How to Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 Days

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Pub Date 02 Nov 2021 | Archive Date 10 Aug 2023

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USA Today bestselling author K.M. Jackson delivers a hilarious rom-com adventure perfect for fans of Meet Cute by Helena Hunting and When Harry Met Sally. 

Bethany Lu Carlisle is devastated when the tabloids report actor Keanu Reeves is about to tie the knot. What?! How could the world's perfect boyfriend and forever bachelor, Keanu not realize that making a move like this could potentially be devastating to the equilibrium of...well...everything! Not to mention, he's never come face to face with the person who could potentially be his true soulmate—her.
Desperate to convince Keanu to call off the wedding, Lu and her ride-or-die BFF Truman Erikson take a wild road trip to search for the elusive Keanu so that Lu can fulfill her dream of meeting her forever crush and confess her undying love. From New York to Los Angeles, Lu and True get into all sorts of sticky situations. Will Lu be able to find Keanu and convince him she's the one for him? Or maybe she'll discover true love has been by her side all along...

USA Today bestselling author K.M. Jackson delivers a hilarious rom-com adventure perfect for fans of Meet Cute by Helena Hunting and When Harry Met Sally. 

Bethany Lu Carlisle is devastated when the...

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Featured Reviews

Thank you so much to @grandcentralpub & @netgalley for this e-arc of How to marry Keanu Reeves in 90 days! I am such a big big fan of KM Jackson & she did not disappoint! This was such a fun read with hints of underlying truthness. Bethany Lu or Lu's world is knocked over when her crush of 20 years, Keanu Reeves, announces he is getting married in 90, leading Lu to do the unthinkable and find Keanu and stop that. As she goes on her Keanu exploration, she leans on her besties Dawn & True, but there’s something she’s avoided till now with her right hand, her darling True. Can True get out of the friend zone, or is their friendship too important to lose over a fling?

I finished this book in one sitting, and I am not joking when I tell you I miss it already! I love it when the books I read make references to the real world! This book is real, sexy & has you wanting more!

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I found How to Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 Days to be a light hearted and entertaining story about love and healing. Bethany Lu is an up and coming artist whose creative mojo falls apart after she reads a tweet that her long time crush Keanu Reeves is getting married in 90 days. Bachelor Keanu can’t get married, especially if he isn’t marrying her. Determined to meet Keanu and profess her love, Lu agrees to the help of best friend True to track Keanu down. (True might know a guy)

The story is told from the alternating prospective of Lu and True,. It has a fast paced plot that is moved along by the adventures involved in trying to meet Keanu, I adored the character of True immediately. He is sweet and stable. But these two suffer from a classic lack of communication. I definitely wanted to shake Lu a couple times and tell her to stop over thinking. It is clear that she has built some emotional walls to protect herself. These two have great chemistry though, in spite of the sibling banter they throw at each other.

The hunt for Keanu was done well. I was concerned it would feel a bit like a stalker. However, the author did a great job in keeping the hunt feeling safe, and the celebrity cameos in the story were fun.

Thank you Netgalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing) for the arc. This is my honest review.

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What a kooky rom com! I would love to see this made into a movie! Bethany Lu Carlisle is an artist of some renown. Her two best friends, Dawn and True, have been with her since high school. Dawn owns an art gallery where Lu exhibits. True is a professor who has also written a popular book. But Lu is a zany character who loves Keanu Reeves and is devastated to learn he is marrying in 90 days. What follows is a truly funny and clever romp. Highly recommend!

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How To Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 days is not only an eye-catching title but a romance that takes readers on a journey of healing, hope, and love. K. M. Jackson writes a beautiful and sentimental story that will keep you entertained the whole time.

Lu is a woman who has definitely faced hardships and tragedies in her life. When she is down, she turns to her soulmate, Keanu Reeves. They don't know each other and have never met but when she watches his films they connect with her. I mean I totally understand. I swear I still swoon when I see him in Speed and will convince myself that I need a bad boy when I watch John Wick. Her world turns upside down when social media is reporting that Keanu is engaged and soon to be married. Lu is screaming (literally and figuratively) but is determined to track him down and convince him that she is the one for him.

To some, this journey would be laughed at but her friends Dawn and True know how important this is to her. True is going to help her every step of the way.

True is a friend that Lu has known for most of her life. He used to be her brother's best friend and will do anything for her. He decides pretty quickly that he is going to help her meet Keanu. At the same time, he is hoping that he can hold back his true feelings for her.

I really enjoyed Lu and True's adventurous road trip. They made it so fun to read with their witty banter, mishaps, and run-ins with Captain America. What I really loved is the heart of the story. Lu is and has been struggling with the death of her brother. So much that she turns to Keanu Reeves because she knows that a relationship based on lust instead of love won't break her again. I think Lu and True needed this trip not only to strengthen their bond but to let go of their past and fears.

I give How to Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 Days 4 stars. I think so many readers will jump at the chance to live vicariously through Lu as she meets one of the most infamous celebrities. Sure the journey has its fair share of ups and downs, but the end goal is so worth it.

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What a beautiful well written adventure Great dialogue fun characters. A overall good read.

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How can that title not catch your attention? Cute book and great story. The dual POVs are also great. I love it when I know what both characters are thinking.

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This is my first read by KM Jackson, although Real Men Knit has been on my list for forever. I was initially attracted to the cover and the description. I’m not a Keanu super fan but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying this adventure filled romance.

Bethany Lu Carlisle is devastated when the tabloids report actor Keanu Reeves is about to tie the knot in 90 days. In her obsession, she sets a goal to meet and marry Keanu before his wedding in 90 days. On the road for this mission, is her BFF True Erickson. Only True is is a hottie professor with the eyes for Lu, so how and why does he tag along for the ride?

There’s nothing better than friends you cannot hide from, who push you when you need it and catch you when you fall. Lu has all of the above in True. I loved the dual point of views. Flipping between the two made the banter between them more entertaining. I loved being able to see how each reacted to the same experience.

Other things I loved….the celeb cameos (which I won’t spoil) and steamy scenes! Things I’d be aware of there could be slight triggers surrounding death and grief but the author does a great job of keeping the story focused on healing, hope and the growth that comes after.

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This book is just FUN! If you're down to read a book about a girl chasing down Keanu Reeves and falling in love with her best friend on the journey there, this one's for you. It's pure ridiculousness at every turn, we're talking friends to lovers, one bed, miscommunications galore, and the CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS, dear god so many celebrities. I loved how Lu found herself as the book progressed and enjoyed True's chapters as well. Will there be a Dawn book next? Who knows! But if you want a book that will make you laugh, steam up the mirrors a little bit, and leave you elated, pick this one up in November.

*Thank you to Forever and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for my honest review*

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How to Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 days. Where to start? Being a fan of Keanu Reeves myself, I was thrilled when I discovered this book was being written. This story focuses on a character who considers herself the number 1 fan of Keanu Reeves. So much so, the announcement of him getting married is enough to send her somewhat over the edge. With her long suffering best friend, she embarks on a madcap journey to hunt down the groom to be and talk him out of his impending nuptials. Instead, she finds more than she bargained for in her own life. I can only say that I'm happy I read this book at home and not in public, because I would surely be locked up somewhere for observation. Parts of this book snuck up on you and had you laughing and smiling to yourself at any given moment. It also managed to pull you deeper and deeper into the relationship between these two best friends and exposed heart felt emotions. It was the perfect blend between the two.

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If you've ever been starstruck about a celebrity, you will know exactly what Lu Carlisle feels when she hears that her one and only movie star love, Keanu' Reeves, is getting hitched. What follows is a madcap Hollywood adventure in which Lu tries to stop the END OF DAYS with the help of her childhood friend True.

True ... true to his word and his love ... follows Lu to the ends of the earth to fulfill her dream.

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Simply adorable! I really enjoyed this. If you know anything about me, you know I love a good rom-com! Now add in a friend to lovers trope and I'm a goner. How To Marry Keanu Reeves is a hilariously fun read. So many moments and situations that had me laughing out loud. It should be made into a Netflix film ASAP! Sweet yet sexy reading is the best kind.

I loved everything about it.

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As I was reading this book I felt like I could see it playing out on the big screen. There were so many fun cameos from big name superstars and silly situations that I was both laughing, crying, and swooning.

Lu and True are long time best friends who have been kinda circling each other for years when Lu finds out Keanu Reeves is going to get married in 90 days. She is a little Keanu obsessed so like any other person would do who is trying to procrastinate real life, she sets out to find Keanu and convince him to marry her instead. True, being her best friend decides to help in her hair brained scheme and off they go on a cross-country adventure.

I enjoyed all the silly antics and the long looks they gave each other. You can really feel their friendship deep in your bones but more than that the love they have between them is a tangible object in every space they occupy. My heart broke for them when things didn't pan out and I wanted to grab one of the more than once and tell them to make better choices. These two really got under my skin and I'm so glad I read this story of fan-girling, falling in love, and friendship.

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The cover just grabbed me and I simply had to read this book. The premise is cute and it’s a light hearted read with serious moments. True is a prince among men and I just had to keep reading to see how long it took Lu to realize what was in front of her all along. The scenes with True and Lu in the “a resort” accommodations were hilarious. I also had to find out if Lu achieved her goal—finding Keanu!!! I spent a stormy afternoon escaping into this delightful rom-com. It’s not elusive like Keanu so make sure to pick up a copy.

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This one was wild in the best way possible. Love friends to lovers? Love obsessing over your favorite celebrities? Love black love? Love Keanu? Then this book is for you!

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This was incredibly cute! The characters came to life, and you could see, not only the friendship between them, but also the love they had for one another. The way True supported his sometime very crazy and over the top friend was incredibly heartwarming!

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