Etiquette Rules!

A Field Guide to Modern Manners

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Pub Date 17 Oct 2017 | Archive Date 30 Nov 2017


Etiquette Rules! succinctly explains everything you need to know to successfully maneuver the world today; from properly serving high tea, to giving the perfectly tasteful toast.

We need only to look around our communities or visit social media to know there is an etiquette crisis. With rudeness rampant and civility on life support, it’s time for of us to take a hard look at ourselves to determine if we are contributing to the problem or combating it.
Enter: Etiquette Rules! A Field Guide to Modern Manners, a common-sense examination of etiquette as an operating system for living life with kindness and courtesy while we work, play, drive, dine, and shop in our physical and virtual communities.

Etiquette Rules!jettisons the old-school notion that etiquette is nothing but stuffy rules on how to properly hold a teacup. Modern etiquette is a powerful tool that can help everyone feel comfortable and confident in a variety of situations, whether you're building personal and business relationships, demonstrating respect for others, or trying to live a life that flow more smoothly.
Etiquette Rules! succinctly explains everything you need to know to successfully maneuver the world today; from properly serving high tea, to giving the perfectly tasteful toast.

We need only to look...

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While I feel like a lot of this information is not new, the author did a good job presenting it in a new format that was interesting and helpful. Some of the things that people don't think is necessary, Mitchell put a new spin on to maybe encourae the younger generation to learn some of the etiquette long since forgotten.

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This should be mandatory reading in high school. And then again in the first year of college. It is an accessible book that teaches all of the basics you need to succeed in the workforce and world at large.

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This book gave timely and relevant information on handling a variety of issues in today’s world. The most useful were the tidbits on modern corporate situations.

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This modern-women guide on 21st century etiquette gives good basic tips on how to behave. It is easy to read. A great read for high school or college student.

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Etiquette Rules is quick and easy to read guide that tells you everything you need to know about etiquette. While at first, I found the guide to regurgitate information I already knew, it delved deeper and allowed me to learn things I wouldn't have known before. The manual is to read an didn't drag on. I think this is a guide everyone woman and man should have as they enter teenage years and adulthood. I highly suggest this informative guide!

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Fantastic book!

I recommend the book to young professionals and students. The author demistifies the old school and new school of etiquette. Excellent content, tips, ressources and tools.

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Finding ways to better ourselves provides so many benefits to us. It is also beneficial to those around us. This is a wonderful guide to help us better our lives and show kindness to others as well. It is helpful to learn about ways to improve our lives and find the strength within our lives everyday. We are examples to others and we are all in this together.

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I picked this book up out of curiosity - I half expected it to be outdated and inapplicable to the average person's everyday life but I was pleasantly surprised!

The book covers good manners in pretty much every situation you're likely to encounter in your day to day life - work, parties, networking, eating, meeting new people. It even had a brilliant tip for eating out when you have severe food allergies (call the restaurant in advance and arrange a suitable meal to save awkwardness at the time. GENIUS.).

The chapters are laid out logically and there's a handy index at the back if you're looking for something in particular. The pages themselves are bullet pointed and have handy summaries for useful facts, which keeps it relevant and easy to read.

It covers a lot of very basic rules that seem obvious to some as well as more specific rules such as how/when to send Thank You cards, what different dress codes mean and office etiquette. I think this should be a staple on an HR department bookshelf and would make an excellent gift for an older teen about to enter the wider world.

*thank you netgalley for a free copy in exchange for an honest review*

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Etiquette Rules! is a book that seeks to educate on the importance of proper manners in different settings as well as showing ways to acquire such manners.

CEOs, diplomats, people working in hotel and service industries, Customer Service Advisors... anyone with interest in studying and influencing human behaviour through appearance.

This is one of the most practical books I've read this year. There are loads of hints on deciding how to appear and conduct yourself when you do not know the situation you are walking into, how to interact properly with a disabled person, the principles of a good handshake, the art of proper listening, and more. If you are in a job or career that deals with people day-to-day, learning the good habits in this book might change people's perception of you as well as take you far careerwise.

"You might be surprised to learn that there is a gauge in your brain with one purpose and two settings. The settings on the gauge are formal and informal, and its sole purpose is to serve as a firm hand to steer you in one direction or the other when you have choices in attire, forms of address, greetings, introductions, communication, and social and business decorum. The default setting on the gauge is formal, because we always begin with formality. Why? Because it is difficult to offend someone by being too formal and very easy to give offense when being too informal too soon. By beginning with the needle set on formal, we demonstrate respect. Then, as we pick up signals from the people, occasion, and environment around us, we may decide to move the needle toward informal. Knowing if and when to move the needle will be a critical component of your success."

Etiquette Rules!: A Field Guide To Modern Manners by Nancy R. Mitchell is available to buy on all major online bookstores.

Many thanks to Wellflett Press for review copy.

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Etiquette is a lost art it seems. Growing up in a military family, it was something my parents stressed to us. Then joining a sorority in college, it again was something of emphasis. I feel all high school, college, and young adults could use this book as they enter into new realms of the world, but I also feel people of all ages and careers should read this, as having etiquette reinforced is important.

While knowing how to set a table and dine in public are important, I think some of the biggest etiquette lessons we can use are in communication and conversation. What is active listening, the importance of eye contact and a firm handshake. Writing thank you notes to express gratitude also feels lost, but means so much.

I would definitely recommend this book, or others like it, and think it would make a nice gift - particularly for a graduation gift or as a congratulations for a new job opportunity.

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I would love it if everyone read this book! In society today, manners are forgotten or misinterpreted as stuffy when they simply are a nice way of dealing with people so that society can coexist in a happier way. Essential reading.

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This was a fun and very pleasant read. It was soothing nightly reading for a while. I really enjoyed it.

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Absolutely fun. So enjoyed this book.

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