The Rise of Jonathan Flite

The Jonathan Flite Series Book 3

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Pub Date 30 May 2021 | Archive Date 23 Feb 2022

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Jonathan Flite’s fame is on the rise. Ever since the suicide bombing at his mother’s press conference last summer, his alleged “past-life memories” of Minnesota’s long-lost Idle County Seven have piqued the curiosity of people everywhere—including new religious extremists who don’t want to be challenged by questions about the nature of reality.

Now, the reigning queen of news media, Alice Winterblume, is featuring Jonathan front and center in her hit docuseries, WorldLine. As Jonathan’s claims about the Idle County Seven further challenge the social psyche, so too do the alarming uncertainties they raise about two individuals the teens once knew: Victor Zobel, the celebrity billionaire now suspected of orchestrating the 2037 nuclear terrorist attack in Geneva, Switzerland; and Rebecca Sparks, the mysterious physicist whose new and testable Theory of Everything has since ignited controversy among scientists around the globe.

As links between the past and the present converge, Jonathan’s stories about the Idle County Seven—particularly one about young Lindsay Thorsen and an out-of-body experience she had during a harrowing abduction in 2006—begin crumbling the walls of society’s deepest-held beliefs about life, death, and reality.

Jonathan Flite’s fame is on the rise. Ever since the suicide bombing at his mother’s press conference last summer, his alleged “past-life memories” of Minnesota’s long-lost Idle County Seven have...

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It's been a good few years since I read the last book,and usually I can't remember what I read last week. This however,threw me straight back into the world of Jonathan and all that comes with it. It's as hectic as the last books,going back and forth in time,with a big cast of characters. It's also as compulsive reading as the previous ones. When I got to the end and read the about the author bit,I was very pleased to see we have a few more installments to come.

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Really really interesting I had great fun going into this and of course - coming out too! The characters were great as was the writing and I will for sure keep an eye out for Beiers writing in the future!

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Continuing the story of Jonathan Flite, Beier concentrates on another of the Idle County Seven while also following Jonathan's life as he is released from the mental institution where he has spent the last ten years. I love this series! I am incredibly fascinated by what happened to Molly Butler and her friends. This installment, set in 2005, really focuses on Elijah Bryce and how he became friends with Molly. The adventure that they share is one which ultimately leads to their disappearance in 2012. While Jonathan is relating the tale of Elijah, he is also desperately trying to keep his family and friends safe from the person(s) who orchestrated the nuclear bombing of Geneva and the previous attempts on his life. Again, this is an amazing book. I love it and really want the other four novels planned to be published immediately. Usually book #2 in a series is ok, but not great. Beier does not need to worry about that here. By focusing on another one of the teens who dissapareared, the reader is able to get a broader sense of the mysteries of Idle County. I have a feeling that each book will tackle one of the teens. While some of the mysteries are solved with this chapter, others continue to be developed and explored in future installments. But there is no sense of frustration, other than wanting to rad all the books at once.

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I loved this book just as much as the first one! Along with Jonathan we are following another of the Idle County Seven, Elijah. Jonathan is trying to figure out what he should do now that he has been released from the institution, deciding if he should actually be telling the world what he knows about the missing teenagers. Elijah is meeting Molly Butler for the first time when she saves him from some bullies, and they form a fast friendship. Especially when he goes into the moon woods and uncovers something that leads him and Molly to his biological mother.. and also to a body.. Jonathan Flite is making people question what they believe.. what happens after we die? how on earth could someone have the memories of 7 different people that went missing before he was even born?.. We are uncovering some of the mysteries that were left from the first installment, but left with so many more questions that have me itching to dive into the third and final book in this series.. I can't wait to see what Jonathan Flite is going to reveal next, and which one of the Idle County seven we will be follwing next!

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