Sweet Potato

(a Grumpy the Iguana and Green Parrot Adventure series #9)

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Pub Date 23 Mar 2022 | Archive Date 12 Jul 2022
The Gourmet Dog LLC, Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), Members' Titles

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Sweet Potato is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Screech Owl. She has two brothers and they all live in Flamingo Park. It is the same park that our beloved Grumpy the Iguana lives in. Sweet Potato's mom tells her that owls sleep during the day and play all night. Her dad explains that owls are meat eaters. Sweet Potato has decided that she does not like any of these ideas. She loves to eat sweet potatoes and spend her days with her Uncle Grumpy.

Sweet Potato is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Screech Owl. She has two brothers and they all live in Flamingo Park. It is the same park that our beloved Grumpy the Iguana lives in. Sweet Potato's mom...

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Illustrated by Natalia Loseva

Illustrated by Natalia Loseva

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ISBN 9781736805640
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Sweet Potato was such a sweet story of the relationship between a young owl, Sweet Potato, and her uncle, Grumpy, a lizard. I loved the illustrations- they were bright but simple. I liked the heartwarming story and how Sweet Potato's parents were worried about her!

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Sweet Potato is the daughter of Mr Screech Owl and Mrs Screech Owl. She is really cute, and a bit rebellious, as she sneaks away from her nest when she is meant to be sleeping with her parents. She goes to visit Uncle Grumpy the Iguana, as she loves hanging out with him. He takes good care of her, but Mrs Screech Owl is worried about her. The lesson in this book is that you should listen to your parents and carers, as they only want the best for you, and you shouldn't go away from them when you are meant to stay close to them.

This is a great book, which has lovely graphics and sweet characters. I love all of the Grumpy the Iguana books, and I always enjoy reading them.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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What a sweet children's story! It’s especially funny to me because my son loves sweet potatoes! I definitely think he would love the illustrations in this book. It’s an easy to read and follow along story for little ones. Thank you NetGalley for the arc!

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*I read children’s books to my service dog.

He love this book, it has sweet potato French fries, (our favorite) and family, and the moral is something we talk about a lot being a working dog. He was completely focused with this book before bed.
He recommends it to all kids who like owls and sweet potatoes & fries.

I enjoyed this little story, it had so many thing we like or talk about in our house.

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This is a sweet story about a little screech owl names Sweet Potato who doesn’t want to be like the other screech owls in her family. Her parents tell her that screech owls eat meat and are only awake at night. However, Sweet Potato wants to eat sweet potatoes and stay awake during the day like her friend Mr. Iguana.

I think my 4-year-old twins would enjoy this book and the colorful illustrations. At the end, Mr. Iguana explains to Sweet Potato that she should listen to her parents because they are always looking out for what’s best for her. Great story for kids who are picky eaters or like to fight bedtime. Thank you NetGalley and The Gourmet Dog LLC, for this digital
ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Sweet Potato is the lovely story of a unique owl who - unlike her brothers who love to munch on squirmy bugs - loves eating sweet potatoes and mangoes and dreams of living during the day. Not at night as owls are supposed to do. Indeed, she likes to spend the day with Uncle Grumpy, her friend, the iguana.
Mr. Screech Owl had fed his three starving children fries in a trash can in the park. One of the messages of this adorable book is that we should not feed wild animals or leave trash in the streets.
This story is perfect for very small children who will learn about dreams, hope, difference, and acceptance.

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Aww what a cute, sweet & heartwarming little story!

My 5 year old son & I have been reading/listening to the Grumpy Iguana series and this one was just as good as the others we've read!

I loved how the screech owl sweet potato is different from her brothers & her strong conviction of what she wants to become! Her friendship with the Grumpy Iguana is so touching & my son enjoyed knowing about their wonderful day at the park!

The illustrations are so well done & perfectly match with the descriptions.

Thanks you NetGalley & The Gourmet Dog LLC for the ARC!

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Stop it right now, another FLIPPING CUTE story featuring my fav. Iguana- Grumpy?! YES, PLEASE and THANK YOU!

Sweet Potato is feeling quite different than her nocturnal, bug-loving Screech Owl fam- she prefers mangoes and, you guessed it- sweet potatoes! She doesn't want to sleep during the day and play at night, so while mom, dad and her two brothers are snoozing after breakfast- our little Sweet Potato sneaks off to hang with none other than- UNCLE GRUMPY! Contrary to his name, he ADORES Sweet Potato and welcomes her to spend the day with him at the park.
Grumpy and Sweet Potato are enjoying their time when Momma Screech arrives because she was TERRIFIED not knowing where her baby was. Sweet Potato feels bad that she upset her mom, but that she is different and doesn’t want to do normal Owl-things.
Grumpy tells Sweet Potato that it's ok to be different and not want to play bug games, but she MUST listen when Momma Screech tells her something, it's for her own safety and to learn how to grow up. As I’m accustomed to now, we are given some more Owl facts to add to our think tank!

Another joyful, sweet and teachable story by Susan Chapman- & wonderfully illustrated by Natalia Loseva! Needless to say, I can’t wait to continue following the adventures of Grumpy and the Screech Owl family- I’m invested in this fictional family!

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Sweet Potato is an adorable baby screech owl who lives with her family, her parents and two brothers, in the park. Why is she named Sweet Potato? All the members of her family love to catch and eat bugs but she loves to eat sweet potatoes and mangoes and refuses to be a bug eater. She also dislikes the fact that her family is nocturnal. She enjoys the day time and does not want to waste it by sleeping.

One day she escapes her nest while everyone else is sound asleep and goes to visit her favourite uncle, Uncle Grumpy Iguana. He has a very special place in his heart for this sweet little owlet as he was there the day she hatched and he loves to spend time with her.

Uncle Grumpy listens to her laments and even though he understands her feelings he encourages her to listen and obey her parents. He assures her that they have her best interests at heart and they only want to protect and teach her owl ways, after all, she does belong to the owl family. Will Sweet Potato accept her favourite uncle's advice and put it into practice?

Worried Momma Screech Owl soon swoops in for a landing. She is on a mission to retrieve and bring her baby safely back home. Finally re-united both come to an understanding of accepting each other's differences and for Sweet Potato the importance of listening and obeying her parents.

The illustrations are colourful, expressive and kid-friendly. This is a
sweet teachable story to share with your little ones. Recommended by Storywraps.

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"I wanna be an iguana when I grow up"
Its 7 am in the morning and I have to sleep since like Sweet Potato I am an owl too but I can't stop readibg these wholesome children's picture books.
I liked this little story too and for a kid, there was a lesson at the end. I really like books with lessons for little kids, as a kid I loved guessing the moral of the story in my class and get applause whenever I'd get it right.
Will buy this for my nephew.
Plus kids can also learn a thing or two about owls from this so win win.

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Part of a collection of childrens stories about Mr and Mrs Screech and Grumpy the Iguana. Sweet Potato is a young screech owl who doesn’t want to be an owl. She wants to be like Uncle Grumpy. Sometimes though, you cannot change your genetic program however hard you try!

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A delightful little story! We loved the characters, the story and the illustrations. We will be checking out more books from this collection for sure! The publisher made a copy of this book available on Netgalley. This review is my honest opinion.

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Loved this book while reading it to my daughter. It’s such a sweet story to read to children. The illustrations are great as we’ll.

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I read Sweet Potato right after Owl Be Seeing You and I couldn't be happier with Chapman's work. It was great to see the continuity of the story and meet a new owl.

The book's message is extremely important and I definitely recommend reading it to little ones.

I'm grateful for receiving the electronic title from Gourmet Dog LLC through NetGalley, and I hope to read more stories of the Grumpy the Iguana and Green Parrot Adventure series!

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