Echo Hall

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Pub Date 28 Nov 2017 | Archive Date 23 Nov 2018
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Set against the backdrop of three wars – the 1991 Gulf War, World War 2 and World War 1 – the novel follows the fortunes of three women who become involved with the Flint family, the owners of Echo Hall.

Phoebe Flint visits Echo Hall in 2014, where she follows in her mother’s footsteps to uncover the stories of a house ‘full of unhappy women, and bitter, angry men’.

Ruth Flint arrives at Echo Hall in 1990 – newlywed, pregnant, and uncertain of her relationship with her husband, Adam. Ghostly encounters, a locked door, and a set of photographs pique her curiosity. But Adam and his grandfather refuse to let her investigate. And her marriage is further strained, when Adam, a reservist, is called up to fight in the Gulf War.

In 1942, Elsie Flint is already living at Echo Hall with her children, the guest of her unsympathetic in-laws, whilst her husband Jack is away with the RAF. Her only friend is Jack’s cousin Daniel, but Daniel is hiding secrets, which when revealed could destroy their friendship for good.

Rachel and Leah Walters meet Jacob Flint at a dinner party in 1911. Whilst Leah is drawn to Jacob, Rachel rejects him leading to conflict with her sister that will reverberate through the generations.

As Ruth discovers the secrets of Echo Hall, she is able to finally bring peace to the Flint family, and in doing so, discover what she really needs and wants.

Echo Hall is a novel about the past, but it is very much a novel of the now. Does history always have to repeat itself, or can we find another way?

Set against the backdrop of three wars – the 1991 Gulf War, World War 2 and World War 1 – the novel follows the fortunes of three women who become involved with the Flint family, the owners of Echo...

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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The story is gripping and has lots of interesting, well developed characters. I loved the way it jumped between generations as this kept me engaged at all times!

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Thanks Netgalley and the Publisher. This book had everything love and heartache and I would highly recommend this to anyone

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I really enjoyed this book. It was a little slow paced in my taste but I love the character build up and the family history that was incorporated with it. It gave me a Downton Abbey feel. It was interesting and I loved how everything tied together at the end.

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Echo Hall is not happy place, especially not for women! Ruth''s visit is in the early 1990s when she is still getting to grips with being a mother and getting to know her husband's family,she discovers that maybe she doesn't know her husband all that well either. She is perplexed as to why part of the house is out of bounds for her, although judging from the noises coming from there it isn't out of bounds for everyone! When her husband, a reservist is called up for the Gulf War she is not overjoyed to having to remain at Echo Hall, but she decided to make the best of it, as well as find out the mystery of the locked rooms. The story switches back to just before the first World War. Two sisters Rachel-, lively, adventurous, silent suffragette and Leah- the good daughter who is as rigid and stuffy as their parents. When Jacob Flint enters the scene Leah is instantly attracted to him, however it is Rachel he wants, even though she has no interest in him. She refuses his attentions and falls in love with a conscientious objector. This causes a rift in the family & although Jacob marries Leah she never gets over feeling second best. Then we go to the next woman in Echo Hall- Elsie. Swept off her feet by Jack, the heir to the place, she finds herself at the beck and call of Leah and as she waits out the war, but her story is not happy either. The author captures the atmosphere of each era and the character of these women beautifully. While not exactly being a cheerful tale it is a thoroughly absorbing one. Thanks to Netgalley & the publisher for giving me the chance to read & review this book

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When Ruth Flint arrives at Echo Hall, her husband's family home she knows there are some dark secrets there, and with her husband off to fight in the gulf war she wants to find the secrets of the house. Spanning three wars we fnd out about the similarities of the situations of the women with their husbands off to fight in ww1 and ww2 but can peace really be brought to the house? A good atmospheric read, but I am always a sucker for the old house and family sagas, this one is definitely worth reading though

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This is an engrossing read and well told. It's told over 3 time periods starting in the 1990's and then flashes back to the 1st and 2nd world wars. I loved the setting of Echo Hall, at times quite creepy, and the story and secrets of the Flint family who have lived there over the years kept me hooked. Recommended read.

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