Overcoming Doubts and Doubters

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Pub Date 20 Oct 2020 | Archive Date 01 Jul 2021

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WALL STREET JOURNAL Bestselling Business Book

Don’t let anyone crush your dreams! Whatever you want to achieve, no matter how hard it might seem, you owe it to yourself to read this book.

Undaunted will inspire you to move past your fears and defy the doubters. It doesn’t matter whether you feel confident; it matters what you actually do.

Author Kara Goldin turned her unsweetened flavored water into one of the most successful beverage businesses of our time and has been named one of InStyle’s Badass 50, Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business, Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs and EY Entrepreneur of the Year for Northern California.

Undaunted is a rare opportunity to gain insights and proven advice unlike anything you’ll find in the conventional business press. Kara combines real honest stories from her life with observations that might just change how you think about your own.

Whether you want to get healthy, start a company, break an addiction, find a new career or just grow in life, Undaunted will inspire you to just go for it and help you find the courage to get there.

As she started to achieve her goals, Kara found herself being called “fearless”, “confident” and even “unstoppable,” but nothing could be further from the truth. In Undaunted she shares real stories about her own fears and doubts, the challenges she encountered and what she did to overcome them to eventually build a great business and a life she loves.

Her secret? Be Undaunted.  Deal with your fears. Move forward despite uncertainty. Turn criticism into motivation. Just go for it!

Setbacks will come, but Kara shows you can learn from failures and frustrations and keep advancing toward your true purpose. What if not having “the right” credentials or vast industry experience was the secret to making things happen?  And what if we didn’t let our fear of failure stop us?

Part autobiography, part business memoir and lots of insights on self-development, Undaunted offers inspiring stories that impart lessons that any reader can apply to their own path.  While most motivational business and life books try to offer quick fixes, Undaunted focuses on long-term success, showing you how to take control of breaking down barriers and moving forward. Undaunted won’t solve your problems and challenges. You will. But it will help you see through other’s experiences that it’s possible to do so.

Accept your fears, but decide to be Undaunted.

WALL STREET JOURNAL Bestselling Business Book

Don’t let anyone crush your dreams! Whatever you want to achieve, no matter how hard it might seem, you owe it to yourself to read this book.


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I didn’t read this book because I want to launch a business or product, and I didn’t read it because I love Hint water. Until today, when I decided I needed to rush to the store and try this, I’ve never even tried Hint water. I live in a small town and it has been hard to come by, and I hated all the other water brands I tried (too sweet or tasted sour and rotten). Wow, was I pleasantly surprised! Now I’m a fan. But this review is for the book, not the water. I read the story because I love reading people’s stories, their successes and setbacks and what made them successful, and I love the idea of being undaunted. This was a great story. She explains where she came from, how she launched a business out of her kitchen, and great tips that could help anyone in any situation whether it’s working for someone else, starting a business, or even your personal life. It’s a cross between memoir, self-help, inspirational, and business. The story was engaging. I couldn’t stop reading and had it finished within a day. It’s hard not to know something about the water, but to know about the creator was inspiring to read. It doesn’t push the water or the company, but I’m grateful to know more about a product I have now fallen in love with. She’s a great writer, and it was interesting to learn so much about product creation and distribution. She also talks about courage, facing doubters, and overcoming setbacks and fears. Inspiring and encouraging to see all the things we can accomplish if we just do so. Also great examples in how we should treat people. An interesting, all-around read that I highly recommend.

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I follow Kara Goldin on Twitter, which made me extremely excited to read this book. I love reading about women who start their own business and this book did not disappoint. Chock full of meaningful advice and motivation, this was a great read about an inspiring woman.

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Motivating, inspirational and absolutely unforgettable. Kara Goldin's (audio)book is the perfect resource for an aspiring female entrepreneur like myself, bur frankly, also for anyone looking for a healthy dose of "just do it" encouragement, Prior to reaching for this buisness & career self-help book (and part memoir), I'd never heard of Kara Goldin. who is the Founder and CEO of Hint, Inc., who produce unsweetened flavored water called Hint. Her book is endorsed by such successful people as Sheryl Sandberg, John Legend, author Adam Grant and CEO of JPMorgan Chase Jamie Dimon - so as an aspiring businesswoman, I've also read a couple of other books published by HarperCollins Leadership lately and all were really good, so I had to get my hands on it. Ladies and Gentlemen, this book is very good. Kara gives such innovative, useful and inspiring advice that while I was simultaneously reading and listening to her book (also narrated by the author), I was taking highlighting and taking lots of notes for future reference. She is not afraid of getting personal or discussing her many failures - something I truly value in an author putting herself out to the world. Each chapter is built on different anecdotes from Kara's process of building and running a business and is paired with advice for business and life. I highly recommend it. *Thank you to the Publisher for a free advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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It isn’t hard to find a book written by successful entrepreneurs who share their stories of success and the principles anyone can follow to achieve their dreams. But it is incredibly hard to find a book that gives you the full picture of how they did it from day one, along with all the nitty gritty details that budding entrepreneurs and business professionals always wonder about. Undaunted by Kara Goldin, the founder of Hint, is one of those rare exceptions.. Read More https://booksuplift.com/undaunted-overcoming-doubts-and-doubters/

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A risk taker who knew that there was a way. Kara Goldin's 'Undaunted" shows how she did not let fear stop her from going after what she knew could be achieved. Her eyes never left the goal. Her persistence is a model for any entrepreneur who is looking to push through their fears and dive in and make it happen. Kara shows how it can be done, even when told that it can't be. Thank you #netgalley for allowing me to read an advanced copy.

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