The Red Cross Orphans

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Pub Date 30 Nov 2021 | Archive Date 30 Nov 2021


From the internationally bestselling author of The Secret Orphan comes her brand new unputdownable historical fiction novel!

A journey into war, but not one she’ll take alone…

Orphan Kitty Pattison is young, naïve and ready to do her bit for the war effort when she volunteers with the Red Cross and pledges to help those most in need. It’s one of the most nerve-wracking moments of her life, but then she meets fellow volunteers Joan Norfolk and Trixie Dunn, and a bond of friendship is forged in the fire of life on the wards during the Blitz.

Days are spent nursing injured soldiers back to life and nights are spent anticipating bombs falling from the sky and then trawling through the wreckage to save who she can, but the light and laughter she finds with Jo and Trix see Kitty through the darkest hours.

And when Kitty starts growing closer to handsome Canadian doctor Michael McCarthy, it’s her friends who help her to find the courage to realise that no matter what has happened or what is to come, we all deserve love…

This stunning new historical novel from the internationally bestselling The Secret Orphan takes readers on an emotional journey and follows in the footsteps of the brave women who volunteered with the Red Cross during the Second World War.

Readers LOVE The Red Cross Orphans:

Wow, what a page turner. Just loved this book, sleep was unimportant whilst reading it’ Elaine

‘Make sure you have lots of tissues handy as I sobbed most of the way through it’ Karyn

‘A marvellous historical novel set during World War II on the home front. I was completely consumed’ Julia

‘The incredibly drawn background of a country at war, rich with historical detail, this book is definitely a must read for fans of World War Two fiction – or, indeed, those who adore a great love story’ Jane

‘First time reading this author and what an outstandingly poignant tale’ Jeanie

‘What an emotional book…I felt like I was actually in the storyline’ Angela

From the internationally bestselling author of The Secret Orphan comes her brand new unputdownable historical fiction novel!

A journey into war, but not one she’ll take alone…


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Featured Reviews

With grateful thanks to netgalley for an early copy in return for an honest opinion.
First time reading this author and what an outstandingly poignant tale unfolds right in front of us,
This author has very cleverly captured the feelings of her characters quite remarkable plenty of tissues were needed in the reading of this book, I can highly recommend ❤

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Thank you Netgalley for this. What an emotional book the author had me using so many emotions. I felt like I was actually in the storyline definitely recommend and would recommend this lovely author.

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Thank you One More Chapter, NetGalley and Author for this advance ebook copy in return for an honest review!

A fabulous story that pulls you in and a lovely mix of characters!
I enjoyed everything about it- the characters, story and writing style.
Loved reading about Kitty, Joan and Trixie and I felt like I was right there with them throughout it all!
Rich in detail, beautifully written and hugely absorbing for those who enjoy good historical fiction.
Friendship and love this book has it all!
Can't wait for book two!

Thanks again NetGalley, Publisher and Author for the chance to read and review this amazing book!
I'll post to my Social media platforms closer to pub date!

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A lovely story of the courage and camaraderie of Kitty Pattison and her friends as they volunteer to become Red Cross nurses during the second World War. Kitty had known loss in her life, so could empathise with the injured soldiers who had suffered so much. When she meets handsome Canadian doctor Michael McCarthy there is an instant attraction, but both decide to wait until the war ends before marrying. Great that it's set in Birmingham and other places around Britain, as so often war stories highlight the London blitz, forgetting that cities from Southampton to Coventry were also decimated.

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Lovely characters in this novel set in war torn England. Kitty Pattinson, a young girl orphaned at age 4, is brought up by her aunt and uncle in a sheltered, well protected home on the coast of England. Eager to do her part when war breaks out, she enlists in the Red Cross nursing program, she leaves home and is stationed in Birmingham where she receives her training, meets lifelong friends and falls in love. Here begins a tale told of unexpected heroes found in every day life, the emotion, loss and horror of war. Hats off to Glynis Peters for showing us the raw wounds under the resilience of the “stiff upper lip.”

Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to reach an early copy of this book.

Was this review helpful?

What a wonderful story of friendship and courage! This book is hard to put down and you definitely need a box of tissues while reading it.
Kitty Pattison volunteers as a Red Cross nurse in WWII and soon becomes friends with Joan and Trixie. The bond of friendship formed during these desperate times is unbroken. They live through dark times but also have fun. Kitty falls for a Canadian doctor but can love survive during these hard times.
A really enjoyable read and I look forward to further books in the series.

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The Red Cross Orphans by Glynis Peters is a great WWII-era historical fiction novel that has it all: mystery, suspense, history, romance, and an excellent cast of strong female characters.

I have read several wonderful books by Ms. Peters and this is another gem.

I loved the three lead characters: Kitty, Trixie, and Joan. All three from different personal situations, all three brought together in their passion and quest to help out their countrymen and country as Red Cross Nurses. We get to see their struggles, hopes, dreams, losses, and sometimes traumatic experiences as they navigate this war-torn era.

I loved their friendship, their loyalty to one another, and the strength they draw from each other during these difficult times. However, through all this they find hope, love, and the promise that there is a future, not just for one another, but for their country as well.

Excellent book!

5/5 stars

Thank you NG and OneMoreChapter/Harper Collins UK for this wonderful arc and in return I am submitting my unbiased and voluntary review and opinion.

I am posting this review to my GR and Bookbub accounts immediately and will post it to my Amazon, Instagram, and B&N accounts upon publication.

Was this review helpful?

Yet another excellent novel by Glynis Peters. Make sure you have lots of tissues handy as I sobbed most of the way through it.
Follow the story of 3 young girls who show loyalty, bravery and sometimes trauma as they volunteer during the hard times of WW2
I absolutely love this reading style and this did not disappoint.

Thanks to #NetGalley for the advance copy in return for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

A charming insight into what it was like for a Red Cross nurse during the war and the author brings across the hardship and resilience of the effects it had on the people that had to carry on as best they could while their loved ones were defending their freedom. There were just a few errors that I’m sure have been corrected now, in chapters 29 and 30, Smithy goes from being Douglas to Gordon and back again .I would like to thank the publishers and Netgalley for letting me have the book to read and the opinions expressed are entirely my opinions and are completely unbiased.

Was this review helpful?

This is a wonderfully written book about a young woman who joins the Red Cross to train as a nurse during WWII. IT is a unique setting for a historical book as I haven’t read one about Red Cross nurses. The supporting characters are well developed and I could picture them in my mind. I enjoyed the medical aspects of the book and it is surprising more soldiers didn’t die during WWII due to the lack of medical knowledge. We have certainly had a lot of improvements for infection control and burn care. The romance aspect of the book is interesting as it is not the be all or end all for Kitty. She is independent and wants to make something of herself and she decides to stay single so she can finish her nurses training. It’s crazy how women who married could not be a nurse in that era.

My only issue is that this is book one of a series and it ends in the way that the next book will pick up from that exact spot. Therefore there is no closure to the storyline. I thank One More Chapter for inviting me to read this sweeping saga.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and author for this ARC.

This is my first read by this author and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a refreshing change to read a book set during WW2 about women going into Red Cross nursing. Kitty Pattison leaves her home to join the Red Cross Nursing programme. I found this to be a very engaging, heart warming read which grabbed my attention immediately and I soon found myself quickly immersed in the story. There are such lovely, likeable, strong and believable characters here who quickly form long lasting friendships and draw strength from each other during dark times and only one character I didn’t really like. I loved that the book had different place settings, and particularly liked that part of it was set in Birmingham where I’m from. I thought this book was very well written, it came together beautifully, it flowed really well, and was a pleasure to read. I felt the author captured the reality of wartime Britain and her characters thoughts, feelings and emotions during this period very well. In conclusion this is a great read about friendships, courage, love, family and hope for the future and a book I would recommend if you like books set during this period.

Was this review helpful?

The Red Cross Orphans by Glynis Peters is a marvellous historical novel set during World War II on the home front. I was completely consumed by the whole novel.
The reader follows the main character as she volunteers to be a Red Cross nurse. She journeys from Harwich to Birmingham up to Scotland and back down to County Durham. I loved that she did her training at the Q.E. in Birmingham as I am familiar with that hospital in my home town. None of the Red Cross postings are long term as the nurses go where they are most needed. I admired her bravery, sense of duty and strong stomach as there were some awful scenes during the Birmingham blitz.
There is a wonderful camaraderie between the three young recruits in Birmingham. Bonds formed are strong and friendships loyal.
There is a warmth within the novel as characters pull together to help the injured. Life is to be grabbed as there is no guarantee of tomorrow. This means that whilst there are still strong morals on the whole, there will always be those who play fast and free.
Glynis Peters is a fabulous author. Her descriptive passages really bring the novel alive for the reader. I particularly loved the snowfall in Birmingham and could ‘feel’ the fear of a stray enemy aircraft in County Durham.
War blights lives. Kind hearts open their home and heart to orphans in need.
I thoroughly enjoyed The Red Cross Orphans and cannot wait to read more by Glynis Peters.
I received a free copy from the publishers via Net Galley. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

The story of Kitty Pattison orphaned at four years old after her families ferryboat disaster lives in Parkeston Essex with her aunt Lil and uncle Frank its September 1940 and she is a trainee nurse for the red cross that send her off to Birmingham. Katherine Pattison is on her way to a new adventure at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Bath Row meeting up with fellow worker Belle Trix and Jo an over night stay with Ma Smith then onto accommodation at Nuffield nurses home. Belle is a cut above the others and makes lots of trouble a big snob as we read into the story but the three girls all remain firm friends throughout even apart with their letter writing. with the bombing raids, Birmingham is a large target and injured patients need nurses. this book focus on Kitty and her relationship with doctor Michael McCarthy, she faces a few chapters in her liFe and moves from up in Scotland, County Durham and London along the way. This is such a heart wrenching, remarkable, harrowing story that readers are going to love, especially Booklover me. LOVED IT

Was this review helpful?

Wow, what a page turner. Just loved this book, sleep was unimportant whilst reading it.
My heart went out to Kitty who was orphaned and brought up by her loving aunt Lil and uncle Frank. Kitty goes off to train as a nurse with the RedCross where she meets Michael . There are many obstacles put in their way, will the relationship develop?.
I was hoping to see the story about Stanley and Jenny develop.
I kept delaying getting to the end as I was enjoying it so much.
Even better, this is the 1st in a series so we are left with another to look forward to.

Was this review helpful?

I honestly think Glynis Peters’ books are getting better and better. Although this time she has the familiar trope of three very different girls who become friends through their wartime choices, it is clear from the beginning that this story won’t necessarily follow the conventional pattern.

The orphans in this story are not the three girls, but one woman and one man, and it becomes very clear that this wonderful wartime romance is all about them. Kitty and Michael are rich and rounded characters with frailties and flaws that make the issues they encounter and their sometimes conflicted feelings for each other all the more convincing.

Coupled with the incredibly drawn background of a country at war, rich with historical detail, this book is definitely a must read for fans of World War Two fiction – or, indeed, those who adore a great love story.

Was this review helpful?

The Red Cross Orphans is another wonderful read by Glynis Peters.
Set during WWII this book captures the realities of that period & what the women went through when they joined The Red Cross nursing team.
Friendships are made & lost in the blink of an eye as all around they deal with the destruction.
Some lovely characters especially Kitty one of the main ones.
Kitty has known heartache from a young age as she lost her mum , dad & brother when she was four.
Kitty so much wants to train as a nurse and make a difference to the war effort so she joins the Red Cross nurses program.
Feelings and emotions run high & they need courage to carry them through these hard times.
Well written the story flows with ease & I thoroughly enjoyed this historical wartime read.

Was this review helpful?

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