Florence Nightingale

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Pub Date 12 Apr 2022 | Archive Date 31 Mar 2022

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In this book from the highly acclaimed Little People, BIG DREAMS series, discover the incredible life of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.

Growing up in an upper-class family, it was expected that Florence would find a husband and live a life of luxury—but that kind of life wasn’t for her. Her calling was caring for the sick and the poor, so she followed her passion with her whole heart and trained to be a nurse. When war broke out, Florence traveled to nurse wounded soldiers but found that the hospitals were so dirty that they were making people ill! This experience inspired her to lead a healthcare revolution, and she became the mother of modern nursing, introducing care practices still followed today. This inspiring book features stylish and quirky illustrations and extra facts at the back, including a biographical timeline with historical photos and a detailed profile of the social reformer’s life.

Little People, BIG DREAMS is a best-selling series of books and educational games that explore the lives of outstanding people, from designers and artists to scientists and activists. All of them achieved incredible things, yet each began life as a child with a dream.

This empowering series offers inspiring messages to children of all ages, in a range of formats. The board books are told in simple sentences, perfect for reading aloud to babies and toddlers. The hardcover versions present expanded stories for beginning readers. Boxed gift sets allow you to collect a selection of the books by theme. Paper dolls, learning cards, matching games, and other fun learning tools provide even more ways to make the lives of these role models accessible to children.
In this book from the highly acclaimed Little People, BIG DREAMS series, discover the incredible life of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.

Growing up in an upper-class family, it...

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Florence Nightingale, the woman who is usually held as the first nurse who did it as her full job - not to nurse relatives, not because she's a nun and has be ordered to do it, but because she fought for her right to help others.

Considering how many girls want to grow up and become a nurse, this installment of the little people BIG DREAMS series was long overdue.

The colours in this one are more muted to reflect Florence's surroundings, and it fits.
It is remarkable how the author achieves to write about horrible events in a positive manner, showing how the people got active and worked on it instead of despairing.

The arc was provided by the publisher.

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This children's book outlining the heroic story of Florence Nightingale is a excellent read. She represents a strong, smart, compassionate young women who followed her dreams and made an impact on modern nursing. Engaging and relevant, especially during these times when there is such a focus on Healthcare during the pandemic. The pictures are wonderful and the story flows well. I learned quite a bit myself. A definite recommend read for children.

Thank you to NetGalley for the ebook of this title, received in exchange for an honest review.

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Florence Nightingale is a wonderful addition to the Little People Big Dreams series! I loved learning how her passion, courage, and intellectual curiosity innovated the field of nursing and medicine. Children and adults will love this inspiring book!

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Florence Nightingale has always been one of my favorite historical characters to read about. So I am absolutely excited about this book getting into the hands of not only little girls but also little boys to know the power a woman has to inspire, heal and care for people. I love that in this day when nursing seems to be controversial and influencers/fame are what so many kids are aspiring to that we are rejuvenating the message to our young generation of how inspiring and important nurses are. Also though I have studied and read about Florence Nightingale before, I did not realize nursing day was because of her.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you NetGalley and Quarto for an ARC of this book. The books from Little People, Big Dreams are favorites in our home and this one is on par with the rest. I only wish the book mentioned that Florence Nightingale was already working on ways hygiene can improve outcome in medical settings and that this wasn't a readily known thing at the time and that it mentioned the diseases deplorable conditions can cause. Without this background and since kids now know hygiene is important, it paints a very bleak picture of the hospital in Constantinople. Other than that it's another solid mini biography from the author, and i'm sure will get lots of love and interest from the kids!

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to the author, illustrator, the publisher, and NG for a copy of this book in exchange for honest feedback. Right off the bat, I think that the cover is very cute, eye-catching and appealing. I would def check it out on my own at a store or library. I know that these are intended for young readers, but I always love the illustrators and quick facts you can learn from them. I think this brief overview of Florence Nightingale was very well done and was exemplified by excellent graphic depictions of the story.

The general gist of this story is that FN greatly impacted the nursing field and improved health conditions with her discoveries and work. The graphics are really nice, I really think they were my favorite part of the story. I really liked the queen victoria graphic!! I also liked the modern connection to International Nurses Day with a diverse group of nurses and medical staff, plus the IRL timeline. I think that overall this was a really cute and informative book.

Was this review helpful?

I love these biographies. This one does a great job of not only telling about Florence Nightingale’s accomplishments, but contextualizing them in a way that young readers can understand. I also love that the book gives recommendations for further research at the back of the book. So helpful those working on some of their first research projects!

Was this review helpful?

I fell in love with the Little People Big Dreams series of books & I've been collecting both hard & digital copies to share with my grands. I have to admit, I always learn something new when I read these books😅 With its beautiful illustrations & interesting information it will appeal to a range of children's ages & still be interesting to the adults that read with them 😊 I loved this story!

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A great bedtime story or individual reading exercise for children 8 and under. I love this series for it’s unfailing motivation and feminism for the new generation.

The Florence Nightingale addition to the Little People, Big Dreams series could not come at a better or more relevant time. It’s so important for young people to explore their passions and find wholesome idols to look up to, and this story could provide a budding medical professional with the love of helping others from now, through this worldwide pandemic, and into their adulthood.

Little People, Big Dreams can do no wrong. I hope this series never ends.

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Florence Nightingale is the newest lead in this latest edition of the Little People, BIG DREAMS series by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara. This series is such a delight and the perfect way to educate not just kids but everyone about historic and cultural icons.

Florence Nightingale was an English social reformer, statistician and the founder of modern nursing. The book follows Nightingale as she traveled to Germany to study nursing from Pastor Theodor to her work serving as a manager and trainer of nurses during the Crimean War for wounded soldiers at Constantinople,

Kelsey Garrity-Riley illustrates this installment and does a fantastic job. Garrity-Riley's art style was so captivating and her art definitely further helped tell Nightingale's story. I love collecting these books and am so thrilled to add this one to the rest of my collection.

I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Was this review helpful?

My kids and I really love this series! The artwork is simple, but visually pleasing and the text is direct and easy to understand. I think Florence Nightengale is a lovely addition! She has always been one of my favorite women in history and my daughter adores her too, so this was a fun read for us! I think this is a nice, succinct account of her life.

Was this review helpful?

Florence Nightingale is a welcome addition to the Little People, Big Dreams series. It tells the story of how one young girls dream to help those in need has secured her a place in history.
Florence - named after the city she was born in, was unusually educated (her parents believed education was for all - not just for males.) Her drive to become a nurse took her to help soldiers in the Crimean War and it's this selfless act that earned her the title of the founder of modern-day nursing.
The book is delightfully illustrated by Kelsey Garrity-Riley and the pictures fit well with the text.

Was this review helpful?

Congratulations to Little People, BIG DREAMS for yet another book about a strong female with a dream who didn’t let societal norms nor her family’s wishes stand in her way. Florence Nightingale is the mother of modern nursing and this is her story.

You might want to have a world map available as you read this one. You can ask children to find the boot shaped country and then to zoom in to find Florence. The British girl they’ll be reading about was born here and named after her birth city! Furthermore, International Nurses Day is celebrated every year on May 12th - Florence Nightingale’s birthday!

Children will read about an inquisitive, intelligent and kind little girl who grew up with a love of caring for other people. She knew her calling was in nursing and studied secretly to get certified! Many people couldn’t believe she turned down a marriage proposal to go to nursing school, but her dream didn’t include being married.

When she heard that nurses were desperately needed in Constantinople (Turkey) she organized 38 volunteers to go with her at short notice. The conditions were terrible, but Nightingale and her nursing team’s work revolutionized hospitals and healthcare forever. When she returned home, she used the money she was given by Queen Victoria to build a hospital and write a book about the secrets of nursing.

It’s important that children read about this devoted nurse who always, always strived to be the best she could be. More than that, she encouraged others to become the best at what they did, too. In light of the pandemic, this is a spectacular book to open discussions about the brave healthcare workers, like Nightingale, who are a shining light to us all in these uncertain times.

You might want to flip to the front cover with your child and ask why Florence is most often depicted carrying a lamp? (She is known as the Lady of the Lamp because of bringing a light to those who are sick and in dark, stressful times.)

I was gifted this advance copy by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara, Quarto Publishing Group, Frances Lincoln Children’s Books and NetGalley and was under no obligation to provide a review.

Was this review helpful?

This is one of the better recent titles in this series! It has great art, and a good level of information. I've found some of the more recent titles to be a little choppily told, but this one was a clear and consistent story.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher, Quarto Publishing Group - Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, for the advanced digital copy of Florence Nightingale.

The Little People, BIG DREAMS series is an empowering series that gives children (and even adults!) the opportunity to learn about important people who contributed to our history. It should be a must read for everyone!

I loved this one about Florence Nightingale! I’m sorry to say that I didn’t really know much about her until I read this book. I knew she was a nurse and took care of soldiers but this was about. In a short 32 pages I learned all about her life. Highly recommend to quickly learn about important historical figures.

Was this review helpful?

I love this series, teaching kids history in a fun way. As a nurse, I have learned much about Florence and how she changed modern nursing but don’t remember hearing about it as a child. On the whole, I loved this book. The illustrations were adorable, but I did at times find it hard to figure out which one Florence was, usually when she was in her green coat or a different outfit since all the faces were the same. I also didn’t love how it made it seem like sunlight and cleanliness is what saved the soldiers, but more that she kept them from getting over diseases that way. The timeline at the end makes it much clearer.

Was this review helpful?

The Florence Nightengale edition of the Little People Big Dreams series is just as lovely as the rest of the books. They did a great job telling the story of the inspirational nurse as well as giving a feeling for the time she lived in. The illustrations were charming and perfect; really I couldn't recommend these books more!
Many thanks to NetGalley and the author for the advance copy.

Was this review helpful?

The ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The My First Little People, Big Dreams series provides informative and inspirational biographies about people who left a mark on this earth, no matter what difficulties they have encountered.
These stories are very short, but that's because they're books for children, so it's totally understandable.
I think they are a very smart and wonderful way to introduce little children to such important figures.
This little one here is about Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. In a time when women were not allowed to study and were expected to find a husband, Florence fought for her passion, which was to help the sick and the poor. She truly is an inspirational figure thanks to her determination, independence, strength, and kind heart.

Was this review helpful?

Such an honor to read about <i>the Lady of the Lamp</i>, Florence Nightingale. When she grew up, from a family who was ahead of its time, she got the education she needed, and found her calling to help the sick and the poor.

A truly inspiring read. Honestly, I can’t recall that I’ve heard of Florence Nightingale before, so this was an exciting read about a remarkable woman in history of nurses, and women! I love reading about the history of women who came before me. Such an empowering read. Give it a try!

Was this review helpful?

I read this Florence Nightingale by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara with my 5 year old daughter. We love the Little People, Big Dreams series and have been working our way through them.

I really enjoyed this book. I had never heard of this woman who so thoroughly changed the medical profession. Florence was an incredible woman and she must have been so steadfast in her beliefs. She accomplished some amazing things during a time when women weren’t expected to work or worry themselves with things outside their own 4 walls. I loved the illustrations throughout the book.

My daughter enjoyed this book too and had fun locating Florence on each page, but I think this wasn’t her favorite of the series. We have mostly read more of the contemporary biographies and so maybe she can relate to them more. She thought being a nurse would be cool and said she might want to be a nurse after reading this book. She was amazed that girls couldn’t go to school like boys could.

I am very curious about Florence now and want to read more about her soon!

Was this review helpful?

A delightful book for children for their first exposure to people who changed the world. The pictures were grabbing and colorful. It was in a way that anyone could follow. This was so well done!

Was this review helpful?

This is an educational book about the Mother of Nursing, Florence Nightingale (born in Florence, Italy; 1820-1910). This book has wonderful illustrations that accurately depict the era in which Florence lived. The author lists the timeline, discoveries, and contributions that Ms. Nightingale made to this new field during her lifetime.

I think that children all over the world can appreciate learning about Florence and the field of nursing. As a healthcare provider, I owe a great debt to Ms. Nightingale as I feel that nurses are the core of medicine.

The author tells the story in a language that can be understood from ages 5 and above. This book could be used in a classroom to teach children about nursing and the recipe for health over illness: Fresh air, sunlight, healthy food, and clean linens. This recipe remains important today as a basis for a healthy life.

I want to thank Author Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara, Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, and NetGalley for the opportunity to review this Advanced Reader’s Copy. This is a voluntary review, and all comments and opinions are entirely my own.

Was this review helpful?

As always, this is another fantastic book from the 'Little People, Big Dreams' series. The story of Florence Nightingale is told in a lovely way, portraying her as the amazing women she deserves to be known as. The lovely, colourful illustrations help to make the story really clear, especially when talking about the conditions of hospitals during the war. I know Florence Nightingale is regularly studied in primary schools for her influence on medicine and healthcare so can see this becoming a very popular, necessary book in many classrooms.

Was this review helpful?

I love these little books so much that I want to collect them all! To get a quick history of famous names we know so well and people who have influenced history, it like being back in school again without the homework.

I loved learning that Florence was named after the city in Italy where she was born.

She revolutionized nursing and some of the basic rules of healthcare we use now. So sweet and cute!

Five stars from me!

Was this review helpful?

I loved this book! This book was a delightful read. I will be adding to our juvenile collection in our library. I learned so much about Florence Nightingale. Of course, I have read other material about this incredible woman, but this book was a great refresher. I will also be using this book in an up and coming program at our library.
This book was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Florence Nightingale is a charming children’s story by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara that pays tribute to the remarkable life of The famous nurse,
Detailed writing is clear and to the point taking a mature subject matter making it relatable to younger readers. Part of a well developed series by Vegara, the story about Florence highlights her determination as she made her goals come to fruition, she serves as the perfect inspiration for all children and her will empowers girls showing them anyth8ng is possible, and believing in yourself when others don’t.

The illustrations are equally charming as the prose, and depict a time where proper attire and behaviour was the norm. The tonal images are original with splashes of vivid colour highlighting the characters as the story is played out.

I wish these books were available when I was a child. Recommend for all homes, schools and daycares.

Thanks to Quattro Publishing Group and #NetGalley for the advanced readers copy of this book.

Was this review helpful?

I thought this was a good children's biography of Florence Nightingale. This is a great picture book for children to start learning about the mother of the modern nurse and why we have national nurse day. I think she is an important person for children to learn about since she is great example of following your dreams and do what you want to do. It might be hard, but if you work at it more than likely it will work out in the end.

Was this review helpful?

Florence Nightingale's story was shared in a way, by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara, where you can talk about values, education, health, and so much more. That is why I love the series Little People, Big Dreams. You aren't just reading a good book to a child, you are opening the channels of communication to take what you've read and expanded on it with examples of values and lessons.

Was this review helpful?

This is a great picture book!! The pictures are beautiful and fun. There is plenty of information and I learned something from the book! It is a great length that you can read in one sitting, but still full of content! This was a perfect book for my nonfiction reader and my fiction reader alike!!!

Was this review helpful?

Review to come April 8th to blog/goodreads.

I received this book from Netgalley/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

A shiny new Little People, Big Dreams! I just love this series so much and reading about my favourite people from history! This time it is Florence Nightingale, a fantastic woman who did so many fantastic things in her life!

While I already knew quite a bit about her life and all she did, there were a few new bits for me! And I love that! It was fantastic to read about her youth, about her finding her calling, and her fully going for it! Even going to scary parts of the war. Not many people would have done that, so I just was so proud of her! And I loved how she took charge when she got at the war site. How she didn't let anything deter her from giving the best care there can be given. I also loved that the soldiers/army peeps listened to her. Especially in that time!

BTW, I just absolutely loved Florence's father at the start! This is around 1800-1900 and he decided that his daughter needed education and so she got it! Well, OK, he did get a bit old-fashioned when she wanted to be a nurse, haha. I guess that was a bit too far for him.

I really enjoyed the illustrations by Kelsey Garrity-Riley! She has a great style and I love how well it fits with Florence's story!

All in all, this is one book I would highly recommend! I cannot wait to see who is next in the series~

Was this review helpful?

I just Love this little books by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara, must be one of the best little books to purchase for children, these are the best-selling series of books and educational games that explore the lives of outstanding people, from designers and artists to scientists and activists. All of them achieved incredible things, yet each began life as a child with a dream.

So, this latest book is about Florence Nightingale is one of the latest of her books and this is so beautifully illustrated from start to end. Growing up in an upper-class family, it was expected that Florence would find a husband and live a life of luxury—but that kind of life wasn’t for her. Her calling was caring for the sick and the poor, so she followed her passion with her whole heart and trained to be a nurse. When war broke out, Florence traveled to nurse wounded soldiers but found that the hospitals were so dirty that they were making people ill! This experience inspired her to lead a healthcare revolution, and she became the mother of modern nursing, introducing care practices still followed today. This inspiring book features stylish and quirky illustrations and extra facts at the back, including a biographical timeline with historical photos and a detailed profile of the social reformer’s life.

This is one book, you should definitely buy for your little readers so they can learn about Florence Nightingale.
What a wonderful lady what was and never to forget her.

I am so glad these books are being published and I highly recommend all of these books

Many thanks to Quarto’s Frances Lincoln Children’s Books and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest reviewRuth Bader Ginsburg by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Was this review helpful?

Wow, Florence Nightingale was a fantastic Nurse. Yet, she was not encouraged to be one. Nursing was considered a very low job to have. Florence had always been very well educated. She can not be persuaded though and continues to study for her nursing license. She becomes a nurse and dedicates her time to helping the sick and needy. She manages nurses and she always does her very best and expects the same the same from all the nurses she manages. They prove to be very competent.

There is a war that breaks out on the Black Sea and Florence decides she will volunteer to help the injured soldiers. She gets a group of 38 Nurses to sail to Constantinople with her. When they arrive, the conditions are awful, and this is actually making the soldiers sicker. Florence immediately changes course and makes sure there are sanity conditions at the hospital. She also gives great care to the soldiers, stresses a healthy diet, fresh air, and clean linens. Her efforts saved thousands of soldiers. Florence was held in very high regard when she returns home. She uses any money she gets to start a Training School for New Nurses. This way each new Nurse will know the procedures she learned. That was a wonderful way to pay it forward and know that many generations to come would learn from Florence Nightingale. So, it was decided that on her birthday, the Whole World would celebrate International Nurses Day. Nurses do so much to help others and this was a great idea.

This is a great book for children. These days boys and girls enter the nursing field and receive much better training. Florence Nightingale deserves much credit for changing her profession to better help sick people. She was extremely dedicated and taught the same to others. For all our future children who like science, medicine, and have a desire to help people, this book would be wonderful for them to read. The more children read about the possibilities open to them, the more their dreams can come true.

Thank you NetGalley, Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara, and Francis Lincoln Children’s Books for an ARC of this book. I enjoyed it very much.

Was this review helpful?

Florence Nightingale is a very famous British nurse who helped revolutionize military nursing during the Crimean War. This is another great installment for the Little People Big Dreams series and I will never stop loving them and raving about them. The illustration style is amazing and they are perfect for children's libraries.

Thank you to netgalley for a free copy in exchange for an honest review!

Was this review helpful?

I love this book series. I always enjoy that the children who read this book can easily learn a lot about the person. The author always writes using language that children can understand and the illustrations really help and add to the story. I really liked the timeline that is at the back of this book that used real pictures and gives some more details about Florence for people who are interested.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to NetGalley for providing a copy of this in exchange for an honest review.

I really like this book. It is a great short bio of an amazing woman in history. Good for anyone who just wants the cliffnotes of who Florence Nightingale is or a child just learing about her. Would be great for a classroom or library. Would love to read more like this book.

The pictures that went with the book were well done and super cute.

Overall, I definitely read more by this author.

Was this review helpful?

This book is such an inspirational read. I think it’s an important book for children to read, so they can become aware of such wonderful role models that have changed the world in a positive way.

Was this review helpful?

I received an electronic ARC from Quarto Publishing Group – Frances Lincoln Children's Books through NetGalley.
Part of the Little People, Big Dreams series.
I always look forward to new biographies by Sanchez Vegara. She has a gift for sharing historical people with young readers in a manner they can comprehend on their own. In this book, we meet Florence Nightingale as a child and see the beginning of her desire to help others. The author then moves readers through her life as she learned about nursing, worked in hospitals, saved lives with her radical changes during the Crimean War, and then founded a school/hospital to teach others life saving techniques in nursing. The illustrations capture the action and offer context clues for readers. The timeline included at the end offers further detail about Nightingale's passion and commitment to saving lives.

Was this review helpful?

I think most people have heard of Florence Nightingale and the fact that she was a nurse during a war, but that is about all I knew. This book tells us about her birth into a wealthy family, getting an excellent education, her desire to help people when she was young, and her decision to forgo marriage to become a nurse. I did not know about her actions in hospitals during the Crimean War that began a change in medicine and hospitals dealing with cleanliness and hygiene issues. She was truly an angel to so many soldiers that probably would have died. Just bringing light and ventilation made a world of difference. The illustrations by Kelsey Garrity-Riley added so much to this story. I loved the expressions on the faces. The one with her mother swooning when Florence tells them she wants to be a nurse was priceless. Once again this book shows children that with perseverance, honesty and care, they can follow their dreams too. Another highly recommended book for all libraries, public, school, classroom and family.

Was this review helpful?

I love the Little People, Big Dreams series, I always learn something new. I did not know that International Nurses Day is held on Florence's birthday, that was a cool fact that will forever hold a place in my brain! I enjoyed reading about Florence's life, how sh was raised, and the obstacles she faced.

Keep these books coming because I enjoy learning.

Was this review helpful?

Here is another excellent entry in this inspiring series. Readers follow Florence Nightingale from childhood on. She was bright and cared deeply for others. Florence was a girl who grew up to do what we now call following her passion. She did not want to marry but wanted to care for others. Florence’s dream was to become a nurse at a time when nursing was not viewed as respectable. She subsequently did much to change that way of looking at the profession, even being honored by Queen Victoria.

Any child who dreams of being a nurse will be very inspired after reading this title. They can go to the end of the book and also enjoy the timeline and other information that is there, including some photos..

One thing that I learned from this title was that Florence was named for the city in Italy.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.

This title will be published on 12 April 2022

Was this review helpful?

This is another great book in the little people big dreams series. This book about Florence Nightingale has all the staples of why we love this series so much! Bold colors, great illustrations and unique factual information about the main topic. It was quite enlightening to learn about Florence Nightingale and I can't wait to read this again to my toddler.

Was this review helpful?

I love this series, in fact my library just restock all book from this series. Our students love it so much. This book is suitable for early stage children. A Perfect book to introduce them about history without worry that they would get bored.

word by word that they use is easy to understand. This is actually a perfect book example about gender equality. I believe this book can give inspiration to the younger generation.

Was this review helpful?

Thanks to Netgalley, the author and the publishers for allowing me to read this book in exchange of honest opinion. The great news is I love love love this one!

I heard a lot about Florence Nightingale from my childhood. I have even answered Q/A's and rearranges from her biography but never felt her life so deeply. As a daughter of a wealthy family, Florence could have easily led a luxurious life without a second thought but she chose to devote herself to ensure other's well-being. Her parents provided her quality education unlike narrow-minded, misogynist families but disagreed with her plan to work as a nurse. They wanted her to marry a wealthy man and live a safe and secure life, the way most of the girls did at that time. But Florence was passionate about her goal. She went against her parents' wishes and kept studying nursing. Thank goodness that she did. Her crucial role in Crimean War saved lives of many soldiers who were dying due to unhygienic conditions. After returning home, she saved money and started a nursing school inspiring changes in health sector and people's general outlook on nurses. On her birthday, we celebrate International Nurses Day to commemorate the goodness and generosity of her soul, her heartfelt dedication and contribution as well as to acknowledge the hard work and efforts of nurses all around the world.

Among all the books I have read from Little People, BIG DREAMS series, it is my favorite one. The illustrations were perfect, emanating a soothing vibe. The descriptions were child friendly and informative as well as emotionally engaging. Wonderful read.

Was this review helpful?

A great recounting of the life of Florence Nightingale. With colorful illustrations and easy to understand language, this is a book that would be a great fit in a classroom library!

Was this review helpful?

Any of the little people BIG DREAMS books are probably my favorite children’s books we own. My toddler loves to read stories of real people and these books are just beautiful. I was beyond excited to see that there would be one about Florence Nightingale! I am a Registered Nurse in the U.S. and a big time lover of the history and theory of the discipline of nursing. Florence Nightingale means so much and she still guides our practice today in nursing. The work she did truly began to define the essence of what nurses do and her story deserves to be told.

The greatest thing about these books is that they grow with the child. We started reading these when my daughter was just months old and the words and artwork captured her attention. As she gets older and understands more, it is just really special to share with her some of the great artists and people to have lived. I hope that in reading these beautiful books, seeds will be planted that inspire children to make their mark on the world in their own unique ways.

I will without a doubt be purchasing my daughters their own copy of <I>little world BIG DREAMS Florence Nightingale. </i> I am thrilled to be able to introduce them to nursing and to the ever inspiring lady with the lamp. I want to sincerely thank NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group – Frances Lincoln Children's Books for providing me an advanced release copy of this book to review.

Was this review helpful?

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