His Scream Queen

B Mine, Book 3

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Pub Date 23 Apr 2020 | Archive Date 11 May 2020

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When Lucio Argento is dumped by Amteep High’s most popular girl, he plots revenge in a way he's certain will crush her. He convinces Jamie Blair - the target of his ex’s bullying - into doing a makeover that will garner enough votes for her to be Prom Queen. What he doesn't expect is to fall for Jamie, or to become her willing accomplice in uncovering who is behind the spate of deaths of animals in their community. When their classmates begin to die in the most horrific ways, Lucio and Jamie discover dark supernatural forces are at work, and unless they can conjure a miracle, everyone will die at Prom.


When Lucio Argento is dumped by Amteep High’s most popular girl, he plots revenge in a way he's certain will crush her. He convinces Jamie Blair - the target of his ex’s bullying -...

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His Scream Queen by Brooklyn Ann is part Pygmalion, part Carrie, part Prom Night, and 100% fun! I enjoyed the campy horror novel so much I devoured it in one sitting. Brittney Shaw is the most popular girl in school. She's rich and is the head cheerleader, but she's also smart and knows how to get exactly what she wants in life. . . no matter what she has to do to get it. Right now she wants nothing more than to be elected her school's Prom Queen. She begins working towards this goal by dumping her boyfriend, Lucio Argento, because he doesn't hav the right social status to be her Prom King. Lucio decides to get some revenge by making sure that another girl is chosen as Prom Queen. After Lucio witnesses Brittney bully Jamie Blair, he decides he will help transform Jamie from a girl Brittney sees as unpopular :trailer trash" into a Prom Queen. I don't want to spoil the bool, but what ensues is just pure fun. It felt very much like an 80's era horror film full of blood and gore! As a child of the 80's, the cultural references were spot on and while reading this book I could picture the fashion, makeup, and hair in my head. . . not to mention hear the songs in my head. Was it a little cheesy, yes! But it was intentional cheese and just a fun-filled read! I was unaware that this was the third in the B Mine book series and I am not ashamed to admit that I've already ordered Books 1 and 2 and can hardly wait to read them. I'll also be checking out more from Brooklyn Ann.

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It's 1984--the year I graduated! So, I'm definitely in, and this is a book you'll want to get in! His Scream Queen is the ultimate in 1980's books. If you love books from this era, this is one you'll read more than once. It's took me back to a time I'd like to live again!

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Someone is kidnapping animals and killing them mercilessly.

When Brittney dumps Lucio, he wants revenge. But he cannot do this alone, he needs help. Enters Jamie, a girl who is relentlessly bullied by the popular girl herself. Lucio, when explained his own plan of making Jamie the prom queen and snatching the title from Brittney, she is dubious. Still she agrees to his crazy plan. But as they spend time together, Lucio starts to fall for her and surely that wasn't in the plan.

On the other hand, Brittney is dead serious in securing her spot and will go to any extend to keep it that way. Even if it means killing a few innocents in the process. Her actions are backed up by some dark and corrupted force that should not have been meddle with on the first place. But its too late for that.

What happens when the supernatural gets unleased? The summoner was never in control but sure enough was be a host for him.

If you are a fan of slasher movies or novels then you must give this book a shot. When I read the blurb, I thought Lucio is the bad guy but as it turns I was wrong. I liked Lucio and Jamie, they were amazing lead characters. The first half was a little slow but the second half of the book, in my opinion was fast paced and the climax scene was absolutely fantastic. The supernatural elements and elaboration made the book uniquely captivating.

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I enjoyed this book, which is an ode to slasher movies and contains quite a few odes to one of my favorite horror movie directors, Dario Argento. I did not know there were other books in the series when I began, and thought it still worked well as a stand alone. This author has a great sense of humor and this book has enough 80s cultural references to appeal to today’s kids and their parents alike. A fun read. Thanks to NetGalley for the early copy in exchange for my honest review.

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I have read a few of Brooklyn Ann books, so when I saw a horror romance (my 2 favourite genre's) I was excited to read it. I won't lie it took me awhile before I got into it, I didn't read the first one and will go back and read it. I did enjoy how it took place in the 80's, and the revenge plot. Am looking forward to reading more of the B series.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the advance read, I voluntarily read and reviewed all opions are my own.

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It's a Brooklyn Ann Horror story, duh! Of course I'm going to fall head over heels for it. In the lastest installment of her B-Movie inspired series, Brooklyn Ann twists Cinderella, 80's rom-com tropes, horror revenge plots and sincere respect for the time period and her characters into a truly dazzling, slightly horrifying tale. 5 Stars!

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Minor Spoilers

‘I’ve been inside you for days. I can have you whenever I choose. And if you don’t feed me, I’ll help myself. And if I have to help myself, I will have a feeding he likes of which this world hasn’t seen in many years.”-Scar

Much to my chagrin, I had no idea that there was a follow up or third installment in the ‘B Mine’ series. ‘His Final Girl’ was enthralling and captivated my attention until the very end, so when I saw that this was available for request on NetGalley, I immediately downloaded it. I was not disappointed.

Brooklyn Ann takes inspiration from giallo horror on this one. Lucio Argento has recently been dumped by the snobby and bitchy Brittney, and instead of sulking in sorrow and misery, he decides to exact revenge on her by abolishing her chances of receiving the crown at senior prom. He needs to find another top contender to fulfill his mission for retribution, and that’s where the trailer park beauty Jamie Blair comes in. There’s just one catch: Lucio and Jamie aren’t merely competing against Brittney, they’re up against a demonic force, At the same time, Lucio embellishes Jamie as a pawn in his menacing scheme, but falls for her just as quickly. The ‘B Mine’ collection is a crossover series for Brooklyn Ann, who specializes in cult romance. I’m not a big fan of this specific genre, and there is corny love stuff in here, but Brooklyn presents it in such a tasteful manner. It really is reminiscent of those cheesy 80s slashers with terrible acting and trashy nude scenes.

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This book was everything. It was a romance meets killings and blood and sacrifice. I don't usually read horror books, so I was surprised at how easy this book was to get into, and I found myself shocked at different parts in the story with the way classmates died. It also almost felt like a mystery at points as the main characters Lucio and Jamie had to discover what was really happening in their town so they could find a way to stop the evil.

The book starts off weird and creepy and the tone stays that way throughout which I really liked. There were sweet and steamy romantic moments in this book, but there was just enough of a sinister undertone to keep you on the edge as you waited for the hammer to drop. The characters, even the evil ones, were all interesting, and I liked how class differences played a role in how the characters interacted. The book seemed like a precautionary tale to what happens when you get greedy and also a warning to not play around with magic when you don't know what you're doing. There was nothing I really disliked about the book as I thought it was a quick and enjoyable read. I've never seen Carrie before but now I'm interested in prom horror plots, so it's on my list to watch now. I also definitely want to read more of the author's books now

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The author did a great job on this "Supernatural" / Stephen King type story. It had high school cliques, relationships and other teenaged angst. Though this one had a girl who summoned a demon to get her family to a higher social class and in turn to be the most popular girl at school. But also the deadliest. Lucio and Jamie who start out as acquaintances and become so much more, figure it out but can they stop her? This story was tubular. I received a copy from Netgalley and my review is voluntary.

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Lucio Argento (what a great name, horror movie fans!) is dumped on Christmas eve by the beautiful-yet-evil Brittany because he's not prom king material. In an effort to antagonize her, Lucio decides to find a girl to beat her at prom queen, choosing the beautiful but poor Jamie. Unfortunately for the two of them - and everyone that pisses her off - Brittany has been dabbling with a demon for several years, giving him bigger and bigger sacrifices in exchange for her father's promotion, thicker hair, clearer skin, and a more expensive wardrobe. It began with small animals, but the sacrifices have been getting larger and the demon demands more. And why not get rid of your rivals while simultaneously feeding your pet demon?! Except the demon is starting to take over and Brittany can no longer control him. And all hell is going to break loose if Brittany isn't crowned queen...

The author's note calls this book: "a mishmash of American '80s high school angst, giallo-style kills, and a hefty dose of my own usual weirdness." I'd say it's a pretty good description. References to trapper keepers, Prime Time Video, and Mad Dog 2020 will leave every '80s kid feeling nostalgic. It's like Carrie meets Night of the Demons meets Pretty in Pink, with a little Suspiria thrown in for good measure. A sweet, tender love story with a spattering of sacrifices and a demon, wherein the awkward outcast gets to have a good time at the prom. Or does she...?

A wonderful tribute to our youth.

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HIS SCREAM QUEEN is the third book in Brooklyn Ann’s horror/romance “B Mine” series, which is heavily influenced by delightfully cheesy “B” horror films from the 1980s. In this installment the themes are prom-pocalypse, makeovers, and demonic possession. Brittney Shaw is the resident “HBIC” or “head bitch in charge” of the popular clique at Amteep High circa 1984. What the reader knows before many of the characters do, is that Brittney is also making sacrifices to a demon to get what she wants. Even though I, as the reader, knew who the villain in this story was and what she was doing before the main characters, it didn’t ruin my enjoyment of the story. After the main couple fall for each other, they play detective to piece together the bad things happening around town.

As a reader, I think you either like YA or New Adult fiction or you don’t. I was initially slow to warm to this story because Brittney’s comments and internal dialogue sounded insipid – but that’s because that’s who the character is. As a villainess, Brittney combines a vapid and shallow personality with a malignant evil. As with other books by Brooklyn Ann, the strengths in HIS SCREAM QUEEN are the believability and emotional resonance of the relationships between the characters, and the storytelling. After being dumped by Brittney and seeing her for who she is (although still initially clueless about her violent hobbies), Lucio Argento plans to take away the one thing that seems to matter most to her – being Prom Queen. He finds it particularly fitting if the girl to snatch the crown from her is somebody she bullied for years. I like how Lucio is very up-front with Jamie Blair about his reasons for wanting to mold her into the perfect potential usurper Prom Queen. I hate when a hero’s motivations in a situation like that is kept hidden from the heroine. Although he was a part of the popular clique for a while, Lucio was more of a novelty and outsider. However, his time spent in that group, gives him insight into what Jamie needs to do to win. In addition to the makeover plot and shy girl-meets-cool guy romance, Brooklyn Ann throws in a paranormal and malevolent twist to this tale of teen love. For me, the book gets better as the story progresses. The danger increases tenfold as the feelings between Lucio and Jamie deepen. There are so many things I like about this book. While the characters are realistically flawed, I like the hero’s self-awareness and sensitivity. I like the hero and heroine bond over playing detective. I also appreciate the Snow White allusions – whether they were intentional or not – like the heroine’s color palette and the evil “queen” summoning something evil in a mirror.

HIS SCREAM QUEEN has a charming teen romance and an insidious evil that proves to be a compelling mix. The friendships in HIS SCREAM QUEEN are realistic and made the book more enjoyable. Unlike with all the cheesy 80s horror films I’ve watched, Brooklyn Ann makes you feel sympathy for all of Brittney’s human victims. While they may not have been perfect, each of them had qualities that made you believe they’d mature and live a more well-rounded life if given the chance. That vanquishing of hope and promise is somehow more tragic than the actual gory murder method they are eventually subjected to. I look forward to reading Brooklyn Ann’s next “B Mine” romance.

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