A Little Sister for Brady

A Story About Accepting & Embracing Change

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Pub Date 18 Oct 2021 | Archive Date 02 Nov 2021

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Having a new baby is a thrilling change, but for an older sibling, it can also be a confusing time.

How can you help your child adjust, and accept their new sibling with an open heart?

A Little Sister for Brady is a beautifully illustrated story with relatable characters and social emotional learning around this important topic.

Unlike other sibling books, the story highlights some initial friction as our little labradoodle adjusts to sharing his toys, treats, and even his humans with his new baby sister.

Brady quickly grows to love his sister and we see a shift in his emotions as he learns to accept and embrace the big change.

Benefits of the Book:

* Introduces the idea that a new sibling is coming

* Provides an opportunity to talk about the changing family dynamics

* Reading about Brady's sibling struggles provides an opportunity for kids to share their own feelings.

* The companion coloring/activity book digs deeper into this topic while introducing mazes, coloring and fun activities that parents and children will love

* Downloadable Teacher's Guide provides a curriculum tied to common core standards for classroom and homeschool use

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Having a new baby is a thrilling change, but for an older sibling, it can also be a confusing time.

How can you help your child adjust, and accept their new sibling with an open heart?

A Little...

Advance Praise

Reviewed by Dr. Jordan Alexander for Readers' Favorite

A Little Sister for Brady by April M. Cox is a delightful children’s book that helps explain feelings around change through the eyes of Brady, an adorable, fluffy Labradoodle puppy. When a new little sister arrives on the scene, Brady goes through the typical range of emotions a child would experience when something new happens to alter their routine. The author carefully and thoughtfully describes how Brady feels ignored, pushed aside, and how Mandy, his new sister, is getting all the love and attention that he (and only he) enjoyed BEFORE she arrived. By nightfall, Brady wishes he did NOT have a sister at all. His feelings are short-lived as in the morning when Mandy is nowhere to be found, Brady comes to realize he actually enjoyed having his sister around. Contentment fills Brady’s heart as Mandy reappears. The story concludes with companionship and love between the pups demonstrating to children to persevere even when initially something new may feel uncomfortable and a bit of a step backward. A Little Sister for Brady is a lively picture book for young children. Each page is brightly colored with beautiful characters and illustrations that support the story scenes.

Parents and teachers alike will enjoy A Little Sister for Brady by April M. Cox to explore change and feelings that children encounter from new experiences - like when children may also face the arrival of a new sibling in real life. The time and reflection Brady takes to go from feeling unhappy to seeing the benefits of change gives a lovely pathway to draw parallels for youngsters going through similar emotions surrounding new events. But wait, there’s more! The generous author has also added bonus features to the educational book including video, printable coloring sheets, and free resources. Overall, A Little Sister for Brady gets an A+ as a story and for its colorful, bold, and warm illustrations. Both are sure to captivate young readers. As an educational book, it achieves the author’s desire to help “little hearts” develop resilience to be “happy, healthy, and successful.”

Reviewed by Dr. Jordan Alexander for Readers' Favorite

A Little Sister for Brady by April M. Cox is a delightful children’s book that helps explain feelings around change through the eyes of Brady...

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3.5 stars. A cute story about adapting to change, told by a family dog who is lonely but uncertain about the arrival of a new little sister. When forced to change and share, will be resent it or decide it's worth making room for a new friend? This is a very relatable tale for young kids, and they'll enjoy it being told through puppies. The illustrations are comic-style and are bright and lively. The text unfortunately sacrifices word choice, phrasing, and meter in the service of rhyming. I stumbled over several stanzas, so definitely give this a pre-read before reading aloud. Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review!

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this is a great book to teach little kids a valuable lesson: that change doesn't always mean something necessarily bad and that sometimes you might even come to like it and realize you don't want to go back to the way things were before. the writing is easy to comprehend and the art is pretty enjoyable, as well. if you want a book for children that is both enjoyable and educational, here is one!

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A Little Sister for Brady is a sweet book that shows change isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Brady is upset when his parents bring home a new little sister for him, but once she disappears from the house he realizes she might not be so bad after all. He misses the fun times they had together and doesn’t mind sharing things things anymore. This book will be great for children welcoming a new little brother or sister. The illustrations were really cute as well and I enjoyed the rhyming text. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a review copy.

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I am such a sucker for dog books! We have two dogs and this is exactly how we picture the older one dealing with a new puppy!! A great message for children with younger siblings.

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This was the cutest book! It is the perfect example for kids to be kind and thoughtful to everyone because you never know when they will be gone! I will absolutely be reading this to my kids!

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An enjoyable book, helpful for parents to share with their child when a new arrival is expected. Colourful and cute, I think it’ll serve its purpose well in engaging a younger audience.

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This is an interesting play on a new sister. Using the story of a puppy, Brady and a new puppy, Mandy. This story shows that while we might not like the new addition first we soon realize we can't live without them. A new puppy is brought home and she is annoying and takes Brady's things and eats his food. He wishes she would go back where she came from. But when she is gone for the day he realizes he misses her more that he thought he did. Perfect story for a family about to expand.

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"A Little Sister for Brady" has gorgeous illustrations and is a rhyming story that little humans can certainly relate to. It's not easy being the older sibling of a brand new baby sister ( or brother ). Why you are expected to share your food, your toys, your treats and your parents with someone who is unfamiliar with the family dynamics and who has no boundaries. That doesn't seem fair now does it? Brady expresses first his surprise and then his frustration as puppy Mandy steamrolls into his world and ruins everything for him. He reaches a tipping point where he wishes she would go away and never return so he can experience normal once again. Then guess what? One day she is taken away and Brady finds himself longing for her return. Maybe she isn't so bad after all and he really misses her. This books open up a dialogue about change and how it can be for the good. It gives opportunity to express personal feelings and find solutions if there is a need to. The beautiful illustrations greatly enrich the text which will engage new and reluctant readers to enjoy the book also. There is a companion colouring/activity book available and a downloadable Teacher's Guide to pursue the topic even further. The book is wonderful and highly recommended.

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A Little Sister for Brady is a fantastically cute story about how Brady the dog feels when his family gets another dog. It explains how even though change can be scary it is not a bad thing. This book was beautifully illustrated and was a joy to read to my 5 year old son. Thank you to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for my ARC.

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