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Pub Date Jan 15 2014 | Archive Date Mar 16 2020

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SEVEN-X is a bone-chilling exploration into the root of evil within us.

Freelance Investigative Reporter Eddie Hansen gets a tip on a missing death row prisoner, Annette Dobson, known as "The SIDS Killer." Eddie adamantly believes Dobson's execution was staged and that she was secretly shipped to a Behavioral Health Center in a remote location outside the small town of Dell City, Texas. 

With the opportunity to break the story, Eddie voluntarily commits himself into the asylum. His journals, video diary and recordings leave a trail of breadcrumbs into a series of radical experimental procedures conducted on patients without their consent. 

With proof that this vicious serial killer is alive, records of her forced exorcism and the impending birth of the child the world believes is dead, Eddie has the big story that will redeem his life and career.

But as Eddie dives deeper into his investigation, he is forced to confront his own demons, becoming an unwilling participant in the asylum's paranormal rehabilitation experiment.

This is the first novel in the SEVEN-X Series.
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SEVEN-X is Amazon's INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLING NOVEL reaching #1 in Dark Horror, Religious Mystery and Psychic Suspense in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Australia.

SEVEN-X is a bone-chilling exploration into the root of evil within us.

Freelance Investigative Reporter Eddie Hansen gets a tip on a missing death row prisoner, Annette Dobson, known as "The SIDS...

Advance Praise

Mike Wech has produced a stunning work with Seven-X. I found myself unable to put it down. Not only was the story intriguing and thrilling, but it left me completely entertained and enthralled. I found myself sympathizing with the characters and appalled at their behavior all at the same time; and also constantly wondering if Eddie had stumbled upon a madhouse or if the entire facility was some sort of charade or truly the home of unspeakable experiments that he believed he was looking for in the first place. Seven-X is filled with characters that you will find not only interesting but terrifying and deliciously confusing at the same time. Spend some time with Eddie at Uphir and ask yourself - Do I really know what I am capable of?

Penny White, Readers' Favorite Review (Full


This is a story of good vs. evil.  Possession and redemption.  Demons' fighting to gain entrance to one's very soul.  The Bible states when one demon is exorcised he will bring back 7 more to try again (Matthew 12: 43-45) hence the title.  Ironically, before starting this book a friend had posted the question, what are your favorite lesser known found footage movies?  That is exactly how this book reads!  You can visualize what's happening as you go along journal entry by journal entry.  I can't wait to see this on the big screen –  Paula Limbaugh, Horror Novel Reviews  - (Full


Mike Wech has produced a stunning work with Seven-X. I found myself unable to put it down. Not only was the story intriguing and thrilling, but it left me completely entertained and enthralled. I...

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Featured Reviews

Wow! An intense, kept me on the edge of my seat read. This was my first time reading a book by Mike Wech and I was not disappointed!

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I quite enjoyed this book about a reporter who goes undercover in an asylum to find out the truth about disappearing death row inmates.
The story was fast paced and quite tense and atmospheric, well written with easy to understand language and a solid plot, the only reason I gave four stars instead of five is that I found the ending unsatisfactory and wanted to know more about what happened.
All in all, definitely worth a read if you like horror, demons and possession.

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I am glad that I was given the chance to read this book. From page one, I knew I was in for a treat. It has something for everyone. This is one of those books that as you read it, you are looking over your shoulder. Demonic possession, horror, psychiatry, etc, it is all here. Please do yourself a favor and pick up this book. :I will be reading more from this author. Thanks to NetGalley, the author and the publisher for the ARC of this book in return for my honest review.

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Eddie Hansen discovers that there is much more to the behavorial center. Eddie's experience is written, recorded and videotaped about what he sees. He is unable to believe the information given to him in the beginning. He decides to voluntarily commit himself to find/see the truth. There is more than one would expect in this novel.

The novel is horror, mystery, thriller, and much more. The characters in the novel are well written. I was so deeply enthralled with the story that I could not stop reading it unless I had to. There is the "good vs. evil" plot in this story that is communicated to the reader subtlety. Do people have the evil insides the self as suggested by the novel? I don't know. Read this fantastic novel, you won't be sorry!

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Eddie Hansen, an investigative reporter, gets a tip that the execution of death row inmate Annette Dobson was a cover up. Annette, "The SIDS Killer", was transported to a behavioral health center outside of Dell Texas. In hopes of finding Annette and exposing the truth, Eddie voluntarily commits himself in order to expose what he believes to be illegal and unethical experiments on unwilling patients. As Eddie digs deeper into his investigation, what he finds is an evil so malevolent his own soul may be in danger.

Wow! This novel was insane and seriously creepy. Seven-X is written from the protagonists POV through his recovered journal entries, video diary, and recordings while in the behavioral center. Eddie believes he will be exposing a large corporate cover up but instead finds himself in the middle of a paranormal rehabilitation experiment in which the patients are suffering from demonic possession. Seven-X is one of those novels that builds up (e.g. The Exorcist) with each horrifying experience revealing a deeper decent into darkness. I read this in one sitting but even after I finished it I couldn't stop thinking about it. This novel was frightening not because it was overly graphic but because it slowly builds more like a psychological thriller...which I love.

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seven x by Mike wech.
Eddie Hansen is a free Lance reporter. he is given a tip off about a prisoner Annette Dobson who is said to be in the uphir behavioural centre. he goes to investigate. this book is his diary of what happened while he was there. his girlfriend melody receives the file.
Omg a eerie spooky and gory read. I just couldn't put it down. wanted to know what happened. fantastic. 5*.

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Thanks to NetGalley for a free review copy of this book.

Death row prisoners; weird, small town; strange priest; untrustworthy scientist; spirits; and a determined journalist trying to get to the bottom of a mystery surrounding said death row prisoners. Oh, did I mention that everything happens in a lunatic asylum? I hate lunatic asylums! Why did I choose this book, then? Because I wanted a scare.

I wasn't disappointed. I loved Shutter Island, and there is an old abandoned lunatic asylum near where I live that has been converted to an antique centre and cafe! So i get the potential scares you can get from these places.

Written in the form of a series of journal entries and video and audio file transcripts, Seven-X hooks you almost immediately and doesn't let go. The story switches from giving the impression of Dr Haworth, the asylum director, being behind the patients' madness by playing mind tricks or pumping drugs through the air or food, to demons possessing the patients, to the main protagonist just being plain mad!

The copy I received was apparently a re-edited copy, but it could definitely do with a bit more. However, this was exactly what I was looking for when I chose the book.

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4.5 Stars

Super creepy modern possession story.

This book is written as a serious of diary/audio/video entries from a journalist investigating a mysterious mental rehabilitation center. This style of writing really ramps up the suspense and makes it almost impossible to put the book down. It also gives us a potentially unreliable narrator so we can't be sure exactly what is happening.

This book is weird and creepy and intense from start to finish. An excellent take on possession, exorcism and the paranormal.

Although this book does have a lot of pop culture references. I'm not generally a fan of books which do this as I feel this can potentially age the book. There's also a feeling of not being in on a private joke if you don't get the pop culture reference, which is likely going to be true of many readers in just a few years.

I can absolutely see why this is a bestseller on Amazon and can easily see it becoming a modern classic of the genre. I'm so excited to see what else this author has in store for us.

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with an eARC in exchange for an honest review

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#SevenX #NetGalley

The book is incredible. Mike is able to submerge the reader into a universe of sorrow, terror and pure intrigue. The mystery and mysticism last until the last page. Excellent book!

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Great read! Loved every second of it! I did not want to put it down, which is why I stayed up till 2 am reading this gem of horror. I recommend 100% if you like horror, thriller, and a mystery all mixed together.

Was this review helpful?

I really loved this book! Seven-X is one of those books that stays with you long after you read it. INTENSE!!! This is the best way to describe Seven-X.
It's deep, mystical, unsettling, haunting, tragic, funny at times and incredibly well written.
cant wait to read more from this author

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Thank you to NetGalley, BooksGoSocial and the author, Mike Wech, for the opportunity to read a digital copy of Seven-X in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.
I thought the book was really well written. I stayed up into the early hours of the morning just to finish it. The author had me gripped from the beginning.
Definitely well worth a read for fans of the genre.

Was this review helpful?

This is not my usual genre but I am glad to say that this is a very good read.
It's creepy, gory, horrific, full of demons and possession. What more do you want from a horror story.
This book is fast paced, tense and atmospheric. In places it was enough to have me sat on the edge of my seat.
I will definitely be reading more from this author.
Many thanks to Netgalley, the author and the publisher for the ARC of this book in return for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Seven-x is a seriously disturbing book. I just had to keep reading to find out what will happen next. I’ve seen lots of movies and tons of books about demons and this was one of the best. The way Wech leads the reader through the horrible and impossible and crazy things that happen to the lead character is truly imaginative.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for my copy.

Was this review helpful?

A very dark take of the main character entering an asylum to discover hidden truths, while becoming enmeshed in his own horror. I found the characters frightening well developed, and leaving me wondering what is truth when one is also in denial of their own faults of humanity. Highly recommend this novel if you're okay with reading Christian doctrine.

Was this review helpful?

This book was a great read.For me It was a intense yet scary book, that made you worry about the characters of what's going to happen to them.

Was this review helpful?

Well, that was mental 😂 what a crazy storyline and book this one is but totally enjoyable to boot…completely out there with the plot but fantastic and will defo look out for more from the author!

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