Modern Asian Baking at Home

Essential Sweet and Savory Recipes for Milk Bread, Mochi, Mooncakes, and More; Inspired by the Subtle Asian Baking Community

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Pub Date 26 Jul 2022 | Archive Date 15 Aug 2022
Quarto Knows, Quarry Books

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From the Subtle Asian Baking community comes Modern Asian Baking at Home, must-have recipes for beloved sweet and savory treats found across Asia. This is a debut cookbook by Kat Lieu.

Explore new ingredients, surprising techniques, and interesting textures through lush photography and rewarding recipes that include exciting yet familiar contemporary bakes with innovative Asian twists. The results are unforgettable delights like miso-mochi brownies and spicy gochujang flourless chocolate cake. There’s even a recipe for homemade boba!
This is the perfect cookbook for anyone nostalgic for Asian desserts as well as hobbyist and avid home bakers interested in using vibrant ingredients like miso, matcha, pandan, and soy sauce to expand their repertoires. No passport is needed when you can easily create and experience popular Asian sweets and one-of-a-kind Asian-influenced drinks, custards, cakes, and frozen treats at home.

Recipes include: Quick Microwave Mochi

Fluffy Japanese Pancakes

Lemony Matcha Macarons

Tangzhong Milk Bread

Vietnamese Egg Dalgona Coffee

Steam, fry, boil, and bake your way through this straight-from-the-heart collection of recipes!

This book is #veryasian

From the Subtle Asian Baking community comes Modern Asian Baking at Home, must-have recipes for beloved sweet and savory treats found across Asia. This is a debut cookbook by Kat Lieu.

Explore new...

Advance Praise

Every single page is a joyous celebration of the uniquely wonderful textures, techniques and flavours found in Asian baking. There are loads of my favourite comfort foods and captivating pictures - I just want to bake and eat them ALL! Kat and the SAB community are superstars for inspiring so many to get into the joys of Asian baking.―Kim-Joy, bestselling cookbook author and Great British Bake Off finalist

Modern Asian Baking at Home helps home bakers shift their attention from the ever prevalent Western culture of baking to dive fearlessly into some very delicious recipes which use accessible and fun ingredients. Without a doubt, these are the kinds of recipes that will become a staple in any household. ―Bryan Ford, bestselling author of New World Sourdough

Drawing from both long-held traditions and contemporary inspiration, Modern Asian Baking at Home is the perfect cookbook for home bakers wanting to delve into the extensive world of Asian-inspired treats. The approachable and well-written recipes will have you turning out airy sponge cakes, chewy mochi, and stunning mooncakes in no time! ―Ruth Mar Tam, author of Baked to Order

Kat’s Modern Asian Baking at Home book is loaded with stunningly original and delicious recipes. Kat answers all of our questions about Asian ingredients, equipment, and technique. After reading her book, I wanted to make(and eat)everything in it!―Vivian Aronson, author and creator of Cookingbomb

A book full of tips, tricks, and nostalgia, as well as plenty of plant-based options! It's a must-have for anyone who's ready to be schooled in the art of modern Asian baking! ―Joanne Lee Molinaro, NYT bestselling author of The Korean Vegan Cookbook

From recipes of my after-school favorite, coconut cream bun, to macarons with exotic flavors, Modern Asian Baking at Home delivers a subtle take on the internationalized sweets culture of modern Asian baking.―Jason Wang, James Beard Foundation Nominee, and CEO of Xi'an Famous Foods

Subtle Asian Baking is no longer just a small community of bakers swapping recipes, but a movement for culinary innovation―Jessica Wei,

Every single page is a joyous celebration of the uniquely wonderful textures, techniques and flavours found in Asian baking. There are loads of my favourite comfort foods and captivating pictures - I...

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I don’t generally associate home baking with Asian culture but Kat Lieu has brought us a cookbook that proves good bakes come from Asia and she has simplified them for the average home baker. This cookbook is so well planned out containing recipes we all want demystified like Easy Microwave Mochi, Ube Halaya Jam, and preparing our own Boba to Asian Fusion recipes such as Miso Focaccia, Matcha Infused Madeleines, Ube White Chocolate Scones and Gochujang Flourless Chocolate Cake. I could go on and on revealing all the delicious recipes in this book, but there are just too many to list here. This cookbook is filled with big, beautiful, inspiring food photos and so many tempting recipes! I am preordering this one, I can’t wait to try these recipes in my kitchen! Available for purchase on June 28, 2022.

Thank you Netgalley, Quarry Books and Kat Lieu for this eARC in exchange for my honest review.

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Lush photography paired with heartwarming stories, and must-have, mouth-watering recipes indeed for chiffon cakes, mochi, and milk bread. I will be sure to try out these recipes, and it's a book I'll be preordering for sure! The author has a sense of humor and cleverly uses hashtags like #representationmatters or #mentalhealthawareness in the book. Thoughtfully written, a beautifully put-together cookbook that I can not wait to hold in my hands and flip through the pages.

Thank you Netgalley, Quarry Books, and Kat Lieu for this eARC in exchange for my honest review.

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Book: Modern Asian Baking at Home: Essential Sweet and Savory Recipes for Milk Bread, Mooncakes, Mochi, and More; Inspired by the Subtle Asian Baking Community

Author: Kat Lieu

Pub Info: 28 June 2022, Quarto Knows, Quarry Books

Genres: Cooking / Food, Asian Culture, Baking/Cooking, Home & Leisure

I received an electronic copy of this book on NetGalley in exchange for honest feedback. Thank you to the author, photographers, publisher, and NG.

I am approaching this book as someone who reads a lot of cooking/baking guides, but I have no prior experience with Asian baking. I am always looking to learn more about 1) cooking/baking and 2) different cultures, so these are my two motivations for requesting this review copy. I also really like this publisher’s releases, so I know it will be high quality in terms of its photography & layout.

The content includes chapter sections on: 1) Basics and Confections, 2) Cookies & Pastries, 3) Airy & Not-Too-Sweet Cakes, 4) Bread and Yeasted Bakes, 5) Treats Under One Moon & Holiday Bakes, 6) Custards & Frozen, 7) Drinks.

What really stood out to me right off the bat is the straight forward guides that include visual depictions of the instructions. As someone who learns best from doing what I read, it’s helpful to have visuals to know I’m following along correctly. Not only does this one provide the “end product” visual, but the step-by-step really helps. Not all have this feature, but I liked the ones that did.

The others are pretty straight forward enough to follow that you don’t really need pics of every step or anything. I think my favorite recipe included is Brazos de Mercedes Meringue Swirls. Most of the photos make the food look really good!

Was this review helpful?

I will admit I'm biased about this book since I'm a follower of theirs and have been watching the whole journey of making the cookbook. I love all the recipes in here and I enjoy that more books about asian cooking are coming out.

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Publication date: June 28, 2022

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review an advanced reader's copy of this book. This in no way affects my review, all opinions are my own and may be affected by the fact that it is snowy, windy and icy outside and we are in lockdown version 5.0, and I have nothing better to do than read three or more books a day??.

From the Subtle Asian Baking Community comes Modern Asian Baking at Home, must-have recipes for beloved sweet and savoury treats found across Asia.

Explore new ingredients, surprising techniques, and interesting textures through lush photography and rewarding recipes that include exciting yet familiar contemporary bakes with innovative Asian twists. The results are unforgettable delights like miso-mochi brownies and spicy gochujang flourless chocolate cake. There’s even a recipe for homemade boba!

This is the perfect cookbook for anyone nostalgic for Asian desserts as well as a hobbyist and avid home bakers interested in using vibrant ingredients like miso, matcha, pandan, and soy sauce to expand their repertoires. No passport is needed when you can easily create and experience popular Asian sweets and one-of-a-kind Asian-influenced drinks, custards, cakes, and frozen treats at home.

Recipes include:
***Quick Microwave Mochi
***Fluffy Japanese Pancakes
***Lemony Matcha Macarons
***Tangzhong Milk Bread
***Vietnamese Egg Dalgona Coffee

Steam, fry, boil, and bake your way through this straight-from-the-heart collection of recipes!
This book is #veryasian (note: their hashtag!)

I always love going to my local Asian market and buying a baked good and having no idea what is inside until I open the package and take a bite...and then translating the label into English so I know what I just ate! This is a wonderful book with all these recipes inside to make and stun your friends with what turns out. I love milk bread so look forward to making that and a lot of other foods shown in this book. The recipes are well written and understandable by cooks of all levels and the photos make the food very appealing to myself and other lovers of food out there.

Was this review helpful?

I love pandan, mochi, black sesame ice cream, mango pudding, and coconut sticky rice so I really wanted to see what would be on those pages. There are a lot of sweets from all over the Asian continent in this book and a good dose of fun fusion. While I would have loved to see more traditional dishes too, this was still a lot of fun and interesting suggestions, and a whole bunch of inspiration. I really want to bust open a matcha box and start preparing delicious treats with it.
One of the recipes that intrigues me the most is the soy sauce caramel which sounds fantastic. Prepare for a lot of steaming though, which means you need the right equipment.
The pictures in this book are really appetizing and I look forward to trying a few things out. For all those who love sweets with an Asian twist, you will find a lot of happiness in this cookbook!

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I was not familiar with the SAB, subtle Asian Baking, community. I was drawn to this book by the beautiful desserts and colors on the cover. I have since been educated and am thrilled to have found this cookbook. Kat Lieu shares her heart for her roots, her community, and her love for baking within these pages. I learned a lot about three key ingredients used repeatedly in this book: matcha, black sesame, and ube. As I first thumbed through the book, I was captivated by the COLORS of so many of these treats. I love how Kat has combined some old and new to create tantalizing Asian treats that remains true to her roots. Treats such as Ube Butter Mochi, , Black Sesame Mochi Beignets, Miso Garlic Milk Bread Buns, Snowy Skin Mooncakes (on the cover), and Mango Lassi with Sago. There are plenty of traditional recipes as well, such as almond cookies and milk bread. You can learn how to make your own boba as well as techniques for various doughs and steaming. Chapters are divided by basics and confections, favorite cookies and pastries, airy and not-too-sweet cakes, bread and yeasted bakes, treats under one moon and holiday bakes, custards and frozen, and drinks. Every single recipe has a beautiful photo included as well as step by step instructions. Recipes are provided with metric and standard measurements. I absolutely recommend this cookbook for those who looking to try something new with authentic Asian ingredients, style, and flavors.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher via NetGalley and all opinions expressed are solely my own, freely given.

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Beautiful photos, and lots of recipes that look very yummy! I don't know if I would make them at home but I would love to try these somewhere. I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review

Was this review helpful?

This books it’s so beautiful really, i loved that it has so many different things not only from one part of Asia but from Asia as a whole, that was a super plus for me.

I want to try almost everything here if not everything in the book, it has recipes from pancakes to jam to egg bread and even drinks so for me it’s super complete.

If you didn't knew this ones already totally recommend you try this one.

Was this review helpful?

Beautifully shot photos of both modern and classic Asian desserts w/ some modern twists. I loved the explanation of typical ingredients found in the Asian pantry and brought me back to being a child wandering my grandmother's pantry. I'm so happy to finally have found a cookbook that blends both modern and traditional in such a beautiful way. I've never seen any cookbook like this and am so glad that there is finally one that not only speaks to our past but the present and future as well! Highly recommend, 10/10!!

Was this review helpful?

Everything about this book makes me excited to give these recipes a try. From the crisp gorgeous photos to the delicious looking recipes themselves, this cookbook is very inviting. The writing and the humor is also very relatable. The background and instructions are also very helpful as some of these recipes would otherwise be intimidating, but the author breaks it down so it doesn't seem so daunting. The recipes in here are exactly the types of foods that I really like that are becoming a bit more popular, but still difficult to find at times. I love that it includes traditional and more modern trendy recipes for homecooks to make at home.

Was this review helpful?

This was love at first sight. As soon as I saw the title and the cover, I knew I had to request for an ARC. After doing so did I only realize that this was from one of my favorite instagrammers! I am an avid follower of Subtle Asian Cooking, and I was very surprised that this was her book or that she was even working on one. Congratulations!! 13 years in the making!

Anyway, back to the book. Oh the photos, the recipes, I must try all of them. I've been seeing this Ube Mochi on my instagram feed since 2020 and maybe it's now time to try this recipe. Another one I'm excited to try out is the Curry Bread. I mean, it's hard not to want to try every single one in this book because everything looks so delicious. Oh and my favorite part? The recipes all have metric conversions! Most US cookbooks use volume measures so I always give a shout out to cookbook authors for adding in metric weights.

I completely love this book and your instagram! Congratulations on publishing a cookbook! Thank you for giving me an ARC as well! Best of luck to you! <3


Was this review helpful?

i’ve been so excited for this book, i’m always looking for asian dessert recipes. i even told my mom about this because she too loves asian desserts. to say i was ecstatic to read this is an understatement. every single recipe in this book looks incredible, trust me i swiped and read through every single page. you can really tell so much effort and love was put into this book. i honestly cannot wait to try out recipes from this book!! everything is so creative and is genuinely so intriguing, like gochujang flourless chocolate cake ?? 🤤 i have so much love for this book and i wish it all the best

Was this review helpful?

This cookbook is beautifully written! I love that each recipe has a full-color picture included. Some of the recipes I was familiar with, but for the recipes that I wasn't it was really nice to have a picture. I lived in South Korea for a little and was happy to see a baking cookbook focused solely on Asia. Each recipe had clear instructions and didn't seem difficult to follow. Truthfully, I haven't tried any of the recipes, but once summer comes and I have access to fresh fruit I plan to use the microwave mochi to make fresh fruit daifuku, a snack I've always wanted to try but have never found! I also want to try the sugar fruit. I've also been trying to convince my mom to make me a Japanese cheesecake. If you're interested in trying some Asian baked goods, I wouldn't definitely check out this cookbook!

Was this review helpful?

As a book blogger who’s always trying to sneak subtle Asian bakes into her Booksta posts, I can't think of a book more on-brand than Modern Asian Baking at Home.

I have a soft spot for cookbooks. Growing up, one of my favorite things to do with my mom was flipping through cookbooks and looking at recipes together. We didn’t make most the ones we’d marked (some things never change) because there were so many, but even the act of going through a cookbook and pointing out recipes was so fun. Both then and now, my favorite part of reading at cookbooks was looking at the pictures, and Modern Asian Baking has all the pictures. Each recipe comes with its own picture which would’ve automatically made it my favorite as a kid.

My request for an early digital copy of Modern Asian Baking was granted literally seconds before I was about to turn off my laptop and get ready for bed, and I couldn’t help but sneak a peek which, in hindsight, was probably a bad idea for my sleep schedule. (As every reader knows, “just one more page” is the biggest lie ever.) Page after page, recipe after recipe, I got more and more excited until it got the point where I not only wanted to keep reading, I wanted to pull out some flour start baking. (Don’t worry, I did the grown up thing and ignored urge to responsibilities until I baked my way through the ever-growing list of recipes I was amassing so no patients were harmed by my reading habits.)

Flipping through Modern Asian Baking took me right back to the early days of the pandemic. I loved reading Subtle Asian Baking‘s origin story and learning about Kat Lieu’s baking journey and was surprised by how relatable it was. I’ve always liked baking and like much of the world, picked it back up in 2020. COVID-19 hit, and I broke out my Kitchenaid mixer. One afternoon during the early days of toilet paper hoarding and panic buying, my mom came home with a 25 lb (11.3 kg for you international readers) Costco-sized bag of flour because it was the only thing available with the sudden sourdough-induced shortages and because a good Asian will never pass up a good deal. The thing was enormous, but I figured I’d use as much as I could and we’d toss whatever went bad (idk how long that takes, but it was a LOT of flour). So I joined my fellow humans, stayed home, stayed safe, rolled up my sleeves, and baked and baked and baked. But while my fellow home bakers were cultivating starters in their mason jars, I was experimenting with Subtle Asian Bakes without realizing it. As a hungry child stuck at home and fresh off a sick person’s diet, I made different versions of dan tats (蛋撻), scallion pancakes (蔥油餅), chiffon cakes, and tong yuan (湯圓). (And okay, also 5-6 variations on banana bread.)

Modern Asian Baking is a book for everyone. It’s a cookbook by amateur home bakers for home bakers. There are recipes for every skill level, and it’s not just for Asians! If you’re unfamiliar with Asian desserts, Modern Asian Baking is the perfect place to start. For those who didn’t grow up with these flavor profiles or may be unfamiliar with some of these desserts, Kat makes Asian baking approachable and breaks down the ingredients with simple, easy-to-understand terms. Each recipe is introduced with a short description of the bake. I’m the type of person who always scrolls down to the recipe and complains when a blog doesn’t have a “jump to recipe” button (sorry food bloggers; I just don’t care about your son’s two-year old birthday party,) but I actually enjoyed reading these brief intros.

While I’ll be sticking with my own recipes for some things like mantou (饅頭) and souffle pancakes, there are a ton in Modern Asian Baking I want to try. I already have a million and one Asian dessert recipes saved, but it’s one thing to have them all scattered around the internet or pinned on a Pinterest board, and it’s another thing to see them curated and bound together in a book. What’s great about Modern Asian Baking is that it saves me from scouring the internet for good recipes, comparing sites and trying to find the best. Kat’s provided a great jumping-off point so I can stop scrolling and start baking.

Pineapple and coconut cream buns.
Matcha basque cheesecake.
Tanghulu (冰糖葫蘆).
Mochi donuts.

These were all things I’ve been wanting to try, and now I don’t have to try to figure out which version of a recipe to use!

And then there are all the new bakes that have been added to my list of things to bake:

Korean garlic cream cheese milk buns.
Tri-colored Japanese-style cheesecake.
Asian bakery fresh cream cake.
Matcha lava tangyuan.
Milk tea popsicles.
Mango lassi.

My biggest issue with Modern Asian Baking is I don’t know where to start!

I can't wait until Modern Asian Baking is available in stores. My dad makes fun of me for being “old school” because I love paper planners, CDs, polaroids, and paperbacks, but there’s just something about the physical heft of a cookbook that doesn’t compare with baking from a screen. (It also saves me from cleaning flour off my phone and keyboard.) I'm excited to continue experimenting in the kitchen and discovering new subtle Asian bakes and so happy there's a cookbook out there to help me with my baking adventures :)

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This cookbook is full of awesome recipes and gorgeous pictures! It is perfect for people who like Asian desserts. It's so great that it is highlighting recipes from the Subtle Asian Baking Facebook group.

Was this review helpful?

Truly awesome this cookbook is full of amazing recipes with gorgeous pictures that nake everythinglook like a must try recipe! This cookbook would be the perfect gift for anyone who likes Asian desserts. The recipes I've tried were fantastic and I'm on the hunt fir Ube I really want to try a few recipes that use it! I highly recommend this book.

Was this review helpful?

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is a fun recipe book!

Lieu shares recipes that are sweet and savory along with stories about growing up. The recipes are in both cups and grams. There are some fun ube recipes and lots of good desserts! There's also drink recipes included which is nice. The book covers a good breadth of Asian baking.

Overall a great find!

Was this review helpful?

Review to come June 14th to blog/goodreads.

I received this book from Netgalley/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I just couldn't resist this book! I love cooking/baking + I love Asian food (well, at least the look of them as I haven't the chance to eat many of them). So I just had to request this book! 

In this book we get various sections and in each section we get some delicious recipes! From fluffy pancakes to curry bread to yummy drinks to desserts. There is something for everyone~ The recipes are well-written, clear to follow, good ingredients list on the side, pretty photography that you just want to lick because the food looks SO GOOD. I also loved the introductory texts before the recipe starts. Loved reading about family, about travelling, about friends, and feelings when eating things, but also how long it took the author to get it right. It just made it more personal and I love it when a cookbook/baking book does that. 

The book made me quite hungry! So many good things. *hears stomach rumble while writing the review* Haha, even thinking about the book makes me hungry. 

I am delighted that the author added grams + Celcius~ I am always a bit hesitant to read English cookbooks because often they put up cups and whatever else and Fahrenheit. We don't use those here and really, I am just not in any mood to Google and find out what the right things are. So a big thank you for adding these to the book so I can just cook.

I haven't tried out any of the recipes. I have no Asian supermarket/store near me, the nearest would be around 20 minutes with public transport and then another 10 minutes walking. Normally not that much of a problem, but with Corona... I am just not comfy with going in public transport, or visiting busy shopping streets. Maybe by the time this review goes up things will be fine, but for now, almost March, it is not. So yeah, without any stores near me that have rice flour, or miso, or mochi, just to name a few very important ingredients, I am not going to be able to make a lot of things. Plus, I also don't have all the items at home (no steamer for instance). 
Plus, like with any cookbook, I won't be able to make all of them anyway. I am allergic to sesame and tofu/soy and nuts/peanuts, so quite a few recipes are off already. XD

But, I still had tons of fun reading this book and I definitely want to try out the recipes that I can eat. I need those fluffy pancakes in my life! I would recommend this book to everyone.

Was this review helpful?

Love this cookbook. It contains a really good mix of recipes from desserts to bread. There are recipes from the SAB community and the author. I like that the author gives you lots tips and ideas on adding/replacing ingredients. The photos are drool worthy. Just an fyi, this book is not for beginners. There is no handholding but what’s great is that some of the recipes can be found via Instagram or YouTube which will give you some guidance.
I haven’t made any recipes yet but will soon, like the Pandan Chiffon Cake, A’ha Ma’s fresh cream cake and the Japanese curry buns. Foods of my youth. Yum!

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Modern Asian Baking at Home: Essential Sweet and Savory Recipes for Milk Bread, Mooncakes, Mochi, and More; Inspired by the Subtle Asian Baking Community Author: Kat Lieu Pub Info: 28 June 2022

From the Subtle Asian Baking community comes Modern Asian Baking at Home, must-have recipes for beloved sweet and savory treats found across Asia.
Explore new ingredients, surprising techniques, and interesting textures through lush photography and rewarding recipes that include exciting yet familiar contemporary bakes with innovative Asian twists. The results are unforgettable delights like miso-mochi brownies and spicy gochujang flourless chocolate cake. There’s even a recipe for homemade boba!
This is the perfect cookbook for anyone nostalgic for Asian desserts as well as hobbyist and avid home bakers interested in using vibrant ingredients like miso, matcha, pandan, and soy sauce to expand their repertoires. No passport is needed when you can easily create and experience popular Asian sweets and one-of-a-kind Asian-influenced drinks, custards, cakes, and frozen treats at home.

My Review:
This book is BEAUTIFUL. The vibrant, colorful pictures are artful and delicious. I love to cook and bake, but had never really considered Asian baking. Until my daughter came back from college raving about her buddy’s homemade milk bread, braised pork belly, and moon cakes, recipes totally unfamiliar to her family. A trip down the Google rabbit hole led us to the Subtle Asian Baking community. And it was an awesome win. We’ve successfully made milk bread. And then we found this book, and Netgalley, Quarry Books and Kat Lieu graciously allowed us to preview an eArc.

And there, right at the beginning, was a recipe for Ube Halaya Jam! Something that our local market has been out of for months, and I had no idea you could make at home! It was awesome, even better than store-bought. Next up on our baking list, chosen solely because we had the ingredients on hand and because chocolate, was Gooey, Fudgy Miso Brownies. Another hit out of the park. My new favorite brownie recipe. We haven’t tried all of the recipes yet, but we’re looking forward to the riffs on familiar recipes like shortbread, scones, beignets, and cinnamon rolls.

I will definitely be buying a hard copy of this book when it comes out.

Available for purchase June 28, 2022. Thank you Netgalley, Quarry Books and Kat Lieu for this eARC in exchange for my honest review. #VeryAsian #Netgalley

Was this review helpful?

I am so hungry! This cookbook is a gem - clear, concise recipes, lovely photography, and straight talk on how to make the delicious goods! I'm excited to try out the mochi recipes in particular - will my QQ cravings finally be met? Thank you to NetGalley for the advanced copy of this book!

Was this review helpful?

Wonderful book of classic and modern Asian recipes! Pictures really stand out with the gorgeous colors of each treat.

Was this review helpful?

As seen on tiktok! Lovely cookbook with all your favorite baked goods you may have felt too intimidated by. The recipes are written so well they seem like anyone could make them, and you should definitely try! Personally I made the mochi cheese puffs and the japanese cheesecake, and it was super easy and fun.

Was this review helpful?

This was a stunning collection of recipes inspired by the subtle Asian baking group that emerged online. There are a variety of recipes from all different Asian countries that require different methods of cooking — baking, frying, steaming and even boiling. The emphasis here is the use of Asian ingredients and flavours such as black sesame, pandan, matcha and Ube.

I have already tried making the miso brownies and it was hands down amazing!! So soft and gooey.

I loved all the little tips and notes, and how it’s very easy to sub alternative milk and use tofu as an alternative to eggs if we want to make something vegan friendly. I’m a huge of fan of Kat’s recipes and religiously watch her videos online. A stunning collection indeed. Can’t wait to preorder a physical copy for myself!

Was this review helpful?

Beautiful recipe book with a down-to-earth approach to Asian baking. I relate very much to the author and also grew up eating these scrumptious desserts. Now that I’m older and living somewhere where I can’t find the treats as easily, I am constantly trying to find ways to reconnect with my culture, and continue to connect with people through food. This book is easy to follow and makes the recipes simple and approachable. I will be making these recipes to share with family and friends.

Was this review helpful?

I love Asian cuisine so I am happy to see a book about modern Asian baking at home. The recipes are all well explained and easy to follow and the photos are great to look at and be appetizing so you don't have other choices but to try those recipes.

Was this review helpful?

With asian food becoming more popular, learning how to make them yourself may seem overwhelming. Modern Asian Baking At Home is here to help guide you in your endeavours in this wonderful cuisine.

Modern Asian Baking At Home has 7 different sections, which gives you a vast selection of recipes to try out. Basics and Confections, Sab’s Favourite Cookies and Pastries, Airy and Not-Too-Sweet Cakes, Bread and Yeasted Bakes, Treats Under One Moon and Holiday Bakes, Custards and Frozen, and Drinks are what sections the recipes are divided into.

My favourite recipes that I cannot wait to tryout are Quick Microwave Mochi, Monstrous Matcha Miso Cookies, and Hong Kong Dan Tat. Each recipe is very well laid out and described in a way that makes it very easy to follow, even if you have no experience with asian cuisine. Each recipe also includes a little description about what the baked good actually is, so if you have never heard of it at least you are able to understand what it is!

If you are interested in baking asian food, then Modern Asian Baking At Home is a great place for you to start.

Was this review helpful?

If you want to try out some baked goods that you only see in pictures on the internet, or think you can only try in traveling missions to Asia, this is a cookbook for you. Kat made all of the beautiful recipes approachable to you, in your home. Great if you are well versed in kitchen and you wanna try something new, but even if you don't have much cooking experience, you can only gain with this, cause it has tips and tricks at the start of the book. I love how this cookbook is so down to earth, and it has a great community that goes with it (Subtle Asian Baking Community- SAB). The author gives credits to all who inspired finished recipes and she is able to mention that she made mistakes in the kitchen too and some things maybe won't come out great on the first try. And for the end here are some recipes that piqued my interest the most:
Fluffy Japanese Souffle Pancakes, Dorayaki Pancakes with Anko Paste, Spicy Gochujang Flourless Chocolate Cake, Butter Basil Naan, and Milk Bread. I think milk bread is gonna be a regular thing now in my kitchen.
One thing I didn't like is the drink section, cause I wasn't personally interested in that.

Was this review helpful?

This cookbook is visually very pretty, I like how the recipes are laid out and described. The author adds plenty of “before you begin” info that seems really helpful as well as explanations of the universal types of ingredients (ie type of butter, milk, etc). While I was reading through, I immediately wanted to start baking! My favorites were the Ube Butter Mochi and the Lemony Matcha Macarons. I will definitely be trying these out!

Thank you to NetGalley and Kathleen Lieu for the eARC in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

An absolutely n beautiful lush cookbook.Beautiful photography delicious sounding recipes ,just looking at the photos of the cakes makes me hungry.Perfect book to gift anyone who loves to bake or daydream about reading these Asian cakes.#netgalley #quatro

Was this review helpful?

Kat Lieu has taken Asian baked classics and made them not only modern but simple with Modern Asian Baking at Home. Any chef will be able to master these recipes and thanks to Kat, more people will be able to enjoy the yummy beauty of Asian baking.

Was this review helpful?

Review of Modern Asian Baking at Home by Kat Lieu

Kat Lieu is a baker who has enjoyed Asian/Asian American treats all her life. Like many home cooks, she wanted to recreate the wonderful baked goods that you can find in Asian bakeries; however, she struggled with finding these recipes. This prompted Kat to found Subtle Asian Baking, a group of baking enthusiasts dedicated to sharing Asian/Asian American baking, encouraging others in their baking, and advancing the flavors and presentation of the baked goods. This cookbook grew out of SAB.

The title of the book reflects the modern take on many of these traditional recipes. For example, the super easy milk bread recipe is a quick recipe that does not include the Tangzhong; however, the bread itself tastes great and is genuinely easy to make. While ube and pandan have been used in Asia, these flavors may be new to many non-Asian individuals.

The author starts by including some instruction on basic techniques and some basic recipes. Before writing this review, I tried one recipe from each section. Honestly, the beauty of the photos made me want to try most of the recipes.

While the flavors are very authentic and tasty, some recipes might require previous experience to identify places where the recipe might need adjustment. For example, the milk bread recipe described above needed more moisture, and for the scallion pancake, a baker might want to separate the dough into 3 pieces and then roll out into rectangles, rather than rolling the whole dough and separating. (This would allow the dough to be handled less and result in a more tender pancake.) Also, the matcha miso cookies were pillowy and easy to make but just ok in terms of flavor. Note that some recipes may require special equipment and others may require special ingredients.

One nice feature is that some recipes like the Chinese bakery swiss roll cake have a substitution or an alternate way to flavor the cake. I made this cake with the matcha adjustment; however, since I have made roll cakes in the past, I knew that the baking time was closer to 12 minutes and took the roll out of the oven much earlier. The cake was moist and fluffy, and the whipped cream filling was just right. The look also mimicked the ones found in a bakery. Look for the little pink hint bubbles. (I would like to have seen even more suggestions.)

I also tried the almond cookies (not as good as my recipe of many years), the chia pudding, and the pink drink. The chia pudding didn’t set up but this has to do with many factors. Chia seeds are a natural product without controls and therefore more or less chia may be needed (and a slight alteration in procedure). The method for the pink drink is easy and can be adjusted. For example, I just used coconut milk for the Yakult and the drink tasted great. While there are many more recipes I’d like to try, the small sample yielded mixed results. An adventurous home cook may enjoy the challenge of the flavors and techniques and a very experienced pastry person will find interesting bakes as well.

Was this review helpful?

This is a wonderful book with all these recipes inside to make and stun your friends with what turns out. I love milk bread so look forward to making that and a lot of other foods shown in this book. The recipes are well written and understandable by cooks of all levels and the photos make the food very appealing to myself and other lovers of food out there.

Was this review helpful?

Really interesting ingredients and recipes. I can't wait to try some of them in my kitchen. Anyone who has an interest in Asian baking should get this book!

Was this review helpful?

The recipes in this book are so good. It's also one of the most aesthetically pleasing cookbooks I have ever seen. As someone who doesn't bake very often, some of the recipes were kind of difficult to grasp, but they could be conquered with practice.

Was this review helpful?

This cookbook can have my whole Asian American baker heart. It combines two of my favorite things: culture and baking! In the introduction, Kat mentioned that growing up, she never thought that Asians baked. Me too, but now I love how we have a little community at SAB that disproves just that. And now we have a cookbook filled with all the Asian recipes that we grew up with! I love how there was an ingredient list detailing what each essential ingredient in Asian cuisine were. It's like all I'll ever need! This is just a glimpse of the recipes: Black Sesame Mochi Beignets, Asian Bakery Fresh Cream Cake (been looking for a recipe for this!), and Spicy Gochujang Flourless Chocolate Cake 😋

Was this review helpful?

A decently comprehensive guide on Asian baking. The pictures were gorgeous and recipes easy to follow! I'm looking forward to trying the garlic milk buns!!
Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for providing me with an arc for an honest review!

Was this review helpful?

This book is the holy grail for beginners and hobbyists alike. Kat Lieu explains techniques, instruments and ingredients with their possible substitutes and in this way she open the road for the readers to a world of flavors and textures to discover and fall in love with the Asian flavors
This book seemed like the perfect answer for me. For years I have tried to find the perfect recipe for mooncakes and other Asian sweets, but it is difficult to find good recipes on internet, let alone interpret recipes from a book with ingredients that are difficult to obtain.
With anecdotes and own advices the book feels like a warm cookbook passed between friends. The colors and aesthetics invite you to want to try the recipes and I already have marked which ones I want to make
A perfect book for any kitchen or food library Everything looks delicious and the explanations invite you to try it.
Thanks to Kat Lieu and for give me a copy of this amazing and delicious book in exchange for my honest opinion I really enjoyed reading it and can't wait to taste it

Was this review helpful?

I love seeing another easy-to-read cookbook all about delicious Asian desserts on the market! The recipes range from essentials (mantou) to slightly harder projects (snowy skin mooncakes), and I love that there is a whole spectrum of Asia represented in the book instead of just Chinese, Korean, and Japanese recipes that most people assume make up all of Asia. I also appreciate that the author clearly states that many of these recipes are inspired by members of her Subtle Asian Baking community and lists the inspiration under the respective recipe instead of claiming them all as her own original work!

This book is clearly a passion project, but the downside is that it lacks the premium quality most other cookbooks have in terms of organization and photography. A lot of the photos felt a bit amateur and could have used a bit of clean-up on the pans or some more styling to make it look more appetizing. I also didn't love that there were images photoshopped in on top of pages so they were just randomly floating in to fill empty spaces.

Either way, there is a lot of variety in this one and I can't wait to bake them all!

Was this review helpful?

I loved that this cookbook is easy to follow and has simple, and detailed instructions for each recipe. I really liked that there was a photo that went along with each recipe just so the reader, or in this case the baker, can know what each dish is supposed to look like. Kat Lieu did a good job of making each dish accessible to the reader by providing a breakdown of each ingredient and a story to go along with each dish. I am excited to try out some of these desserts!

Was this review helpful?

Beautiful pictures and so many delicious looking recipes, I'm excited to try making the black sesame soup

Was this review helpful?

I LOVE cookbooks that give so many beautiful pictures to accompany recipes!
I’ve already tried the Hanami Dango.

So easy to make, and you can create really sweet designs. Family win! I was too excited after trying it, I had to review right away.

I can’t wait to try everything. If you’re inspired/love Asian food, this ones for you!

Was this review helpful?

I love this book and the recipes therein. I am actually an avid follower of the author's TikTok account and despite my mediocre skills as a baker, these recipes truly make me want to bake. The beautiful photographs are mouthwatering motivation and the instructions are clear. Unfortunately the eARC format was not the easiest to actually use in the kitchen to test the recipes, so I look forward to purchasing a hard copy to bake out of regularly.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review this wonderful cookbook.
As an avid baker in search for new recipes to try, this book was truly a goldmine. Clearly a passion project by the author, this cookbook presents traditional recipes (such as Macarons, Madeleines and Cinnamon rolls) with a subtle asian twist with wholly original ones (like the spicy Gochujang flourless chocolate cake). The savoury recipes, while unexpected, were a nice addition.
The instructions are very clear and well organized, and as a European baker I really appreciated that the author thought to include metric-units-ingredients (as is expected for a pastry baking cookbook), and the photographs were stunning. As is the case for many cookbooks, the page layout not optimized for reading on a computer, but I think it's going to look wonderful on paper.
I also really appreciated the fact that most of the ingredients are affordable and relatively easy to find and that most recipes didn't require particular equipment other than the usual cake tins.

Was this review helpful?

As a #veryasian woman, I love the nostalgia the recipes in Modern Asian Baking at Home. Some of these recipes are straight from my not-so-long ago childhood but still seemed so unattainable until now. I loved the simplicity and straight-forwardness of the recipes along with the diversity of flavors and cultures represented. All of the recipes of foods I’ve always wanted to recreate and foods I now want to make are included in one awesome cookbook. I can’t wait to try more recipes!

​​Thank you Netgalley, Quarry Books and Kat Lieu for this ARC in exchange for my honest review!

Was this review helpful?

This is SUCH a good cookbook. There’s so many helpful tips and tricks at the beginning on different methods for the recipes, and all the recipes I’ve tried so far have been amazing. I made the soufflé pancakes for my family and everyone loved them! Can’t wait to try more :)

Was this review helpful?

Modern Asian Baking at Home by Kat Lieu is so beautifully photographed and presented that it's striking. Absolutely beautiful. Every item is a work of art but a work of art with food that I want to attempt after reading this beautiful cookbook.

I smiled through the whole book. It was uplifting and had a lot of vitality. The Hanami Dango with Sweet Soy Sauce Glaze is so cute.

Each recipe thankfully has prep time, cook time, and yield. The amounts are in grams and not available in cups or teaspoon measurements. One thing the book lacked that I would have appreciated is a layout of photographed equipment and supplies that would be helpful before diving into Modern Asian Baking.

A wonderful, beautiful cookbook that is joyous.

Was this review helpful?

I loved this book so much!

I am German and have grown up in a rather small town with not a lot of contact to other cultures and cuisines. Ever since becoming an adult, I have made an effort to learn about the world and what it has to offer. This cookbook has been absolutely fantastic. There are many tasty and (to me foreign) recipes. I enjoyed exploring a different kind of baking and I will whole heartedly recommend this cookbook to ANYONE. It’s incredibly interesting and helpful and beautiful and I have not enough praise. I will save up to buy the physical copy.

Was this review helpful?

I really loved the variety of recipes in here and how versatile many of the ingredients actually are; like miso! The layout it amazing, the directions are written in a way that is easy to comprehend and follow, the pictures of the the finished products are mouth-watering, and I absolutely love that the recipes have measured weight in grams (what I normally use) as well as US measurements. I will definitely be buying this book and trying most, if not all, of the recipes!

Was this review helpful?

This cook book is so beautiful! So many feel good recipes and love the family aspect. I love that all the measurements are in grams for an accurate bake every time. Truly a joy seeing these recipes and can’t wait to try them out.

Was this review helpful?

This is an exciting book! Exciting because it is hard to find cookbooks showcasing Asian baking, and even more exciting that it has tons of great modern recipes. There are recipes in this book for foods I have wanted to try but can't find near me, like the Fluffy Japanese Soufflé Pancakes or the Cottony Japanese Cheesecake, and there are also a lot things I haven't heard of but sound delicious. The recipes I have tried so far have been amazing, especially the Dreamy Matcha Basque Cheesecake. The instructions were clear and the result was a not too sweet masterpiece. It is truly thrilling to have these recipes and be able to explore the latest in Asian baking!

Was this review helpful?

Wow, this baking book is so beautiful! I really want to buy a physical copy for my coffee table at home. The photographs look very scrumptious and my mouth started watering just by looking at them.
I typically find any sort of Asian baking a bit daunting but the recipes were easy to follow along. Some recipes that I am excited to try include all of the Ube recipes and the Miso Focaccia. My mom is also very much a Covid-baker and I want to share with her the recipe for the Matcha-infused Madeleines!

Thank you Netgalley, Quarry Books and Kat Lieu for this eARC in exchange for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

This cookbook is amazing! There are so many wonderfully delicious recipes in here accompanied with beautiful photos and easy to understand instructions for various skill levels and amounts of time you're able and willing to spend in the kitchen. I really appreciated the introductory chapters both about ingredients and techniques as I'm not the most knowledgeable in the kitchen but I'm always willing to learn (I also found it really cool how few recipes require an oven.) There are so many recipes I'm already planning on trying, even just reading through the book made me hungry and the mango sticky rice is on my list to make later this week. I didn't know Kat Lieu before this but I'm already a fan. Her her warm and friendly voice throughout this book alongside her yummy recipes has made me want to go check out Subtle Asian Baking for even more food inspiration and community surrounding baking.

Was this review helpful?

I love asian food so when I found this book in NetGalley I knew I had to get it!
There are a lot of simple and characteristics recipes that I liked but sometimes I wished some steps were a little more specific.
Evrything was delicious though.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to Kat Lieu, the publisher, and Netgalley for this eARC of this absolutely wonderful cookbook!

Recently my mother and I have been trying to be more in touch with our Chinese roots. Our family came to the US in the 1800s, so our direct ties to the food and culture have waned throughout the generations. This cookbook provided a wonderful bonding experience for my whole family, and I am so grateful for that!

Not only is this cookbook aesthetically beautiful, but it also has a bit of character as well! I loved the little details scattered throughout little blurbs that gave the writing a little bit of personality. Funny little tidbits from the author like a certain dessert being "terrible for my waistline" of the author asking if she is "punny enough" add the perfect amount of humor to a relatively straightforward (and wonderfully put together) recipe. I have tried a few of these recipes already, and I am super excited to try out all of the other recipes in the near future.

Ultimately I believe that this cookbook is perfect for beginner bakers and expert bakers alike! I would love to purchase a physical copy of this book as well since I know that my mother already has her eyes on it. :)

Was this review helpful?

First off, the photos in this cookbook are breathtaking! I keep worrying that I will never make anything as beautiful as the samples but most of them are surprisingly easy to make. Some of the ingredients will require a trip to your local Asian grocery store but that should always be on the to-do list anyways! I loved all the twists on the bakes and am so excited to perfect my little bear dango! One day I will work up the confidence to create the mooncakes too!

Was this review helpful?

This was a really interesting and fun book to read. I really enjoyed applying what I learned from this book and would highly recommend it to anyone!

Was this review helpful?

Modern Asian Baking at Home by Kat Lieu came onto my radar after I'd been following her on TikTok (@subtleasian.baking) for a while. She had shown a few options for the book cover and as soon as I saw the options I knew I NEEDED this book. (She also has hilarious and ruthless takedowns of people who say Asian baking looks gross. I will never forget "modly" bread.)

First of all, this doesn't feel like a cookbook as much as it feels like a friend teaching you their recipes. Each recipe has a short introduction and also includes a little blurb, tip/trick, or modification to the recipe. The recipes are all fairly short (efficient for page space!), and they don't require a whole lot of hard-to-find ingredients. I love the variety of recipes. There are familiar Asian classics like steamed buns, tanghulu, and (very very easy) mochi. There are also some trendier recipes like fluffy Japanese cheesecake, the cover-starring snow skin mooncakes, and my dim sum favorite egg custard tarts. And of course, there are plenty of SAB originals, the most exciting of which is the gochujang flourless chocolate cake (in my humble opinion).

The main highlight of the cookbook, to me, is that it enabled me to finally make a successful tangzhong milk bread after literal years of trying and failing! For that, this book is going to be a staple in my kitchen.

Thank you so very much to NetGalley, Kat Lieu, and Quarto Knows/Quarry Books for the advance electronic copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. This book will be available on June 28th, 2022.

Was this review helpful?

*I received an electronic copy of this book on NetGalley in exchange for honest feedback. Thank you to the author, publisher, and NetGallery for this opportunity.*

I am the perfect example of a novice baker. I can somehow scrabble together a loaf of bread, my cakes hold up at family birthday parties, but my macrons are ALWAYS wrong. While I enjoy shouting at my TV during the Great British Bake Off (who in their right mind would start a curd with five minutes to go??) I could never, ever be an actual competitor.

This book, however, has made even the incredibly intimidating jiggly Japanese cheesecake and elaborate mooncakes seem within my reach. I follow Kat Lieu on instagram (@subtleasian.baking), and have enjoyed her wit and humor for months now. I was so happy to find the book littered with awful puns and her trademark quips, as well as personal anecdotes and heartfelt thanks to the recipe's initial inspiration.

As far as the recipes go-- they are clear, concise, and many offer alternatives for dietary restrictions (gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan are the most common). She offers step by step instructions that break down hard-to-replicate techniques. There is a great balance between popular and traditional recipes and it's obvious they were chosen with great care.

There is a section in the beginning of the book that details some of the less common Asian ingredients in Western cuisine (and some common ones as well), and also suggests places these ingredients should be available for purchase. The three central flavors (ube, black sesame, and matcha) are present in almost every recipe, with suggestions on how to personalize your bakes or change the flavor profiles.

Lieu did a wonderful job of simplifying a complex and rich history of baking into a manageable book-- ready for a wider audiences' consumption. This is a wonderful book for anyone looking to expand their baking repertoire beyond their standard recipes and dip into the world of subtle Asian baking.

Was this review helpful?

Not only is Kat Lieu the cutest ever, her cookbook is just as cute! So much work went to all the photos, and it shows! I was so impressed by all the designs in the breads and cake! The mix of sweet and savory- simple and slightly more complicated was a perfect balance in this book. I definitely got the taste of my childhood with this book and I am here for it!

Was this review helpful?

I was so excited to get this because I love Kat Lieu on tik tok! The photos are so beautiful; I would happily buy this book. The recipes are not just ingredients and steps. She includes a little paragraph about what she’s making as well. The ingredients are not hard to find and the steps are clear. More than anything, she is so funny! As a huge matcha fan, you’d better believe the matcha cheesecake is FIRST on my list to make.

Was this review helpful?

Honestly haven’t been this excited about a recipe book in a long time and Modern Asian Baking at Home by Kat Lieu makes me so damn excited!
If you have seen Japanese Baking week on the Great British Bake Off, it’s a really pale imitation of the real deal. But this - this is the real deal!

Firstly, the photography in this book is gorgeous, and all the photos are stunning. The pastel hues of this book make me feel bright and cheerful.
I’d categorise the recipes into two types; both are equally delightful.
1. Cultural recipes from all over East and South East Asia with a funky twist, like moon cakes, milk bread, Korean egg bread, dorayaki, Taiwanese snowflake crisps,
2. Western-style desserts and baked treats with many ingredients commonly used in Asia for baking, like matcha, ube, pandan, anko, and black sesame.

Because I’m illiterate in my other native language, which has been a barrier to why I’ve never made any Asian baked goods until now. So I am so excited to have this book guide me through the recipes in a clear and friendly manner. I also enjoy the option to adapt recipes for Air fryers and different types of steamers. The explanations for the ingredients are the right balance between enough detail without being a whole chapter in themselves. I absolutely loved trying out the recipes from this book, although I opted for the simpler ones, I felt like the longer and more complex recipes would be equally easy to follow.
This would be a great addition to any keen cook’s bookshelves.

Was this review helpful?

Fabulous recipe book! I have so far made the vegan milk bread and also the pineapple bolo buns, and both were incredible. Highly recommend!

Was this review helpful?

I am someone who has been running away from baking for a long time and only focusing on cooking (really, dough especially is my nightmare, I would never get it right) - my experience in the kitchen could be summed up as me and the internet against starvation, so baking really wasn't my focus, especially when I didn't have a working oven. In Modern Asian Baking though, the instructions are very clear and specific, paired with extensive pictures. Most of the recipes don't even use the oven, something the author discusses at the very beginning. It takes a very kind approach to beginners (and those who don't have much money) - it reuses a handful of ingredients and allows for substitution frequently enough.

The layout and photos are beautiful and charming. The tone with which Kat Lieu wrote this cookbook really makes clear the fact that this was all developed in the community, through the SAB group. It's playful, direct, and unpretentious. I found myself excited to try out some of the simpler recipes right away!

This is the first cookbook I want to have a psychical copy of. It has the foods you know about or might've heard about on the internet, like milk bread, but never thought you could do it or looked up the recipe for. If you aren't looking for 5 variations on milk bread, through, you might not find use for that particular section of the book.

Was this review helpful?

I don't really like cooking and making food as hobbies, but I love eat delicious snacks. Asian delights is very tasty and I growing with them. This book bring back my childhood memory with a modern spark. The author give alot mouth watering recipes and honesty I am tempting to trying making something from here.

Thank you Netgalley to provide me with this book. I am sure my diet will failed again haha..

Was this review helpful?

This book is amazing, if you would like to cook/ bake asian dishes. It is very easy written, so everyone can understand it and there are pictures, which is very helpful. What I really appreciated was that at the beginning, asian ingredients were described. This is very helpful for those who do not know them. I did some recipes from the book, and they all turned out perfect.
There are new dishes I have not hear before and I found some combinations very interesting.

Was this review helpful?

I am reading this beautiful book as a pdf; I do not like to read cookbooks as pdf's, because I like to carry the hardbound outside, where I can sit under the trees and browse and choose what I want to create. I live in the country, where internet can be spotty. I'll give this book a 4 for the beautiful photography and the creative recipe ideas. When this is available as an ILL at the library; I'll check it out and come back here to leave my review of any recipes I create

Was this review helpful?

I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to make some of the recipes! I love that the recipes come from a variety of Asian cuisines, including some that are Western-Asian, because it really offers a wide variety of recipes - I suspect most people will be able to find something that they enjoy in here.

The photography is very pleasing - illustrative and informative but also calming - and makes everything look so delectable. The instructions are easy to follow and Lieu offers enough substitutions to make the recipes more accessible, whether you simply can't find an ingredient or if you need an alternative because of dietary reasons.

I would absolutely recommend this book.

Was this review helpful?

This book is beautiful, with lovely colorful pictures and a lot of great information about technique and ingredients. Unlike last year's Mooncakes and Milk Bread, this book is a little less intensely focused on the Chinese bakery and is more pan-Asian, with recipes that draw inspiration from South and Southeast Asia along with the more common East Asian recipes. It is a best of/greatest hits book drawing inspiration from "Subtle Asian" community and feels modern and inviting to try out recipes from.

Was this review helpful?

I love this cookbook. There are so many delicious recipes, and the pictures are beautiful too. Some of the recipes I will try include:

Lunar New Year Nian Gao (I cannot find any gao in our area, so this is a must!)
Snowy Skin Mooncake
Gooey Fudge Miso Brownies
Hanami Dango with Sweet Soy Sauce Glaze (they're shaped like little bears!!)
Effortless Matcha Chia Pudding

A lot of recipes have kid appeal, and I appreciate that some of these are naturally gluten free as well.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC.

Was this review helpful?

Prior to receiving this advanced copy, I had very limited knowledge of Asian baking. However, even with this little experience, this cookbook is well-designed and easy to follow. The recipes have a wide range of flavors to suit different tastes and are intuitive to make. Having tested a few in my kitchen, I can guarantee the recipes are absolutely delicious.

Was this review helpful?

This is an amazing recipe book! I decided to try making the egg tarts and I think they turned out pretty well 😊 The crust was a little hard, but that's just cause me and dough don't do well together 😅 This recipe also ended up yielding 24 tarts instead of the recipe's listed 12. The recipe was super easy to follow and I had almost all the ingredients at home. I like this book because of its simplicity which allows anyone to be able to make these delicious treats! You can also easily find the ingredients at your local Asian grocery store or even from Amazon. I can't wait to try more of the recipes!

4.5/5 Stars

Was this review helpful?

Modern Asian Baking at Home by Kat Lieu's title says it all. It really is a recipe book for modern baking. During the pandemic and all the time spent at home, the rise of interest in learning how to bake or baking for fun grew. A Facebook community called Subtle Asian Baking soar in popularity as members share their own creations and recipes. This recipe is the epitome of this new hobby and community.

I am so excited to try some of these new recipes, as I've also been a member and huge fan of the Subtle Asian Baking community. There are so many recipes on here that includes so many of the popular food trends and desserts you might see on TikTok or restaurants during the last 2-3 years.

Thank you Kat Lieu, the publisher, and Netgalley for sharing!

Was this review helpful?

Thank you so much to Netgalley for this digital copy in exchange for an honest review!

I am so happy to be able to receive this copy of an awesome Asian cookbook! I felt like this is the perfect way to start AAPI Heritage month. All the recipes sound delicious. The instructions are easy to follow and the photos are beautiful! They are vivid and definitely make you want to bake and eat all the delicious goodies.

I am also excited as a Filipina to see a recipe for Mochi-Stuffed Ube Crinkle cookies! Ube is Bae, and a comfort flavor of my childhood.

So happy to be able to make some amazing and delicious desserts!

Was this review helpful?

I received an ARC of Kat Lieu's Modern Asian Baking at Home and it is amazing! I really enjoyed looking at the pictures and feeling really inspired to make these baked goods. All of the ingredients are pretty basic and can be found in most grocery stores. I also liked how the ingredients were used in multiple recipes instead of just one. Some of these Asian baked goods are on the more traditional side and some of them are very modern. I can't wait to try baking both!

Was this review helpful?

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review: 5 stars.

This is quite literally everything I look for in a cookbook. The authors voice really shines through which I love. It feels personal. It feels like I’m talking to a dear friend in her kitchen. As a baker it can be pretty difficult to find authentic Asian pastry/baking recipes online so I was thrilled when I was accepted for this ARC and I have to say it did not disappoint! This cookbook would be perfect for both new and avid bakers. I LOVE that the ingredients are listed in us measurements AND grams! All techniques are explained in detail which is great if you’ve never steamed buns or whipped egg whites before. There is also descriptions of the Asian ingredients used in many of the recipes. I love this cookbook so much that I plan on purchasing a copy when it’s published. (Which is saying something because I rarely buy cookbooks)

Was this review helpful?

Great book with some incredible range of Asian recipes (some traditional and some with a good twist!) I cannot wait to try them out!

Was this review helpful?

Fantastic cook book, brilliant recipes and provides great alternatives for recipes which I love! The tips are useful and it’s great to see a dedicated guide to Asian baking, can’t wait to try all these recipes

Was this review helpful?

I can’t recommend this book enough! First, the photography and design is incredible. I know it’s a cookbook, but it would make a gorgeous coffee table book because I can’t stop flipping through it! The recipes are just as good as they look, too. They’re straight-forward and efficient so you know exactly what to do when. Sometimes specialty cookbooks like this can be confusing or have an unspoken requirement for a base level of knowledge/skill. As an adopted Asian, I was interested in this cookbook during Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month to help me connect with my Southeast Asian culture in a new way. These recipes felt like coming home in a way I’ve never known before. The collection pulls from all across the Asian continent, but each recipe I tried was a full experience for me. Mango sticky rice and almond cookies will be a new staple in my house!

Thank you to NetGalley and Subtle Asian Baking for an advanced copy. This is my honest opinion. Now I’m off to pre-order my own physical copy, because this is a MUST HAVE!

Was this review helpful?

Modern Asian Baking at Home is a detailed guide with recipes for Asian baked goods curated from the @subtleasian.baking community and curated and presented by Kat Lieu. Due out 28th June 2022 from Quarto on their Quarry imprint, it's 176 pages and will be available in hardcover and ebook formats.

Despite being red haired, freckly, and mostly Irish, I remember very fondly being "adopted" by the family who owned of our local Chinese bakeries. My family were customers for many (many) years and I was happy to find out recently that they're still in business and under the management of the original owners' grandchildren at this point. This book is *full* of recipes for those Chinese bakery goodies which I remember so fondly and never thought I could ever recreate at home, such as mooncakes, mochi, and milk bread. There are also a slew of recipes which are Asian inspired but with western fusion influence such as cookies, cakes, curds, and waffles.

The introduction includes a good overview over ingredients, tools, and sourcing specialty items; the actual recipes are arranged thematically: confections, cookies & pastries, not-too-sweet cakes, breads & yeast bakes, holiday bakes, custards & frozen, and drinks.

Recipes contain a title and description, yields, ingredients in a bullet list in a sidebar, and step by step directions. Ingredients are listed with imperial (American) standard measures with metric equivalents in parentheses (yay!). Nutritional information is not included. There are so many gorgeous and clear color photos included. Most (but not all) of the dishes are accompanied by one or more photos. This helped me to know how to arrange and prepare the dishes with which I wasn't already familiar.

Five stars. Wonderfully comprehensive and versatile.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.

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The food in this book looks amazing! It made me so hungry. It seems like a very practical, but also creative book. I'm not much of a baker myself, but I immediately put in a pre-order for this cookbook after seeing everything that was in it.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for the ARC

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Hands down one of the most aesthetically pleasing, drool worthy and easy to follow cook books in a long time that celebrates the uniqueness of Asian baking.

Was this review helpful?

I love food, so it’s no surprise that I love cookbooks. I picked up this book because I also love baked goods. I have food allergies, so I enjoy finding recipes for all the tasty things due to small number of restaurants and bakeries I can eat at. Surprisingly, many of the recipes featured here do not require the use of an oven!

While the recipes are simple and easy to follow for many, the beautiful pictures and wonderful stories the author shares before each recipe is another draw. Kat Lieu shares a combination of anecdotes ranging from memories about her favorite dish that inspired her to her version of the recipe to stories about her adventures perfecting the recipe. Depending on the recipe, there’s also information about the traditions and holidays connected to them.

I can’t wait to try some of these recipes, especially the mango lassi with sago and spicy flourless chocolate. I saw several recipes that I know my family will love, so I can’t wait to try my hand at them. The book is full of recipes that range from beginner friendly to those for the more experienced folks. One cannot go wrong by picking this up.

Was this review helpful?

My husband and I love to cook Japanese inspired food and we are always looking for new ideas. We are new to baking asian food and this cookbook has given us everything we need to cook actual recipes that taste amazing instead of just sort of winging it like we used to. There are so many fun to make recipes that we may never go back to winging it!

Thank you Quarto Knows, Quarry Books and NetGalley for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

This is such a gorgeous cookbook! Really well written and the photos are just stunning! I know nothing of Asian Baking but some of these recipes are so enticing that I'm going to give a few a try! Thank you so much for letting me read this!

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to the publisher and to Netgalley for giving me this eARC to review.

Okay so I will preface this with that I struggle with texture, especially with food, but over the past year or so I have been branching out and because of this I have been wanting to make and try new foods and when I saw this book, I was immediately intrigued by the food on the cover.

The photography throughout the book kept intriguing me and I soon looked through the entire book and bookmarked a lot of recipes that looked good. The steps and the ingredients are clear throughout and would be easy to refer to while doing the baking. I cannot wait to try out some of these recipes because they look so good!

Was this review helpful?

‘Modern Asian Baking at Home’ wasn’t only a delight to read, but an exciting journey that allows you to learn. Whilst trying the recipes on your own, respecting their culture, and learning to love every step, you understand the care and dedication it takes to cook. And also the lovely imprint of passion left, by the author and all the cooks before her, when sharing something that is close to one’s heart. Wonderful book! I loved every single recipe!

Was this review helpful?

The photos are mouth watering. I especially love the step by step photos in the recipe instructions. I usually go to my local asian store and purchase bakery items but now I will be attempting to create some from this book. This is a definite hard copy purchase for me!

Thank you to NetGalley and Quarto Knows/Quarry Books for the advance electronic copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Modern Asian Baking at Home is a cool recipe guide for making a ton of Asian recipes. While I may not make them all, I do enjoy looking at the ingredients and seeing what kind of process goes into each of these items. Some things that seemed to be inaccessible to make are suddenly actually within reach!

There is also a pantry list of things to stick your cupboard with that is really helpful.

Was this review helpful?

This was a lovely cookbook! It had a nice variety of baked goods with some flavors I'm familiar with but hadn't baked with before (namely ube, which I love but haven't attempted to bake with before). Techniques are thoroughly explained and accessible, though I do think there's a decent range of recipes from very easy to make to more technically advanced.

Frankly, her miso brownies were better than mine, and I thought mine were to die for! The pictures are all so colorful and crisp (obsessed with some of the up close texture shots) and make me want to bake my way through this book twice. All in all, I'm very impressed.

Next up on my list is the mango lassi and when I'm feeling particularly ambitious, the lemon matcha macarons.

Was this review helpful?

This is an awesome cookbook filled with great recipes for baking Asian recipes. I have never baked anything Asian so I am really looking forward to trying some of these recipes. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

This cookbook is great. The recipes are very easy to follow and understand, and there are some absolutely delicious recipes here. The author used her knowledge and experience to help bring classic Asian baking into the homes of everyone. I would say a basic knowledge level of baking would be required for these recipes, as some of the techniques and methods require some more experience to get the most out of them. I really enjoyed this book and some of the desserts that came from it.

Was this review helpful?

I love cooking and baking, and I am looking to expand my repertoire beyond American, French, and Italian baking. This book is a great step into exploring all kinds of Asian baking recipes!

The recipes are easy to follow. I have eaten most of these items either in various Asian restaurants in the US or Asia, and I can vouch for their authenticity as favorites!!

The photos are absolutely beautiful!

This book would be a great gift for any occasion from a wedding, housewarming, or birthday to a gift for someone who loves to bake!

Was this review helpful?

I like that there was a picture to go with each recipe. I also liked that ingredients like miso, ube and several other ingredients were used in many recipes; not just one or two recipes.

Was this review helpful?

I am absolutely in love with this cookbook! The graphics are gorgeous and I am dying to try out all of these recipes. Every single one of the recipes look so good. Each recipe have nice little descriptions and I like Kat's personal touches sprinkled into the book. The directions seem very easy and clear to follow. I love that she referenced each baker's instagram account information for ease of access if we wanted to find and follow them.

Was this review helpful?

A very fun Asian baking book. I sadly was unable to make any of the recipes because the ingredients are very hard to find in my rural area; I suspect city dwellers may enjoy this book more.
*I received an eARC on NetGalley in exchange for my honest review*

Was this review helpful?

This Asian cookbook is gorgeous. I made the ube scones and the mango sticky rice. I loved the scones and had one for breakfast several mornings in a row. The contrast between the spicy jalapeno and the sweet honey drizzle was phenomenal. However, they weren't a big hit with my coffee group or family. I guess the taste was just too far from what they consider a scone. I also made the mango sticky rice. I found the directions for this a bit lacking as I've never made steamed rice before. Even though I steamed for longer than directed the rice was still very chewy and my daughter refused to eat it for texture reasons instead just eating the mango. I liked it though and found the mild sweet-nuttiness to be pleasant.

I still want to try the corn and cheese ice cream. It is simply too unusual not to give it a go.

Was this review helpful?

If you’ve been to an Asian bakery, you already know how wonderful the baked goods are. Bakers everywhere want to recreate those luscious baked goods at home, and Modern Asian Baking at Home: Essential Sweet and Savory Recipes for Milk Bread, Mooncakes, Mochi, and More; Inspired by the Subtle Asian Baking Community is a perfect cookbook to have on every cookbook shelf. It shows step-by-step instructions for dozens of Asian baked goods, and they are mostly easy to make. Generally, Asian baked goods are a bit less sweet than those found in regular bakeries which most of us will appreciate.

There is information on unique ingredients that are needed in the baking process, as well as special techniques. The recipes include the famous Japanese Milk Bread which is likely the best bread out there, especially when made in a home kitchen.

Some of the baked goods in this excellent cookbook are colorful, and the beautiful photographs make it difficult for bakers to decide just want to make. The instructions are easy to follow and every baker, from beginning to advanced can make these recipes. The book includes both sweet and savory baked goods, and yummy things with different textures like mochi. There are crepes, pancakes, breads, tarts, cakes, cookies, frozen treats, and holiday recipes.

This will be a much-used cookbook for bakers, and makes a beautiful cookbook to add to your collection

Special thanks to NetGalley for supplying a review copy of this book.

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#ModernAsianBakingatHome #NetGalley

I really liked Modern Asian Baking at Home. With easier access to Asian foods in my area now, I'm able to appreciate such a beautiful cuisine. Add to that quite a few recent dietary restrictions, this cookbook has helped me embrace the positive of restrictions and get excited about different cuisines that come with ingredients I don't need to adapt, allowing me to enjoy the recipes to the fullest. Combined with beautiful photos, easy to follow instructions, and ingredients I can find in my (now) local Asian grocery store.

I will be keeping my eye out for more books from Kat Lieu with gratitude and excitement.

Was this review helpful?

Oh I really want this book at my home. However as an Indian, I don't have access to all the ingredients but this would serve as a really great motivation to travel to asian places and collect ingredients just to make these tasty treats. Even the graphics and little stories here and there made the book just more better. Thank you Netgalley for giving me opportunity to read this book

Was this review helpful?

Nice photos and innovative recipes!
I enjoyed flicking through the books and bookmarked a few recipes to try. I love Asian flavours in baking goodies, so I will definitely try a few recipes!

Was this review helpful?

Interesting recipes, easy to follow instructions and well put out spreads for the pages. Good photography and lots of different sections.

Was this review helpful?

I really enjoyed the recipes in this book. The pictures and directions make it easy to follow. The techniques section walked you through the more advanced processes of the recipe. However, for the most part these are relatively amateur home-grown recipes so I didn’t have too much difficulty as a non-baker following a long. My two major critiques would be:

1. because some recipes were developed through trial and error, the directions are a bit purposefully vague (as in no specific directions) and require some trial and error on your part
2. I wish the recipes took yield time into account (Some do but not all)

Was this review helpful?

There is SUCH a wide variety of recipes in here, and I really appreciated all the different uses for matcha especially, and the wide variety of cheesecakes. The instructions are easy to follow and the book is formatted very well, so that ingredients and instructions don’t co-mingle on the page. I love the asides by the author, which are both informative and occasionally funny. Lastly, there’s brilliant photography. If you’re interested in levelling up your baking, I don’t think you can go wrong with Modern Asian Baking at Home. Four stars! Full list of recipes on my blog.

Was this review helpful?

This book is a must have if you love Asian home baking. There is just so much to look at in this book and it is so easy to follow. The colourful pictures are just so inspiring and I love that the author includes pictures of "how to" to get the results. So much effort has been put into bringing this book to fruition, and the introduction is so heartwarming. Thank you for introducing us to your family and your delicious recipes. I loved flipping over each page and being surprised by so many new to me recipes.

This is a 5* baking book for me and I have just pre-ordered 2 hard copies of this book and an ebook to take with me. Definitely recommend it to all who love baking and creating in the kitchen.

Thank you to Netgalley and Kat Lieu for the opportunity to read and give an honest review of this book, it was a delight to read.

Was this review helpful?

I loved this cookbook! The recipes I tried tasted so good and were easy to follow. There are so many recipes that sound amazing and I can’t wait to try more of them. This cookbook will become a staple for my kitchen.

Was this review helpful?

I knew I had to read this cookbook when I saw the beautiful mooncakes on the cover. My goodness they look like works of art. The Pros: There are lots of photos throughout the book. The recipes are short and concise. There are many recipes for drinks and dishes offered at your favorite restaurants and bakeries that you can now make at home. For example: dalgona coffee, mochi (a microwave version), and ube halaya jam. The Cons: I couldn't find any. I have to admit when I finished reading this cookbook I went back and read it again. That doesn't happen often. A great cookbook to add to your collection.

Was this review helpful?

A delightful collection of asian recipes.

Kat Lieu gives us a comprehensive collection of popular asian treats spanning several different cultures and both classic (like tanghulu) and modern (like japanese fluffy pancakes) options.

I don't feel like there's a ton to say about this book, beyond that the recipes are all clear and look super delicious, but I'm very excited that this book exists. It's nice to have a large collection of options all available together. It's great to have recipes to make perennial favorites (I can make mochi in my microwave ?!?) as well as some unexpected options (like butter basil sourdough naan).

I'm looking forward to giving these recipes a try and I definitely recommend that you check out this book too if you like yummy foods from asian bakeries and cafes!

Was this review helpful?

This book is a treasure. The photographs and overall aesthetic are gorgeous. The recipes were all really well explained and everything looked easy enough to accomplish, if you have at least some basic experience with baking. Even if you live in a place were some Asian products aren't available there are still enough recipes for you to try to make this a book worth getting.

Was this review helpful?

I received an electronic review copy from the publisher and here are my thoughts.

If you flip through this book's preview and start to feel hungry...just get it!

It has amazing authentic and also fusion-style Asian treats. I loved the creativity that went into the recipes.
The recipes look mouth-watering, and gorgeous. I have so many cookbooks that I have stopped adding to my collection unless the book offers me something I do not have...and this book has it.

Wonderful Asian and Fusion treats that you won't find anywhere else. Take a look at the preview and let that and your stomach will guide you.

I have pre-ordered this book and can't wait for it to arrive.

Was this review helpful?

This book takes me back to my younger years of going to Chinatown with my family and enjoying the delicacies of dim sum, Chinese baked goods, and delicious aromas that filled the kitchen. This is a book that I will need to purchase to dive into all my favorite recipes, such as the egg custard tart, the Asian bakery fresh cream cake, and the one appetizer I always order: scallion pancakes.

What I love about this book is the readily available substitutions if a certain ingredient can't be found. The instructions are straight forward and it's as if Kat is having a conversation with you! Bright colorful photos will make your mouth water.

This will be the perfect addition to our pre-school bread study as I introduce my students to all of my childhood favorites.

Thank you to Kat Lieu, the publisher, and NetGalley for this advanced readers copy in exchange for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Modern Asian Baking at Home: Essential Sweet and Savory Recipes for Milk Bread, Mochi, Mooncakes, and More; Inspired by the Subtle Asian Baking Community is a great cookbook for those looking to expand their baking repertoire into different cuisines. The cookbook includes a good introduction, with techniques, an Asian pantry glossary, and essentials for success.

Modern Asian Baking at Home is divided into the following sections, which I have listed with some of the standout recipes.

Basics and Confections: Night Market Scallion Pancakes; DIY Boba Adventure; Satisfying Korean Egg Bread; Dorayaki Pancakes with Anko (Sweet Bean) Paste

Sab's Favorite Cookies and Pastries: Berry Matcha Cream Bars; Gooey Fudgy Miso Brownies; Tangzhong Milk Bread

Airy and Not-Too-Sweet Cakes: Cottony Japanese Cheesecake; Pandan Chiffon Cake

Bread and Yeasted Bakes: Super Easy Milk Bread; Pineapple Buns; Butter Basil Sourdough Naan; Korean Garlicky Cream Cheese Milk Bread Buns

Treats Under One Moon and Holiday Bakes: Snowy Skin Mooncake; Mochi Stuffed Ube Crinkle Cookies

Custards and Frozen: Simply Perfect Purin (Japanese Flan); Magical Ginger Milk Curd

Drinks: Vietnamese Egg Palgona Coffee; Homemade Soy Milk; Mango Lassi with Sago

A well photographed cookbook with good instructions, I would recommend Modern Asian Baking at Home to other readers.

Disclaimer: I was given an Advanced Reader's Copy by NetGalley and the publisher. The decision to read and review this cookbook was entirely my own.

Was this review helpful?

The mooncake cover piqued my curiosity on how to make one. And this book indeed is full of surprises. Not only the famous Chinese or Japanese sweet treats, they included Vietnamese, Indonesian and Indian desserts. And also some genius modification of European cakes and pastries with hints of Asian, such as matcha. Although I haven't tried to recreate the recipes, but surely will do some mouthwatering dishes amateur like me can make.

Was this review helpful?

I love niche cookbooks, so I was extremely excited to be approved for a second Asian baking book. I don’t live in an area with a high density of Asian specialty stores - the Asian supermarket is about half an hour away - so pretty much all I know about Asian baking comes from the previous Asian baking book that I read. Which means I have ever so much left to learn! And I was looking to this book to fill the gaps. I was off to a great start because the author intended for her book to be a “baking buddy” for home cooks exploring East and Southeast Asian ingredients and techniques.

Modern Asian Baking begins with roughly twenty pages of introductory material, including discussions of the Asian pantry and techniques used in Asian baking. I really appreciated the global recipe notes in this section, which specified certain aspects of the recipes, such as “All eggs are large,” “All butter is unsalted,” “All dairy milk is full-fat.” Although having these specifications up front may cause some confusion when excerpting a recipe from the book, I appreciated how these notes streamlined the ingredients lists in the recipes. Also, it was helpful to know well upfront that all ingredients (including liquids) would be measured in grams, for consistency and accuracy. I was concerned that this meant that I would be unable to attempt any of the recipes until my housemate replaced the digital kitchen scale that he accidentally destroyed; however, once I started reading the recipes, I discovered that the measurements are in both Imperial units and grams. No need for a kitchen scale! The Techniques section of the introductory material is fairly extensive and visual, with photographs that illustrate, among other things, varying degrees of meringue stiffness and the windowpane test for bread dough.

After the introductory material is approximately 150 pages of recipes divided into seven different sections, each specializing in one or two types of Asian bakery goods. Much to my surprise there is not as much use of the oven as I expected in a baking book. A fair number of the recipes were adaptations of Western recipes with Asian ingredients, including matcha chocolate chip cookies, blue pea flower shortbread, black sesame beignets, ube scones, and miso brownies. A good portion of the recipes seem to be classic Asian ones that appeared in the other Asian baking book, such as milk bread, moon cakes, steamed buns, scallion pancakes, and almond cookies. Each recipe starts with an author’s note providing the background of and the inspiration for the recipe. The Recipe Specs chart contains the prep time, cook time, inactive time, and yield of the recipe. The recipe steps are clearly written, with some humorous asides, and seem to be easy to follow.

Much like the previous Asian baking book that I read, the author of Modern Asian Baking is not classically trained: she is an avid self-taught home baker who started an “inclusive and diverse” Facebook group for Asian bakers two years prior to the book’s publication. Therefore, the vast majority of the recipes in this book seem to be either inspired by or adapted from recipes provided by other individuals in the Facebook group and/or adapted from other Internet sources. While the author is meticulous about crediting her sources and about citing everyone’s Instagram handles and website URLs in the blurbs before the recipes, it almost feels like she should have been credited as the editor rather than the author. Even though the cover has a blurb on it that states that the book was inspired by the Subtle Asian Baking community. I also wasn’t surprised to find minor inconsistencies throughout the book, such as a recipe that says to thread three pieces of fruit onto a bamboo skewer while the accompanying photo shows about eight pieces on the skewer. Or a different recipe that says the yield is eight cookies but only instructs to divide the cookie dough into four pieces.

Overall, I enjoyed both Asian baking books. This one had more variety in the recipes and fewer exotic recipes than the prior one. The prior one had more stories and information about Asian bakeries in the United States and the delicacies that they carry. I don’t know if I really need to add two Asian baking books in my 150+ book cookbook collection; however, there is so little overlap between the two volumes that it will be difficult to choose just one.

I received this book as a digital advance reader copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion. I have yet to try any of the recipes from this book, but will update my review when I do.

Was this review helpful?

(able to review this book through net galley)

This book was interesting for me to look through because I don't really eat asian sweets/baked goods. There's a few places near me, but not a lot. Flipping through this book, you can tell the author made this with love. Each recipe was not only photographed beautifully, but explained in a way that allowed me to understand some of the cultural significance. Any person would be lucky to have this book, and I can't wait to try more of the recipes.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to @quarto.knows #quarrybooks @katlieu @netgalley for the digital ARC in return for my honest review.
My thoughts…
I want the physical book!!!! This was a beautiful book. The pictures looked so pretty and yummy! And, the recipes were yummy too. The subtitle of this book is: “Essential Sweet and Savory Recipes for Milk Bread, Mochi, Mooncakes, and More; Inspired by the Subtle Asian Baking Community as good!” As an Asian who grew up and loves to eat Asian baking, this book was a joy to have. My favourite baking is pretty much anything that has “ube” in it! That’s my #pilipina self. I tried the “Soft Crumb Ube White Chocolate Scones,” “Brazos de Mercedes Meringue Swirl,” and “Mochi-stuffed Ube Crinkle Cookies.” Sooooo yummy! And, unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures before they were all eaten! If you’re a baker, or likes to eat baked goods, this book may be for you.
To the publishers: I wouldn’t say no to a physical copy!🙏🏼

Was this review helpful?

Asian baked goods are very popular right now and for good reason. Modern Asian Baking at Home gives you the tools to make these items yourself. It contains recipes for everything from cakes and cookies to bread and drinks. Lieu has focused on fully modern recipes as well as modern takes on classic recipes. If you like Matcha and Ube then there are a plethora of options for you. One of the best things about this book is that Lieu provides you with a basics section in the front to teach you how to use the materials and what certain techniques needed for this type of baking are (along with many pictures) I may ultimately just go get these from a local bakery or restaurant but now I have the ability to try making them myself.

Was this review helpful?

This book is amazing starting from a beautiful cover to a variety of different recipes. As an amateur in Asian (not only modern) cooking, I was thankful for explanation of different ingredients and techniques. Short but cute stories precedes each recipe, stunning and mouth watering pictures, the mention of other Subtile Asian Baking (SUB) cooks with their instagram nicknames and the list goes on and on. I believe the print version of this book would not only look great in the kitchen but would look astonishing on a coffee table.

Was this review helpful?

I am a huge fan of Asian cuisine, but I consider myself more of a cook than a baker. When I saw this title, however, I couldn't resist. And it did not disappoint. I immediately fell in love with Ms. Lieu's story and the visuals. Her modesty, welcoming attitude, and charm come through in spades. This book is a truly a delight. The pictures, the design, the layout and, of course, the recipes (and their instructions) all combine to create a fabulous experience. I've already purchased the physical copy of this book (and I joined her FB group) and can't wait to try each and every recipe. I also think this book would make a great gift for anyone interested in Asian cuisine or in baking in general.

Was this review helpful?

How can you not want to make EVERYTHING from this book?! The photography is stunning. The recipes are easy to follow. This is everything I want in a great cookbook. Ube, Matcha, Mochi- all the delicious things. I love that this includes sweet and savory recipes. I cannot wait to make so many of these recipes.

Was this review helpful?

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