On the March: A Novel of the Women's March on Washington

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Pub Date 21 Jan 2022 | Archive Date 15 May 2022


If you’re familiar with the power of #metoo and #shepersisted, you’ll understand the power of ON THE MARCH: A Novel of the 2017 Women's March on Washington. This work of contemporary historical fiction will appeal across a number of genres like Women’s Fiction, New Adult, and YA. 


ON THE MARCH is a novel about three women, all strangers, who meet on the bus journeying from Kansas to Washington, D.C., to participate in the Women’s March on Washington. Henrietta Oldham is an elderly woman who runs a failing antique store; Birdie Jackson is a shy African-American teenager who is marching at the insistence of her feminist aunt; Emily Messer is a recent college graduate who needs more in her life than her job as a barista. All three women have secret, undisclosed reasons for attending the march, and in the course of the novel, as the women begin to know and trust each other, these secrets are revealed.

Although Henrietta, Birdie, and Emily appear to have little in common as they begin their ride, ON THE MARCH confirms that classic women’s issues – sexual harassment, pay inequity, self-sabotage, even bra-stuffing – serve as common bonds among women across the generations. Even more, sharing their stories on the 34-hour trip together as well as participating in the march itself becomes the catalyst for changing each of their lives for the better.

ON THE MARCH is about the revived feminist spirit of our times, an intellectual, cultural, and often hilarious novel of the zeitgeist. It will appeal to millions of women who are now culturally and politically engaged, whether they marched or not. 

If you’re familiar with the power of #metoo and #shepersisted, you’ll understand the power of ON THE MARCH: A Novel of the 2017 Women's March on Washington. This work of contemporary historical...

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This was a great book. It shows how three strangers who are fighting for the same issues can come together and become friends. The Women's March on Washington was an important part of history in the United States and something that I will always remember. These marches occurred all over the country but the biggest was in Washington, D.C. This was part of a fight women have been fighting for decades and a fight we are still fighting,

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“And then the most astonishing thing happened: The crowd began to roar. The roaring came in a rolling rave, gathering at the far edges of the crowd and then sweeping to the front. It was a tsunami gathering force deep in the ocean of history and then plunging across the world, its beaches, its cities, its farmlands, its mountains, sweeping the entire globe. Henrietta was awestruck. It felt like church. Like something sacred, transcendent, holy. Her decades of silence has been given a voice”

Trudy Krisher’s On the March follows 3 women as they make the long cross-country trip to Washington DC to participate in the Women’s March. This contemporary novel remembers this powerful protest in which people marched across the world to call for gender equality and to challenge Trump’s misogyny, with 200,000 marching in DC.
I really enjoyed this novel, its characters shone throughout. Their growth and bonds with one another made something as mundane as a lengthy bus journey really special. It captured the importance of this protest, and the continued importance of the messages at the heart of it. Despite it being a fictionalised retelling, On The March highlighted intersectional experiences, and drew attention to the many fights at the heart of the demonstration. As the protagonist Emily remembers, “Equality is a Team Sport”…

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This is such a great book. The cover is STUNNING and the way that so many issues were touched on in a gentle way that will allow anyone old and young to consume this book together.

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My feelings about this book definitely relate to my own participation in the Women's March and I highly recommend the book for all who were present that day. It rekindles all the positivity of the event!
This is the story of 3 women who travelled from the Midwest on a bus to attend the first women's march. There is Hennie, an older women who has been disappointed and thwarted by life. She is a knitter ! There is Emily (with her college friends) who is trying to find her place in the world. Emily is an animal lover! There is Birdie a young African American girl who is traveling with her activist Aunt Lou. I loved how in the text each character had their own symbol (a bird, a ball of yarn and a dog) to indicate when we get their point of view. The reader learns about all of their families along with them and I was particularly taken with Birdie's story which including her military veteran mother who served in Afghanistan and her handicapped sister Shanice.
The story itself unfolds in a rather predictable manner but it remains so touching. The writing itself is a little simplistic, primarily this is a book to read when you want to feel good about life and its possibilities.
So many issues affecting women are brought forward in the book - sensitively dealt with and very powerful. This would be a good book for book clubs to discuss because of this.
The cover of this book has to be one of the best I have seen, really reflects the flavor of the book.
Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to view this book in exchange for a honest review.

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This was an amazing story. I really enjoyed reading about how these women, who were all strangers, came together and became friends to fight for the same cause. It also addressed the issues that women face in a very touching and sensitive way.

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