Adventure Stories for Daring Girls

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Pub Date 31 Jul 2020 | Archive Date 31 Aug 2020


A beautifully illustrated and inspiring collection of 15 classic children's stories. 

These narratives from around the world showcase strong, charismatic, independent heroines who know their own minds, and make their own decisions. 

Meet Dorothy Gale, who freed faraway Oz from a terrible tyrant; Hua Mulan, who became a mighty warrior, legendary throughout ancient China; clever and powerful goddess Athena of Greek myth, who went toe-to-toe with Poseidon; and many more.

These heroines certainly aren't reduced to waiting at home while boys have adventures ... they strike out on their own with self-confidence, imagination, wit, and courage. They live without restraint or narrowly defined roles. 

Inspire the world-changing women of the future to dream big, by fueling their imaginations with relatable and aspirational role models. A book that belongs on every bookshelf; ideal for children aged 8+.

Stories include: 
• Gerda and the Snow Queen (Denmark)
• Hua Mulan (China)
• Heidi (Switzerland)
• Alice in Wonderland (UK)
• Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz (USA)
• Athena and Poseidon's Contest for Athens (Greece)
• Hinemoa and Tutanekai (Maori, NZ)

ABOUT THE SERIES: Inspiring Heroines brings together classic children's tales which have amazing women and girls at their center who smash stereotypes. These characters defy gender-expectations and provide positive role models for young readers.

A beautifully illustrated and inspiring collection of 15 classic children's stories. 

These narratives from around the world showcase strong, charismatic, independent heroines who know their own...

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ISBN 9781398800519
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Featured Reviews

This was a delightful and beautiful collection of short stories about daring girls and fairytales. These stories were all short but wonderfully told and captures the true essence of the lovely girls and their courage in each story. Filled with magic, courage, and stunning artwork, this was such a great collection of stories. I would highly recommend this for all kids and everyone of all ages. I found this collection to be absolutely stunning and so diverse in it's collection of stories.
* Thank you Netgalley for sending me an arc in exchange for an honest review*

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These stories featuring classic female heroines is beautifully illustrated! The author's message of independence is an important one that young girls need to hear and I think this book does a great job of getting it across in an entertaining way.

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Thank you to Samantha Newman, Arcturus Publishing, and NetGalley for a free advanced copy of Adventure Stories for Daring Girls in exchange for an honest review. I always find myself seeking out more books in this vignette style, as I love reading about a couple of people or events each night. I quickly found myself finishing this all in one sitting!

I loved the premise of taking commonly heard stories or myths and altering them. Some popular stories include Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Mulan, and myths such as the story of Athena. I thought each story was clever and enticing. I found myself wanting more and more once I finished each story. My favorite story was Hinemoa's Great Swim, that showed young girls they can achieve anything they desire if they are willing to work for it and to simply believe in yourself.

The artwork in this collection was also absolutely breath-taking. Each image shared its own story and pushed the story even further to show just how young some of these girls were when accomplishing so many incredible feats.
One thing I really loved about this collection was the amount of diversity provided. There seemed to be a story for every little girl from every little background. With that being said, I will absolutely be recommending this to all young girls in my life for both the joy of reading and the knowledge that it can present on cultures.

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My rating: 4.5/5

‘Adventure Stories for Daring Girls’ was like a breath of fresh air, and I wish a younger me could have read it growing up.

Samantha Newman’s ‘Adventure Stories for Daring Girls’ is a lovely collection of children’s tales bringing together 15 stories from around the world: amongst others stories from Russia, Denmark, Greece and New Zealand appear in the book. Filled with so many gorgeous illustrations by Khoa Le, ‘Adventure Stories for Daring Girls’ is one of those books I wished I had a physical copy. The illustrations have been definitely a bonus aspect of this wonderful collection of inspiring stories with adventurous heroines.

Perhaps one of the most important messages from ‘Adventure Stories for Daring Girls’ appears already in the introduction. ‘Being brave doesn’t mean you never get afraid. It means that you can carry on ten when you are afraid!’, the reader learns and is invited to meet all the inspiring and courageous girls featuring the collection. But friendship and love are also highlighted in all of those tales.

I really loved how the book incorporated so many stories from around the world. Growing up in Poland, and then living in the UK as well as being a quite well-read person, I have known a majority of the stories included in ‘Adventure Stories for Daring Girls’, but I still discovered a few new ones, like ‘Heidi’s New Adventures’ and ‘Chimidyue and the Butterfly’.

While the stories in the book are aimed at the younger audience, children aged 7-11, I do believe that anyone can find something new and important in ‘Adventure Stories for Daring Girls’. The stories are quite short, considering the target audience, but I really loved the fact that each story was accompanied by the title from each it was adapted and the country of origin. Not only it highlighted the diversity of stories featured in ‘Adventure Stories for Daring Girls’, but it also allows a reader to explore the tale they really enjoyed in detail if they choose to.

While a diverse in origins and characters, I wish that ‘Adventure Stories for Daring Stories’ have been more inclusive of different relationships with tales in the book featuring mostly heteronormative relationship where the love story was presented. Unfortunately, classic children’s stories luck diversity in this aspect.

But overall, I have enjoyed Samantha Newman’s collection and I would recommend it to both children and adults alike. Everyone needs a little courage and adventure, especially in the current climate!

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Adventure Stories for Daring Girls by Samantha Newman is a collection of short stories of female heroines. Full of adventures, great for any age.

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This beautiful book is a cornucopia of 15 inspiring and thought-provoking stories from around the world. The striking thing is the range of situations the main characters are in but their unifying thread is determination. There are many noble morals and quotes in this book which are timeless and worthy of being shared and embraced.

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These collections of stories are wonderful. While some are familiar stories from our childhood, others are new from around the world. I love that they promote the power of girls! Girls can be daring, brave and adventurous and all girls deserve to read about this type of heroine and to see themselves represented in books!

Alongside other similar volumes, I would be very tempted to create a girl power display in the library!

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This book was so lovely the unlimited feminist fairytales for kids or people of any age. I think boys and girls alike could get something out of these story and the illustrations are stunning too! Really recommend this one from the first story to the last it took my back to my childhood. All 15 stories were so worth while but the Mulan retelling was my favourite.

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I'm always reading children's books because it is the only gift I'd like to give to children. (And yes, I adore the books too!) Adventure Stories for Daring Girls is a beautiful book, and I'm sure all children will enjoy it.
Reading about heroines from all over the world was fascinating! I think a story before sleep would be perfect because they are short, exciting and familiar at the same time. And I'm sure it'll be fun for adults as well. Oh, I'm in love with illustrations!

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I was so excited when i got approved for this book from Netgalley! I love (fairy)tales and folklore stories. This book is everything I love. Nice stories, beautiful pictures and every stories have a perfect amount of pages. This book is perfect for young and older girls BUT I also recommend to read these to your lil boys. I really appreciated the fact that the stories come from all over the world. Some I just discovered and I’m 37! If you want to revisit old classics it’s a good time too; they are resume and you get to know what they are about. A lot of them are heartwarming, some give you good life morales and some are just fun to read. Perfect for bedtime stories this book will be in my family bookshelf for sure because I’m gonna buy it.

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