Killer's Bible

by The Man Who Got Away With It

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Pub Date 01 Mar 2020 | Archive Date 18 Mar 2020

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How-to Kill Handbook  for normal people

"Did I really do all of it? Yes, I did. All of it. But there’s no telling. Not straight up. I’d get thirty-to-life."

The real-life diary of ‘Calvin Loch’, a New York lawyer who takes the law into his own hands and murders a man with good reason.

This true-crime memoir catalogues the events that push an attorney to the edge. From office politics to shady dealings, from being love-struck to killing ‘justly’, this first-hand account is a chilling exposé of how a white-collar murderer gets away with it.

The verdict: crimes don’t warrant punishment if done by a balanced ‘bad man’ who believes that he’s doing good.

The author remains at large.

How-to Kill Handbook  for normal people

"Did I really do all of it? Yes, I did. All of it. But there’s no telling. Not straight up. I’d get thirty-to-life."

The real-life diary of ‘Calvin Loch’, a New...

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Full disclosure: I am a lawyer in New York.

In the early chapters of reading this, I felt disgust. Here is a man, who revels in being horrible in the workplace. But on reflection, it's who we lawyers are, beneath our designer suits. In my office, there are 12 men and 4 women lawyers. When the women aren't present the things we say about them would SHOCK YOU. So fair play to "Calvin Loch" for being honest about that. #MeToo

[spoiler alert]

The Killing: my honest feeling is that this book is written in code. What I mean is, "Calvin Loch" alludes to having killed other people, yet he doesn't elaborate on the details. Why? Has he not covered his tracks on those other killings? Or is he lining something up? Did he kill his brother? His mother? The people in the Preface? While lots isn't resolved, I know from experience, how cunning lawyers are. He has something up his sleeve and I for one want to know what it is.

TBC... either on Netflix... or when he's caught

[legal point]
Even if "Calvin Loch" is outed, he isn't guilty unless we can find the bodies and nail him with the murders. I hate to point out the laws short-comings, but this guy is never going to pay for his crimes. Never.

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If you like the Netflix Aaron Hernandez and Don't f#=k with Cats documentaries then this one is for you. An insight into the sick mind of the protagonist left a chill up my spine. The writing is fast, noir, cool and raw, very Jean Claude Izzo. As I say is't dark and not for everyone but for me it was a delight.

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A disturbing novel that demonstrates one never knows what lurks just beyond the surface. The unhinged writing style takes you spiraling into the mind of a man battling his inner demons while struggling to maintain the facade of an upstanding attorney. It's raw. It's tense. It's hard to follow at times. And it will leave you with many questions.
*Thank you to NetGalley and Calvin Loch for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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A refreshing insight into a dark mind. From experience, I can believe an attorney without empathy. That he is also a killer isn't a step too far for me (but that's my own life story speaking). While video games and films are full of mindless violence, it's virtually unheard of for a nasty writer to get published. Netflix clearly beckons.

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If it's real, it's brave. It goes against stereotypes of what's right and wrong. Cops kill 'bad' guys. I know soldiers who have killed many. I guess it's a first person POV of what would turn an attorney to street justice. It shows how broken our system is, over how broken the author/killer is. The anonymous author will be slated, he willl be destroyed for his 'preaching' but that's why I'm saying 5 stars. Thanks for showing us the other side!

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This complex indie thriller highlights the dilemma which faces so many debut authors. Write something stylish, provocative, imaginative and challenging and you may never connect with an audience who would appreciate it. Write a Jack Reacher clone or a domestic drama gussied up as a ‘psychological thriller’ and you stand a better chance of selling some books.

But if the former could find an agent and be promoted by one of the big five publishing houses then it could easily stacked up on the ‘contemporary literature’ shelf, entered for obscure awards and gushed over by the self-perpetuating clique of mainstream media critics.

Killer’s Bible kinda falls into this category. It’ll be too difficult for many casual readers; a seriously twisted stream of consciousness. Imagine American Psycho meets Dexter… sort of. Only it’s darker than Dexter, a veritable torrent of black-hearted bile.

This ambitious ‘memoir’ takes us inside the mind of a hopeless inadequate, a go-nowhere lawyer working in a small town on tedious cases of no consequence for his family firm. Fuelled by his self-loathing, his frustration and rage build to the point where his meticulously constructed form of self-harm no longer contains them, and he lashes out when ‘The Surge’ can’t be suppressed any longer.

Told in the first person with a seemingly random timeline, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s fantasy in Calvin’s world. He claims to have murdered his older brother, beats up on a teenager at the mall and seethes with unrelenting rage at the average joes who surround and oppress him. But Calvin crumbles whenever he’s called out by his colleagues or rivals. To them he’s a weirdo, hostile and unpredictable – and their interactions revolve around necessity, disgust, curiosity and sympathy.

The author evokes a genuinely unpleasant atmosphere that permeates his protagonist. Calvin feels unclean, tawdry and sleazy; a profound misanthrope, scornful of everyone he encounters. He can’t relate to anyone on a personal level and is the very definition of sexual frustration. He continually misinterprets his interactions with women, objectifies his female colleagues, and perceives his assistant only in an erotic context.

If you’re looking for a conventional narrative, a coherent plot with a mystery and a resolution – well, you won’t find it here. The finale is frustratingly ambiguous; if this book starts in the middle then it ends in the middle as well. At times the hectoring, self-indulgent monologue becomes tiresome and repetitive – but there’s an irresistible thread of intrigue which kept me coming back to the narrative.

One really irritating point: the author uses far too many exclamation marks - but I understand that's been fixed in the publication edit...

One thing is certain; after reading this you’ll never be sure about what’s going through the mind of any lawyer you may meet…


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The writing is fast, noir, cool and raw, very Jean Claude Izzo. As I say is't dark and not for everyone but for me it was a delight.

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Killer's Bible is a riveting true story filled with deceit that is a puzzle you have to put together piece. I couldn't put it down. The beginning of the book had me shaking my head and clenching my fist, but as it went on I saw it differently and begin to piece together the puzzle. Definitely a frustrating but fascinating read.

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Killer's Bible by Calvin Loch had a very interesting premise which is why I requested it and it definitely delivered for me. Highly recommended.

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WOW, what a read! The plot was intense, powerful and thrilling and held me captive all the way through! The characters fairly leaped off the page, and the tension was palpable. If you are looking for a book that you just CAN’T put down, then this is DEFINITELY the book for you!

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Thank you to Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Well, a little creepy and scary certainly not for the sqeumish or the faint-hearted. Very raw and explicit.. Not my usual read, but I am pleased I read it.

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A great book, with a gripping story.

I love books that make you feel invested in the characters, and this book did that.

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