A Very New Day

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Pub Date 02 Feb 2017 | Archive Date 30 Jul 2017


A Very New Day is about a boy with Cerebral palsy, who goes to go regular school for the first time in junior high and uses Morse code to write. Rich Trout is unable to use his hands. Instead, he drives his electric wheelchair and writes in Morse code with his head. Rich doubts that he belongs in regular school after being isolated to special education classes only.

He is inspired by Mrs. Tilley, his English teacher, who treats him as a regular student and shows Rich that anything is possible. Rich has one dream, to be a writer. Mrs. Tilley introduces Rich to an author friend of hers, who also has Cerebral palsy, serving as an inspiration and role model.

A Very New Day is about a boy with Cerebral palsy, who goes to go regular school for the first time in junior high and uses Morse code to write. Rich Trout is unable to use his hands. Instead, he...

Advance Praise

“Salmon offers a unique view of first-day jitters through the experiences of a brave, witty and insightful character whose physical limitations don’t stop him from achieving his goals.” ~ Lisa Kaiser, co-author, Shyness: The Ultimate Teen Guide

“Salmon offers a unique view of first-day jitters through the experiences of a brave, witty and insightful character whose physical limitations don’t stop him from achieving his goals.” ~ Lisa...

Marketing Plan

Every year, 10,000 babies will develop Cerebral palsy in the US alone. One of those people is Steven Salmon, who was raised by a loving mother until the age of 47. When she died, he was forced to live on his own—and now, he has a message: it’s possible to live independently with severe Cerebral palsy.

“I became a man overnight, making decisions for the first time in my life,” recalls Salmon in his new book, It’s a New Life! “There was no one to wipe away my tears. But my promise to my mother was to keep moving forward.”

In an inspiring and thought-provoking interview, Salmon can discuss:

The struggles of using Morse code to write, since he cannot use his hands How Cerebral palsy has helped him become an author, by giving him the strength of patience His response to being rejected for employment by the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, and how he continued to life out his dream How he has been able to live independently, with the help of a care agency and care attendants His passion for life and moving forward, and how anyone can achieve their dreams 

Every year, 10,000 babies will develop Cerebral palsy in the US alone. One of those people is Steven Salmon, who was raised by a loving mother until the age of 47. When she died, he was forced to...

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Loved the book written with zest and from the heart, how going to school with cerebral palsy is a challenge in itself, the thrill of the first day of independence in a school with ordinary children and how special children adapt, how to deal with school bullies who make fun of your but being a 13 year old child how you tend to develop a hard shell to cope with what the day throws at you. A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED MUST READ BOOK.

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Rich trout is adorable. His positivity towards life would be instantly contagious. But I didn't feel any sort of connection with him. I know that the book is supposed to read like rich is writing it himself and he's young and at school but I just found it kind of childish. I liked the idea of the book and I think it's brilliant bringing awareness of CP using the main character but it felt like it just missed the mark on making it a book id recommend.

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This is a great glimpse at what life is like with a physical disability. I didn't realize the author also had cerebral palsy until I read his bio, which made the message of the story that much stronger. The storyline was a bit predictable, but a little bit of predictability never hurts. This is a story I would pass along to someone who needs some inspiration, especially if they are facing obstacles that seem insurmountable.

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I must say I am surprised by this book. I loved Rich, who is disabled and goes to a 'normal' school for the first time in his life. He's so scared and gets bullied by the mean kids on his first day. Dee, his second hand for the days at school feels a bit like she doesn't know what she's doing, but she's alright. I loved Amy and miss tilly, they are really nice too Rich and help him whenever they can. The book is written in a bit of a childish way, but I guess that is mostly because Rich is a younger boy and it's written form his point of view. It was a bit annoying, and that's why I gave it four stars. I do think that this is a great book to help people understand what it's like to be disabled and relay on people all day. It really helped me to understand that more. I revived this book from NetGally, thanks for that! (This is my Goodreads review)

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Everything written in this book felt real and I could say that from first hand as I had for years a classmate that had the same illness. I liked the way how the author managed to portray the innocence of Rich, the way he speaks, he thinks and acts. He is just a 13 year old boy like everyone else. With the same needs, hobbies and dreams. The illness does not define you as a person and you should be treated equally with respect and not with pity or because you simply have to. Everyone needs to be educated on Cerebral Palsy and needs to understand that people with CP have feelings too and are aware of their condition, and you know what? those are people whom have learnt to enjoy the little things in life and be grateful for what they have. We can only learn from them! Would totally recommend it!

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A Very New Day by Steven Salmon tells the story of 13 year old Rich as he starts his first day at a 'regular' mainstream school. He never thought this day would come - he has cerebral palsy and relies on an electric wheelchair and uses morse code using his head to write, as he is unable to use his hands. This short story follows Rich's first day at school, where we get an insight into what it's like living with cerebral palsy, the problems that arise and the friends and teachers he meets whilst at school, who help him realise that anything is possible. First off, this book is such an important read! Reading a book where the main character has cerebral palsy is such an eye opening experience. Something we take for granted, ie. turning a page of a book, is something that Rich can't do, which makes going to a mainstream school a challenge that Rich is determined to persevere. He endures horrible comments from other students and it isn't until his new teacher, Mrs Tilley encourages him and makes him realise that Rich too, can have dreams and that cerebral palsy shouldn't stand in his way of achieving that and I think this was such a great message to get out of this book! Writing from a first person perspective (from Rich's point of view) worked really well as it allowed us to see his thoughts when presented with challenges at school. His age was captured beautifully with some silly immature thoughts, which reflected his 13 year old self, and accurately depicted what a 13 year old would think on his first day of school, with or without cerebral palsy. It wasn't until I finished this book, that I looked up the author, Steven Salmon, and learnt that although Rich is a fictional character, this book is slightly autobiographical - Steven too has cerebral palsy and uses morse code to write. This explains why this book was written with such accuracy and detail and why I think it is even more crucial for people to read this book because it truly reflects how under-represented characters feel. This is a book that I highly recommend! It's such an important read which you have to read if you ever get the chance. It gives such an accurate, inside perspective and is a very eye opening read, especially as someone who will never experience the challenges that both Rich, and most likely Steven experience in their lives. This book is filled with hope and makes a fantastic read. I really hope Steven continues writing in the future and can't wait to see what he has planned next!

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As someone who continuously looks for books to open my eyes to what it would be like to live in another’s point of view, I found this book to be absolutely irresistible. Cerebral Palsy is probably one of the most debilitating of all disabilities and I’m sad to say I didn’t know much about it until I picked up this book. This book is a day in the life following This book is a day in the life following Rich Trout as he navigates his way through his very first day at a regular school. He encounters people both people who wish to lift him up and others who wish to push him down for only being able to see a disability. Rich has such an honest way of looking at life. All he wants is to be seen as normal and capable of doing things just like everyone else can. He has such a deep desire for friendship and connections with people. The fact that his muscles would tighten up till he couldn’t talk because of how excited for things he would get broke my heart. It made me happy to see that he develops a few friendships on his first day at school with a few people who seemed to genuinely care about him as a person. The one thing Rich desires more than anything, however, is to write. He wants to be an author that inspires others with a voice that lets others know that no matter what life throws your way that you can accomplish greatness. A Very New Day is a book for those who wish to learn more about Cerebral Palsy and to generate a larger sense of compassion in their hearts. Sometimes those that appear the most different to us are the most similar of all.

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Having a daughter with autism, I'm always looking for achievements by those who have overcome their disabilities and succeed with their abilities. This book will go to the top of the list. Awesome!

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Summary: Rich Trout is a middle schooler with Cerebral Palsy and he is attending school for the very first time, after having been homeschooled his entire life. He is able to do this because he has a machine equipped with Morse Code that allows him to write. Review: I feel bad giving this book only two stars mostly because I learned that Steven Salmon, himself, has Cerebral Palsy and this book felt quite autobiographical so I know that a lot of what he writes about is EXACTLY what someone with Cerebral Palsy experiences. It is easy to see how many of us take very simple things, such as turning a book page or talking to our friends, for granted. This book offers telling insight into the life and experiences of someone living with Cerebral Palsy and it's a book that should be read by a lot of people so everyone can learn and understand. I think the reason I didn't like it is because it felt choppy and I found myself rereading so many parts. I teach junior high and I felt like I was reading one of my junior high students' novel, which isn't a bad thing but I guess I am used to books feeling more polished. And I feel bad saying this because Steven Salmon is being so pivotal in making strides for the understanding of a person with a disability. And it means a lot to read a book that comes from the perspective of someone with a disability--this makes it more real! But, it just wasn't for me. I hope that Steven continues to write and doesn't take any of this to heart.

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