13 1/2 Reasons Why NOT To Be A Liberal

And How to Enlighten Others

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Pub Date 10 Nov 2020 | Archive Date 17 Nov 2020

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"Antifa leftists may still burn this book, but more than a few center-left individuals will read 13 1/2 Reasons Why NOT to Be a Liberal and develop a new respectful understanding of conservatism.” — Dinesh D’Souza

“A must-read for those determined to defeat the unhinged left.” — Roger Stone

Although conservatives outnumber liberals in 44 out of 50 states, it’s a situation conservatives know very well in today’s contentious political environment: Conservatives often find themselves in discussions with liberals who relentlessly hammer conservatives with insults, accusations, and unfounded assumptions about conservatism.


The answer is: 13 1/2 Reasons Why NOT to be a Liberal: And How To Enlighten Others, the conservative playbook to persuasive facts and arguments that detail the policies, accomplishments, and often-ignored compassionate nature of the conservative philosophy. Presented in an easy-to-access format, Judd Dunning’s ideological treatise will empower readers not only to hold their own in an argument with a liberal, but also to change hearts and minds, or at worst, preserve a few more mutually respectful relationships with more ease, clarity, and dignity.

Both a current and timeless conservative philosophical and argumentative manifesto made for conservative, right-leaning, independent, libertarian or “on the fence” Americans who are both passionate about politics and love being Americans.

If you can't achieve a win-win civil discussion with a liberal, at least you can use 13 1/2 Reasons Why NOT to be a Liberal to land some clear, intelligent blows. You will no longer serve as a liberal's doormat. You can maintain your pride and then move on to someone who really wants to both talk and listen. A "Freethinker"… probably a conservative!


"Antifa leftists may still burn this book, but more than a few center-left individuals will read 13 1/2 Reasons Why NOT to Be a Liberal and...

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Featured Reviews

13 1/2 Reasons Not To Be A Liberal and Enlighten Others is a gem of a book. Author Judd Dunning clearly presents the liberal side of the topics today that can be guaranteed to get folks’ panties in a knot and then calmly presents the well documented (and end-noted) facts that counter liberal claims. This is a highly readable book, not at all pretentious or stuffy. Our Founders valued liberty far above all. They valued equality of opportunities, not equality of outcomes. We have different talents that lead in different directions. They put constraints on the power of government. Mr. Dunning has no problem criticizing both parties when policies have attempted to pre-engineer an outcome at the expense of liberty. I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book from NetGalley. Most highly recommend.

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I received an advance copy of 13 1/2 Reasons Why NOT To Be A Liberal, by Judd Dunning. Judd is a former liberal. This book is a great logical read, Its gives you help to have a discussion with a liberal, and maybe at the same time convert them.

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This book was so great. I really liked the set of having one overarching point, stating the liberal arguments, and then countering them with facts. It was really well written and defended the conservative viewpoint with facts and logic. I also really appreciated the look into the Hollywood leftism. This is great for people who liked "Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies".

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Thank you to NetGalley and the Publisher for allowing me to read an advance copy.
On Netgalley, this book had many thumbs down for it's cover.
Though I know the real reason is the Title. It's very threatening to tolerant Liberals. I should know, I was one. No one "down votes" any other book on NetGalley. It's a sad commentary on where we are and have been for the better part of 2000.
This book made me laugh (that's a compliment!) I had no idea who Judd Dunning was until I started reading this book. It's not laugh out loud funny, but it has it's humorous moments and doesn't take everything so seriously.
I've been reading Conservative books since about 2007.
I'd read books similar to Dunning's book (comparing/contrasting the differences of the parties). However, what makes this different from the rest is that flows so easily. It helped me understand Capitalism in way that was really never explained before.
I feel like it's almost impossible to change a liberals mind when everywhere they look, they are told they are brilliant and anyone else is a fool. But this book will make you feel more confident when conversing with a liberal and give you the ability to walk away with smile instead of a grimace.

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13 1/2 Reasons Why NOT To Be A Liberal: And How to Enlighten Others by Judd Dunning, with Eric Golub, is a very highly recommended guide to talking to any liberal.

Dunning has the facts, research, and all the information collected here to help you answer all the insults, accusations, lies, and unfounded assumptions that are constantly yelled out to those who are conservative. It truly is a must-read guide. You may know much of the information here, but it is wonderful to have a comprehensive guide all prepared for you that presents it in an organized, logical fashion. If you are tired of liberals yelling illogical and clueless things at you, this will help you reply with confidence and clarity using facts, reason, and logic. Dunning has everything organized, with Liberal arguments (or rants and lies) followed by the facts. There may be a movement to rewrite or erase history, but there are still plenty of us who do know our history and facts. (Although I have this review copy, I am buying my own hardcover copy.)

Chapter 1: Big Government Fails at (Almost) Everything - Republican Party Small Government Pro-Growth Platform
Chapter 2: Life Is Not Fair and People are Inherently Unequal- Free-Market Capitalism and Individual Liberty
Chapter 3: Big Green Elephant - Climate Change, Responsible Progress, and Real versus Junk Science

Chapter 4: You Are Not a Bigot - Colorblind Conservatism and the Myth of the GOP as Racist
Chapter 5: Justice Does Not Need an Adjective - Constitutionalism, Social Justice, and Special Rights
Chapter 6: Life Is Not a Safe Space - Free Speech versus Leftist Political Correctness
Chapter 7: American Exceptionalism Is Not a Hate - Patriotism, Excellence, and Gratitude
Chapter 8: Jews and Christians Don’t Blow Up Airlines - Judeo-Christian Values Are American Values

Chapter 9: Freedom Is Not Free, Might Does Make Right, and Reluctant Interventionism Is Just - Strong Military and Foreign Policy
Chapter 10: Guns for (Almost) Everyone - Criminals by Definition Do Not Obey Laws
Chapter 11: Every Nation Secures Its Borders - Immigration
Chapter 12: Violent Anarchic Mobs Are Bad - The Decline of Law, Order, and Civility

Chapter 13: Facts Trump Feelings and Deeds Trump Words - Results Trump Everything

PART V Bonus Chapter
Chapter 13½: Babies Are Beautiful and So Are Women’s Rights - Abortion
Conclusion: First Principles, Final Thoughts

Disclosure: My review copy was courtesy of Humanix Books.
After publication the review will be posted on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Although I share many of the same political economic views as Judd Dunning, I was not familiar with him prior to reading this book. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for giving an ARC in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This book is an excellent read for anyone want to learn more about modern conservative positions. It offers great detail and many specifics examples backed by evidence and history. Dunning is a former Democratic activist/ passionate liberal and provides an excellent understanding of both the liberal and conservative topics discussed in this book. This book is very relevant in Fall 2020. It discusses the COVID 19 pandemic , the George Floyd riots and the extensive history of Joe Biden’s long political career. The book also discusses important topics such as immigration, free speech and the Second Amendment. The thirteen reasons are discussed in a manner that looks at the liberal position and provides the conservative The “half “ reason chapter was more of an emotional and personal discussion by the author on the highly controversial topic of abortion.. I found this book did not change any of my political views but it did give me more information to support them and also provided me with a better understanding of the topics.

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