Pixieland Diaries #3

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Pub Date 30 Mar 2021 | Archive Date 30 Jun 2021

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If you don’t like pixies, then don’t read this diary.

And if you don’t like feisty pixies who become queen while cherishing their so-called attitude problems? Definitely turn away right now.

I’m a pixie who rules as Queen of the Summer Fae and yet, I’m also the proud owner of a very cheeky personality. What can I say? It works for me. Or it does until an evil sorcerer plans to destroy all of Faerie. The Usurper.

To defeat this deadly mage, I team up with my elf crush, Dare. He’s a Prince of the Winter Realm and just awesome in general. Together, we face this threat like two pointy-eared bosses. Sure, it's a dangerous quest, but things get way worse when the unthinkable happens...

Dare is kidnapped.

Will I give up? Hell, no. But I will crash an ice polo pony tournament in a bikini. Then I’ll kick some sparkly fairy butt and save the day.

Because that’s how we saucy pixie queens get stuff done.

***A 40,000-word diary written by Calla***

Pixieland Diaries Series

1. Pixieland Diaries

2. Calla

3. Dare

4. Winter Prince

5. Ley Queen


If you don’t like pixies, then don’t read this diary.

And if you don’t like feisty pixies who become queen while cherishing their so-called attitude problems? Definitely turn away right...

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I went into this book with high expectations and somehow this managed to smash them all and then some! Calla is one of my favourite characters to read about, she is funny, unique and definitely relatable! This is such a fun and easy read, it’s definitely a series I’ll come back to re-read when I need a pick-me-up! And this says a lot because I don’t usually do re-reads! Christina Bauer is an author I’m going to be watching from now on! Now an auto-buy author for me. If you enjoy young adult, fantasy and pixies this is the book/series/author for you.

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When Calla and Dare were kids they set out to find this magical sword called the Ogham sword. Calla wants to use the sword for good. She wants to help all of Faerie. She wants to help free the changelings. She wants to use the Ogham sword on the Eleven High Council and change them into nice people so that they will treat everyone the same. The Ogham sword only appears every once in a kazillion-million years or so and it seems that it has reappeared. An elf with no magic is looking for the Ogham sword too but he does not plan to use the sword for good no just the opposite. The Usurper plans to use the sword to end all of Faerie. Dare and Calla set out to stop this elf before it is too late. Calla’s first stop on her search for the Ogham sword is her parent's home Poppa and Muti. Poppa and Muti are tree sprites who live in an acorn. On her visit with Poppa and Muti, they tell her about this rumor that they heard that concerns Dare. It seems that Dare is going to start a plague and then run away to Earth. Well, of course, Calla doesn’t believe that Dare would ever do such a thing. But if there is any truth to the rumor she will do whatever it takes to make sure that doesn’t ever happen. There has to be some kind of misunderstanding. Her parents couldn’t have heard correctly I mean they must have missed something or interrupted something wrong or someone did. Or maybe it was just a play on words. So now Calla has her hands full. She must find the Ogham sword, an elf called Usurper and now she has to stop Dare from starting a plague that could kill everyone or at least try to prove the rumor wrong in some way or another. I first fell in love with Calla in the first book of the Pixieland Diaries series, Pixieland Diaries. That love continued to grow in the next book, Calla. And now in the third book Dare that love has deepened. While Calla is the same sweet, sassy, and feisty pixie she has always been she has grown into a more mature pixie. Calla no longer pulls pranks anymore or well not unless the situation calls for it that is. Calla’s prankster reputation has followed her into her teen years as the queen. It seems no one is taking her seriously about ruling Faerie's land. Dare is a wonderful addition to the Pixieland Diaries. Dare and Calla make a sweet, sweet couple. I can’t wait to read more of their story in future books. I can’t wait for the next book in the Pixieland Diaries, Winter Prince. I will have to admit that the Winter Prince has one little problem and it hasn’t even stepped foot outside the gate and that is that I am going to have to wait a whole year before I can read it as it is not due to be released until March 22, 2022. Oh, why do I have to wait so long? Oh, I know, I know I am getting a little windy here. Ok, I will leave off now by saying that I would like to highly suggest that you give Dare a try by one-clicking your copy today! But oh, please start with the first book in the Pixieland Dairies series with the same name, that is Pixieland Dairies of course.

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