I Just Want to Be Super!

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Pub Date 16 Jun 2020 | Archive Date 05 Apr 2022

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One morning, Nino finds a mask that gives him amazing powers. He can’t wait to blast into action! But no one will let him do all the super things he wants to do. Instead, everybody tells him stuff like Put away your dishes. Get dressed. Be CAREFUL.

Will Nino ever get the chance to show how super he can be?

With empathy, humor and exuberant imagination, dynamic writer-illustrator duo Andrew Katz and Tony Luzano tell a story all children will relate to, one about stretching their limits and discovering just what it means to be super.

Fans of Calvin (Calvin and Hobbes), Max (Where The Wild Things Are) and any kid with LOTS of energy will discover a kindred spirit in Nino. There are also character education lessons here, perfect for discussions both in the classroom and at home, on learning to use strength in a way that is positive and conscious of others.

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One morning, Nino finds a mask that gives him amazing powers. He can’t wait to blast into action! But no one will let him do all the super things he wants to do. Instead, everybody tells him stuff...

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Childhood is an adventurous and magical time wherein we know that the world is filled with wonder and superpowers. At the very same time, as children, we are on a learning journey of how to fit in and get along with others, gradually learning that the age old cliche of "there's a time and a place" might just be true.

Wow, what a monumental task to unwind the mixed up ball of us and others. As a therapist, I see both kids and adults navigating this challenge all the time. And what a beautiful journey, learning to appreciate that our gentleness and ability to take care of others might be just as powerful as our boundless energy, and understanding that this boundless energy can be something helpful and useful and welcome when paired with gentleness. Who knew such opposing ideas and feelings could work together and live in the same body? And in the same story!

Learning to appreciate all our superpowers is a beautiful, challenging, lifelong journey. Nino is off to a strong start in this adventurous and magical book.

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Great artwork. Love all the different angles. Give a child’s view of things. Story has lots of great action too.

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At first it’s like you’re following a child with a big imagination throughout his daily routine. He gets more and more upset when he can’t do some things he wants. The story is about how he copes with that. I thought it was a really fun adventure. The drawings were great too. Or should I say “super.”

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Deceptively simple but actually a lot going on. On the surface about a kid who finds a mask that he imagines gives him all kinds of powers as he goes about his day. But also a story about how we use our powers and develop empathy. The kind of story that can be re-read many times and find new things in it.

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The story shows how imagination can transform everything that a kid does in an ordinary day, making even getting dressed or putting away the dishes “super.” It also shows how imagination can help us to understand other points of view. In this case, the boy, Nino, uses his imagination to understand the impact of his actions on others. The story has lots of layers that people will be able to read in different ways. And wow for the illustrations, which are pretty stunning.

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I Just Want to be Super is a compelling story full of fun and whismy about a boy called Nino who dons mask which gives him superpowers and super-energy. The writing is rythmic and catchy; action words and onomatopea are artfully used to convey the high-energy nature of the narrative and main character. The illustrations are clean and equally dynamic. Perspective is used to great effect to illustrate Nino's would-be superpowers.

This book clearly conveys the imagination and energy (some would say hyperactivity) of little boys . It is a fun read, with a direct style and a touch of poetry towards the end.

All in all, this is a great book. Kids will love it.

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A great story of imagination, how to have fun, and how to be super. Kept my kids entertained and interested. My 3 year old immediately wanted to have it read to him again! When asked what they liked best, my daughter loved the cat and my son the idea of being a superhero.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the chance to read this book.

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This was a cute little book. My son enjoyed it. The takeaway from the story for me was little boys are indeed super and can do so much 😊 The illustrations in this book are adorable. The story kept my ten month old interested 🤗

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I have a son with a TON of extra energy and this was a rare book that appealed to him and to us. The cover just caught our attention right away. The author shows that kids who are really energetic and may not have the same attention span of other kids have something special to teach us. The artwork and color in the book are incredible. I love that the family supports Nino but also sets his boundaries without making him feel small. We have struggled with this in our family and I just love the representation of love for this very special kid. I lam grateful for the perspective that this book gives to families like ours but I think the book will appeal to every kid who wants to feel loved and accepted for all of their gifts. It's a thoughtful but very fun book.

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My son and I really enjoyed dynamic artwork of this book, bring the energy and dynamism of the story to life.
It's great to see how a young boy's imagination is brought to life in his everyday tasks and activity. Also great parallel with superhero stories, but once again age appropriate.

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Vibrant illustrations (and I mean very vibrant and colorful) catch the reader’s eye, along with an adventurous story that a wide range of readers can enjoy. Nicely done!

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This cute book is one of the most active picture books I have ever read. I find this book to be really stimulating and effective seeing it as an effort to encourage the kids to have an active imagination as well as a way to tell them when to not go overboard with it. I love how the illustrations make this book so interesting and lively! The cat is so adorable. And the family seems amazing. I appreciate the fact that while reading this book, I felt like the book is actually written by a child and not from an adult's perspective. I really, really appreciate this. Somehow most of the picture books seem like they are written by adults in a way how we adults imagine the world of kids may be. So this particular book stands out.

Thank you #NetGalley for the copy of this book #IJustWanttobeSuper!

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Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for this book. I just read it to my son and he thought it was SUPER funny! A quick read like this is my go to for short stories!

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A young boy ends up with a mask that gives him super powers. He quickly discovers the fun that can come with having super powers. He also has to be gentle with this super powers which he discovers after meeting a monster who wants to harm one of this friends. Children will enjoy the illustrations and the book has a nice message.

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My little one was immediately drawn to this book because of the amazing cover. He is extremely into anything involving super heroes at the moment! Nino is a little boy who finds a super hero mask that gives him awesome powers! He is full of energy, but no one seems to be letting him do all the things he wants to do in order to be super! It's all about learning to use your "special powers" in a positive, mindful, and constructive way. The illustrations were beautiful and colorful, and I loved how you were able to see inside Nino's imagination from his point of view.

*Thanks to NetGally and CrackBoom! Books for providing a copy of this Ebook - All thoughts and opinions are my own**

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Cute story about how one can be super doing everyday things and how when things aren't the way you want, there are other options. The illustrations were fun and colorful. I think I'll definitely be able to incorporate this into storytimes.

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Very cute picture book about a boy who finds a mask that gives him super powers. With it he learns that, as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility.

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