Nightshade's Requiem

Nightshade Chronicles Book 1

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Pub Date 21 Jan 2020 | Archive Date 26 Dec 2021

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An intriguingly great read for anyone looking for a good scare!

Before she died, Cole Nightshade's grandmother taught him how to keep his demons from coming out of their hiding places and wreaking havoc. But none of Nana's lessons have prepared him for Saint Edwards Mental Asylum, where he's landed after a foster-care placement gone wrong.

Saint Edwards has a history of abuse and death that makes itself known to Cole in alarming ways. Walls containing the spirits of prior inmates scream in agony. Young women who once ran from monsters, or from their own pain, leap to their deaths again and again.

The good news: Cole's new friends on the pediatric ward believe him when he tells them what he sees. The bad news: they have a bigger problem than ghosts.

For years, a creature known as the Creeper has been preying on kids in the asylum. Rumor has it that if you catch a glimpse of him, you die. And someone--or something--has been stalking Cole since his first night at Saint Edwards.

An intriguingly great read for anyone looking for a good scare!

Before she died, Cole Nightshade's grandmother taught him how to keep his demons from coming out of their hiding places and wreaking...

Advance Praise

"Haunting and emotionally complex Hains leads us through a novel that keeps us on edge from beginning to end. He's a writer who has a feel for shock rhythms, and as with his previous releases, he is skillful when it comes to keeping us guessing. Spinning his story across disparate time frames whilst chipping away at reality piece by piece as fear and tension mounts. He wants to evoke a sense of terror and he does it on multiple levels.

Atmospheric and genuinely chilling with a twist you won't see coming"

~ BookViral Reviews

"From the outset, we are given lots of extremely creepy situations, some horrifying inside-the-asylum imagery, and the illusion that this story will be a purely supernatural affair. There is plenty of that, but rest assured there's a whole other depth to this tale."

~Brennan Lafaro, Dark Fiction - Book Reviews & Thoughts

"(Nightshade's Requiem) ... could be transformed into a great on-screen horror film. It was well written, page-turning and frightening. The author did an excellent job at creating a truly horrific horror story."

~International Review of Books

."I found Nightshade's Requiem to be a riveting psychological thriller filled with haunting descriptions of a grimy asylum ... Startling twists and unpredictable turns take this story to unforeseen places making this book a fun read from beginning to end. At times, the story reminded me of Stephen King's, The Shining."

~ Literary Titan (Five Stars)  

"An emotional, character-driven story ... powerful, intimate and relatable."

~Home Grown Horror"

"Haunting and emotionally complex Hains leads us through a novel that keeps us on edge from beginning to end. He's a writer who has a feel for shock rhythms, and as with his previous releases, he is...

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*I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I have to say, I really enjoyed this book. It’s my first by this author and won’t be my last. He created a world I got lost in and created characters I really connected with. A five star read that everyone should read!

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This was such a good horror novel. I already preordered the second one in the series! This was definitely an "edge of your seat" kind of book!

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Well written horror that takes mostly place in an insane asylum in 1962. The book occasionally alternates with present day. Cole is 12 when he is sent to the asylum by an abusive foster father. Cole is also psychic. In the asylum he is befriended by some other children. There are creepy ghosts but the most horrifying are the vivid descriptions of the inhumane treatment of the young patients. They were truly stomach turning. It is not for the squeamish. Overall it is a well written book with elements of mystery. I was given a free copy of this book. I am leaving my honest opinion.

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Wow, seriously, this book! At 75% I preordered book II in the series. A unsettling, disturbing and scary story. The main characters are young and you can't help but have empathy for them and their situation. At the same time you want them to seriously kick some ass. What is more harmful to a teen in an asylum: the other patients, ghosts of those who have died on the property, their own psychosis, or the medical staff treating them? Thank you to the author and Netgalley for the review copy of this book. If you love horror, ghost stories, quick, unsettling reads - buy Nightshade's Requiem Book I by Anthony Hains.

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Anthony Hains takes a classic horror plot, splits it between the early Sixties and the present, tosses in a dash of paranormal communication and scared the bejabbers out of me. Cole Nightshade, the main character, is introduced to his new home, Saint Edwards Asylum, by a baby plummeting to a messy death on the front steps of the institution. The story roars on from there. The wrap-up scenes forced me to keep reading until the end. Phew!

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An excellent read, gripping and entertaining. It's got the right creepiness factor and it's well written. It was a good read, recommended Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.

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This is a ghost story, or is it? This is a horror story, or is it? This is a coming of age, rite of passage, story, or is it? So, it’s a story about kid’s in an asylum in 1962 as seen from the point of view of a kid, Cole Nightshade; a kid with E.S.P. There is kindness, horror, friendships, abuse, murder. But it’s also seen from the point of view of a present-day group of people touring the old asylum which is being turned into a tourist attraction. And, perhaps more importantly, it works. It is well written, it flows, it has an excellent ending, it satisfies the reader.

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Cole Nightshade finds himself arriving at St Edward's asylum in 1962 - a boy of 12. Everyone has their demons but in Cole's case they are real. He sees the spirits from the past reenacting events from their lives - not usually the good events.. At St Edward's these are truly gruesome. I am a bit on the shelf about this book. I liked the idea & the story. However, I felt the ending of Cole's 1962 story got a little frantic and convoluted. It was as if the author was trying to put more emphasis on producing gruesome scenes than progressing the actual storyline. I felt with a bit of tweaking to the ending this could have been a very firm 4 stars whereas now I am more inclined to say it is a 3.5 star book. Having said that, I see that it is the start of a series and I would be happy to read further books. The character of Cole is good and I would like to see where else he goes and what he makes of his "gift" of seeing people from the past. I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley.

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The year is 1962. Twelve-year-old Cole Nightshade has always seen demons and his grandmother has taught him ways to cope with them. However, after her death and a disastrous stay in an abusive foster home, he is sent to the St Andrew's Asylum. The asylum has been many things in its long existence, a tuberculosis asylum, a boys' school and now an asylum for the insane and all of these iterations have produced many, often violent, deaths and many ghosts, the worst known as the Creeper. And Cole can see and hear them all. The story is divided between two time periods, 1962 and the present. The asylum is now a tourist attraction and Chaz, a devoted ghosthunter, leads tours, explaining to interested crowds about the supernatural history of the asylum including stories about a young boy known as Twilight Eyes who could see ghosts and his encounter with the Creeper. I will admit I expected little from Nightshade's Requiem by author Anthony Hains except, hopefully, a decent tale of the supernatural, something to entertain without asking anything much of the reader. Happily, there is much more than that here. Throughout the story, it is often unclear how much of what Cole sees is real and how much of it is hallucination, adding more to the mystery, not surprising since Hains is a professor emeritus of psychological counselling specializing in paediatric psychology. He describes the treatment of patients, especially children, during the period and it was often terrible. But along with this glimpse at the treatment of the mentally ill in the middle of the twentieth century, there really is a very good ghost and/or horror story here as well as an interesting coming-of-age tale and it kept me engaged throughout. The book is aimed at a young audience but it is definitely one adults can enjoy. This is the first in a series and I will definitely read others. However, it should be noted that there is quite a bit of violence and abuse against children as well as some very gruesome scenes - none of this seems added simply for sensationalism but it probably wouldn't be a good choice for a child under twelve. <i>Thanks to Netgalley and BooksGoSocial for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review</i>

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You know a horror story is good when you are engrossed in the story but still hearing every creak and seeing every shadow that crosses the room. The book centers around a boy learning how to control his abilities. Then it throws him into an environment where no one is really meant to survive. Goosebumps are guaranteed at least 4 times while reading this book...just so you know. This is a debut in a new series and while it spooked me more than a little, I'm looking for the next one.

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this was a really enjoyable read, the characters were great and I had a lot of fun reading this and being on the edge of my seat.

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Before Cole’s grandmother died, she taught him what to do when he felt overpowered by ghosts and demons. She was the only relative left to take care of him. Why does his foster family take Cole to the insane asylum? As he waits for the nurse, he sees a baby falling down from above him and then the mother — he can’t believe what he saw. He’s afraid to be there as he doesn’t know what will happen to him. St. Edwards Mental Asylum has a history of abuse and death. After being given his physical, Cole meets his first friend. His new friend is asked to give him a tour of the asylum. He makes friends, follows the rules, yet he will have some experiences that he can’t believe. When one of his roommates disappears, Cole can’t help wondering what happen to him. Another friend is so upset, she can’t stop crying. Cole and his friend manage to make an escape by going down the death tunnel but are caught. What will happen to Cole and his friend? The experiences of Cole’s life in the asylum is incredible with seeing how Cole deals with it. It is written with clarity that you know and feel the inmates sadness, pain and kindness that occurs. What amazed me was how the unexpected twists and turns that occur in the book. The ending was unexpected by me — I would never had guessed it. I’ve learned that this to be the first book of a series. I look forward to reading the next book. This is a great horror story. I recommend it to anyone who likes horror to read it.

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