Design & Destroy

Draw, Paint, Rip, and Ruin This Book

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Pub Date 11 May 2021 | Archive Date 06 May 2021

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Take a joyfully unconventional creative journey! With both artistic and writing prompts, this mixed-media journal encourages creative freedom and thinking outside the box.

Are you in need of some fresh creative inspiration and new ways to relieve stress all in one?
Design & Destroy is the journal for you. With it, discover a new way of approaching the creative process with over 150 prompts varying from encouraging you to design something that's completely your own, to prompts that encourage you to take destruction and make something from the remains.

Break the mold as you respond to prompts including: Sew a pageMake a collage of all your fortunes from fortune cookiesPractice drawing handsPress flowersFill a page with paint splatterCreate your own optical illusionAnd many more Whether you're a creative looking for unique ideas to re-inspire you, or a beginner artist drawn to the nontraditional forms of art, this journal is the perfect outlet.

There is no right or wrong way to fill this journal—make a mess, make all the mistakes, and have fun destroying these pages!

With so much of our lives and contact going digital, the Creative Keepsakes journals offer an intimate way to nurture your connection with yourself and the people around you. An entertaining way to get off your screen, these guided and free-form journals are great for writers and artists alike. Each journal offers content around a different theme, including silly prompts for a laugh, random yet thoughtful questions, inspiration for art and composition, interactive prompts to learn about your heritage, and blank interiors on high-quality paper stock to use as your creative canvas. Beautifully designed and full of mindful prompts, channel your inspiration as you put pen (or pencil, or marker, or crayon!) to paper to learn more about yourself, your talents, and the people you love.

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Take a joyfully unconventional creative journey! With both artistic and writing prompts, this mixed-media journal encourages creative freedom and thinking outside the box.

Are you in need of some...

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Design & Destroy is an alternative journal with a unique artistic approach. The journal includes over 150 pages of different prompts, all utilizing easily accessible or everyday items.

I found Design & Destroy to be a pretty fun journal, and a great mindful option for people looking for a beginners art project, intro to journaling, or new self care idea. The prompts were a great way to bring out a person's artistic side without them needing to have prior experience with drawing/painting/etc. While I may avoid certain prompts that require something that I previously chewed on, I enjoyed this book and would recommend it.

Thanks to Netgalley and Quarto Publishing Group – Chartwell Books for this ARC; this is my honest and voluntary review.

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I received a digital copy of this book from NetGalley for a fair review. This is a book that you need to have a hard copy of in order to do most of the journal exercises. I have always been intrigued by creative journals and there are a lot of great prompts in this one. I didn't really like the prompts that involved using food to create art such as a page to mark up with condiments. I live in an apartment so I wouldn't want to attract ants or anything. But, that is half of the fun because this is a design and "destroy" journal. There are plenty of pages that the activity involves ripping out page to complete the activity and I suppose I could rip out the gross food pages after doing those activities too. I liked the mixed media aspect of the book. There are a lot of different prompts that can spark you to use unconventional supplies to create art, break out your art box and use supplies you might have been ignoring, and even include some writing prompts. The only thing I'm curious about is the thickness of the pages. Some of the prompts involve pasting bulky items and I hope the actual pages are thick enough to handle those tasks.

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Are you feeling stuck or uninspired? Design and Destroy may be exactly what you need! A physical copy of this book is definitely needed, I'm reviewing a digital copy but was still able to follow some of the prompts in my own journal. A health dose of unique and fun idea's, though there were some mixed in that would be more enjoyable to a younger audience, most of the journal however is perfect for every age.

Design and Destroy would make a great gift for anyone, or treat yourself (you deserve it) Let off some steam and get creative with this one of a kind book

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These types of interactive journals are usually a lot of fun, so I was really curious when I started flipping through Design & Destroy. Most of the prompts are easy to fulfill which is a plus in my book, because you can do as many or as little in one go as you please. They are also very accessible; the materials aren’t elaborate and the few prompts that could involve other people aren’t weird, which is great for introverts. I also thought it had a great balance between activities where you paste or sew things vs actual drawing, because people don’t always feel like drawing. Overall, this book would be a great way to pass a few afternoons when you’re feeling like being a bit artistic and it would be perfect for a summer break.

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Design and destroy is a art book that encourages its uses to explore art therapy in the most destructive and creative way. Having been a fan of art therapy books for a number of years, I was very excited to preview a newer version by a different author. I have found that this art theory book, although still containing the destructive activities that everyone has loved, this book is much more art focused and has more drawing and crafting activities than other books of similar styles, something which I personally would enjoy more. I have enjoyed the preview that much, that I was picturing in my head how I was going to layout each page and actually pre-ordered the book before writing the review. I would recommend this book to people of all ages, art therapy books are not just for children! There brilliant for combating stress and this book is one of the best examples of a art therapy book and I can see it quickly being a competitor of the best-selling books within the category.

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There are lots of similar books on the market. They suggest an creative idea and space for you to draw/paint it.
This book is a little bit different and suggests things like, paint your self portrait using nail polish, draw a landscape with melted crayons, press a flower here. It’s a bit more ‘out there’ as the title suggests. Would work well as a warm up exercise before embarking on a more conventional art project. Great ideas for getting the creative juices flowing.

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I was expecting this book to have very similar prompts to other similar ones. But I was pleasantly surprised to find a variety of prompts that I hadn't seen before and that stimulated lots of creative ideas and exploration.

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Confession time! I don't really keep a journal, or a diary, but I have done so in the past, so I know that you can get in kind of a rut, or find it hard to keep going.

So I certainly can see the point of a journal like this, filled with 150 prompts to drive your creative thinking. For me, the more disruptive the prompt, the better it is. These ask you to approach the journal in a different, sometimes destructive way. Other prompts are a bit more conventional, although it is of course a mistake to think you can't react in an interesting way to such prompts.

I also like the little illustrations making each prompt feel unique.

This feels like it would be a great little gift for someone in need of some new ideas.

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Design & Destroy This Journal is an art diary/journal with creative prompts intended to get the reader to fully interact with and change the physical journal. Released 11th May 2021 from Quarto on their Chartwell imprint, it's 204 pages and is available in hardcover format.

This is, quite simply, a book of prompts with instructions like "sew a button onto this page", "practice your signature", "write your favorite song lyrics", and many more. There are some (ok, a fair number) which I didn't feel were engaging to me personally (smear food fingers on the page, smudge, draw inside the circle til the page tears, etc), but that's to be expected for a journal of this type. Quite probably de rigueur, honestly, since one of the benefits of creativity journals is to push readers outside their current comfort zones.

This would make a good choice for potentially bumping artists or writers out of a dry spot, for warming up before an art session, or for creative play with younger readers (possibly bound with some pencils, drawing and/or crafts materials). For obvious reasons, it wouldn't be appropriate for library or classroom use.

Three and a half stars, speaking of the prompts themselves. I was provided an electronic review copy, so I can't speak to the quality of the paper, binding, or physical aspects of the book itself. I can say that Chartwell books tend to use high quality paper and binding, so it should be fine.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.

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Design & Destroy is an art journal full of prompts that encourage exploration and creativity. The journal was full of interesting prompts. Some you’ve seen before, some that were really creative and some that were a little odd. One just wanted you to crumple up the page. Another wanted you to bury the page, like in dirt?! Ok!? There were some awesome prompts like design a met gala dress and fill this page with song lyrics! All in all, if you’re looking for a fun journal that will help you get some creativity in your life, then this one's for you!

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