Rediscovering the God Who Redeems Me

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Pub Date 19 Oct 2021 | Archive Date 03 Oct 2022

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If God can choose the Canaanite Tamar to continue the line through which Christ would come, can anything keep Him from weaving your story into His redemptive plan?

Tamar, daughter-in-law of Judah, is the first woman listed in the lineage of Christ. Mistreated, widowed twice, betrayed, and used as a prostitute . . . it seems impossible that God could redeem her story, but His plan of redemption was prewritten for all eternity—and nothing can get in His way.

Through this six-week, in-depth Bible study, you will discover that no matter life’s twists and turns or your sins and failures, there is a God working behind the seen, redeeming it all for His glory. 

If God can choose the Canaanite Tamar to continue the line through which Christ would come, can anything keep Him from weaving your story into His redemptive plan?

Tamar, daughter-in-law of Judah, is...

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Featured Reviews

Author Shadia Hrichi's latest creation 'Tamar' is a must read for all the believers. Shadia writes from the heart and thats what I loved the most about this work. The choice of words, presentation and in-depth research makes it an interesting read. I would highly recommend this book and give it full 5 stars.

Happy Reading

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"Tamar" is part of Shadia Hrichi’s series, “Behind the seen: exploring the bible’s unsung heroes.’ This six-week study is broken into three parts and then broken into further levels of involvement for studying. Hrichi sets out a plan for those wanting light, moderate, in-depth, and all-in options ranging from study time of 15-60 minutes per day. There are 7 free videos to accompany the study guide.

Tamar is an unsung hero. She is one of four women, and the first mentioned, in Jesus’ genealogy. Not only was she a woman, a widow, and a Canaanite, but she was also a misunderstood, disgraced, and betrayed woman - YET God chose Jesus’ lineage to place this woman. Hrishi explores how placing her where he did in history, shows that God compassionately understands humanity on every level and offers redemption for people who face impossible odds. I loved learning about the historical tidbits and cultural background of this little-known character of Genesis. I finished the 6 weeks feeling like I knew Tamar a little better and feeling that there’s hope for all of us. Nothing is out of God’s reach. He is working behind the 'seen'.

The layout of this study guide is fantastic! It’s important to me to have room to add notes and there’s lots of room provided to add information. I love the thought-provoking questions, the fun facts, and fill in the blanks based on the readings.

Publishes October 19, 2021.

I was gifted this advance copy by Shadia Hrichi, Abilene Christian University Press & Leafwood Publishers, and NetGalley and was under no obligation to provide a review.

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I’m still working my way through Tamar, but it’s an amazing study just like the first two in the Behind the Seen series (Legion and Hagar)! I love how in-depth they are. She starts the study looking at the genealogy and the events that brings us to Tamar’s story. She studies out words used, and has extra things to ponder as you work your way through the study. It’s so well written, and I’ve been learning so much from it. I love that this is a workbook study, I love the charts, questions, and places to write out your thoughts. It’s an amazing study and I highly recommend it!

**I was a part of the launch team for this Bible Study. I was not required to write a positive review and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Shadia Hrichi latest book, Tamar, Rediscovering the God Who Redeems Me, is ready for you! Shadia has delved deeply into Tamar's background, her social status, nationality, and all these are strikes against her. She is a young girl, probably 14, married off to a family with wicked, in loving men. Her first 2 husband's are horrifically killed and then her father-in-law, sends her back to her family. That's his right since she's basically a slave in that culture.. But he lies to Tamar and when she realizes that truth she makes a tragic, risky decision. And it seems as though no one is on her side, backing her up! Shadia shares her own Bible study methods with us. I love the study of the original languages-that enriches this study so much. As does the examples of trials from Shadia's own life where she faced. Life on her own without guidance from God. God rediscovered Tamar, Shadia, and he can do that for you. Don't miss reading this Bible study.
Phyllis Morris--reader

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In the study of Tamar Shadia does a marvelous job of presenting scripture and all the story pieces together that have a way of bringing God's love close to your heart. The lessons and insights the story of Tamar brings may surprisingly feel familiar-and much like our seemingly broken and unredeemable lives God comes at the perfect time to restore. Highly recommended!

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This study is so amazing! I'm learning so much more about God's character by how He worked in Tamar's life. Shadia Hrichi has put together an in-depth Bible study that not only is teaching me about Tamar and Judah, but Shadia's questions for personal reflection and group discussion have allowed me to search deeper into my own spiritual journey. I also love how she wove in some personal stories which took me back through some unresolved issues in my life.

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Helping with the launch of this six-session Bible study has been a treat. I don't often get the opportunity to dig into a deep study because I'm busy juggling work, kids and life. However, Shadia has a gift for making it easy to take a deep dive into the study of Judah's daughter-in-law Tamar. Not only does she include references to everything you'll need to get the most out of the study (You won't need anything else other than your Bible.), but she also offers a tiered study plan so you can choose your approach based on your available time.
Shadia's method of weaving in personal anecdotes with the historical instruction and academic exploration of Tamar's story brings the Bible to life here. It's hard to ignore the parallels in Tamar's story to some of what we see happening in the world right now (domestic violence, sex trafficking, etc.). I would recommend this book to anyone seeking an in-depth look into one of the bible's lesser-known stories. Solo or in a group setting, this is a study that is thought-provoking and eye-opening.

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Shadia Hrichi is a gifted Bible teacher whose in-depth Bible studies are engaging and thought-provoking. It is evident that she is an avid Bible scholar who delights in guiding and encouraging readers to dig deep into Scripture.. TAMAR: Rediscovering the God Who Redeems Me is the third book in Hrichi’s “Behind the Seen” study series (following HAGAR and LEGION), and as the title suggests, TAMAR is a journey to not only discover God’s redemptive plan for Tamar’s life, but to discover or perhaps rediscover His redemptive plan for readers as well. One thing I appreciate about Hrichi’s study series, including this wonderful book on Tamar, is the compassion she shows for her title characters as she explores the challenges and victories of their stories. It’s as though her compassion is also meant for me and my story, which makes this study experience quite personal and special. I recommend TAMAR: Rediscovering the God Who Redeems Me for both individual and small group study.

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Feeling defeated? Carrying guilt for mistakes that you've made? Take a closer look at Tamar, the daughter-in-law of Judah, who was the first woman listed in the lineage of Christ. Her name may not be known to many people today, but the circumstances of her life are very familiar in today's society. Author Shadia Hrichi offers readers a compelling, thought-provoking study of this woman who experienced the stigma of abuse and sexual immorality, and then had it removed by the God who loves us all. Hrichi shares an in-depth biblical history of the people and events that came before Tamar, and then blesses readers with a loving, compassionate look at this deeply misunderstood woman.

This is an enlightening six week bible-study and there are many ways to complete it. If you only have time for a fifteen-minute session per day, this book is for you, but I believe that once you begin it, you will find yourself investing much more time. I also predict that highlighted passages, bookmarked pages with post-it tabs, and digging deeper into your own Bible will be a valuable part of your devotions!

You won't soon forget this woman whose life was changed forever by a loving God who recognized her worth. Tamar: Rediscovering the God Who Redeems Me is an inspiring reminder of forgiveness, mercy, and redemption.

I received a digital copy of this book from the author and publisher. There was no obligation for a positive review. These are my own opinions.

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Tamar by Shadia Hrichi is an illuminting study of a complicated and sometimes neglected biblical character.

I enjoyed unravelling this story as Hrichi took us back to the very beginning to set the stage and provide context for the community Tamar the young Cannanite found herself wedded into.

The author also used stories of her own life, to show how the narrative of Tamar relates to herself. These did not distract from the focus of the study and added new perspectives that helped the reader reimagine the relevance of Tamara's story in our modern world.

I was usually able to work through multiple chapters per sitting or if I didn't feel like doing them, they were short enough that I could convince myself to work through at least one.

It was a little cumbersome to be read as an ebook, clearly meant to be hands-on and worked through with the physical book. However it could be made more accessible in ebook format if the design included links that took you to the referenced page number within the study.

Although I am not new to most of the themes the author walks us through, I enjoyed how Hrichi unpacked hebrew words or names and the meaningful connections she drew between other biblical stories that show the complexities and poetry of the original texts.

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Tamar is an immersive study of Genesis 38, that pulls that chapter into sharp focus against the backdrop of the whole Scriptures. The context and relationships this short chapter has with the rest of the Word of God is so much richer than I could have imagined a couple of months ago.

The author is excellent at drawing your attention to parallels and contrasts in scripture, and painting beautiful pictures of God's work behind the scenes, offering hope and grace and mercy, and so much more.

There were a couple of times I was led to familiar passages with fresh eyes. I love the way the Bible truly is a living word, and impacts us differently at different times in our lives. The way God can use faithful believers to bring us in at a different angle, and the view is even more captivating!

Anything more would be filled with spoilers, but I can say that we wandered through much of Genesis, as well as visiting Ruth, and Romans, and Psalms, and Isaiah, and shattered a few of my preconceived notions. I think my favorite was the alternate assumption to Tamar's appearance on the roadside, wearing a veil. Not the idea I'd ever heard offered even as a possibility, which is sad, because it seems so very plausible/probable.

I received a copy of this book from @netgalley, and chose to purchase a hardcopy for myself, to do it again and have something to hang onto. I know I will be rereading it more than once. (I chose to review it here, and all thoughts are my own.)

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You think YOUR family is dysfunctional?!

I just read Tamar: Rediscovering the God Who Redeems Me — and talk about dysfunctional families!

Whether you just like an intriguing (true) story or you need to be reminded that God's love and redemption reaches into the most sordid of pasts—including yours—this is a must read.

Come for the intrigue and drama. Leave knowing you are deeply loved by God regardless of your past.

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True to Shadia Hrichi’s previous studies, Tamar digs deep into the Scripture to bring out more than a story of a rejected woman.

The study portion, sprinkled through each chapter, is a combination of short answer questions and personal thought questions. Not only do readers dig into the story and character of Tamar, but also themselves.

As with Hrichi’s other studies in the unseen series, I recommend this book for those serious about studying the Bible and digging deeper for their own edification.

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Tamar is a thoughtful, informative, transformative six-week study. In the Bible, Tamar, the daughter-in-law of Judah, is the first woman listed in the lineage of Christ. Not only is she the first woman listed in Christ's lineage, but she is a woman with "baggage".... widowed, betrayed, prostituted, mistreated - and those are just a few of the chapters in her sordid past.

But God.

Shadia Hrichi writes in Tamar of the ways that God can redeem any situation. Through the life of Tamar we see that no matter the sins or failures, God is still working. Nothing is out of His reach.

Thank you to NetGalley and Abilene Christian University Press & Leafwood Publishers for the ARC of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Was this review helpful?

A huge thanks to the publisher for my complimentary copy and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

I enjoyed this bible study and encountering Tamar in a different way and learning more about who God is and his character. This study is so enriching as it tells the Tamar and Judah in a way you never thought possible in an in-depth Bible study. I enjoyed how the author included questions for personal reflection and group discussion . A beautiful and enriching bible study. Recommend.

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