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As a standalone, I loved this book. I liked Lark who is this sunshine and glitter personality type, but who also spends some of her spare time as a multiple deleter. Then rough-around-the-edges Lachlan who's spent his life in a business he wants nothing more than to retire from. I love their dynamic. And I even really like the motivation behind the fake marriage trope. This book was funny, sweet, and had all my favorite moments. I loved how Sloane and Rowan appeared, but didn't play too big of a shining role in the lives of our new main characters. All of this is why I'm rating it five stars. Leather and Lark was just... fun.

However, I don't think it packs quite the same punch as B&B. The Kane brothers each finding serial-killer women to fall in love with might have been better, in my opinion, if the women were strangers to each other. I understand, truly, Lark's motivations behind her darkness. I think it suited her personality type. But it also felt... excessive? Like maybe I would have loved for her to be no stranger to the world of multiple deleting but ends up going on a job with Lachlan and helping him clean up. Or... I don't know. There's just something other I wish could have happened, you know? Even if I can't quite put my finger on what that is. But that's easily my only complaint about this. The writing was excellent. The pacing was great. And I love this little world of vicious women and the men who fall hopelessly in love with them.

In the audiobook, I still absolutely adore the dual narration style. The voice actors who brought this story to life were incredible. And I genuinely cannot wait for Fionn and Rose's book.

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"Funny thing about marriage.
Sometimes, I look at my husband and think, I can’t imagine having loved anyone as much as Lachlan Kane.
And other times, I just want to make him suffer.
In a loving way, of course.
Most of the time."

I loved Butcher & Blackbird and have been dying to read Lark and Lachlan's story.

Leather & Lark which picks up right where Butcher and Blackbird ended. As soon as I read the prologue I knew this would be the perfect book for me. I loved Lark and Lachlan's story and enjoyed learning more about them.

I just loved the creative way Lark offed people! Her use of epoxy resin and glitter was *chef's kiss*

I loved Lachlan! He is everything you want in a book boyfriend. The way he cares for Lark and looks after her even when she fights him tooth and nail on it is perfection.

Brynne has a way of writing about serial killers, so it's no wonder she has become an auto-buy author for me. She knows just what my dark, twisted heart needs in a book 🖤

I adored Ethel, she was complete perfection!

And that ending. I can't wait to read Rose and Fionn's story next in Scythe & Sparrow (book three in the Ruinous Love Trilogy)!

Thank you so much to Brynne Weaver and Zando for this ARC 🖤

⚠️ * Please check the trigger warnings before reading! * ⚠️

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This book was just as good as the first one! I loved the plot and the details. The romance was incredible!

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Mercy. Leather and Lark was such a wonderful follow up to Butcher and Blackbird. If you haven't read B&B, stop everything and go read it now. L&L won't be as fun or make as much sense without reading it first. But back to Leather (Lachlan) and Lark's story. I knew that these two would be just as hot as Rowan and Sloane. I wasn't disappointed. Although I wasn't as squeamish through this one as I was with B&B, I'd still make sure to remind any readers to check out the trigger warnings at the beginning of the book. It will at least give you a small heads up on what to expect. Overall, a solid follow up to B&B. Highly recommended.

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Unbiased opinion, this was okay. Not as good as Butcher & Blackbird but maybe it's because this particular trope isn't my genre of choice. I was honestly a little bored trying to get through it and contemplated to DNF.

Again, I think it's the nature of the book that turns me off and not the actual book itself. The content just isn't for me.

Thank you NetGalley and Zando books for the arc!

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Too far, just too far. The violence is disturbingly gleeful and the romance disturbingly violent and demanding. Ick factor way up there.

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Brynne did it AGAIN 🤯🥰😮‍💨

This book was AMAZING!!

Lark & Lachlan were absolutely everything !!

Heres a few things I loved about this book :

The banter between Lark & Lachlan 😮‍💨
Lark’s sass & DIY tutorials 😉
Auntie Ethel💜 Lark definitely got her sass from her !
The degradation 🥵🥵🥵
The way Lachlan did everything he could to help Lark
MY HUSBAND (this always gets me 🤭🫠)

Although I did like B&B a little bit more, I think Brynne did such an great job with L&L and It’s definitely an amazing sequel and I think people will love it 😊


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She did it again!!!!!! This laugh out loud dark romantic comedy was everything I wanted! I wasn't sure I could enjoy it more than Butcher and Blackbird but I did! And the pizza scene will forever live in my Dark, steamy and full of laughs. I highly recommend this book!

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Wow, just wow. This book is just amazing as the first one. I loved it so much. The irony, the details, everything is just wow.

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This book gave me so many different feelings. Lachlan definitely is by far my favorite Kane brother. I loved watching them slowly start trusting each other and letting each other in. I loved that though it was a marriage of convince, Lachlan still paid attention to Lark and wanted her to be happy. The audio book is also definitely worth listening to.

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If I could give this book one million stars I would. Lark is such a phenomenal FMC! The story had me intrigued, especially that a muffin business needed a security detail lol

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This book was as fun as the first in the series. I enjoyed getting to know these two characters more and found the novel incredibly entertaining. There is a great mix between romance, humor, and mystery.

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currently relistening to this because i just really love all of the vibes!!!!

enemies to lovers
dark romantic comedy
marriage of convenience
forced proximity
contract killer / serial killer

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Who doesn't love a serial killer and a contract killer with wild chemistry who kinda despise each other?! Throw in a marriage of convenience and I'm all in - what a fun ride!

I didn't enjoy it *quite* as much as Butcher & Blackbird because it wasn't as bonkers but it was still very fun!

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I hope you don’t like pizza.

Want a book that makes you question your own morals & sanity one second & making you laugh out loud the next?

Pick. This. Up.

I knew this book was going to be a winner from the unconventional meet cute (👀) of our MCs.

And it did not disappoint.

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This was a pretty fast read for me, just like the first book! The story kept me hooked, and was nicely paced. I remembered liking Lachlan and Lark from the first book, so I’m glad the author gave us their story. Their chemistry was well done, and I honestly just loved their characters. This book was just as fun as Butcher and Blackbird, and I enjoyed the marriage of convenience trope. It is one of my favorites! I also enjoyed how this book had a mystery thrown in with the romance just like the first book. Overall, I really enjoyed this, I still prefer Butcher and Blackbird, but this was a solid sequel, and I look forward to reading the third book!

Thank you NetGalley and Zando for the ARC!

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Lark has a hobby that she keeps to herself….even from her best friend Sloane. She also has grown up in a family of well, killers. When people close to the family start showing up dead, Sloane’s new BIL is considered a suspect. In order to protect him, even though she really can’t stand him, Lark decides she must marry Lachlan. He is also the only one that can help her protect her family. Will their sham of a marriage start to feel like something more or will they remain locked in a battle of dislike?

Like the first book in this series there is a lot of killing, some gore, and eventually some intense 50 Shades type stuff. I’ve never read anything quite like these books! I’ll definitely pick up the third one when it comes out because I’m now pretty dang invested with this family!

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This book started right where Butcher and Blackbird ended. The story was engaging from start to finish. While it didn't have the complete "attention grab" that the first one did, I thoroughly enjoyed learning far more about Lachlan and Lark. After the ending, I can't wait to see the conclusion of this trilogy in Scythe and Sparrow (unless Brynne Weaver decides to surprise us with more).

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My initial thoughts - this was very bingeable - I finished it in 24 hours. I adore Lachlan Kane & their romance was very swoon worthy. I love unconditional love, despite all the skeletons in the closet.

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When Brynne releases a TW full of insane things, like “I might have ruined pizza and beer…also smoothies” and “You might have new thoughts about crafting with epoxy resin” some people might be like nah, but I’m sitting there just waiting for whatever chaos she is choosing to bring. I love a twisted book, and the particular flavor Brynne brings to her books is one of my favorites.

Leather & Lark follows Lachlan Kane and Lark Montague, who absolutely despise each other, but suddenly find themselves in a predicament that forces them into a marriage of convenience. Chaos ensues.

If you are a fan of the “my wife” trope, allow me to introduce you to Mr. Lochlan Kane, who not only says it a million times, but in the audiobook…with an accent. Every time he said it, I just melted a little on the inside. Rowan and Lochlan are not comparable, but I do love the particular brand of broody Lochlan embodies.

If I were more psychotic, I’d want to be Lark. Her “glitter parade of vengeance” was one of my favorite things in this book. Only she could take gruesome things and make it sparkle. The snow globe took me out. I absolutely loved the dynamic these two had and I didn’t want to say goodbye to these characters.

Overall, the plot was steady, the characters were lovable, there were many hilarious things that should not have been as funny as they were, an all over great time. My only real issue was that it felt a bit rushed toward the end, but I still enjoyed the book!

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