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Pub Date 01 Dec 2021 | Archive Date 30 Apr 2022

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"In the small Midwestern town of Howlett, navigating high school is tough enough. But when a group of friends are inexplicably turned into weredogs, adapting to their new powers proves to be even tougher. This leads to an unlikely friendship with loner Mara, a werewolf whose father has mysteriously vanished. As the high schoolers team up to solve the disappearance, friendships are tested, and secrets are revealed as the Werewoofs prove themselves in an explosive showdown against a dangerous wolfpack and their vicious alpha."

"In the small Midwestern town of Howlett, navigating high school is tough enough. But when a group of friends are inexplicably turned into weredogs, adapting to their new powers proves to be even...

Advance Praise

“Really clever and well-told”
-Mark Waid (Eisner and Inkpot  award-winning writer for Marvel, DC, and more)

“Werewoofs is an inventive  twist on the werewolf genre, offering readers moments of fast paced action, fmaily intrigue, and a wonderful character-driven plot!
As a certified werewolf expert, I really enjoyed it!”

-Shawn Lemore (“How To Be A Werewolf”)

“Werewoofs tells the right story, at the right time, in the right way.
But, don’t just listen to me as an adult.
“Werewoofs is a funny and exciting book that hit me in the feels at times.
It’s very diverse and shows it’s ok to be LGBTQ.
I like the message about friendship and doing the right thing.
10/10 must recommend”

-Karen and Liam Walsh (GeekMom)

“Really clever and well-told”
-Mark Waid (Eisner and Inkpot  award-winning writer for Marvel, DC, and more)

“Werewoofs is an inventive twist on the werewolf genre, offering readers moments of fast...

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I enjoyed this graphic novel! I have loved other pieces illustrated by Val Wise and this was no different, great art style with a bit of heart.

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This was a really fun take on the werewolf. The dog aspect was really fun and cute. The characters were fun and I really liked them. The plot was fun and interesting. It had some great twist and was really interesting. I can not wait for the next issue to come out!

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Review to come November 19th to blog/goodreads. I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review. This was such a fun, at times funny, read! Perfect for the Halloween season (which is when I read the book). There are werewolves, cute weredogs, friendship, LGBT and normal romance that had me shipping a lot, and more.  Meet Mara, a werewolf girl who lives with her dad and her cousin. Everything seems fine.. until her father disappears and her schoolfriends are attacked by dogs and turn into weredogs. I really loved Mara and loved that despite everything she stood up for herself and didn't let her worthless cousin control her. It wasn't the easiest decision and I really wanted to give her a hug, but I was also proud of her. I love that she took that group of schoolmates under her wings and tried to help them as much as she could, however I do feel that she could have at least told them the truth. I do understand why not, but I just wish she had. Now you can just guess what happens when they find out. :| I loved how Mara made plans to stop her cousin and I loved how she and her new friends tried to make all the plans.  The friends/schoolmates at first, I loved it. OK, I did feel sorry for them that they are now weredogs. One day you are struggling through life as a teen and the next you are also a weredog and have to control that (because emotions, yay). But I loved that we learned more and more about them and saw them learn about their powers and get better at controlling them. Especially Lorenzo and Alvern from the group got some extra attention.  As I said there is plenty of romance and plenty of times I found myself rooting for these characters. For instance one of the guys Lorenzo is in love with another guy at school and I just had a laugh how he used his weredoggy powers to find out more about the guy. Maybe not entirely the right way to find out about your crush, but I just found it adorable and hoped that Lorenzo would one day be able to just be himself with the guy. Not his dog. But himself.  Zev was just a big fat nope for me. I didn't like the guy from the moment I saw him. Something just was off about him. I definitely wasn't a fan. And throughout the book I got more and more angry at the guy. For doing what he did. For rallying the other werewolves like that, knowing full well that they would have a hard time saying no because of the alpha stuff + the fact that this is their home. I was hoping someone would bring Zev down a nudge or twenty....  The ending was so very much action-packed and I was on the edge of my seat (well, curling up in bed actually) to see how it all would end. About Mara's dad. About Zev. About the big robbery. About everything. And I just love love love that the author gave us a sort of epilogue in which we see more about the characters and what happens next. One scene had me almost crying (the one with the wolves at Mara's house).  The art was really well done, I love the style.  All in all, HIGHLY recommended. This was so much fun! Full of exciting things. Weredogs and werewolves. It was fab!

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NetGalley ARC Educator 550974 A brilliant story with themes on friendship, family and finding one's purpose. Mara is a werewolf who fits into the human world. Her dad goes missing and her cousin resumes the Alpha's position. Throw in some tainted pet food and we have a conundrum. I look forward to the next installment.

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This is a mystery of a werewolf girl named Mara whose life goes a little unrailed. Her father mysteriously, and uts up to her to find him. She, also, has to help four classmates find their way into being WereWoofs! I loved the art work and story. There was so much going on, but it was nicely paced. I loved Mara. She was strong willed and dedicated to her beliefs. I adored each challenge the friends went through in order to make their lives and WereWoofs synch.

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Werewoofs was a fun read; although the story was a little more intense than I expected. I appreciated that it centred around a group of misfits too. Bonus: The illustrations were cute!

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This is a cute idea for a graphic novel, and I think that teens in particular will enjoy reading this. I enjoyed the concept of the weredogs and werewolves being friends. It had a lot of ideas packed into this one graphic novel, and I was giggling and enjoying much of the adventure.

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Joelle began her writing career as an advertising copywriter, creating award-winning campaigns for brands like In-N-Out Burger, Kleenex and Lexus. Since making the jump to screenwriting, she's written several romantic comedy and family telefilms including Hallmark Channel's Paris, Wine and Romance. Joelle has also written comics for Blizzard, DC, Marvel, and Dynamite Entertainment. Graphic novels for IDW/Lion Forge Comics include reboots of the NBC classic shows Saved By the Bell and Punky Brewster. Her newest graphic novel is the YA horror book, WereWoofs. The small, Midwest town of Howlett was established, long ago, by werewolves. When ordinary humans came in, they drove the werewolves underground, but all that’s going to change when the pack alpha disappears and his nephew takes over. Working at the Paw Paw dog food mill gives him certain advantages, including corrupting the donated food at local animal shelters with the virus that creates werewolves. In the meantime, the baby of the pack, Mara, is struggling in high school. She’s been branded the freak of the class and has no friends. When a pack of dogs from the shelter break free and attack her classmates, however, she instantly gains some friends, especially when they begin shifting into dogs themselves. Her knowledge of werewolves and werewolf training helps them bond, but that still doesn’t solve the mystery of the missing alpha nor what caused the dogs in the shelter to go crazy. WereWoofs is a great YA graphic novel. There are horror elements, to be sure, but nothing too scary that a middle-grade or YA reader will be completely put off. Furthermore, the scenes of bullying and teasing in high school, as well as the problems with teachers, grades, crushes, etc. will connect well with a YA audience, as well as many adult readers. Val Wise’s cartoon style fits the narrative and the audience well, too. The characters are detailed enough to be realistic and not too cartoony, but they’re soft enough to not be overly realistic or scary; there’s an excellent balance that Wise has achieved with her art which only serves to propel the narrative further. Overall, WereWoofs is a fun story about lycanthropy and high school. It’s not too graphic or over-the-top, but it’s also not too cheesy as to upset or put off any of its target readers. It’s a solid mystery, open-ended mystery tale combined with high school drama that makes for a fun read.

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I'm so happy to see more werewolf themed graphic novels these days. This one was a lot of fun with the were-dogs!! No spoilers but there is death in this comic.

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Werewoofs is fantastic, inventive graphic novel fantasy that draws upon lore to engage readers. Recommended reading for fun and engagement.

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