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Pub Date 13 Sep 2021 | Archive Date 24 Dec 2021

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"You won't want to put this book down." -SAN FRANCISCO BOOK REVIEW

"A small-town psychological thriller with a big-time payoff. This stunning debut is a must-read for Gillian Flynn fans." -BEST THRILLERS

Kara Peterson last drove away from Paige, Ohio ten years ago after reporting her rape.

She thought she knew who was responsible. She thought it was over.

But she doesn’t know everything that happened that night.

When her father passes away unexpectedly, Kara’s forced to return to Paige. It should be a safe little town, especially for the daughter of its favorite sheriff, but something’s not right with Kara’s memories. There are times that have gone missing. In fact, there are more and more of them the longer she stays in town.

Maybe it’s her hometown getting to her. Or maybe it’s just him.

"You won't want to put this book down." -SAN FRANCISCO BOOK REVIEW

"A small-town psychological thriller with a big-time payoff. This stunning debut is a must-read for Gillian Flynn fans." -BEST...

Advance Praise

“Chappel's ability to inject psychological tension and quiet revelations from the start will keep readers engrossed and on edge throughout the story. Well-steeped in a sense of place, purpose, and small-town interconnections past and present, Crickets is riveting suspense that won't disappoint.” -MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

“Mind-blowing...[the ending] hits us like a ton of bricks.” -LITERARY TITAN

"A true nail-biter that will keep you on the edge of your seat" - INDIES TODAY

“Spectacularly gripping...a must-read for lovers of finely-crafted psychological mysteries.” -THE PRAIRIES

“Immensely satisfying” -BOOKVIEW

“Chappel's ability to inject psychological tension and quiet revelations from the start will keep readers engrossed and on edge throughout the story. Well-steeped in a sense of place, purpose, and...

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This was a tense psychological thriller that really gives you that uncomfortable feeling. I did guess who was behind it all about halfway through but that doesn't mean the enjoyment of the book is spoiled - it makes it more creepy in all honesty.

There was one twist that I didn't see coming and I liked that one for sure.

Kara is a strong protagonist but I think more could have been made about her feeling ‘crazy’. Even when she was having so-called panic attacks she seemed in too much control. But thats just my take on it. Everyone reacts differently to this in real life so why not as a.character. I just think it could have ramped up the tension a notch higher.

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I really enjoyed this thriller, it was dark, twisty and made me question everything. I couldnt put it down, it's a great read

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Crickets by Lee Chappel is a highly recommended novel of psychological suspense.

After reporting her rape ten years ago, Kara Peterson left Paige, Ohio, with no plans to ever return. She knew the man who raped her, Dalton Rolenfeld, but, as the son of a prominent family, he was never charged. Kara changed her whole life based on this crime. Now Kara's father, a well liked sheriff, has passed away and she has to return to Paige where everything reminds her of the crime against her. Her neighbor and childhood friend, Brent, is there to assist and support her as he has always been. Once she returns, things start to get odd. Her memories seem off, she loses track of time, and a threatening note is left on her doorstep. It doesn't help that everyone is getting ready to celebrate Dalton's election win.

However, there is now someone who is ready to reopen her case and the investigation. Sam (Samantha) Ellis is a new police officer and the only woman on the force has befriended Kara and is looking into the rape. Sam is there to look at the case and the new evidence and memories. She is concerned that basic police procedures weren't followed in the original case and she is not sure she can trust the locals to take the case seriously. Now that Kara is apparently being threatened again, it is clear that she needs Sam's help.

The narrative is told through the point of view of several characters, mainly Kara, Sam, and a few others in short chapters. Sam is smart and resourceful, going through Kara's case as well as that of her father. It seems that there are plenty of secrets and suspects in this small town and Sam is determined to get to the truth. She is helped by Cody, a local man she can trust, and a friend who is a forensic scientist. The plot moves along at a brisk pace and will hold your complete attention. At first, it is unclear if Kara is losing touch with reality or really being threatened, but as events unfold, it becomes more and more a concern that Kara is being targeted.

Kara, Sam, and Cody are all likable characters. Kara's friend Brent always seems a bit off. The small town of Paige is a character too, as the town spreads gossip and long-held alliances between citizens are still upheld. Everyone shares some clues and context around Kara's attack and who could be currently threatening her. Kara has a difficult time being back in Paige and is overwhelmed and emotional as she meets various people from town. Sam is understanding of Kara's emotional state and sees the clues to something nefarious happening rather than blaming Kara for being overly emotional.

The resolution and the person responsible is not a complete surprise, but reaching the final denouement follows an engaging investigation.

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I couldn't put this book down once I started, the mystery was well done and I had liked each character in this book.

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I really enjoyed this gripping psychological thriller. It kept me guessing all the way through and I couldn't lay it down until I knew what happened. It kept me hyped up to the point of missing dinner and a reasonable bedtime. If this is your choice of genre you don't want to miss Crickets.

Thanks to Net Galley and the publisher for allowing me to read this amazing arc for my honest review.

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After her father’s death, Kara returns to her hometown to settle his affairs. She hasn’t been back since she was sexually assaulted at a party 10 years ago. The man she accused has a powerful family and was never charged- and now he’s running for the US Senate.

A female detective named Sam is new in town, and she isn’t interested in joining the good ol’ boys club of already established police officers. While looking through the backlog of unsolved cases to get an impression of the new town she’s in, she finds the case for Kara’s unsolved sexual assault and decides to take it into her own hands to find justice for Kara.

I would like to see this book get more attention, I thought it was really good! It’s categorized as mystery/thriller but I would put this more into the mystery/suspense category.

Crickets was chock full of great characters and I loved that Kara was an unreliable narrator, I was questioning so many things while reading. While the ending didn’t come as a surprise to me, I was pleased to find that if you paid sharp attention, Chappel left a little breadcrumb trail of clues for you to figure out “whodunnit!” I had a hard time putting this one down and finished it in two days!

Thank you to Netgalley and BooksGoSocial for the e-ARC!

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Crickets by Lee Chappel
Published: September 13, 2021
Bleau Press
I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Lee Chappel enjoys writing suspense and psychological mysteries but still can't handle the surprises in scary children's cartoons.

“We can look so different when you change the light.”

Kara is returning to her small hometown to host her late father's celebration of life. She thinks she is prepared for the trip, but when past trauma flares and she finds herself struggling, she is thankful for her lifelong best friend, Brent, who is always willing to drop everything to be at her side. Returning home, Kara realizes there is a new face, a female detective at that, who takes an interest in what happened that night. Silence can be deafening.

This is a heavy one. But it is so delicately presented and so powerfully written. The uses of light and dark, sound, and the positive references for therapy make this such a brilliant read.

The characters were so well curated. Kara is such a beautiful character. She has deep, invisible scars and emotional trauma that everyone knows about but refuses to accept.

Brent is every bit the lifelong best friend you would expect. He is always willing to have Kara’s back, always ready to stay up all night watching cheesy movies, always there.

Cody is a well-intentioned acquaintance. He is a genuinely nice guy who just wants to help. He feels protective over Kara in ways he can’t quite explain, but he also knows he has to operate on her timeline.

Sam. Oh, Sam. She was a breath of fresh air. Everything about her character was perfect. She is intelligent, capable, quick-witted, and an absolute lioness.

Redemption comes in many forms, and I love how that was explored throughout this novel. The fact that trauma manifests differently in each person, and that was represented, was terrific.

There was a lot of factual information woven throughout this fictional story. And I love the fact that Sam, the badass detective, was relentless in her pursuit for the truth.

This was such an unexpected read. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but I am glad I accepted this novel. Beautifully written, powerfully delivered, and emotionally captivating, sometimes happiness finds you when you least expect it.

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Crickets is an interesting thriller about a girl named Kara who goes back to her hometown after her dad dies. Once there some things from her past reappear and she is threatened. The story has alternating chapters which I enjoy but it also kind of gave away the whodunit. The Sebastian chapters had a pretty obvious tone to who it was. It was a good quick read with lots of twists and turns. There were also a lot of false leads which made the investigation interesting.

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