The Mystery Of Frankenstein's Bride

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Pub Date 20 Dec 2020 | Archive Date 30 Sep 2021

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When love takes a turn, what are you willing to do to keep it?

Terra's love life is a monster so she sets out to see her old flame Nathaniel Johnston. But when she finds he is no longer living either, eternity is theirs. Bringing him back will get her a husband because of her passionate feelings for him.

Johnston is her new life, but when they are on their honeymoon in Germany things take a bad turn. The castle they stay in creates too much distance between the two.

Can she get closer to him before it's too late?

When love takes a turn, what are you willing to do to keep it?

Terra's love life is a monster so she sets out to see her old flame Nathaniel Johnston. But when she finds he is no longer living...

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This is a short book, but perhaps there's an idea for growth. The main character, the 'bride', is a woman who just can't get her love life right. A lot of us can relate to that. However, her decisions go from bad to worse and eventually lead to her death. I enjoyed the bit where the bride must do herself up to fit in with the living. We makeup ourselves to resemble zombies and creatures for Halloween, here it's the reverse. She makes herself up to mix with everyday people. I also liked the castle. It was strange, dark, and emotive; all the things you'd want to find in a Gothic castle. My only critique is that this is just a teaser. The story needs more pages, more words that lead us on a longer journey. The bride's story could be so much fuller.

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This is a short story about Terra, the to be bride of Frankenstein and her former lover Nathaniel who she brings back from his grave after knowing from her neighbour that the person she once loved was dead. The idea of the story is quite unique and somewhat creepy, first I really thought it’d be a fun read but definitely it isn’t. Bringing back dead to life isn’t a good idea, that Terra realised in a hard way. She regrets later on. This was a quick read it only took half & hour to finish the book. Funny thing is at first I thought few pages are missing but then I downloaded everywhere possible and realised that’s this a short story not even a novella. And I expected more pages cause I liked the storyline and the way it was started. Read and reviewed voluntarily, opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own. Thank you @netgalley and @booksgosocialgroup for the #arc in exchange for an honest review.

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The Mystery Of Frankenstein's Bride by Martha Wickham is a short story about Terra who brings her lover back. The writing style was new to me and interesting. The idea of ghosts, zombie, and castle was creepy that I wish wasn't too short. Well, I don't think it was a good idea to bring back a man from his grave, especially when he left you in the first place? :) Thanks to BooksGoSocial and Netgalley, I have given an honest review of The Mystery Of Frankenstein's Bride by Martha Wickham.

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Terra is the bride for Frankenstein, however he was ours running around killing people. Terra was disappointed. They had so much in common. She thought back to the young men she had dated before her early death. What did she die of? She remembers one man, Nathaniel Johnston, she was in love with when she was alive. She decided to look him up at his home. She peeks into the bedroom window only to learn that he died. How did he die? She goes and gets his body from the cemetery and takes it to where she was brought alive. She successfully brings him back but he is purple. They wed and then go on their honeymoon at a castle. They spend time together then go back to their room. He leaves to go to the cellar. Terra waits and waits. What and where is her husband? Will she find him? Though this is a short story, I did enjoyed it. The bride was an independent, self confident and thoughtful. She shows what a woman can do under any unexpected circumstances. I enjoyed Terra not giving up on having what she wanted. It’s a quick read. I thought that parts were funny. It’s a story that is a humorous horror story.

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I appreciate the publisher allowing me to read this book. A great new take on an old story that I couldn't put down until finished.

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