Rogue Most Wanted

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Pub Date Jun 25 2019 | Archive Date Jun 25 2019
St. Martin's Press | St. Martin's Paperbacks


Wanted: an engagement of convenience. Found: A noble suitor.

Raised on a remote Scottish estate by her adoring grandfather, Lady Theodora Worth has inherited an earldom as well as the land itself. But when an upstart duke challenges her claim to the title and the Ladykyrk estate, Thea is suddenly in need of a husband—in name, at least. An elderly neighbor with a thoroughly modern sensibility and a dashing great-nephew just might be the answer to Thea’s prayers. Except she has no intention of marrying the first man she meets. That would be utterly ridiculous.

It just can’t be him. . .

Lord William Cavensham is entirely too devoted to his family’s estate—ever since he was jilted as a lad--to wed, but he agrees to meet the woman his aunt has taken under her wing—and introduce her to possible suitors. But after just one meeting with beautiful, spirited Thea, Will is determined to help her reclaim her title. And even moreso, he can’t stop thinking that perhaps marriage to this bold, passionate woman may be the one thing he’s been missing all along?

Praise for the Cavensham Heiresses series

“Full-bodied romance…with intelligence and heart.”—New York Times bestselling author Cathy Maxwell

“Sparkling…MacGregor brings England’s Regency era to life.” —Publishers Weekly

Wanted: an engagement of convenience. Found: A noble suitor.

Raised on a remote Scottish estate by her adoring grandfather, Lady Theodora Worth has inherited an earldom as well as the land itself...

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Theodora Worth has spent the last seven years caring for her ailing grandfather. She has protected him from society by keeping him sequestered away so that his dementia will not become something that will embarrass him with his peers. But now that he has passed away Theodora finds herself in a bit of turmoil. She is being accused by the press of having murdered her grandfather, which is absurd.

But she is also being challenged by a distant relative as to whether she is the true heir to the title and property of her grandfather. He indeed was leaving everything to her, but to prove that she needs the document that proves it. Unfortunately in his dementia her grandfather hid the document and she cannot prove her claim.

Thus she needs to marry and do so quickly so as to secure her position and the livelihood of her grandfather's tenants.

Lord William Cavensham comes into the picture because he aunt wants him to marry Theodora and rescue her from devastation. But he has his own turmoil in that he has been shunned by the Ton because of a slight he received when he was refused marriage by a societal heiress.

The story is well written, it is intriguing and beguiling. It follows the rules of the early 1700's culture in England and Scotland well. It paints a picture of turmoil for a young couple who must find a solution to a problem while also trying to decide if maybe love is in the making.

Janna MacGregor is a masterful storyteller and has delivered another amazing novel for the Cavensham series.


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I have always been a fan Of Janna 's books ...she does not disappoint the readers keeps them hooked on with her captivating stories ...I have read 3 books in " The Cavensham Heiresses " series & am very happy to say Janna has continued her excellent penmanship again in " Rogue Most Wanted " the 5th in this series... It can be read as a standalone...

Theodora( Thea Worth) has inherited an ancient Scottish title Earl of Eanruig from her deceased grandfather the Duke Ferr-Colby & hence is countess...a unique concept of a woman inheriting a title in Regency Era ..The paperwork to prove she is the heir to Ladykyrk and is a countess has been misplaced. ... And she is being challenged by the new Duke who inherited the entailed properties and the title of duke , a distant cousin on the legitimacy of her claim because she is a female.....

Lord William/Will Cavesham 2nd son of the Duke of Langham is summoned by his Great Aunt Lady Stella Paynew to marry Thea as marriage to a upstanding peer can help save her Earldom. Will has been jilted at a young age , is disillusioned & not interested in marriage ...

Will & Thea both do not want to get into a relationship of convenience ...but when they meet each other they get attracted instantly...He gets charmed by Thea's innocence, smart, sensible, bold, loving personality, Thea in turn is charmed by his generous ,helping, kind persona....The love defined ,developing between the two characters is sensual, sizzling chemistry ...

The secondary characters in the book of Stella /Edith are so sweet ,lovable at the same time funny as two old busybodies trying to bring Will & Stella together...The stories written by Janna are character based & her books show the bond, strong relationships, priority between families...

A awesome read where u want to cry, laugh, love... you feel all the emotions ,feelings its so well written , presented....A heart warming book ...Towards the end of the book you feel replete & feel the goodness , cheer the story brings to you...A marvellous plot ,a fast paced book ... enthralling work by Janna ... Please do read i highly recommend this book ...

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This is an excellent read that revolves around Thea who’s grandfather has died and she inherits his Scottish title of Countess of Eanruig but now must defend her right to the title after his heir challenges her right to it. She needs to find a legal paper showing she is entitled to inherit but due to her grandfather’s dementia he has hidden or destroyed the document. In her quest to find the paper she meets William and the attraction is one they both deny but later come to realize they have strong feelings for each other. There is a HEA but a lot happens first and it is an excellent story that is well written and suspenseful. I would highly recommend this as a great read.

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The Rogue Most Wanted demonstrates that Janna MacGregor belongs in the same category as Julia Quinn, Stephanie Laurens, and Eloisa James.

Lady Thea recently inherited a Scottish earldom when her grandfather, the Duke of Ferr-Colby, passes away (Scottish titles can be passed to female heirs). Her grandfather’s English heir is challenging her possession of the title. He wants the property so it can be mined for minerals. Lady Thea is desperate to find proof that she is the rightful heir. Lord William, a neighbor, agrees to help Thea plead her case and navigate the ton while she is in London. After having been jilted, William intends to keep his distance but that isn’t as easy as he anticipates.

MacGregor weaves a satisfying tale of love, loyalty, family, and perseverance. If historical romances are your thing, this is a good one.

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What a captivating story. I really enjoyed the storyline and the characters were well written. I felt how the characters felt and couldn’t put this one down I had to find out how it end. I can’t wait to read more forum this author

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Rogue Most Wanted is a unique story with the title of Earl being inherited by a female. Countess Theodora/Thea Worth has inherited an ancient Scottish title Earl of Eanruig from her deceased grandfather the Duke Ferr-Colby. She is also, inherits her home were she lived with her grandfather Ladykyrk Hall and its estates an total of 100,00 pounds. Thea is rich indeed! But the new Duke a distant cousin has challenge the legitimacy of her claim because she is a female. Females could inherit titles in Scotland but not in England. Thea can't locate the title charter from King Charles granting the title able to pass down to a female heir. She must go before a council in London and plea her case.

Lord William/Will Cavesham 2nd son of the Duke of Langham was jilted at age 19 now 10 years later he is being summon by his Great Aunt Lady Stella Payne. Lady Payne and her best friend Lady Edith has told Will he will marry Thea to help her save her Earldom. I liked these two old bitties. They are kindhearted busybodies.

Once Will and Thea meet they form a great friendship. Both agree at first they should not marry. They work together they stick together to fight the new Duke of Ferr-Colby. Wills entire family supports and accepts Thea. The friendship grows into love.

This is a well written story and it is different in that the title holder or peer is female. Both H/H are loveable well written characters. The entire storyline is what I love about real Historical Romance. It also, had a few sensual scenes at the end of the story giving it that extra something. I love reading about powerful, rich Dukes and there heirs. This story does not let you down. I really didn't want it to end!!

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Absolutely fantastic writing! Ms. MacGregor creates such beautifully detailed scenes and has the rare ability to create enormously complex characters in a relatively short novel.

Plenty of romance, authentic emotions and highly believable circumstances all come together to craft an engaging plot that kept me on the edge of my seat and reading in every free moment I could find!

Thanks the St. Martin’s Press for graciously providing me with an ARC.

Amazon review will be added on pub date.

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LOVED this book! It drew me in from the very first page and kept me hooked until the very last page - I was actually sorry when it ended. This is one of those books that you can't wait to see what happens next, but don't want it to end. I am not a big historical romance fan, but this author's books are on a short list of exceptions. She writes well crafted characters that seem to come alive on the page. Then she puts them in an untenable situation, further restricted by the unwritten rules governing the ton.

Thea finds herself alone on her late grandfather's estate. She spent years caring for him and fulfilling his obligations, however, once he passes, a long lost relative stages a challenge to take her title and estate. She finds herself at the mercy of men and English law governing the inheritance of title, in direct conflict with Scottish law allowing women to inherit. One thing that could help her is to be married, so her elderly neighbor contrives to set her up with her great nephew, Will. Neither Will or Thea have any interest in marrying, but circumstances keep throwing them together, even while the challenger to her title amps up his nastiness.

This is a wonderful book that any romance fan will love. While it is part of a series, this is a stand alone novel, however, the series is so good that you really owe to yourself to read them all. The author is on my must read authors' list.

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This was one of the best books I have read in a while, really enjoyed it I mean I laughed,and yes I cried . The plot was good and so was the ending. Of late the ending in most books have been to quick this one was better you could enjoy it and yes I thoroughly recommend it.

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By far the best book I've read in a long time! The main characters were so likable, the story engaging, and the writing superb. I had to finish the story in one sitting. I absolutely loved it! The whole cast of secondary characters just added so much depth to the story. It was everything I love in a Regency romance. If you have to choose one book this year, make it this one! You won't regret it!

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Raised on a remote Scottish estate by her adoring grandfather, Lady Theodora Worth has inherited an earldom as well as the land itself.When I started reading I couldn't put it down.Janna MacGregor is magnifysent and amazing writer.I cannot wait to read more of there books.Keep up the great work.You should definitely read this book.Can't wait for the next book.

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A lovely romance.

Thea wanted help retaining her lands and turns to her neighbour for help. William's great aunt coerces him to help her neighbour and thus, William and Thea set off to make the most of the time constructing a case which allows Thea to keep her earldom and estate. And what started off as friendship blossoms into love.

I loved this book for all the lovely characters in it. A large family and plenty of friends helping and supporting each other. Rogue Most Wanted is a completely feel-good book.

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