The Yoga Prescription: A Chronic Illness Survival Guide

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Pub Date 11 Jan 2022 | Archive Date 15 Jan 2022

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An empowering look at how yoga can help you adjust, adapt, and thrive through chronic illness—no matter what your body throws at you.

Let’s be real: dealing with chronic illness sucks. And while medical treatment plans are an effective way to manage physical symptoms, those methods often ignore the hidden, intangible, and emotional struggles of disease. Certified yoga instructor and MS and lupus warrior Cory Martin has been there, done that, and found a different way to enjoy her new normal. In this inspiring and practical book, she shows how yoga can help heal your mind, spirit, stamina, and strength to feel your best as you live with illness.

This is not a typical yoga book, focused on poses and athleticism. In The Yoga Prescription, Cory draws on personal experience and extensive training to offer real-world advice on how all of the yogic philosophies can improve your quality of life, as well as detailed instructions on everything from movement and breathing to learning how to listen to your body, say no, and just be.

Yoga is not just for the healthy and fit; it is for every body. Let The Yoga Prescription show you how to live better with yours.

An empowering look at how yoga can help you adjust, adapt, and thrive through chronic illness—no matter what your body throws at you.

Let’s be real: dealing with chronic illness sucks. And while...

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I needed this book! At a time while I am grappling with the changes in my body due to recent life altering diagnoses, I have been spending several weeks focusing on self healing, and changing my mindset about my health and well-being. One thing that I have added to my life is yoga. The Yoga Prescription was the perfect validation for me as a new yogi. Cory Martin teaches some of the key components to yoga, while showing readers what the principles of yoga mean to someone dealing with chronic illness. This short read got down to business, made starting yoga accessible to anyone, and provided a deep understanding and reflective look at how to mentally deal with the daily struggle of health. Much like yoga, Cory points out that wellness is a practice. Each day, as long as we are listening to our body, maintaining it in the present, accepting our bodies for what they are capable of, and first doing no harm to the body we have - living with illnesses is manageable. She doesn’t paint it as a pretty beautiful cure or overshadow the struggle of living with daily struggle, but this book does provide hope for a way to acceptance to what we are capable of today. My favorite part through this introduction to yoga and my own personal introduction to beginning yoga practice is that yoga is all about listening to your body and always assessing where you are in the moment. Yoga is so individual, and even when I find myself in a yoga class surrounded by people, I am alone with my practice, alone with my mat. Yoga is not a competition or an end game: “The point of yoga isn’t to covet what someone else has, but to celebrate our own individual strengths.”

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I have osteoarthritis in my back. I was diagnosed at 50 and it has only gotten worse in the last 8 years. I have tried yoga, but always felt inadequate because I was never that girl who could contort her body into impossible positions. Reading this book was like sipping a nice cup of herbal tea. Despite the fact that the author does discuss her own medical issues, which obviously needed to be talked about considering the premise of this book, I never stressed out reading her words. She was honest, but also brave and I am so happy that she wrote this book. I have gotten a much deeper understanding of how my pain can be incorporated into a loving yoga session, where I feel grateful for my body and not want to fight it. Lovely way of writing and of making everything honest, but hopeful. I LOVED THIS BOOK.

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