKING HARD for Soledad, the SPICE yall! It’s a slow burn, but it’s natural, and real, and doesn’t feel too drawn out.

I wanna be friends with these women. Maybe even want to be Hendrix? They are so tight knit, steadfast, loyal, confident, they build each other up. They’re strong, they’re independent, they’re real. Hendrix and Lola together cracked me up so much! (I also can’t wait for Hendrix’ story, but sad I have to wait til 2025 😭) I loved the parallel that Soledad could see with her own sisters and her daughters. this book encourages you to love yourself #selfdatingchallenge, encourages finding your independence, empowers female relationships, and positive parental relationships, and I absolutely loved every word of it.

If I could give more than 5 stars, I absolutely would!!

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It’s not often that you find a series that keeps exceeding your expectations, but Kennedy has done just that with the Skyland Series! The stories of Soledad and Judah were easily relatable and felt down to earth. Kennedy has a unique way of connecting with readers on a deeply personal level. Her books always have something that everyone can relate to.

Coming from a single mom, the journey of Soledad finding her new strength and individuality while trying to provide for her children was inspiring. And the way that Judah supports her in finding herself on her journey rather than forcing something that she wasn’t ready for was beautiful.

Can’t wait to continue reading this series in the future!

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Absolutely stunning second installment in the Skyland series!

Kennedy Ryan really knows how to tug at your heartstrings and make you feel all of the things.

After reading Before I Let Go, I so badly wanted to know more about Soledad. I wanted to learn more about her background, her marriage. I was expecting a cheating trifling husband but the added criminals activity was wild! I literally gasped when the FBI showed up!!

Judah is perfect. The man has no flaws. I could not have picked a more perfect counterpart for Sol. I am obsessed.

I really went through all the emotions with this book and I can not wait for Hens book!

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I loved everything about this book! Kennedy Ryan blessed us with an amazing story, relatable characters and a hero and heroine that tug at our heartstrings. I can't recommend this enough! Kudos, Queen Kennedy!!

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Thank you to NetGalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing) for providing this book, with my honest review below.

This Could be Us was an extremely touching read that left me even more in love with Kennedy Ryan’s writing and the Skyland series (this can be read as a standalone).

Soledad’s story is a shining example of a Phoenix rising from the ashes and turning lemons into lemonade. While this is the love story of Tremaine and Soledad, Soledad stands out as the shero after saving herself and her daughters from her husband’s mess. The love story is a healthy slow burn that has you hooked from their Christmas party meeting.

The writing was such an authentic reflection of love after loss and the blending of families. The dynamics of the friendship also add such a vibrancy to the story making you think of your own best girlfriends.

Get yourself a nice glass of wine and take yourself on a journey to love better than ever.

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Kennedy Ryan releases another novel filled with heartbreak, rediscovery, and hope. Soledad Barnes has always been a planner, but when shocking news is revealed about her husband, no amount of planning could have prepared her for the aftermath of his actions. When Judah Cross enters back into Soledad's life there are a lot of varying opinions of whether or not he belongs there. As the two navigate their own family struggles, they also continue to explore what they want for themselves in romantic relationships. I thoroughly enjoyed the character development in this novel and I love how Kennedy Ryan writes about realistic life struggles. I would recommend this novel to anyone who likes down-to-earth characters who are working towards the pursuit of happiness.

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This was even more beautiful than book 1. Soledad was the ultimate FMC, and was the epitome of a strong woman. I loved her journey and self-exploration.

I also really love the autism rep and how well the author blended ethnicities/cultures into her characters. This was a beautiful story and I will absolutely read anything Kennedy writes.

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✨ Review ✨ This Could Be Us by Kennedy Ryan

Thanks to Forever and #netgalley for the gifted advanced copy/ies of this book!

The second book in the Skyland series, this one focuses on Soledad, the friend of Yasmin from the first book. As Soledad's marriage falls apart (and how this happens is wild and I won't spoil any of it), she finds herself in need of finding stability and income. As she begins to rely on herself, she finds new levels of inner strength, and I really enjoyed that about the book.

As a mom of three, she also finds connection with Judah (divorced co-parent of two autistic boys), and even though her commitment to herself and Judah's role in the larger story slows the onset of their romance, the building tension was fantastic.

This story was a wild rollercoaster but one that slows down to dig into the emotions along the way. I loved both of these characters and their families. Her author's note explained her take on writing autistic characters, which felt genuine and translated well onto the pages of the book. Overall, this was another home run for Ryan!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 (4.5)
Genre: f/m contemporary romance
Setting: Atlanta
Reminds me of: the first book in this series :)
Pub Date: 05 Mar 2024

Read this if you like:
⭕️ emotional contemporary romances
⭕️ ...with a heavy emphasis on personal growth and development
⭕️ MCs with kids
⭕️ characters in their 40s

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What an incredible book. Kennedy Ryan is truly a master of the romance genre, and this book just further cements her status as one of the best romance authors of all time. This book is absolutely breathtaking and incredible. It swept me off my feet and gave me so much perspective and hope for the world. I can't imagine it was easy following up the masterpiece that was Before I Let Go, but This Could Be Us is a book that stands on its own merit. It is such a captivating story, and I can't wait to read the next book set in this universe.

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Kennedy Ryan makes the reader feel it ALL in this one, so much emotion. The story was moving and I loved the representation. I felt so deeply for Sol and fell in love with Judah. Highly recommend.

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This was not my favorite, but it was still enjoyable. "This Could Be Us" is about Soledad trying to find herself after her ex-husband changes their lives forever and he stumbles upon an unlikely man (Judah).

I loved the family and friends aspects of this novel. Soledad had a whole army behind her supporting her after her whole turns upside down. And the way she treats and takes care of her daughters was so heartwarming to see. Same can be said about Judah, he takes care of his boys so well as well has his ex-wife, wanting her to have the best live she can. His sons have autism and if someone doesn't know what that is or how it affects someone, don't worry because this book explains it.. like a lot. It personally wasn't a problem with me, but there was a lot of info dumping. Same with social media, Soledad joins social media to help provide for her children and same with that, it is explained very well and as someone who likes the ins and outs of social media and how it can be a job, it was fun to see.

I did have issues with it however. Personally I didnt feel the relationship between the two characters. Soledad was supposed to be working on herself, but breaking it for Judah. I have no problem with her being with Judah, the problem I have is saying she's working on herself when she really isn't when she knows he wants a whole relationship and she doesnt know what she wants. After a while it feels like Soledad's story and not Soledad and Judah. Honestly the drama with Edward was more exciting than the relationship.

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Thank you, Forever, NetGalley, and Kennedy Ryan for this early review copy! What a moving, emotional, healing journey to go on, alongside Soledad. Kennedy's writing is lyrical and lush and evocative. I can't wait for Hen's story next!!

Content notes: loss of a parent to cancer (in past but frequently discussed in present because a fellow mom friend of Soledad's is battling cancer), infidelity, emotional abuse.

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As a parent of a neurodivergent child, those parts hit me in the heart. They were so accurate and I have never before seen my world in a fiction book. For that I am so grateful.

I also loved the story and how it had so much strength and resilience when life pretty much fell apart. I truly appreciated that it wasn’t ‘just’ a romance but had true growth in order to get to the romance part.

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Kennedy Ryan always delivers poignant novels that blend romance and relevant and topical plot lines. I am always getting heroes to love, heroines to connect with, and a story that makes you believe in love while also pondering issues need discussed in our current society. Her voices is one of the best of our time!

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I first downloaded this book while going through cancer treatment and only recently realized, after purchasing my own, I had an ARC. I can’t say enough about this amazing book. I did not think the 2nd in the Skyland series could be better than Before I Let Go but I was indeed wrong. As Soledad grapples with the fallout of her divorce, witnessing her resilience and determination to rebuild her life on her own terms, was beautiful to see. Another aspect I truly enjoyed with This Could Be Us is the friendship between Soledad, Yasmin, and Hendrix. Their friendship is an important storyline too. They are such an amazing and supportive group of friends. I love how they show up for each other with so much compassion as one friend navigates one of the toughest moments of her life. Through Soledad's story, we're reminded of the importance of self-discovery and reclaiming our power after experiencing such betrayal. Soledad's journey serves as a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of love, especially for oneself.

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Of course, she did it again. Thank you netgalley for this arc because man oh man did i love this one. It is a complicated one filled with a lot of grief and complication, but at its core it’s about self love. something that i love to focus on and i think is so important. i loved this one so much, i’m so blown away. i literally might get a hornet tattooed on me. I loved this. thank you, kennedy ryan. cannot wait for hendrix’s story and to be in this world again.

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If there is one thing Kennedy Ryan knows how to do it is hook me in with her heartfelt words. I was so excited to get to this book after reading Before I let go and I was not disappointed. It's crazy how much you can put your trust in people only for them to be your worst downfall. I understood every decision Soledad made and I gave her a lot of grace for her fear about starting a new relationship in the face of all she went through. She had a lot of growth to go through on her own but I appreciate how much support Judas gave her in this new journey. It was such a precious story and I absolutely cannot wait to get to Hendrix's story!

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