Powerful Purples

Zadok Series Book 3

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Pub Date 15 Oct 2021 | Archive Date 15 Oct 2021

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An explosive ceremony rocks Winter’s caves and those responsible must flee to the Drake village and start a new life.

When Harlow is imprisoned by the Queen’s guards, Slater is forced to flee for his life and team up with Jax—the one man he detests more than any other. Together with courageous Zadonians from all four races, they devise a daring rescue mission to save Harlow from impending death.

Nothing is what it seems, however, and Harlow finds herself being drawn into political intrigue that will change the landscape of Summer and Winter forever.

Torn between Slater’s wants and needs, and her own—will Harlow stay to keep Slater happy or follow her heart and return with Jax?

An explosive ceremony rocks Winter’s caves and those responsible must flee to the Drake village and start a new life.

When Harlow is imprisoned by the Queen’s guards, Slater is forced to flee for...

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What an absolute perfect ending to an amazing series!! 😍 I have enjoyed every second of every book, there hasn’t been one dull moment. You are constantly wanting to know what is going to happen next and what is going to happen to certain characters After everything that happened in book 2 I was dying to see where things went in book 3 and I was definitely not disappointed! Nikki has done an incredible job at the world building, the plot and creating all the characters. It was so nice seeing how some of the relationships went in this book, especially one in particular I was surprised I was rooting for! 😂 The suspense in this book was extreme and honestly there were a few twists I did not see coming! And I definitely couldn’t have asked for a better ending 🥰 So proud of Nikki for the amazing series she has created! Everyone definitely needs to read these books 💜

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Exciting fantasy trilogy comes to an end with quite the adventure and satisfying resolutions to sub-stories and main plot. Interesting take on "diversity" and a fun read - recommend the entire trilogy since each builds from the other.

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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this arc. 4.5 This may have been the best book out of the trilogy. I feel like I was tearing up throughout the whole book. There’s so much growth and love in this book, it’s moving. I was happy with the direction the story went. Zannah quickly became a favorite. Such a great book and great series. Thank you Ms Minty for the awesome series.!!

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Powerful Purples (Zadok Series Book 3) Nikki Minty Thanks to @NetGalley, Nikki Minty (@Niksatmint) and publishers BooksGoSocial for the ARC ebook. Okay – so I’m late to the party! I had to go buy the first two books from Amazon so I could read this book and know what was going on. Very glad I did buy them though, otherwise I’d have been at a complete loss as to what was going on. Again this book picks up from the end of the last. We flit between the characters points of view in the third person narrative. I have really enjoyed this series so far, the authors ability to build this fantastic world and new characters is simply breath-taking. This was a wonderful third instalment I really hope that Nikki (the author) delves further into this fantastic world for another book… or six! This world has so much potential. I’m engrossed, obsessed and committed. A few things that were quite resolved that I *hope* means that we’ll be getting further instalments in this series: The “Magic Rock” and what becomes of it? I felt this was built up to have significance that wasn’t just a tie between two best friends. I would LOVE to see more regarding the Rukes of Autumn I feel we barely touched on them during these three first books. 4 stars

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Thank you so much to NetGalley and the author for this ARC in exchange for an honest review! What an amazing ending to such an action packed and unique series. This installment provided me with everything I wanted and things I didn’t even know I needed! The last installment left me in such a funk because I had no idea where the story could possibly go from there. Ms. Minty found a way and what a way she did because it was something I never expected. I swear this girl just keeps me guessing and I am OBSESSED! This book started with a such a bang... pun intended... and took off to create so many complex and interesting storylines throughout the many loveable characters. Although my main squeezes are Harlow and her yummy purple knight, Jax, I found myself enjoying some other characters I didn’t think I would as well. This author provided such a happy and detailed ending that any person that has followed the series can enjoy. This wrap up also was pure genius even though some of the characters got a happy ending I don’t really think they deserved. *cough* Slater *cough* and *cough* Flo *cough* Ms. Minty is much nicer than me and gave redemption whereas I would’ve taken a violent revenge..... I have a black heart in that regard my squirrel friends. Not only did all our friends come out on top in a very detailed and believable way, this author provided action and book world politics throughout the whole book that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire duration of the book! I screamed internally (so I wouldn’t scare the husband) so many times because the action was INTENSE and sometimes the characters would get into very sticky situations that I couldn’t think of any way they would survive... they did and it was BEAUTIFUL! All of these characters have stolen a small piece of my heart that can never be replaced and I am so sad that the series is over. Reading Harlow’s journey was so fun and her ending made me cry all the happy tears that my pillow could take. Her and Jax are just so adorable together and the only wish I had for the book would be more of them. I needed all the sugar they could possibly throw at me. I also found myself loving Zannah and her blood thirsty nature. Her dialogue was so fun and much needed for parts that could get a little intense. Overall, I cannot believe that this series is over. I’m going to cry in a corner now....

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Just like book 1 & 2, Powerful Purples cover is Amazing. This cover is extra special for me, because Jax is on it. He has become my favourite character of the whole series. This book sent me through every emotion, from laughing out loud, to biting my nails and sobbing. There's an incredible amount of character growth in this instalment. I love how all the characters are unique and somewhat incompatible, yet they all come together to help do what's right. The Summer scenes were action packed and had my heart racing. I enjoyed the descriptions of Summer and some of the unforeseen events that occurred. The overaching storyline of the entire series really comes together by the end of this book, and it was all I could have wished for and more. I received an arc copy of Powerful Purples through NetGalley, uploaded by Book Go Social.

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i've really been enjoying the Zadok series so far, so I was excited to read this book. It had what I was looking for in the first two and I think each book improves on each other. This was a fun story and I enjoyed going on this story.

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Thank you Netgalley and BooksGoSocial for the eArc in exchange for an honest review. I felt like I scoured NetGalley for this book because I had to know how this trilogy ended and what the fate of Harlow and Slaters twins was. For me, this has been the best book out of the trilogy and it was well worth the wait. The growth of each character have made this book more special I think as everyone seems more grown up and ready to take on the world around them. I even got to like Zannah which I didn't think I would but there you go. I'm a little sad to be leaving the wonderful world of Zadok but it certainly won't be the last I'll read from Nikki Minty.

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Thank you to NetGalley, BooksGoSocial, and Nikki Minty for the opportunity to read Powerful Purples in exchange for an honest review. SPOLER ALERT if you have not read Pastel Pink or Ruby Red, as this novel picks up right where Ruby Red left off: Harlow has been taken to Summer where Slater hopes to win her heart back, though the challenge of keeping her safe and hidden in such a hostile environment makes this feat quite the challenge. Jax is working on his plan to dissolve the color system, which involves a plan to assassinate his mother. He would take power right away, but the rumors of Harlow's pregnancy do not float in his favor. He also saves Zavier, Floss and some other Zeeks who were imprisoned and tortured under his mother's reign. Meanwhile, in Summer, Harlow is not thrilled with Slater's treatment of her. When his ex, Raven, finds out about Harlow, she goes straight to the top: his mother, the Queen of Summer. Harlow and Slater are both at risk and must find a way to escape. Harlow is captured while Slater flees to the Drake village, where he encounters some familiar Zeeks, including Jax. To save Harlow, her twins, and all the Pastel slaves taken by Summer, Jax and Slater must find a way to work together. This is a wholesome conclusion. I am quite satisfied with the way Harlow's story ends, and unexpectedly, the twist Slater's story takes. His development in this novel really makes me appreciate him more, even if his character acts like a whiny baby most of the time. There's also the whole Earth aspect, delved into really only once, making that part of the story from Pastel Pink seem a bit irrelevant. The way it's described is just exposition, where showing an actual scene instead of telling might have been more impactful and effective in this novel. Some chapters felt a bit unnecessary, but at about the halfway point, this novel really picks up and runs fast-paced for the remainder. Still, a great ending and a decently fun series to read.  It does not seem like there will be more to this series, though the end leaves potential for possible tales of the future.

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